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Staying with Uncle Stan


Brotherly Bate, Pt. II


    "Nash! Come on son, you're gonna be late for school. Ahem." 

    "Dad. What time is it?" 

    "It's time to go to school," I said. "You need to get up. Well, I see a part of you is up already," I added teasingly.

    I had just walked in my son Nash's room to find him sprawled out in bed naked, his teen cock hard in all of its morning glory, pointing up at the ceiling. I didn't want to make this awkward, so I figured a joke would be the best approach. 

    "Dad, for fuck's sake," my son grumbled, covering up his boner with the top sheet, which didn't do a very good job at concealing the turgid tool. 

    "C'mon, get up," I walked up to the bed and patted my son's bare chest a few times. "It snowed last night. I'll drive you to school." 

    "Fiiine," Nash acquiesced, getting out of bed while rubbing his eyes, his hard dick now pointing at me.  

    "Go take a shower. I'll make some coffee and meet you in the truck," I said as Nash turned his back to me, showing off his bubble butt, which I swatted playfully with a loud smack. I don't know if it was my brother's influence, but nudity around each other seemed to be more and more commonplace these days.

    Fifteen minutes later, Nash sat in the passenger seat of my truck, and the first thing he said was, "Dad, you know I can drive in the snow?"

    "I know you can, but we ain't got a lot of time and we'll get there faster if I drive," I said, pulling out of the driveway. We'd been living in Maine for almost a year now and I was proud to see that Nash, who had never sat behind the wheel of a car before, was now a fairly decent driver. "Is your mom upset that you didn't see her on Thanksgiving?" I asked, since the holiday had passed a few days ago. 

    "Not really," Nash shrugged, texting with one hand and sipping the hot coffee I'd made with the other. "She's busy with the baby and stuff." 

    "You can go down to New York for Christmas if you'd like," I suggested. 

    "Okay, cool," he said dismissively, still focused on his phone. 

    "Who're you texting with?" I asked. 

    "Just this kid from school, Tanner." 

    "Is Tanner your boyfriend?" I smirked. 

    "No. But he might be my roommate next year," Nash said. "We're both planning on moving to New York after high school." 

    "Well I'm glad to hear you're making friends," I said. I knew moving here hadn't been easy for my son, and I still felt a bit guilty for making him do it. 

    "Speaking of boyfriends and girlfriends: how's Kelly?" Nash asked. 

    "She's okay. Busy at work plus she's been feeling a bit sick lately, so I haven't seen her in a few days." 

    "It's still crazy to me that you're dating Uncle Stan's ex," my son said. 

    "Well, we have Stan's blessing, so that's all that matters," I replied. "We need to find him someone to date as well. He's been single for ages." 

    "Meh, I'm not too worried about him. He's got that huge porn collection to keep him company," Nash noted. 

    "Haha, yes he does," I chuckled. I guess my son had noticed the obscene amount of porn that my brother hoarded in his studio above the garage, right out in the open without even bothering to hide it. 

    "Anyway, no need to pick me up from school," Nash said, still typing on his phone. "Tanner will give me a lift. And I might be late." 

    After work that evening, I found myself with nothing to do. Kelly wasn't texting me back, so I assumed she was at the diner. Nash still hadn't returned home. I decided to go to my brother's studio and see if he wanted to hang out, maybe watch some TV together.  

    With a six-pack of beer in tow, I walked across the snow in the front yard. Stan's studio seemed empty, but the lights were on and the door was unlocked. I let myself in and gave him a call. "Where you at, man?" 

    "Hey, I just left the house to pick up something for dinner," Stan said. From the background noise, I could tell he was in his truck, driving around. "You want a pizza or something?" 

    "Yeah, that sounds perfect. I just got to your studio with some beer," I filled him in. 

    "Cool. You can wait for me there. Is Nash with you?" 

    "No, he's out," I said.  

    After telling my brother what kinda pizza I wanted, I hung up the phone and helped myself to a beer. While I waited, I walked around my brother's studio and it wasn't long before I was attracted to a bookshelf that was entirely devoted to some of his collection of porn magazines and DVDs. Almost like a library, his collection seemed to be in different categories: straight stuff going from vanilla to kinky, with his bi-porn on the bottom shelves. I wondered if Nash knew his uncle was bi? I don't think I'd ever heard them talk about it before. 

    I took out a magazine that reminded me of the porn Stan and I used to flick through when we were teenagers. The first one was a standard Playboy full of tits and pussy. Some of the other magazines included men getting their tools worked over by busty blondes. It was certainly spicy enough to get some blood flowing to my junk. Even though I enjoyed what I was currently browsing, my curiosity kept driving me to his bi stuff. I imagined the videos were similar to that threesome my brother and I had with Kelly a few weeks ago. 

    I grabbed a DVD at random and popped it into the player. The movie's intro described the flick as "all your MMF fantasies come to life." The first scene turned out just as I thought: two guys spit-roasting a slutty brunette who moaned like her paycheck depended on it. It was a short one, maybe 15 minutes long, but quickly rolled into the next. It was more than enough to get me hard, and I unzipped my pants to jerk off. 

    The second scene started off with a "husband-wife" pair in a hotel room. The chick was on her knees blowing the guy. The two were interrupted by a male bellhop delivering a room service cart. The wife stopped and the bellhop was clearly mesmerized by the husband's cock as he got up to give him a tip. With a look of pure lust, the bellhop asked if could forgo the cash and help himself to the man's cock instead. This led to the bellhop and the wife both on their knees servicing this man's dick at the same time. 

    I was a bit surprised at the direction this took, but my cock didn't mind. In fact, it remained as hard as a rock, so I kept watching. I was so intrigued by where this was going that I didn't even notice my brother walking in. It was only when the door slammed shut I finally realized I was no longer alone. 

    "No need to stop," Stan said in amusement, not that I was planning on stopping either way. 

    I kept the porn playing as Stan set two pizza boxes on the table in front of the TV. He ditched his boots at the door before grabbing a beer. Then, he sat in his favorite chair to the left of the couch, his own growing cock appearing in no time. The two of us sat, just two brothers, eating pizza, drinking beer, and jerking off side-by-side. I was no longer fazed at the sight of my brother's erect cock right next to me as this felt like the most normal thing in the world. 

    After a while, Stan wordlessly stood up to take off his jeans and boxers, giving me a full view of his ginger bush and thick cock. Without even thinking, I got up and did the same. We stood there, jacking off together, entranced by the porn on the screen. At this point, the bellhop was getting fucked in the ass by the husband while he ate out the guy's wife. Even though this wasn't the kinda porn I usually watched, I was still incredibly turned on. At the same time, my brother and I kept stealing looks at each other's cocks. 

    "Damn, my big bro's got a nice-looking cock," Stan suddenly said. It didn't even feel weird that he complimented me like this. 

    "Little bro's isn't too bad either," I responded playfully, fully aware of the irony of calling Stan "little" when his cock was bigger than mine. Looking back at the scene playing on the TV, I asked my brother, "You ever done that with Kelly?" 

    "Yeah, once. It was hot. I fucked some college guy while he was tongue-deep in her pussy. We almost flipped it around, too," he admitted. 

    Immediately after he finished the sentence, my brother suddenly started to reach his hand toward my prick. He went slowly, almost like he was giving me time to stop him if I wanted to… but I didn't. I was horny, a bit buzzed, and curious what might happen next. I let his hand get closer until it gripped my shaft, my hand falling to my side. 

    "This okay?" he asked tentatively before looking me right in the eyes. 

    "Go for it," I nodded.

    Just like that, I allowed my younger brother to start jerking me off. I gasped quietly when he squeezed, making precum drip to the floor. My eyes flashed back to the screen where the wife was getting fucked by the bellhop while the husband continued fucking his ass. I didn't know what to focus on: the porn or the sight of my brother's hand stroking my cock. 

    Stan started going faster and faster, probably encouraged by the moans I could no longer contain. It took only a few minutes before he drove me to the edge. I closed my eyes and shot off a huge load. Spurt after spurt of my cum landed all over the table and unfortunately, the pizza. Neither of us could help ourselves and we both burst out laughing, only stopping after Stan had made himself climax as well, adding a second large load splattered over the food, which now looked like it was drizzled with ranch dressing. 

    Feeling spent after our intense orgasms, my brother and I sat back down, enjoying our post-jizz bliss. I was shocked to see my brother reach for a slice of pizza and take a bite. "I won't let food go to waste," he commented nonchalantly. I just laughed, shook my head, and wondered if that bite had my cum on it.

    The following day, Kelly asked me to meet her for lunch at the diner where she worked. Once I arrived, she took her break and joined me at the table.

    "You okay?" I asked, worried about how pale she looked.

    "I'm fine," she sighed. "Just been working a lot and feeling kinda sick."

    "You've been feeling sick for a while," I noted, my concern growing.

    "Yeah, well I finally found out what it is," she said. "I didn't wanna tell you until I knew for certain… I'm pregnant."

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