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Staying with Uncle Stan


Wanna Taste It, Bro?


    As summer began, a heavily-pregnant Kelly moved her stuff into my house. She and my brother now shared a room, with plans to turn Nash's room into a playroom for the baby soon. As for Nash, he graduated high school, but made no effort to move to New York just yet. Instead, he worked full-time at the hardware store, where he got a decent raise.

    "So when are you and Kelly getting married?" I asked my brother one sunny afternoon as we sat in the yard shirtless, smoking.

    "We don't know. She's about to give birth any day now. We don't wanna make our lives more complicated," Ray explained.

    "And what about Nash?" I said.

    "What about him?" my brother asked.

    "Don't you think it's funny how when you got here he couldn't wait to go back to New York? Well, now he's eighteen, he's done with high school, he can do whatever he wants… and he's still here," I noted.

    "He says he wants to save more money before moving to the city. Who can blame him, it's one of the most expensive places on earth," Ray said, before taking a drag of his cigarette and exhaling. "Why, you want him gone?"

    "Not at all!" I said. "Quite the opposite. I'm glad he got to like it here."

    "Yeah," Ray replied monosyllabically, followed by a couple of minutes of silence, save for the chirping of the birds. Finally, my brother cleared his throat and asked me, "You nervous about the baby?"

    "Nah," I lied. "I'll let you and Kelly do all the heavy lifting. I'll just be the fun dad. Speaking of Kelly, do you know where she is?"

    "Out shopping," my brother said. "I don't know why she's not resting, as big as she is. But she says moving around helps her feel better."

    There was another lull in the conversation, during which we enjoyed the generous sunshine, until we started to get too hot. "Let's go to my studio. I got some beer in the fridge," I suggested, finishing my cigarette and tossing the butt in a nearby bucket.

    Once in the studio, I grabbed two beers from the fridge and handed one to my sweaty brother. I kicked off my work boots and dropped my pants, needing to air out the boys after a day of work. At least for now, I kept my boxers and T-shirt on. I sat on the couch and patted the cushion to get my brother to sit next to me.

    "What do you say we put on some porn? You won't get too many chances to jerk off when the baby comes," I pointed out.

    I turned on the television which already had a porn disc in the DVD player that I'd been watching the night before. It was gay porn, but I figured my brother wouldn't be opposed to it, not after his recent experiences with Nash and me. The film picked up where I'd left off, right in the middle of the action. On screen, a young muscle twink was getting double penetrated by two older guys in their 40s. 

    "I didn't know guys could do something like that," my brother commented curiously. "Doesn't that hurt?!"

    I chuckled as Ray sat down next to me. I couldn't help but notice his bulge was already growing. To encourage him, I whipped out my cock through the front slit of my boxers, stroking myself to full hardness. My brother barely even noticed, since his eyes were glued to the TV screen in amazement while the bottom skillfully handled both large dicks up his ass. Ray did, however, slide his pants down to free his own cock.

    "Almost like when we fucked Kelly together, huh bro?" I commented, my eyes going back and forth from the screen to my older brother's now-throbbing prick.

    "Shit, I was just thinkin' the same thing. I don't think she could handle both of us in her ass, though," Ray mumbled, still completely enthralled with the gay porn.

    We continued jerking off side-by-side for almost half an hour. Gradually, my brother managed to shed every article of clothing until he was completely naked. I did the same, even moving slightly closer to press my thigh against his. It was warm and we were both sweaty, but neither of us minded. 

    "You getting close, man?" I asked, noticing the copious amount of precum dribbling from the tip of my brother's meat.

    "Fuck, I am," Ray groaned, closing his eyes.

    "Don't cum yet, bro, it feels so much better if you keep holding it off," I whispered, putting my arm around his shoulders. My brother let out a strange noise and I knew he was concentrating on keeping his load from spewing. Fuck, it was so hot watching him edge like this!

    Next thing I knew, the door to my studio swung open and my nephew Nash appeared. He smiled ear-to-ear when he saw his father and his uncle naked and jerking off together. Then, Nash's eyes darted to the TV screen, and he watched the DP scene with interest for a few moments. 

    "Well, now that I'm done with work I might as well join you," my nephew said, dropping his bag on the doormat and immediately stripping down completely naked. Seeing his tight teenage body made me want to bend over right then and there. He just had that look about him that was begging for a breeding. Before I had a chance to do anything, Nash dropped to all fours and started crawling toward us, licking his lips, his eyes honed in our throbbing cocks.

    Nash settled on his knees in front of his father and me, and proceeded to place his hands on our tools. Ray and I let go of our pricks, letting Nash take over stroking them. Ray kept his eyes on the screen, watching the porn while his own son gave him a handjob. I knew my nephew would want more, and as if he could sense my thoughts, Nash soon popped my dick into his mouth. He continued blowing me while never letting go of his father's cock. After a few minutes, Nash switched to sucking my brother, quickly coating Ray's shaft in saliva. Back and forth the eager cocksucker went, swapping our cocks in and out of his mouth. The whimpers from the bottom on screen were now drowned out by the moans coming from Ray and myself.

    "Fuck, that's really impressive," Ray noted as he watched his son suck my thick cock. I figured he was commenting on Nash's ability to deepthroat me, but I was wrong. "Seriously bro, your... your cock looks so hot going in and out of his mouth," my brother added. That's when I realized Ray was impressed by my dick.

    Nash smirked at hearing his father's words. It was a sly smirk, like he had something up his sleeve. He then reached for his father's hand, guiding it toward my shaft. Ray didn't fight it and his hand grasped my cock. We looked at each other briefly. I nodded, almost like I was giving him permission, and my older brother started to jerk me off. Nash, meanwhile, switched focus and started sucking on my sweaty balls.

    Either my brother wanted a better grip or a better view, as he moved to kneel on the floor next to Nash. I spread my legs wide to accommodate both of them between my thick thighs. For a few minutes, the father and son took turns jerking me off. Eventually, Nash placed my boner back in his mouth, allowing my brother to watch from just a couple inches away. I could even feel Ray's breath on my shaft, he was so close. I began to wonder if he wanted to...

    "Wanna taste it, bro?" I suddenly asked my brother. Ray looked up at me nervously, but with unmistakable desire in his eyes.

    "Go for it, Dad," Nash encouraged him, holding up my throbbing cock and passing it on to Ray like a torch.

    While still looking up at me, my brother accepted my penis into his mouth. I winced when I felt Ray's teeth briefly graze along my shaft, causing him to stop and hesitate. Nash simply patted his dad on the back, giving him the courage to continue. This was likely Ray's very first time sucking a dick, so he probably felt nervous as hell. Nonetheless, I was glad he was willing to try it out.

    It certainly wasn't the best blowjob I'd ever received, but the fact my older brother had his lips wrapped around my rod made this one of the hottest. Given my girth, Ray was only able to start off with maybe a quarter of my length, but I didn't care. He could've just slobbered on the tip and I would've been happy. As he started exploring my shaft with his tongue, Nash was there beside him encouraging him.

    "You're doing great, Dad! Try and open your mouth wider to get more in," the experienced cocksucker Nash coached, a look of pride on his face as he watched his own father give a blowjob for the very first time.

    Gradually, Ray became less tense and started to relax. He was more active, bobbing his head up and down. As he got more confident, he was able to take more and more of my cock into his warm mouth.

    Acting on instinct, I reached forward and put my hands on the back of my brother's head. I used slight but consistent pressure to get him to take as much of my cock as he could. I couldn't stop myself from thrusting my hips upward and downward off the couch cushion, fucking my brother's face. He was able to take the first few pumps, and I wasn't even being too aggressive, but then I had to take a break when he started gagging.

    I sat back down and let my brother continue the work at his own pace. Nash was now reaching down and jerking off his father while Ray worked my cock. I leaned back and enjoyed the oral service, loving the image of my dick sliding in and out of my only brother's mouth. My load was starting to bubble up in my nuts and I finally began blasting down my brother's throat! Ray obediently swallowed every drop of my cum. While feasting on my fraternal jizz, he started splattering his own load all over the floor, thanks to the handjob Nash was giving him.

    Mere seconds later, Ray's phone started ringing. Ray's lips smacked as he relinquished my dick. He crawled toward his phone and held it up to his ear. He listened for a few seconds before announcing to the room: "Kelly's at the hospital. The baby's coming."


to be continued…

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