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Hotel Rooms, Pt. II


    Whenever I hooked up with younger guys, their shyness could be a real turn-off for me. But it seems like being sexually adventurous was in Eric's nature. He let me shamelessly make out with him at the bar and restaurant, and he didn't flinch while standing naked in front of room service. I felt bad he had to leave home tomorrow: he seemed like a fun boy.

     Of course, growing up with openly-gay dads must have a lot to do with him being so free. For a second I thought of my own son, and what would happen if I could be my authentic self in front of him as well.

    "Go against the window," I told Eric. He was naked head-to-toe and his smooth skin looked gorgeous.

    The hotel room had floor-to-ceiling windows, and there was a modern, newly-built apartment building right across the street.

    Eric walked to one of the windows and leaned his back and his ass against it. I walked up to him and turned him around, facing the street, then went down on my knees and spread his cheeks open.

    "Mmm!" I heard him moan out as the tip of my tongue touched his hole. It was pink, and tight, and smooth. Just how I liked them.

    I spread his cheeks open wider and started going around his hole. After a few minutes, I stood up and pulled his head back for a kiss, after which I put my fingers in his mouth, to get them nice and wet with his saliva.

    I kneeled back down and put my index finger in Eric's hole as he moaned louder and louder. I started finger-fucking him, slowly inserting a second finger, then a third.

    My other hand reached around. Eric was hard and leaking precum by this point. I gave his dick a few strokes then got up for another kiss.

    "We have an audience," I noticed.

    Across the street, a bespectacled man stood alone at his window, holding a glass, and obviously looking at us. 

    I grinned, biting Eric's ear and the back of his neck.

    "You like being watched?" I whispered in Eric's ear.

    "Yes, Daddy."

    I smiled and gave his ass a loud smack. The sound echoed around the room.

    "Ah!" Eric leaned forward, resting his elbows against the window.

    Smack! I went for a second slap on the other cheek.

    "Fuck, Daddy," Eric muttered quietly as I grabbed the front of his neck with my right hand, and unzipped my pants with my left, guiding my hard dick between his cheeks.

    "You ready to be fucked?" I whispered in his ear, chocking him gently but tightening my grip. I glimpsed at the man across the street. He was wearing a suit, probably just back from the office. He wasn't touching himself, just observing us while clutching his drink, like we were an interesting art piece.

    "Yes Daddy, fuck me."

    I was still fully clothed with my dick out. I felt for Eric's hole with my fingers. It was loosening up. I put the head of my dick against it and popped it in. Once that was in, I slowly started to go deeper, as Eric started to moan louder in ecstasy.

    I started to fuck him aggressively, with my hand still on his neck. Eric was jerking himself off while being fucked, splattering precum all over the window and the hotel carpet.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Eric screamed, as cars and pedestrians moved beneath us. Our room with all the lights on shone brightly in the dark Berlin night. We were too high up to see any of the expressions of the people in the street, but I wondered if they too could see us. 

    I was getting ready to cum. I felt my hand grip Eric's throat tighter. "Reach for my wrist if you can't take it anymore," I said. He didn't, so I gripped tighter and started slamming my dick in his hole with all the strength my legs could muster.

    "I'm cumming!" I screamed, feeling my jizz load up Eric's hole.

    "Please keep going," he struggled to say, jerking his dick faster and faster as he felt my load inside him. I continued to fuck him until I saw his cum bust out with the speed of a bullet and get all over the window.

    My dick moved back and forth in Eric's hole a few more times, slowly, as we both struggled to catch our breath, filled with post-orgasmic bliss. The man across the street had a discreet smile on his face, and raised his glass as if to say cheers.

    Eric and I smiled and kissed, running our hands across each other's bodies.



    My last night in Berlin, Ben fucked me three times and we barely got any sleep. The next morning, he got me a car to drive me to Frank's, where I packed all my stuff and had Frank drive me to the airport.

    "Come back any time," Frank said while giving me a hug before I got in line to go through security. 

    "I might just take you up on that," I smiled, thinking of all the fun I'd had in Berlin.

    I slept pretty much during the entire flight. When my dad Sven picked me up at the airport after landing in the middle of the night I wasn't tired at all anymore, but we'd decided to get a hotel room so I followed him there. The receptionist seemed sorry telling us we'd have to share a bed, oblivious to the fact this was no big deal for us. A short while later we were lying in bed naked, like we had so many times at home.

    In bed, I was horny and opened Grindr just to see who was on, which made me even hornier. My dad lay on my left, just as horny as I was, apparently. He was stroking his dick under the cover, probably hoping that I wouldn't notice, but a dick that size was impossible to hide under any amount of covers.

    I started talking to a 32-year-old with a great body. Pretty soon, he was sending me pics of his big, uncut dick which turned me on even more.

    "What room?" he texted, obviously keen.

    "727 but you can't come over. I'm here with my dad."

    After that he went silent on me. I felt rejected, even though I knew this is how these things worked.

    A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. When Dad got up to answer it and I saw it was the guy I'd been talking to, I panicked. I'd explicitly told him not to come!

    When I told dad I knew the guy from Grindr and he burst out laughing, it took me a few seconds to figure out what had happened. Dad seemed to know this guy as well, unless... they'd also been talking! That's what he was doing on his phone next to me, jerking off. I joined in on the laughter, until I saw the guy start to kiss my father.

    He took off his boxers and we were all three naked and hard right now. We exchanged names, his was Nikola.

    When he was done making out with my dad, Nikola walked up to me and started kissing me, reaching down to squeeze my ass right there in front of my father. He was tall, and had a firm grip. His muscles were even bigger than Sven's.

    As the sexual energy in the room was reaching its peek, Nikola told us his plan: he wanted to fuck me, while my dad fucked him.

    I stood in silence, unsure how Dad would react. He stood, looking calm, slowly jerking his hard dick. He looked at me and we made eye contact.

    "Eric?" he said.

    "I'm down if you are," I smiled.

    "Fuck yes!" Nikola jumped at the opportunity excitedly. He kissed me again, then flipped me over until I was on my knees on the bed.

    Before I knew what was happening, Nikola's tongue was buried in my hole. I saw Dad walk around us. I turned back to check what was going on, and saw Dad start to rim Nikola, as Nikola was rimming me.

    Fucking hell! Just yesterday I was in Berlin telling Ben how openminded my dads and I are, and unashamed of our sexuality. But holy shit, this was taking things to a whole new level.

    When I felt Nikola's tongue stop rimming me, I turned around to see him and Dad making out, and stroking each other's dicks. I remained in the same position, jerking myself off, until Nikola got on his knees behind me and started to get ready to fuck me.

    "You got some lube?" he asked my dad, who pulled out a travel-sized bottle from his bag. He tried to hand it to our new fuck buddy.

    "Put it on," Nikola said. Dad and I looked at each other again. He squeezed out some lube on his right hand, and wrapped it around Nikola's dick, lubing it up while jerking him off at the same time.

    "And his hole," Nikola said with his thick accent. 

    Dad and I made eye contact, as he reached with his hand between my cheeks and start to lube up my asshole. He squeezed some more lube out of the bottle, then went back to graze my hungry hole with his fingers. 

    "Mmm," I moaned out, and dripped precum on the bed as Dad lubed my hole.

    A couple of seconds later Nikola's dick was inside of me.

    "Take video," he told Dad as he fucked me. 

    Dad reached for his phone and started recording us. 

    "Yes. I'm fucking your son, aren't I?" Nikola was living out his fantasy.

    "Yes, you are," Dad confirmed, holding the phone.

    "And you're being fucked in front of your Daddy," he said to me.

    "Yes. Please fuck me," I moaned, as he squeezed my ass while going faster.

    Dad walked around the bed, recording us from various angles, and zooming in Nikola's dick going in and out of my hole. Then, he walked to the front and recorded my expression as I was getting fucked. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

    "How are you doing?" Dad whispered, with genuine love and concern in his voice, putting his free hand on my cheek. It still had some lube on it and it felt sticky.

    "Ah, Daddy, this is so good! I promise, this is so good," I moaned while Nikola was fucking me. Dad's Prince Albert glistened close to my face.

    A few minutes later, Dad put down the phone to lube up with own dick and get behind Nikola. I heard the two grunt, as Dad started to go inside our fuck partner's hole.

    I felt a huge weight on top of me for a second, as these two bodybuilders fell down, before lifting themselves up and continuing to fuck. I had NEVER felt more masculine and sexual energy in the room, not even at that sex club we'd gone to filled with hundreds of men.

    Fucking in this position wasn't easy, but at least as the bottom I seemed to have the "easiest" job. I spread my cheeks open, savoring Nikola's dick inside my ass. Fuck, I loved having it inside me!

    A few minutes later, I was ready to cry out when I felt his dick come out of my hole. Nikola quickly jumped out of the bed and reached for Dad's phone, as if ready to record us.

    "Why don't you two keep going?" he said, making eye contact with my dad while I kneeled in front of him on the bed holding my ass cheeks spread open. "Go on, fuck your son."

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