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"Everyone wanted to know about my new apartment, what kind of jobs I planned on applying for, and if I was ready for all the 'hot boys' in New York. "
Owen's dream finally comes true as he moves to the big city. He can't even imagine what awaits him there, though, and just how much he's about to change.

Chapter 1

Owen's dream is finally coming true: he's moving to New York! He and his dad drive to the city and crash with Jeff and his boyfriend. In the small, hot apartment there's another surprise visitor, and beds need to be shared...

Chapter 2

Bummed after his bad date, Scott climbs in bed (naked!) with Owen and a sleeping Kev. Scott and Owen have a heart-to-heart, followed up by a fun game: how far can they go without waking up Owen's dad.

Chapter 3

Kevin is in New York City visiting with Owen. There, he gets a lesson on topping and bottoming from his son, and learns a few new terms. That night, the two end up sharing a bed... and one of Owen's sex toys. 

Chapter 4

Owen introduces his dad to his roommate Kyle, before they go out to celebrate Pride. Kevin enjoys the bond he's forged with his son. Back home and fresh from sharing a sex toy, father and son now share something else: Kyle. 

Chapter 5

Owen's high school buddy Tucker comes to stay in New York for the summer. The two have to share Owen's small bedroom (and bed) just as Owen starts his career as a personal trainer and meet his first client.

Chapter 6

After catching a glimpse of them in the locker room, Porter can't get Owen and Tucker off his mind. He continues to shower Owen with gifts, and one evening has a special proposal for the two young men.

Chapter 7

Owen meets Kyle's straight brother Jeremy, and they bond immediately. The two brothers and Owen go to the gym, followed by a trip to the steam room, where Jeremy gets to do something for the first time...

Chapter 8

After the action in the steam room, Owen goes home with Kyle and his straight brother. That evening, the two brothers sit on each side of Owen, before going down and sharing something for the first time...

Chapter 9

Taylor reminisces about his first couple of years in New York and meeting his fuck-buddy-turned-boyfriend Owen. Before he knows it, Taylor is meeting Owen's family… and the first man Owen ever had sex with.

Chapter 10  Supporter 

It's Owen's 30th birthday, and he and Taylor have a guest crashing on their couch: Owen's dad's best bud Scott. Taylor is shocked to hear about Owen and Scott's past… and turned on to see the hot scene playing out.

Chapter 11  Supporter 

Desperate for a refuge from hot New York City, Taylor and Owen are invited to spend a few days in the Hamptons with Mark and his handsome son Logan. Before they ever get there, things go from hot to hotter in the car…

Chapter 12  Supporter 

Taylor and Owen enjoy their stay in the Hamptons along with their hosts Mark and Logan. The four men make the most of their last day there as they lounge by the pool… which soon leads to much more than just lounging.

Chapter 13  Supporter 

Taylor and Owen are invited by their friend Sawyer to join him and his boyfriend Brock in the Catskills. There's just one catch: Sawyer's father is going to be there. Can Taylor and Owen stay on their best behavior?

Chapter 14  Supporter 

Taylor and Owen are invited to the wedding of Owen's former roommate Kyle. There, Taylor meets Kyle's older brother and hears a few salacious stories about the two brothers. Soon, there's a new hot story to tell…

Chapter 15  Supporter 

Taylor and Owen reach a new peak in their relationship. Shortly thereafter, Taylor's brother Rory moves in with the happy couple. Very quickly, Taylor realizes he'll have to share his kinky lifestyle with his younger sibling.

Chapter 16  Supporter 

Owen meets up with a couple of his dad's best buds to catch up with them. At home, he enjoys getting closer with his brother-in-law Rory, who is becoming a witness (and accomplice) in Owen and Taylor's sex life.

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