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My Son's Slutty Roommate


    I woke up slowly the next morning, that way you do on a Sunday when there's no reason to get up at a specific time. Over the past couple of years I had learned to tell time from the traffic and pedestrian noises out in the city streets. By the time I was fully awake I figured it was about 9 AM, and a glance at my phone confirmed that.

    I heard the shower running, and I vaguely remembered Dad getting up earlier and saying something about needing to clean up. I smiled as the memory of last night returned. I was happy to have my dad here. We only had a couple more days and I wanted to make sure we made the most of the time. Even though today happened to be Pride, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out and have to share him with everyone. Either way, we could be spontaneous as the day rolled along.

    I got out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen without bothering to put any clothes on. My roommate Kyle was already up, and had thankfully made some coffee, which I made a beeline for. Kyle worked as a bartender at one of my favorite local hangouts, and typically worked a midday shift on Sundays. The busy Pride weekend was no exception, and I was surprised he wasn't already at work. Sitting shirtless at our small kitchen table, I could tell from Kyle's hair that he had already showered and would probably be heading out soon.

    We exchanged morning greetings as I stood by the coffee maker and Kyle sipped from his own mug slowly while flipping through some magazine.

    "So I thought you said it was your dad staying here for a few days?" he asked after a few moments, a curious tone to his question.

    "Yeah," I replied, confused by Kyle's tone. He and Dad hadn't had a chance to meet yet.

    "Oookay…" he said awkwardly, trailing off.

    "Okay what?"

    "Well, I mean... you guys were pretty loud last night," he said with his eyebrows raised. "And, uh..."

    Kyle made a motion with his head toward my midsection, and I looked down and realized what he was staring at. There was a pretty substantial amount of dried cum on my lower abs and on my shaved pubic area, all the way down to the base of my soft cock. The cum had come from both me and my father.

    My roommate and I had seen one another covered with cum (dry and wet!) plenty of times before, but I understood why he was confused and curious in this instance.

    "Oh," I chuckled, not quite sure where to start with the explanation. "Well, someone woke us up in the middle of the night when he came home," I said to Kyle playfully. He rolled his eyes in response.

    "We were both hard as fuck and we ended up… having a jerk-off session," I continued. Kyle looked at me with his eyes wide open, expecting more of an explanation.

    "My dad's pretty chill about that kind of stuff," was all I offered. For now, I didn't want to get into all the stories of summers spent with my dad and his best buds. Maybe I'd tell Kyle more next time I was fucking his tight little ass. He loves getting verbal and talking about other guys when we occasionally mess around.

    Kyle just smiled and shook his head, turning his eyes back to whatever he was reading.

    "Damn, Owen!" he said. "I wish my dad and I were that cool with one another. Then again, I probably would have ended up with more of a daddy complex than I have now."

    While I was pretty open to hooking up with guys of any age, Kyle made no secret of his preferences for older men. He made the most of his current gig and many nights he'd come home from work with a handsome forty-plus man in tow… or even a couple of them. They'd fuck loudly in his room, sometimes with the door open. Sometimes I'd join in. What can I say: New York was waking up the freak in me!

    "Even more of a daddy complex than you currently have? Tough to imagine, you slut," I said teasingly, as we continued to drink our coffee.

    Soon, Dad emerged from the bathroom with a towel around his waist, looking refreshed. I poured him a cup and introduced him to Kyle. Dad leaned over the table to shake Kyle's hand. I could tell from my roommate's expression that he was appreciating the view of my father's hairy and well-defined pecs, and the rest of what he was seeing. No surprise there. If Dad noticed he was being checked out, he didn't give any indication of it.

    The three of us chatted casually for a few minutes, Kyle paying way more attention to Dad than he was to me. After a lull, my roommate got up from the table to toss his dishes in the sink.

    "Time to head to work," he said idly. I wasn't too surprised to see he'd been sitting at the table in nothing but a red designer jock. On Pride weekend, a jock and a shredded pair of denim short shorts was pretty much his work uniform. I'd be surprised if he even took a shirt with him. The bar was just a few blocks away. As always, I appreciated how the rear straps made his ass look even hotter.

    "You guys should stop by for some beers! On the house," he said, not looking at either of us as he walked back to his room to get ready.

    Dad and I looked at one another and both shrugged. Why not?

    "Sounds good," I said, as I sat down on the chair Kyle had just vacated. Dad sat down across from me. A few minutes later, Kyle was heading to the door, having only added the shorts to his outfit, just as I'd expected.

    "Bye, Owen," he said as he exited. "See you later, Daddy," he added, right before the door clicked shut. I rolled my eyes and Dad chuckled.

    "Must be nice living with a bunch of young guys," Dad observed, probably referencing our comfort level in a general sense. I had to agree: it was nice not having to care about being naked or in a jock, being covered in dried cum at breakfast, or having loud sex at any hour. Dad looked lost in a bit of reverie, and I figured he was missing his own buddies and the time they got to spend together, especially when they were young and rooming together as well.

    After having some breakfast, I stepped in the shower and enjoyed another burst of pride at my closeness with Dad, as I washed both our loads from my stomach.



    Owen and I spent the better part of the afternoon at the spot where Kyle worked. It was a fun layout, with half of the long bar extending out into a back patio area. Even as the front part of the space was packed with men and blaring dance music, it was quiet and more subdued where we were at the farthest end. We'd managed to score two open stools (though Kyle may have had something to do with that). And true to his word, my son's roommate kept the beers coming.

    I knocked back the last of a bottle and set it down. Before I knew it, a fresh one was in front of me, mist still drifting out of the top. Kyle smiled at me and winked as he dashed away to help one of the many people trying to order something. I had to chuckle at his brazenness and I knew my son got a kick out of it too.

    A nice buzz had settled in as Owen and I relaxed and continued to talk at the bar. It was so pleasing to me that my son had become one of my best friends! There was no awkwardness or hesitation with one another, the way I remembered things with my own dad. Owen and I had never run out of things to talk about. Whether serious or silly, drunk or sober, the conversation always flowed.

    Owen had filled me in on the type of men Kyle liked, which I'd already picked up on back at the apartment. Over the last few hours I'd noticed that guys my age always seemed to get served right away when Kyle was ready to take another drink order. Attention from someone young and beautiful was always flattering, whether male or female, and I certainly didn't mind the ego boost. Owen also shared a few colorful stories about his own hookups with his roommate and often with some of the men who Kyle brought back home.

    The Pride crowd kept the bar busy and the energy was infectious even if we weren't in the thick of it. When my son and I finally decided it was time to head back to his apartment, I realized I was more drunk than I'd thought. We both thanked Kyle profusely for the drinks and he said he'd probably see us at home soon since his shift was wrapping up. It took about ten minutes for Owen to forge us a path through the packed front area of the bar, and I was happy to let my son's broad shoulders and tremendous biceps do most of the work as I followed close behind. Indeed, for the first time, it felt like he was the dad.

    Between the close quarters getting out of the bar and the blazing sun as we walked the few blocks home, Owen and I were both soaked in sweat by the time we stepped back into the apartment. As I sat on the couch and tried to rehydrate a little, Owen jumped in the shower to cool off. The heat in the apartment was more bearable than outside, but not by much.

    When my turn to shower came, I couldn't have been happier to be under that cool jet of water and I took the time to enjoy it. Through the open bathroom door, I heard the sounds of someone entering the apartment, then both Owen and Kyle's voices talking for a few minutes. I remembered the way Kyle had been looking at me and how it made me feel kinda sexy, masculine and yeah, maybe a little younger than my years. My thoughts drifted back to my wilder days in college and all the girls that came through my dorm rooms and apartments during that time. I didn't long for those days necessarily, but they were certainly fun to remember. I let myself get hard as I took my time washing my cock and balls under the shower, enjoying the moment.

    A noise from the apartment shook me from my drunken trance and I realized that Kyle might also want to cool off after the afternoon on his feet. I turned off the water and slid the curtain aside, grabbing my towel. As I quickly dried off my body, I stepped out of the bathroom intending to go into Owen's room and grab my shorts. But, there wasn't much space in Owen's room… since he and Kyle were busy fucking on the bed.

    My son was lying on his back, arms behind his head and eyes closed, almost like he was at the beach. Kyle was riding him with his back to Owen's upper body, which meant he was facing the doorway and facing me as I stood there looking dumbfounded.

    Kyle's legs were on either side of Owen and I could see he still had his red jockstrap on as he was grinding his ass into my son's pelvis, just a few feet away from me. One of Kyle's hands was at his chest, pulling at his own nipple. The other was grabbing the pouch of his jock as he stroked his cock through the fabric.

    There was a moment of quiet when the only sounds were the bed springs and Kyle's heavy breathing, that slowly became a moan. Kyle had been looking at me since I stepped out of the bathroom and had kept us locked in eye contact as I processed what I was seeing.

    "Hey, Daddy," he winked at me, using the name he'd called me this morning and about fifty more times at the bar. "I was hoping you'd be done soon."

    "Umm…" I stammered, not knowing how to respond. "Did you… want to use the shower?"

    Kyle threw his head back and laughed a little, which shifted his weight back toward Owen a bit. My son's hands went to Kyle's waist to keep him steady as the rhythm of the fucking continued unabated. It struck me how big my son's hands looked as they settled on Kyle's slim waist. Owen's fingers covered a god deal of Kyle's tight abs and nearly met at the navel.

    Kyle leaned toward me again, more steady now with Owen keeping him anchored.

    "No," Kyle drawled. "I was hoping you'd be done so you could come in here and thank me for those beers."

    "Um…" I repeated again, as it slowly dawned on me what he was hinting at.

    "C'mere," Kyle whispered as he reached out and grabbed my arm, pulling me about a foot forward. With my head still spinning from the beers, the heat, and the surprise of what I was seeing, I let Kyle pull me in. His hand then moved down and grabbed my cock, which had never fully softened after my self-enjoyment in the shower. The warmth of his hand startled me, and I was shocked at how quickly my cock returned to its fully hard state.

    The next few things happened quickly. I dropped my towel on the floor. Both of Kyle's arms were on either side of me as he leaned forward. He managed to lean on me and still keep himself pinned to my son, who continued to lie flat on the bed. Owen's hands were still on Kyle's waist and I could see my son's eyes were open now. He was looking at me and watching what was happening, his expression somewhere between a boozy smirk and a shit-eating grin. Their fucking never let up for a second.

    As Kyle slid his lips over the head of my cock, I was overwhelmed by the sensation. The wetness and the heat of his mouth, and also the feeling of his lips continuing to slide down my shaft. Three seconds into the blowjob and I could tell that Kyle was excellent at this! He was already sliding his head up and down, taking more of my cock in his mouth than I expected. His tongue worked the underside masterfully as the head hit the back of his throat a few times. Then on his next push toward me there was no more resistance and I was in his throat with ease. More thrusting in and out, and he got me in deeper every time. I couldn't believe it when I started to feel his nose in my pubic hair and my balls hitting his chin. This little fucker was deep throating me all the way! When was the last time anyone did that? Fuck.

    I opened my eyes. I looked at Owen, who now had a satisfied look on his face. I idly wondered if this had been planned at all, and then realized I couldn't care less about that. I smiled at my son and he smiled back. My hand went to the back of Kyle's head, fingers in his short blond hair, and I helped him swallow me. Not that he needed any help.

    I heard a moan, thinking at first it was Owen, and then realizing it was coming from me.

    "Yeah," I heard Owen say. "Suck my dad's cock while I fuck your ass!"

    Kyle reacted with a muffled sound of pleasure, and I felt him pick up the pace of his writhing. He was clearly in his element, moving his body back and forth to give equal pleasure to my cock as well as my son's. Owen and I moved in tandem with him, and for a few minutes it was a perfect symphony of sex. Every one of us was playing his part to perfection. It had been a long time since I'd had any kind of threeway. I'd never have guessed that the hottest one I'd had wouldn't even involve a woman.

    Owen started breathing faster and I was reminded of how he sounded when we jerked off together the previous night. I knew he'd be cumming soon, and I wanted to see if I could shoot at the same time he did. For some reason, the thought of that really turned me on. Giving Kyle our father and son seed, feeding it to him at both ends simultaneously. The symmetry seemed so right. Owen was a part of me and this moment, like others in the past, made me feel so close to him. I was there for some of his first sexual experiences, and now here he was sharing this with me.

    Kyle ground back into Owen, and pulled most of the way off me as he did so. My sensitive cockhead was right on his tongue and that pushed me over the edge. I moaned loudly and I think that helped my son get there too. A second later, Kyle was being filled with our loads. I could tell he was in heaven, slowing his motions a bit as if to extend the moment. I gripped the back of Kyle's neck and I could feel his back tense as Owen pulled tightly down on his hips, both my son and I reaching the end of our climaxes together.

    As all three of us started to relax and catch our breath, Kyle sat back but kept his hand on my cock. He slid his hand up and down the wet shaft a few times, leaning in for one more lick as he looked up at me. I could see cum on his chin and one side of his mouth. Kyle let go of my cock and slowly stood up, pulling his ass off of Owen. His eyes closed and he let out a quick sigh as I heard the wet sound of my son's dick sliding out of his roommate's ass.

    Kyle flashed me a cute grin and then left the room. A second later, I heard the shower turn on. I looked over at Owen laying on his bed. I was feeling a mixture of disbelief, satisfaction and amusement about what had just happened. My son just seemed happy. His cock was still rock hard and sticking up toward the ceiling, a drop of cum still oozing out the tip.

    "Wanna order a pizza?" he asked. And we both cracked up laughing.

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