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Staying with Uncle Stan


A Nephew's First Load


    Time seemed to stop as Uncle Stan positioned himself between my legs behind me. I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my hole. Just like I did when he was using his fingers, I relaxed, opening myself up to him. The pressure kept building until at least he was inside me, even if just barely. That's when my uncle paused, gauging my reaction. It didn't hurt, nor did it feel uncomfortable. What I did feel was a craving for more.

    "You okay, son?" Uncle Stan asked, caressing my back.

    "Yes. Mmm, it's good. Just... just go slow. How much of your cock is inside?" I asked, breathing deeply.

    "Just the tip," my uncle revealed, letting out a quiet chuckle.

    "Holy shit. It's more overwhelming than I thought. Pass me the poppers," I asked him.

    Uncle Stan didn't even pull out as he reached for the bottle of poppers on the bed. I took a deep inhale, feeling all fuzzy as the substance washed over me. My uncle added more lube to his cock and drove more of his shaft inside me. He paused again, letting my hole get used to having a big fat dick inside it.

    I reached back and pulled on his hairy thigh, encouraging him to continue. Uncle Stan took my cue and kept pushing. He held onto my waist tightly while he sank his cock deeper into my virgin hole. He was probably about halfway in when I realized he was much bigger than any of the toys I'd used before. It didn't hurt horribly, but I could feel the tightness as he started to stretch me. I let out a soft moan and pushed back until I could feel his hips against my ass. 

    This was it! I was finally going to get fucked for the first time! I've sucked a lot of dick and I've watched a lot of porn, but nothing could have properly prepared me for this sensation. There was a slight bit of pain, but that was already lessening thanks to all the practicing I did with the dildos I'd inherited from my uncle. Suddenly, I started to feel my uncle's prick against my prostate. My cock was dripping precum like a leaky faucet and we'd barely started.

    "You're doing amazing, champ," Uncle Stan cooed, rubbing my shoulders.

    "Ugh, fuck, Daddy. It feels so good having you inside me," I moaned while swaying my hips to feel his cock more.

    Uncle Stan started to pull out just as slowly as he pushed in. I swear I could feel every millimeter as it passed my sphincter. I didn't want him to leave, so I clenched tightly. 

    "God damn your hole is so fucking tight, son," Stan groaned, making me proud I could please him.

    Uncle Stan placed his hands back on my waist. For such rough skin, he had a surprisingly tender touch. He started pushing back inside me again, not stopping until he bottomed out. He did this over and over again, pausing from time to time to make sure I was doing okay. Truthfully, I was doing more than okay. I was in perv heaven, absolutely loving that my own uncle was taking my virginity.

    "You like my daddy dick stretching you open?" Uncle Stan growled.

    "Fuck yes, Daddy! I love your dick," I whimpered.

    I was finally feeling relaxed enough that I wanted him to really start fucking me rough. I laid my face against the bed, reaching back to grab my asscheeks and spread them open.

    "Mmm, good boy. Open your cheeks so Daddy can see your tight fucking hole."

    "I'm ready, Daddy," I pleaded, ready to be plowed.

    Uncle Stan grunted in response and held onto my hips tighter. He started thrusting in and out of me at a faster pace. Still feeling kind of tight, my hole clung to his shaft all on its own. With the increase in speed, Stan also started putting more weight into his thrusts so that his hips and balls slapped against my ass. Each time he slammed in, I grunted in response and shot out another stream of precum.

    My dad's brother fucked me like this for fifteen minutes, never stopping for a moment. With each minute that passed by, I loosened up more and more, until he was able to easily glide in and out of my hole. Each time he passed over my prostate, my eyes rolled back in my head. Right there, on my uncle's bed as he fucked me raw, I knew this was going to be my life's obsession – getting pounded as much as possible.

    "Flip over, son. Roll onto your back," Uncle Stan commanded. "I wanna look you in the eyes when I breed you.

    I hurried to do as he said. His cock finally plopped out of me, and I instantly missed having that hard shaft inside me. I lay on my back and held the backs of my thighs, feeling my hole gaping. I stayed as relaxed as possible while Uncle Stan looked down at my hole, grinning at his handiwork. He then climbed back onto the bed and slid inside me. He pulled on my hips, impaling me on his shaft. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he bent down to kiss me on the lips while humping into me again.

    After a while, Uncle Stan got back to his knees. He held each of my ankles, keeping my legs spread. He began fucking me faster and rougher, making the entire bed shake. My uncle's burly body was dripping sweat by now, making it rain down on me. My dick was bouncing all around, sending more precum everywhere. The entire time we held eye contact, both of us moaning and cussing.

    "You ready, son? You ready for your first load?" Uncle Stan grunted, a bead of sweat dripping down his temple.

    "Breed me, Daddy!" I whimpered, ready to get loaded up for the first time.

    Three strong thrusts later, my uncle was depositing his seed deep inside my guts. I could actually feel it inside me! I could feel two, three, four wads of Uncle Stan's jizz. After a few seconds, he leaned down and kissed me again while he slowly slid out of me. I wanted to clench, to keep his cum inside me as long as possible, but my used hole refused to cooperate. I felt some of his hot sperm start to ooze out.

    Uncle Stan moved to the side and took my boner into his mouth. He began deepthroating me while fingering my freshly-fucked hole, using his own cum as lube. I couldn't last any longer and finally blew my load down my uncle's throat. He swallowed every drop and then lay next to me on his back. I rolled over, resting my head on his heaving chest and whispered:

    "Thanks for my first fuck, Daddy."



    When my nephew and I first started hooking up, we didn't bother to tell my brother about it. After all, my brother Ray and I had our own history of watching porn together, and it was something private that we didn't advertise, not even to Nash.

    However, Kelly's unexpected pregnancy had brought Ray and me closer than ever. We were about to be co-fathers, if that was even a term. So when I fucked Ray's son for the first time, I knew that I had to go ahead and tell him.

    I only waited half an hour or so. Once Nash was asleep in my bed, I snuck out of my studio and went to the main house to watch some TV. That's when my brother showed up, returning from the doctor's office and letting me know that Kelly and the baby were both doing fine.  

    "What were you boys up to while I was out?" Ray asked.

    "We had sex," I said bluntly, feeling no need to beat around the bush.

    "When you say you 'had sex,' you mean…"

    "I mean I fucked Nash," I continued straightforwardly. 

    "Oh. I didn't realize that was something you guys were doing," my brother said, looking surprised but still maintaining his composure.

    "Today was our first time. It was Nash's first time," I explained.

    "So you… took his virginity, so to speak," Ray concluded.

    I nodded, followed by a long moment of silence. It wasn't necessarily uncomfortable, but I still wished that my brother would say something to let me know how he felt.

    "Ahem. Is it… weird to say I'm glad you did it?" Ray finally spoke. "If someone was gonna fuck my boy, I'm glad you were the one to do it first. I'm sure you were gentle with him."

    "Ha, you might be surprised," I said, relieved that my brother was taking this so well. "Nash wasn't really aiming for 'gentle.' He wanted it rough as fast as possible. But of course, I didn't go crazy on him."

    "Did he enjoy it?" my brother asked next.

    "I believe he did."

    "Did… Did you make him cum?"

    I smiled before answering my brother's question. "I did," I said.

    "Did… Did YOU cum?" Ray continued the interview.

    "I did. Some of it is still in your son's ass, if you'd like to go have a look," I offered.

    "I'll take your word for it," Ray laughed. "So, d'you think you'll do it again?"

    "It's up to Nash, but I'm fairly sure that we will," I said. Then, I made eye contact with my older brother and added, "Maybe next time you can watch."

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