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Staying with Uncle Stan
When Nash's dad announces they're leaving New York and moving in with Uncle Stan in rural Maine, Nash is devastated. However, he is soon comforted by the sight of his studly uncle.

Chapter 1

High school junior Nash is devastated when his father announces they are leaving New York City and moving to Maine to stay with Uncle Stan. As soon as they arrive, Nash's eyes are immediately drawn to his studly uncle.

Chapter 2

After moving to Maine with his son, Ray decides it's time to bond with his brother Stan. However, the brotherly bonding goes far beyond what Ray imagined when he walks in on Stan enjoying some intimate time.

Chapter 3

When he goes into his uncle's room, Nash stumbles upon mounds of porn and gets to hear a story about Uncle's Stan past. Stan remembers how things were "back in the day," and reminisces about his first visit to an adult book store.

Chapter 4

After their chat about porn, Stan drives his nephew Nash to the DMV for his driver's test. Once left on his own, Nash soon finds a big-bulged daddy who seems interested in some fun. But, there is a connection Nash doesn't know about…

Chapter 5

When Stan logs into a hookup app he immediately sees his nephew's profile, with some very interesting photos. That weekend, Stan hopes to blow off some steam by visiting a cruisy restroom… but things take a turn for the unexpected.

Chapter 6

Going through his uncle's porn stash, Nash learns a surprising secret about Uncle Stan's preferences. Later, the two of them go for a drive and end up at the sex shop, where they share a unique uncle-nephew experience.

Chapter 7

One day at the local sex shop, Nash bumps into his Uncle Stan. The awkward encounter leads to the two of them picking up a few dirty DVDs and heading to Stan's place together. There, Nash's uncle plays a movie… and reveals a sexy secret.

Chapter 8

During his break from school, Nash gets a new job, which provides him with a lot of fresh cruising opportunities. On his very first day at work, Nash gets a visit from Uncle Stan. Before long, the two of them are horny and ready for action.

Chapter 9

Back at his favorite sex shop, Nash meets a young married couple visiting from Boston. Soon, Nash is on his knees servicing his new buds Eric and Will… but the teen has no idea what's up ahead when his Uncle Stan joins the party.

Chapter 10

Stan is tempted to try a brand new position with his nephew Nash. When things don't turn out quite as planned, it's up to Uncle Stan to make up for it… and he's determined to make this a memorable experience for Nash.

Chapter 11

After spending the night with his girlfriend, Ray bumps into his brother Stan sunbathing naked in the woods. Later, Ray shares a story from when he and Stan were both teenagers, making an interesting discovery in the basement.

Chapter 12

Stan finds out that his brother and his ex have been exchanging some salacious stories about him. When the two brothers get together, Ray asks Stan for help to make one of his girlfriend's dirty fantasies come true.

Chapter 13

Ray gets an eyeful when he walks into his son's room in the morning. The two of them have a chat during their drive to school. Later that evening, Ray goes through his brother's porn collection… and he is soon joined by Stan for some fun.

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