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My Boyfriend and My Two Dads


My Husband's Nephew, Pt. IV


    I came to Boston at the beginning of summer without much of a plan, except "find my gay uncle." I didn't know what my goal was, but I decided I'd give myself until the end of summer to figure it out. That was all fine and dandy for a few weeks. But now that we were in August I could hear the clock ticking.

    Thankfully, I had really lucked out when it came to my uncle. Uncle Dave and his entire family did everything they could to support me. Indeed, they were so helpful that at first I was skeptical; it seemed too good to be true. With some time, I finally started to relax.

    At the end of our trip to San Francisco, I came out to my uncle. I told David all about being engaged to my high-school sweetheart, and breaking it off with her after I realized I was gay in the military. I admitted that I'd come looking for him in Boston because he was the only openly gay person in our family.

    As soon as that load was off my shoulders, I felt like I could breathe more easily. I didn't wait too long before telling the rest of Uncle Dave's family. After all, it didn't make sense keeping it from them when he already knew; besides, they were all gay with a capital G. If anything, me being "one of them" only brought us closer together.

    After attending Pride in both San Francisco and Boston, everyone had to go back to work. Back to the daily grind. Only my Uncle Dave, who was a writer, got to stay at home and pick his own schedule, which gave him a bit more time to spend with me.

    One hellishly hot day in August, I lay on the couch in my unairconditioned apartment stark naked, scrolling through my phone while my sweat dripped all over the cushions. "Today is Gay Uncle's Day," I saw an article on some clickbaity site and I tapped on it.

    "Gay Uncle's Day, also known as Guncle's Day, is celebrated on the second Sunday in August. It was first celebrated in the U.S. on a wide scale on August 14, 2016," said the article. 

    "Huh," I thought and texted Uncle Dave.

    "Hey, Guncle 😜😜 What're you up to today?" I typed and hit send.

    Seconds later, I heard back from him.

    "Call me that again and I'm disowning you. Busy writing right now, what's up?"

    "Nevermind. I was gonna invite you out for lunch if you weren't busy."

    "Can't do lunch, but maybe dinner tonight??"

    I hadn't planned on it, but not like I had anything better going on. 

    "Sure. Text me when you're done with work 😘," after a few seconds' hesitation I added the kissy face emoji and hit send.

    "Well I've never heard of Gay Uncle's Day but I won't turn down a dinner invitation. I'm just surprised you picked this place."

    Uncle Dave sat across from me at one of the swanky restaurants in Boston's Theater District. We looked like we were on a date, like most of the people sitting around us.

    "Well it's your special day, I wasn't gonna take you to Five Guys," I smiled.

    "No. I'll have the five guys after dinner," David winked at me.

    During my time in the military, I'd gotten more than used to crass humor. Still, coming from a family member it still felt a bit odd. David, his husband, and their son rarely went five minutes without making a sexual innuendo of some sort. 

    After placing our orders for food and wine, and Uncle Dave flirting with the waiter for a few minutes (which left me with a pang of jealousy), we looked each other in the eyes and raised our glasses.

    "To you," I said and I watched my uncle smile.

    "Thank you," he clinked glasses with me and took a sip of the exquisite wine he'd ordered. "And thank you for the invitation. But please, I'm happy to split the bill if –"

    "No," I raised my hand to interrupt him. He probably felt weird, being treated to a fancy dinner by his unemployed nephew, but I wanted to do this for him. "Besides," I said, "I'm probably starting work soon. I decided I'm going through with the police academy."

    "That's excellent news. So you're sticking around in Boston?" my uncle smiled even wider.

    "Yes. For the time being."

    "That's lovely, Nathan. But, there is one other thing," he said with a more somber, grim expression and put his wine glass down. He reached across the table and took my hand in his. "You have to tell your parents you're back."

    I stared down at the table, and remained silent as my uncle held and rubbed my hand. He was right, and I knew it.

    "You don't have to be close to them," he continued stroking my hand. "You don't even have to talk to them at all if they won't accept you. But you just came back from serving abroad. They deserve to know you're not dead."

    "You're right," I said, my voice cracking. I finally looked up to make eye contact with my uncle again. It's funny: I went through so much terrifying shit while serving and I took it all in stride. But this, being honest about who I was, had me feeling like a complete and utter pussy.

    "You're right," I repeated myself, this time with a more confident, stronger voice. "I will call my mother soon. I promise."

    "Good," Uncle Dave smiled and squeezed my hand again, just as the waiter came back with our food. I wanted to pull my hand back instinctively, out of modesty. But I realized it felt good, holding hands at the table while we were being served.

    "Enjoy, gentlemen," the cute boy smiled at us. I could tell this time, he was the one feeling a pang of jealousy. 



    As the evening progressed, my nephew and I kept getting tipsier, and before we knew it we were ordering our third bottle of wine. By now, our waiter was convinced we were on a date and we played along, just for shits and giggles. Like children, we'd burst into laughter as soon as he turned his back to us.

    "Any dessert for you gents?" the server asked while pouring us more wine.

    "What do you say, honey?" I rubbed Nathan's hand affectionately, trying not to bust out laughing during our little farce.

    "I don't know, babe. I don't know if I feel like anything sweet," my nephew played along with a shine in his eyes that I hadn't seen before, because I'd never seen him so drunk.

    "Nothing then, thank you. I'll take care of his dessert later," I winked at the waiter, who smiled and winked back. Nate and I both watched his ass as he walked away. 

    "Is he your type?" I asked my nephew.

    "I don't really have a type."

    "Really? Bears, twinks? Older, younger?"

    "I like both. Usually if someone's older and bigger than me I tend to bottom for them, otherwise I'm a top."

    A couple of seconds later, Nate's face changed. He realized what he'd said after saying it, and he started to blush and look down.

    "That's good. Leaves more options open," I squeezed his hand again, trying to be encouraging and let him know there's nothing to be embarrassed about.

    "It… It must've been really great for Eric, growing up with you guys," Nathan looked up at me.

    "We did our best. We're proud of how he turned out."

    Nathan and I continued to hold hands, until my smartwatch started vibrating. 

    "It's a call from Sven," I said. "He must be back from work."

    "Do you wanna invite him over? After all, he's my guncle as well," Nate stuck out his tongue.

    "Actually… Why don't we finish this bottle and you come up to our place?"

    When we first moved to Boston, Sven and I immediately went into whore mode (even by our standards) and fucked around with as many new guys as possible. Some of them we took out on proper dinner dates, followed by a full night of intense fucking (with our son in the next room). 

    Still, being together with Brady and living with Eric and Will, we had our hands full. After a while, the dates simmered down and now, a year and a half later, we didn't meet many new guys anymore. When I brought Nathan up to our apartment only for us to walk in on a naked Sven, I had a déjà-vu of the last time I brought a guy home to play with me and my husband.

    "Well, Nathan, I guess you've seen my husband naked now," I tried to play off the whole thing. I always used to ask Sven to cover up when my nephew was around (even though that went against Sven's core beliefs) but after a few months the cat was out of the bag. Or, the cock, I guess in this case.

    "No problem, I've seen a naked man before," my nephew laughed. He seemed cool about it, and I couldn't tell if it was the alcohol. Either way, Sven walked to the kitchen and brought each of us a glass of his best scotch, his pierced dick swinging between his legs as he walked toward us on the couch.

    "Happy Gay Uncle's Day," my nephew said merrily.

    "What?" Sven asked, confused. We filled him in on the neo-holiday we were celebrating.

    "And like you said once: since you guys are married, that makes you my uncle as well," Nate said to Sven cheekily.

    We clinked glasses and took a sip of the honey-sweet whiskey. Nathan and I sat on the couch, with Sven standing and towering over us. With my husband's dick right at our face level, I wanted to reach over and put it in my mouth right there and then, especially as the drinks were really starting to hit.

    Sven went to sit on the armchair across from us, giving us a prime-view of his smooth ass as he walked away. From the corner of my eye, I noticed my nephew check out my husband, and I couldn't blame him one bit. Indeed, I was proud to show off Sven, even if it was in front of Nate.

    Sven made himself comfortable, sitting with his legs wide open. Unlike the two of us, he was sober, and he seemed entertained to see us so cheerful and giggly. 

    "So, Nate, have you been seeing anyone lately?" my husband asked, absentmindedly scratching the inside of his thigh and adjusting his cock and balls.

    "No, no one special," Nate replied.

    "Just a bunch of non-special somebodies," Sven teased him.

    "Well, it's my first time living in a big city. And there's a ton of guys around here. So... I get around"

    "Enjoy it while you can," Sven agreed. "Ah, to be your age and fuck around," he said nostalgically.

    "Aw, c'mon, Uncle Sven," Nate said, putting a smile on my face with the way he chose to address my husband. "Look at you. I bet your Grindr's on fire more than mine."

    My husband wasn't one to blush when receiving a compliment. Still, he smiled ever so coyly.

    I couldn't stand to keep my hands off him anymore! I got up to get everyone a glass of water, and when I got to Sven I sat on his lap instead of going back to the couch. The three of us continued chatting this way. I played some music and dimmed the lights, and by now the living room was starting to feel just like a bar.

    "Where's everyone else?" Nathanael asked, as I leaned on Sven's left leg like a child sitting on Santa's lap.

    "Brady's back home with his mom for a few weeks. He's staying there until the wedding. Eric and Will are probably having a night out," I said, stroking Sven's back with my right hand.

    "That's crazy, that they're getting married so soon. There's what, five weeks to go?"

    "Yup," Sven and I both nodded.

    "That's great, that they found each other," Nathan said, sounding just a bit sad that he didn't have a partner. "And how long have you guys been together?"

    "28 years, as of the Fourth of July this year," I said proudly.

    "Wow. And look at you. You still look so… in love."

    "We've been lucky," Sven smiled at me.

    I leaned forward and kissed my husband. He must've had a cigarette before coming upstairs, because he tasted like smoke and whiskey. It drove me wild, and I started sucking on his tongue, losing all control and forgetting my nephew was sitting right there. Getting heated, I let my left hand fall on Sven's right pec and graze his nipple. Just a graze was enough, though. When we broke off our kiss and I looked down, I noticed my husband's cock, hardwired to his nips, had already started to chub up.

    Nathan and Sven had started talking about Nate's decision to join the police force. Sven had a few questions about the whole process, and took quite an interest in their conversation. Meanwhile, I zoned out and started playing with the rings hanging off my husband's pecs.

    Still talking to Nate, Sven slipped his left hand in the back of my shorts and left it there, his middle finger in between my ass cheeks. Feeling encouraged, I continued playing with his nips, keeping an eye out on his crotch, until his cock was fully hard and pointing up.

    I grinned and looked at my nephew on the couch. He was still going on about the police academy, trying to maintain a neutral expression and look Sven in the eyes. Still, I noticed Nate's eyes shifting up and down. There was no way of missing Sven's erection, especially considering how fucking big it was.

    Feeling frisky, drunk, and careless, I wrapped my left hand around Sven's cock and slowly started stroking it. Up and down, up and down, as the two of them continued to converse. No one acknowledged what I was doing, which turned me on even more. After a few minutes, I slowly went to kneel on the floor and took my husband's dick in my mouth.

    The conversation continued. After months of trying to hide our sexuality from my nephew, it was hilarious doing this now while he and Sven talked about him becoming a cop. Hopefully, if he ever caught us doing this in public he'd let us go with a warning.

    Some men couldn't fuck someone's face while maintaining a "normal" conversation. My husband wasn't one of them. He put his hands on the sides of my head and started pushing it up and down on his cock, all the while still talking to my nephew. The fucker knew this was only turning me on more!

    I couldn't tell how Nathan was reacting to all of this, with my back turned to him, but I knew he could see everything. After all, he was sitting just a few feet away. 

    For about ten minutes, we kept going this way. Then suddenly, while Nathan was still talking, Sven's balls started to pulse, and he spread his legs open even further. I put my left index finger on his asshole and started pressing on it, while stroking his huge dick with my right hand and sucking on the tip. 

    "Mm. Mm," Sven moaned silently, not wanting to interrupt Nate (how polite!) "Ahh!" he couldn't hold it in and grunted louder. And just then, I felt his warm load coming out. The first spurt hit my face, getting in my right eye and running down my cheek. Quickly, I took his cock in my mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum, my finger slipping inside his ass. Whatever Nathan was saying, I'd completely tuned him out.

    "That's – That's great," my husband said as I sucked out the last cum drop off his cock. I couldn't tell if he was talking to me or my nephew. "Your glass is empty. Can I get you some more?" Sven asked casually, as if he hadn't just blown a load in front of Nathan. For fuck's sake!

    "No, thanks, Uncle Sven. It's getting late and I better get going."

    He got up off the couch, and like a good host, I got up as well to say goodbye.

    "Thank you for dinner," I said, as my nephew leaned in for a hug. We hugged, my right cheek (the one with Sven's cum on it) rubbing against his left. We stayed that way, nuzzled up, for a few seconds longer than usual.

    "No problem, Uncle Dave," he said in my ear.

    "I love you." It felt like the right time to say it. I wrapped my hands tighter around him and felt him squeeze me back.

    "I love you, too," he replied, before breaking off our hug. On his cheek, I noticed my husband's fresh cum glistening and dripping down toward my nephew's lips.

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