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Have You Ever Been Fucked Before?


   When exactly does a boy turn into a man? That question had popped up in my mind a few times over the past couple of years. Was it at 16, when I was old enough to drive and have sex in my state? At 18, when I could join the military? At 21, when I'd be finally allowed to drink? 

    There didn't seem to be a set rite of passage for me. I didn't get a bar mitzvah or a quinceañera. In a way, maybe my true coming of age started when I was finally allowed to join Dad and his buddies on their trips. And now finally, three years later, I no longer felt like "Kev's boy." I was just Owen. A member of the crew in my own right.

    If someone'd asked me before what Scott was to me, I'd say "a friend of my dad's." Now, he was just a friend, no matter the age difference between us. As I heard him sigh in bed next to me, I could tell something was weighing on him.

    "What's wrong?" I asked, my arms around him. Not that I had any choice; Jeff's sofa bad was so damn small, we were forced to spoon whether we liked to or not. On the other hand, Dad comfortably took up the other half of the bed, snoring, sound asleep.

    "Nothing," Scott mumbled. "Just a shitty night. I'll live."

    "I'm not worried about you dying. But we can still talk about it, regardless."

    After contemplating it for a couple seconds, Scott turned around to face me, so we could talk silently without waking Dad up. As Scott's big, burly body turned around, I felt the entire mattress move underneath us.

    "It's just, this woman, right…" Scott started. I felt like a kid again, having a sleepover with his friend. "She seemed to be into me. I mean, you were there in Vegas, you saw it."

    "Did I ever."

    "When she mentioned New York I was like 'Ah, cool, I got some friends there, I can come see you.' She seemed thrilled. And then tonight… it was like she was a whole different person. She was so fucking arrogant. Disinterested. It really ruined what we had in Vegas. Guess she was just feeling desperate then, and settled for whatever she could get there."

    I moved my hand to Scott's hairy chest.

    "Maybe," I said, feeling his heartbeat and gently stroking his fur. "Maybe you're reading her wrong. Or maybe you're right, in which case it's her loss. I promise you, things'll work out."

    I knew that even now, years after his divorce, Scott never recovered his confidence when it came to women.

    "And hey, you got to hang out with us," I said. "Don't tell me you regret coming here?"

    "It's not the kind of cumming I thought I'd be doing tonight…" Scott joked, and I felt better. If he could crack a joke, that meant he felt better.

    We lay there, in total silence except for Dad's snores, which were only getting louder.

    "He's like a fucking hippo," Scott said. "Been that way since college."

    I smiled, and turned to look at my dad through my right shoulder. Making myself comfortable, I turned around fully. Now, I was the one turning my back to Scott, and he was the one whose dick found its way between my bare asscheeks.

    We didn't say anything. We'd shared a bed before naked, no big deal. I knew he and Dad had probably slept side-by-side naked dozens of times.

    Still, having another man's cock there felt… exciting. Comfortable, yet thrilling at the same time. Slowly, very slowly, I backed my ass up. 

    "Can Scott feel anything?" I wondered. "Does this feel good for him?"

    I continued to rub my ass against his groin, so very slowly that even I barely felt myself moving. A couple of minutes later, though, I felt Scott shuffle in response.

    "Is he just making himself comfortable? Or is he trying to tell me something?"

    I backed my ass up a bit more aggressively, almost pushing Scott out of the bed. He now fully pushed back, his dick firmly lodged between my cheeks. And from what I could tell, it wasn't all soft…

    "It's not the kind of cumming I thought I'd be doing tonight," I remembered him say, while I continued to confidently move my ass in circles. We both knew the little game we were playing by now, even if no one said anything out loud. In a way, I wished he wouldn't. Made it even hotter, somehow.

    In front of me, my dad stirred for a sec, before continuing to snore. I looked at Dad's face, illuminated by the many streetlights out on the New York street. It was another challenge that added excitement: do this without waking Dad up.

    I continued to grind my ass and Scott kept on humping me in return, like we were a horny couple dancing inappropriately at the club. Except we were both completely naked, and by now, I thought I could feel his precum start to drip between my cheeks.

    Thinking back, Scott had gotten hard extremely fast tonight. I'd heard him and the rest of the crew joke around about popping pills to get hard at their age, and I wondered if he'd taken one tonight in anticipation for his date.

    Whether it was a pill or all his testosterone, Scott was now hard as a rock. His dick was no longer able to fit comfortably between my ass… not without going in.

    Next thing I knew, his index and middle finger had found their way to my asshole and gently pressed against it.

    "Have you ever been fucked before?" Scott seemed to ask. He didn't say it out loud though; he let his fingers do the talking. We communicated with just our bodies, as if that were the only language we had in common.

    "Yes," I answered by pushing out my ass even further, and making my hole pulse receptively.

    "Well then," Scott grabbed his cock and slowly positioned it against my asshole.

    Looking straight ahead, trying to focus on what was in front of me rather than the initial pain of being penetrated, I ended up staring at my father's face. I looked at him as he slept peacefully, unaware that his son was taking it up the ass by his best buddy only inches away.

    I breathed as deeply as I could without being too loud. As Scott's dick filled my hole, the skin on my entire body became more sensitive. Scott's fingertips on the side of my belly and chest started to send jolts of pleasure all through me.

    I relaxed, making my hole stretch wider, and finally taking all of Scott's dick inside me. 

    "There we go. Like a champ," he said by squeezing my biceps, as if I'd made a particularly difficult pass or scored a goal.

    Now that I was open and he was inside me, we were in sync. Scott started to fuck me on Jeff's little sofa bed, trying to shake it as little as possible as not to wake up Dad. Still, with two men our size doing it, it was damn near impossible. I'm sure if we really tried, we'd be able to make the whole fucking building shake.

    Unable to turn now that Scott's dick was up my ass, I had nothing else to look at other than my own father's face. I flashed back to all the trips we took together with his buds over the past few years. Then I thought even further back, to my entire relationship with Dad, and how I'd known Scott my entire life. And how, somehow, the three of us had ended here in this bed together.

    As Scott's pleasure increased, so did mine, and he started to fuck me more and more aggressively. We'd started this little game without keeping in mind that once a man gets so close to shooting his load, he can no longer think straight and he's ready to do anything. 

    Each second, we gave less of a fuck about being discreet. Both Scott and I started to let out little grunts and moans. Sweat was dripping down our bodies in the summer heat. Outside, even in the middle of the night, New York was loud and let us know we weren't the only ones up to no good at this hour.

    I closed my eyes, too lost in pleasure my this point. "Fuck everything else and just fuck me," I told Scott with my body, fully relaxing and letting him do whatever he wanted with me.

    Scott accepted the invitation. He put his manly hands on my shoulders and with his strong thighs, he started to slam his dick inside me.

    SLAM! came once, his balls slapping against my ass, his dick tickling the inside of my gut.

    SLAM! came another one, even harder and deeper than the first.

    SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! He pumped back and forth, pulling his dick almost all the way out, then pushing all the way in. 

    "Fucking asshole," I thought in amusement. He knew fucking me like this was making it impossible for me to stay quiet. 

    "Yeah, boy? You wanted to play…" Scott seemed to say by digging his fingertips in my shoulders, leaving marks that would be there for days. "Fucking take it like a man."


    "Oh, you think I won't? Bring it! I can take anything you serve me."


    I clenched my eyes shut in pain, but I didn't make a sound. I was tearing up so much that tears were leaking out and leaving a wet patch on the pillowcase. As much as it hurt, though, I fucking loved it! "More. More! Harder!!" I begged, pushing my ass back instead of pulling it away.

    "Careful, boy! I will make you fucking regret this," Scott got my message and only went harder. We were completely lost in the moment by now! It'd been a long day, we'd both traveled across the country. It was the middle of the night, we were sleep-deprived and tipsy. We didn't give a shit about nothing anymore!

   "Fuuuuuck," I thought, barely able to take it anymore. Quickly, I wrapped my hand around my dick. I was ready to cum for the second time tonight.

    "Leave that to me," Scott said by swatting my hand away and wrapping his fist around my boner. He started to jerk me off at record speed, faster than I'd ever done it myself, all the while humping my ass with the same fucking intensity. 

    There it was!! I could feel my cum shooting out. Fuck, that felt good! Fuck! It kept going. More. I could tell it was landing on Dad's body in front of me, but I didn't care. Fuuuuuck, that felt good.

    As if I wasn't in heaven already, Scott made it more intense by starting to fill up my greedy hole with his load as well. As he shot his jizz inside my gut, he only went faster and faster on my dick, even after I was done cumming. I squirmed, lost in pleasure, in pain, in passion; barely able to breathe. 

    Scott continued to cum inside me for two whole minutes. I was absolutely fucking exhausted by the time he was done. It was a good thing I was lying down already; otherwise I would've definitely passed out.

    Suddenly, somebody finally broke the silence.

    "You two fuckers done? Can I go back to sleep now?" my father's voice said sleepily, making us laugh before we all went to sleep.

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