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"Even after dating for a year, my boyfriend couldn't get over the fact I had two gay dads. Not that I really blamed him..."
College seniors (and boyfriends) Eric and Will are about to graduate and have no idea where to go from here. Too broke to have too many options, Eric has an idea: move in with his parents (who also happen to be a gay male couple).

Chapter 1

At their college graduation, Eric introduces his boyfriend Will to his two dads, David and Sven. At Eric's suggestion, the two boys move in with Eric's parents. Will quickly learns this is anything but your typical family...

Chapter 2

Eric is thrilled to be back home, while Will takes time to adjust to the unconventional family. Will can't help himself but go through David and Sven's underwear drawer, fascinated by all the stuff he finds there. 

Chapter 3

David is happy to have his son back in the house, but he's worried his and Sven's sex life might suffer from other people being in the house. When the boys go shopping, David and Sven have sex and don't stop even when they get a phone call.

Chapter 4

Eric and Will get in some hot action on the drive home. The four men all have a pool party. Eric and Will borrow some of David's sexy speedos. Things heat up in the hot tub, and the night ends with a naked heart-to-heart between Will and Sven.

Chapter 5

David shows his submissive side while having sex with Sven. Back during their college days, Eric and Will bump into a familiar face at a night club, Sven makes a big announcement that will impact the whole family's summer.

Chapter 6

Confused about his feelings, Will hopes the Internet has the answers. When David needs to use Eric's computer, confusion ensues. Prof. Carr takes Eric and Will to his hotel room; and Sven takes Eric shopping for their Euro trip. 

Chapter 7

Shop owner George can't believe his luck when Sven and Eric come into his store. He quickly closes it up so the two have his undivided attention. Father and son make themselves very comfortable trying things on in front of each other.

Chapter 8

In Spain, Sven tells Eric what happened between him and Will the night of the pool party. As the foursome goes to a nude beach (a first for Eric and Will), Eric watches the couple next to them become very comfortable...

Chapter 9

Eric flaunts his closeness with Sven in Will's face. David starts to wonder if he's becoming jealous of Sven and Eric's relationship. Eric and Will sneak away at the nude beach for some hot action, when Sven shows up.

Chapter 10

Back in college, Will moves in with Eric and meets their hot straight suitemate Aaron. Eric helps Aaron pick a Halloween costume, and tests Aaron's sexuality. David has his body painted by a cute teenager, until Sven comes back home.

Chapter 11

In Sitges, David expresses his worries about Eric to Sven. Sven and Eric have an honest conversation, at the same time that David and Will have one themselves. After an evening of eating and drinking, the couples retire to their shared bedroom...

Chapter 12

Nobody can get much sleep in the cramped bedroom shared by four men. As usual, Sven doesn't have many inhibitions when he wants to start playing with his husband. Soon enough, there's noise from Eric and Will's bed as well.

Chapter 13

The next stop on the itinerary is Berlin, where everyone meets Sven's friend Frank. After some action at a bar, the crew heads to a sex club (another first for the boys) where Eric witnesses something he wasn't expecting.

Chapter 14

Will is more confused than ever, thinking about what happened between him and Sven at the sex club. He and Eric try to talk about it and figure out where they stand. Will has another confession to make.

Chapter 15

Eric decides to stay in Berlin a bit longer while his parents and Will go back home. Alone with David and Sven, Will gets a chance to get them to know them better, cuddle up in bed with them, and take things to the next level.

Chapter 16

In Berlin, Eric makes a move on Frank. Then, while tanning naked at the park, he meets the most gorgeous man he's ever seen, named Ben. On Eric's 18th birthday, David and Sven are busy in their room when Eric walks in.

Chapter 17

Eric and Ben spend an evening together in Berlin, ending up in Ben's luxurious hotel room where the real fun begins. After flying home, Eric and Sven spend a night at an airport hotel, where they meet a man who'll change their relationship forever.

Chapter 18

In Berlin, Eric has sex with Ben, who shows him off for an audience at the hotel window. The following night, Sven and Eric accept their Grindr hookup's suggestion for a threesome. But his next suggestion is even more extreme...

Chapter 19

Nikola gets to live out one of his wildest fantasies when he meets Eric and Sven on Grindr and finds out about their relationship. With his encouragement, the two take things much further than they ever thought they would. 

Chapter 20

Sven and Eric decide to keep what happened between them a secret for now. David has a serious conversation with Sven about their future. As summer comes to an end, big change might be coming for the entire family.

Chapter 21

As summer ends, things are about to change for everyone. David and Sven make some big decisions and announce them to the rest of the crew. Eric and Will get to meet someone very close to Eric's dads.

Chapter 22