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Hotel Rooms, Pt. III


    Staying at a huge hotel by the airport before flying home, I knew there'd be other men cruising for a fuck. I just hoped some of them would be able to host in their room; with my wife and kids sleeping next to me that wasn't an option. Still, I was horny and determined to get some. Finding guys to fuck back home wasn't easy, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. 

    There were a couple of guys that piqued my interest. A top in his 50s with a great body and a huge pierced dick. A 21-year-old boy whose face pic made him look sweet and innocent, but whose profile said he was into "sleazy sex."

    As each of them shared his room number with me, my heart started beating like crazy as the realization dawned on me. I felt my adrenaline go up, and I couldn't believe what was happening. Oh fuck. Oh, fuck! 

    These two were father and son! Staying in the same room. Seemingly unaware each of them was looking for a fuck!

    I jumped out of bed and started pacing the room. I was wearing just a pair of black boxers, and my dick had gone hard in a single second, tenting them. I looked left and right, at my wife sleeping in one bed and my son and daughter sleeping in another. I adjusted my hard-on in my underwear and went to hide in the bathroom.

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, I continued to think as I looked at myself in the mirror. A real father and son! Each of them had made it sound like it's just the two of them in the room, without the boy's mom. This had been a fantasy of mine since I discovered kinky porn online! It was damn-near impossible to find real content online. And now this was happening, in real life! I must not fuck it up.

    I walked back to the bed to grab my phone. I checked the face pics each of them sent me. They definitely looked alike. I'm gonna go to their room, I decided. I'm just gonna show up and see how everyone acts in the heat of the moment. I grabbed the keycard and bolted out, headed to room 727.

    Only after I got in the elevator, I realized walking around a hotel in nothing but boxer shorts with a huge fucking erection was hardly appropriate and might get me in trouble, but I'd been too horny to care. It was late anyway. I could hear people in their rooms as I walked the hallways, but no one came out.

    I stood in front of the father and son's door and reflexively crossed myself, praying this was for real and that it goes well. I knocked, and struck the most confident pose I could muster. On the outside, I looked like a tall, buff, "manly" man. On the inside, I was nervous and hoping they don't slam the door in my face.

    "Who is it?" someone yelled out but I kept quiet. A few seconds later, the door opened. It was the dad, doing a half-assed job at hiding his nakedness behind the door. He was completely nude and just a hard as I was. Fuck, this man was a sexy beast! His chest and arms were big, and his nips enormous, each with a metal ring hanging from it. Another metal ring shined from the tip of his huge dick.

    Behind him, I quickly saw the cute son, lying in the only bed in the room. 

    "What're you doing here?" he asked when he saw me, a note of panic in his voice.

    "You guys know each other?!" his dad asked, surprised. Fuck, I was right about these two. I just stood straight, with a smile on my face.

    "Can I come in?"

    The muscle daddy let me in and locked the door behind me. It took them a few seconds to realize what was happening, and that they'd both been talking to me on Grindr. Meanwhile, I marveled at the fact father and son not only shared a bed, but did so naked.

    When everyone realized what was going on, suddenly we all started laughing. I was relieved they were the kind of people who found this funny, as opposed to disgustingly inappropriate. I took a few steps toward the dad and started kissing him. It was a rough, aggressive, and passionate kiss that went on for quite a while.

    The son got out of bed and looked at us while I made out with his dad. He wasn't as muscular as the two of us but he had an athletic body, and some of his teenage features still on his face. Just like his father, the boy was naked and fully hard. This just might be easier than I thought.

    "This has always been a fantasy of mine," I admitted, looking at each man in the room. "A father and son."

    This was it, the make-or-break moment. The two would either say "okay" or "get out."

    Father and son exchanged a hesitant look, but neither of them backed out. I pulled down my boxers revealing my hard dick, trying to tempt both family members. It worked: they both looked allured as they stared at my erection.  

    I asked for their names. The dad was Sven and his son was Eric. As he told me his name, I walked up to him and started kissing him, while his dad watched. As we exchanged saliva, I squeezed Eric's ass. It was a perfect, soft bubble butt. And the fact I was grabbing it right in front of his father made my dick leak precum.

    I put my arm around him, and slowly started to guide Eric closer to his dad. Fuck, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "I want Daddy to fuck me," I said, looking at the son, "while I fuck you tonight."

    My heart started palpitating, nervous about what they'd say, the lines between real-life and porn completely blurred in my mind.

    "Eric?" the father said calmly, as if asking his kid what he'd like for dinner.

    "I'm down if you are," the boy smiled. Fuck! A guy after my own taste. My adrenaline was sky-high again. I started kissing Eric, and threw him on the bed on his knees. Within seconds, my tongue was buried in his sweet ass.

    Sven watched me rim his son for a while, then walked around and started doing the same to me. He was a very skilled rimmer, giving me the best rim-job I'd ever had. I tried to imitate what he was doing to me, and do it to his son's hole at the same time.

    I took a break from Eric's ass to make out with his dad for a little bit. The kisses were strong and deep; this man didn't seem to mind that my tongue was just up his son's asshole. Eric's hole gaped and puckered alternately, begging for attention while his dad and I kissed.

    "You got some lube?" I asked.

    Sven got up to fetch it from his bag, and I positioned myself behind his kneeling son, my dick at the entrance of his hungry hole.

    "Put it on," I looked down at my cock and told Sven.

    He looked me dead in the eyes, with a devilish grin on his face. I could tell this wasn't a man who normally took orders, but I think he liked how much of a pig I was being.

    Sven jerked me off while lubing up my dick, maintaining eye contact all throughout. "And his hole," I said a few seconds later, pointing down at his son's ass.

    Sven continued to look at me. I felt both hesitation and extreme horniness in his stare. 

    He turned around to look at his son, then his large hand moved to Eric's hole. Fuuuck, I thought. That's right, lube up your son's hole as he's about to get fucked!

    My dick was throbbing, so hard by now it was almost painful. I shoved all of it in Eric's ass in a second. This kid was a pro bottom.

    "Take video," I asked of Sven. I didn't bring my own phone, but hoped they would share it with me. If I never saw porn in my life again, this scene would be enough to keep me jerking off until the day I die.

    Sven started recording us on his phone, walking around the room and zooming in and out on the action.

    "I'm fucking your son, aren't I?" I said, getting off on how twisted this was.

    "Yes, you are," Sven said, while I felt his son's soft insides with my dick.

    I continued to fuck Eric, hoping I don't cum too soon. As he videoed us, Sven looked at his son and put his hand on his face. "How are you doing?" he asked him with a warm, fatherly tone, crossing the line between "horny men" and "loving father and son."

    "Ah, Daddy, this is so good!" I was happy to hear Eric yell out.

    His dad walked up behind me, lubed up his own dick and my hole, and tried to mount me. I'd never fucked in this position. For a second we both collapsed on top of Eric, but we continued to adjust until Sven's big pierced dick was inside me, while I was still fucking his son.

    We went on for a while fucking in this position, me sandwiched between father and son, a situation I never thought I'd be lucky enough to be in in my wildest dreams. I wanted to amp it up, really see how far these two horny fuckers would go. I got out from between them and grabbed the recording phone.

    "Why don't you two keep going?" I said, standing next to the bed. Eric was still on his knees and elbows, his open hole gaping even wider now. Right behind him now was his dad, with his big, pulsating dick. "Go on, fuck your son."



    "I want Daddy to fuck me, while I fuck you tonight."

    A thousand thoughts whirled through my mind as this hot stranger guided my son closer to me. We were all obviously horny, our dicks pointing up as we stood in the room naked. I could leave and tell Eric and this guy to have fun. But then I wouldn't get any. Maybe we could take turns? But the guy obviously wanted us at the same time.

    Eric's seen me fuck before. I've seen him get fucked before (the memory of him and Will fucking at the beach in Spain flashed through my mind). As all these thoughts went through my mind I felt tired, tired of having to be the decision-maker the entire time. I just wanted someone else to take the wheel for a while. And Nikola seemed to be doing just that.

    "Eric?" I asked, checking in on my son.

    "I'm down if you are," he said, sounding far less hesitant than me. He smiled. At his age, I was at the peak of my sex-pig behavior. If something like this had happened to me then, I wouldn't have been too worried about it either.

    Before I had a chance to process what was happening, Eric was on his knees and Nikola's tongue was up his ass. I looked at them, as my son moaned out in ecstasy. I walked up behind them slowly.

    Step by step, I thought, as I put my face in the stranger's ass. See, this isn't so scary, I love rimming - I thought. I started working his hole. It was as if what I was doing flowed through him like a current and went to Eric's hole, cuz it was my son who was moaning with pleasure.

    After a while, Nikola reached for a kiss. I liked long, sloppy kisses, aggressive and feisty. It was almost like a wrestling match between me and my kissing partner, and I was the one usually on top. But this guy could give me a run for my money! He kissed me exactly the way I liked it, and his rough stubble felt amazing on my shaved face. For a quick second, it put me in a sub space I hadn't been in in a very, very long time.

    "Put it on," he told me, expecting me to put lube on his cock when he asked for it. His dick was now right next to Eric's wiling hole.

    Sexy pig, I thought while rubbing lube up and down Nikola's dick, jerking him off. He showed me just how much of a freak he was when his next instruction was for me to put it on my son's hole.

    I looked at Eric, who didn't object. The energy in the room that all three of us were exuding seemed to say: "just do it."

    I put my wet fingertips on Eric's hole. I felt it pulsate, as if trying to slurp up the lube that was on my hand. I put some more on, and gently massaged his hole. It felt warm and soft to the touch, but more than anything it screamed "shove a dick inside of me!"

    "Take video," the stranger said in his foreign accent. I obeyed again, and started recording on my phone.

    "I'm fucking your son, aren't I?" he said into the camera. He was living out his fantasy. But also, it sounded as if he was trying to... humiliate me. Which... turned me on. My dick went from hard to harder. What the fuck was going on with my mind?! I wasn't used to this, but I was loving it.

    "Yes, you are," I said, trying to sound stoic.

    As I walked around the room to capture this guy fucking my son from all angles, I stood in front of Eric and looked at this face. An expression of extreme pleasure was on it. And just a hint of pain, as this large man fucked his ass. Through it all, I still saw my little boy.

    "How are you doing?" I said, coming back down to reality for a second. I put my hand gently on his cheek, before realizing it was covered in lube and precum.

    "Ah, Daddy, this is so good! I promise, this is so good," Eric said, looking at me straight in the eyes. I almost teared up at hearing him call me Daddy in this moment. 

    All parents enjoyed seeing themselves in their children. Who'd have thought that what Eric would inherit from me would be my tendency to be a horned up, careless, virile sex pig, with no qualms over what is decent and appropriate. 

    I walked behind the two of them, and started to fuck our new fuck buddy. It took us a bit to get into position, but once we developed a rhythm my heart started to race as I fucked this muscle guy, while hearing my son moan out from being fucked as well.

    Unlike my prime fucking days, there were no drugs or alcohol involved this time, but I felt higher than I'd ever been.

    Before long, the stranger jumped out of the middle. I was now faced with my son's gaping hole, able to see right inside it. Fuck.

    "Why don't you two keep going?" the stranger said. "Go on, fuck your son."

    In an alternate reality, my other self would get up and punch him, and drag him out of the room. But here and now, I sat still. Eric was still clutching his cheeks and spreading them open. Do it, his eyes seemed to say. 

    "Fuck him!" the other man repeated. I looked at him and he held my phone, recording us. His dick was around the same size as mine. Eric had been able to take it with ease.

    I put my hands on Eric's hips. My dick and his hole were both already lubed up.

    His hole gaped, begging to be filled.

    I leaned forward... and shoved my dick inside of him.

    "Ahhhh, fuck!!!" my son screamed out in ecstasy.

    "Fuck yes! Fuck! You fucking pigs!!" Nikola almost jumped up and down with joy, still recording us.

    It was too late to back out, I was quite literally all in. Now this is done, I figured, I might as well show my son how good of a top I was.

    "Fuck! Oh fuck, that feels good," Eric yelled out. Whoever was in the room next to us could probably hear we were fucking by now. If only they knew the extent of it.

    "Yeah?" I grunted while pumping back and forth in my son's ass, my pierced dick tickling his insides. "You like that?"

    I grabbed his wrists and held his arms firmly behind his back. This had nothing to do with all the times we'd gently cuddle his whole life. All the times he'd lie on my chest. All the times he'd jump in David's and my bed. Now, he wanted to get fucked. And I was the one giving it to him.

    "Do you like your Daddy fucking you?" Nikola continued with his verbal kink.

    "Yes. Yes. He's so –" Eric started to stutter, "– he's so good."

    A sense of pride rose inside me. Yes, baby boy, your Daddy's good, you know it.

    I continued to fuck, aggressively slamming inside him while gripping his wrists. Red marks were starting to form around them, but I had a feeling Eric could take it.

    "Oh! My! Fucking! God!!!" my son screamed out as I pumped in and out with every word he said. He sounded just like someone getting fucked for the very first time.

    Walking around the room, Nikola noticed the bottle of poppers that slipped out of my bag when I got the lube. He picked them up and walked up to Eric and me.

    "Turn around," he slapped Eric's ass. I stopped fucking for a second, unsure what was going on, but Eric wasted no time taking the stranger's directions.

    He turned around and we were kneeling face-to-face. We were so close, the tips of our dicks were touching.

    "Here," Nikola opened the bottle of poppers and gave some to Eric. When he was done, he offered it to me.

    Fuck, now I had this going on, I thought, as Eric scooted forward to get his hole next to my dick again.

    "Go on," he said.

    He and I looked each other in the eyes as he got in my lap, straddled me, and I shoved my dick back inside his hole. The poppers hit in that exact second, giving us a head rush, as we continued to make eye contact.

    On his own, Eric leaned forward and gave me a kiss.

    "Fuck yes!" Nikola said, jerking himself off while zooming in on us.

    The tempo had changed. I wasn't fucking as fast and aggressively now. I was going slow. All the while, my son kissed me. Unlike Nikola, he was mostly a gentle kisser. He sucked on my tongue like sucking juice out of a straw. For a second, we stopped kissing and smiled at each other, the tips of our noses touching.

    "I love you," he whispered.

    "I love you too."

    "Now... fuck the shit out of me!" he said loudly, getting himself in position.

    "Oh, yeah?" I asked mischievously. Okay. "If you think you can take it."

    I started to fuck him hard again. He bounced up and down in my lap, and I had my arms around him.

    "Dad... I'm getting ready to cum," Eric said. He wasn't jerking himself off while being fucked, but I was known to make bottoms cum handsfree. 

    "Me too," I grunted.

    "When you do, cum on your son's face," Nikola's voice said from the side. By now his presence in the room was unpronounced. Eric and I focused on each other as we fucked, kissed, and made eye contact.

    Suddenly, my son reached for my sensitive, oversized nips and started pinching them.

    "Grrr," I started growling like a hungry wolf. "Boy, you don't know what you're playing with!"

    "Yeah?" he said with a shit-eating smirk and squeezed harder while looking at me.

    He was really releasing the kraken in me. I ignored the pain in my thighs as I started to fuck Eric stronger and stronger. I was gonna give his hole the workout of a lifetime.

    "Dad. I'm about to cum. Dad! Daddy, I'm really about to cum," he said, looking at me. I ignored his warnings and continued to fuck, a shit-eating grin on my face now as my son's face twisted with pleasure. 

    "Ahhhh, fuck yeah!" he moaned loudly.

    Slam! My dick went inside him balls-deep, as a load of cum shot out of his dick and splattered all over our torsos. Slam! Again, I fucked him rhythmically as hard as I could while a second load shot out. Slam! Again. He was moaning in both pain and pleasure, shooting out cum like a fountain. Slam! Slam!!

    "Oh my fucking god. Oh my fucking god!" he kept whimpering, his eyes wide open, staring at me. He looked as if this were his first orgasm ever.

    I jumped up on the bed, my head bent so it wouldn't hit the ceiling. With just half a stroke, my dick started to shoot out jizz everywhere as well.

    It was one load, after the other, after the other. Eric kneeled in front of me and opened his mouth wide, as my cum went all over his face, the bed, and inside his mouth. As I was still cumming, my son wrapped his lips around the tip of my dick and continued to suck out the remainder of my cum.

    "Yeah, that's right," Nikola's commentary came from the side. "Swallow the sperm that made you! Eat that cum!"



    "Why don't you two keep going? Go on, fuck your son."

    When our new fuck buddy pulled out of my hole, I wanted to scream after him: "Come back here and finish what you started!" I wanted to yell greedily.

    Then he suggested my dad finish the job. I kneeled there, in front of my father, cheeks spread and hole wide open. I looked back at him, almost urging him to do what he was told.

    In the past few weeks, especially while traveling, I'd learned a lot about the kind of person I wanted to be. I knew about my dads' "wild past," and I knew it wasn't particularly unusual for young people in big cities, especially gay men. Maybe at their age, I'd be married with kids of my own as well. But for now: I wanted to be a sex pig.

    I discovered it all relatively quickly. It was a whole fucking subculture. Sex clubs, parties, bathhouses, apps, websites... Men whose only goal in life seemed to be to get laid. 

    Sure, there were plenty of scary and unsafe parts to it. My dads knew that, which is exactly why they wanted to come to Europe with me and Will. Why they wanted to be there when I went to a sex club for the very first time.

    But what I realized during my week alone in Berlin, was that I could also do it on my own. That the craziness and the riskiness were a part of why this freak shit was so much fun. And that it was exactly that fine line between "crazy" and "too crazy" that was the most fun to tread.

    As I kneeled with my ass spread open, hearing a stranger tell my dad to fuck it, I thought: do it!

    For years now, I'd known my fathers were sex pigs. And I wanted to join the club.

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