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"Even after dating for a year, my boyfriend couldn't get over the fact I had two gay dads. Not that I really blamed him..."
College seniors (and boyfriends) Eric and Will are about to graduate and have no idea where to go from here. Too broke to have too many options, Eric has an idea: move in with his parents (who also happen to be a gay male couple).

Chapter 1

At their college graduation, Eric introduces his boyfriend Will to his two dads, David and Sven. At Eric's suggestion, the two boys move in with Eric's parents. Will quickly learns this is anything but your typical family...

Chapter 2

Eric is thrilled to be back home, while Will takes time to adjust to the unconventional family. Will can't help himself but go through David and Sven's underwear drawer, fascinated by all the stuff he finds there. 

Chapter 3

David is happy to have his son back in the house, but he's worried his and Sven's sex life might suffer from other people being in the house. When the boys go shopping, David and Sven have sex and don't stop even when they get a phone call.

Chapter 4

Eric and Will get in some hot action on the drive home. The four men all have a pool party. Eric and Will borrow some of David's sexy speedos. Things heat up in the hot tub, and the night ends with a naked heart-to-heart between Will and Sven.

Chapter 5

David shows his submissive side while having sex with Sven. Back during their college days, Eric and Will bump into a familiar face at a night club, Sven makes a big announcement that will impact the whole family's summer.

Chapter 6

Confused about his feelings, Will hopes the Internet has the answers. When David needs to use Eric's computer, confusion ensues. Prof. Carr takes Eric and Will to his hotel room; and Sven takes Eric shopping for their Euro trip. 

Chapter 7

Shop owner George can't believe his luck when Sven and Eric come into his store. He quickly closes it up so the two have his undivided attention. Father and son make themselves very comfortable trying things on in front of each other.

Chapter 8

In Spain, Sven tells Eric what happened between him and Will the night of the pool party. As the foursome goes to a nude beach (a first for Eric and Will), Eric watches the couple next to them become very comfortable...

Chapter 9

Eric flaunts his closeness with Sven in Will's face. David starts to wonder if he's becoming jealous of Sven and Eric's relationship. Eric and Will sneak away at the nude beach for some hot action, when Sven shows up.

Chapter 10

Back in college, Will moves in with Eric and meets their hot straight suitemate Aaron. Eric helps Aaron pick a Halloween costume, and tests Aaron's sexuality. David has his body painted by a cute teenager, until Sven comes back home.

Chapter 11

In Sitges, David expresses his worries about Eric to Sven. Sven and Eric have an honest conversation, at the same time that David and Will have one themselves. After an evening of eating and drinking, the couples retire to their shared bedroom...

Chapter 12

Nobody can get much sleep in the cramped bedroom shared by four men. As usual, Sven doesn't have many inhibitions when he wants to start playing with his husband. Soon enough, there's noise from Eric and Will's bed as well.

Chapter 13

The next stop on the itinerary is Berlin, where everyone meets Sven's friend Frank. After some action at a bar, the crew heads to a sex club (another first for the boys) where Eric witnesses something he wasn't expecting.

Chapter 14

Will is more confused than ever, thinking about what happened between him and Sven at the sex club. He and Eric try to talk about it and figure out where they stand. Will has another confession to make.

Chapter 15

Eric decides to stay in Berlin a bit longer while his parents and Will go back home. Alone with David and Sven, Will gets a chance to get them to know them better, cuddle up in bed with them, and take things to the next level.

Chapter 16

In Berlin, Eric makes a move on Frank. Then, while tanning naked at the park, he meets the most gorgeous man he's ever seen, named Ben. On Eric's 18th birthday, David and Sven are busy in their room when Eric walks in.

Chapter 17

Eric and Ben spend an evening together in Berlin, ending up in Ben's luxurious hotel room where the real fun begins. After flying home, Eric and Sven spend a night at an airport hotel, where they meet a man who'll change their relationship forever.

Chapter 18

In Berlin, Eric has sex with Ben, who shows him off for an audience at the hotel window. The following night, Sven and Eric accept their Grindr hookup's suggestion for a threesome. But his next suggestion is even more extreme...

Chapter 19

Nikola gets to live out one of his wildest fantasies when he meets Eric and Sven on Grindr and finds out about their relationship. With his encouragement, the two take things much further than they ever thought they would. 

Chapter 20

Sven and Eric decide to keep what happened between them a secret for now. David has a serious conversation with Sven about their future. As summer comes to an end, big change might be coming for the entire family.

Chapter 21

As summer ends, things are about to change for everyone. David and Sven make some big decisions and announce them to the rest of the crew. Eric and Will get to meet someone very close to Eric's dads.

Chapter 22

On Eric's birthday, David gets woken up in the middle of the night. Eric tells the story of his 18th birthday. Sven has a special something to tell Will. As his porn blog picks up steam, Eric gets an offer that might be too good to refuse.

Chapter 23

Eric can't believe his eyes when he sees the family's new apartment in Boston. Will tries to get used to feeling like a part of the family. One morning, when he wakes up horny and Eric's at work, Will finds somewhere else to unload. 

Supporter Exclusive

Eric and his family go to Provincetown and meet up with Eric's straight suitemate from college Rory and his brother and brother-in-law. The eight men together find a way to send the summer off with a bang... or several bangs.

Chapter 24

With five days to go until Christmas, Eric's family is getting ready for a sexy holiday. Not like they need a holiday to make things sexy. Each of the five men narrates an experience leading up to and during the holiday.

Chapter 25

Eric makes his dad David an offer and a confession. David continues working on his book; but everywhere he turns he's distracted and tempted by images of Eric, who every day seems to be more and more like his dads.

Special Chapter

On Valentine's Day 1996, David and Sven get some very special news. And on Valentine's Day 2020, their whole family gets together for a special surprise by their son Eric, which will change things forever!

Chapter 26

The day after Valentine's Day, Will still can't believe everything that happened the day before. He and Brady spend time together in bed with Sven. Sven has a conversation with his son, who has a favor to ask.

Chapter 27

David explores a precious item he hasn't seen in years. While his dad thinks about the past, Eric focuses on the future and starts planning his wedding. Soon, both men need a break and get together to watch a hot, sexy show... in real life.

Chapter 28 |  Illustrated 

David thinks of a way to wake up Sven (and the rest of the household). After a horny morning, he's left home alone... but not for long. A knock on the door and David's in for a shock when a young man claims to be his nephew.

Chapter 29

David's family meets his nephew and tries to figure out what his intentions are. Meanwhile, Eric and Brady make plans for the group to go to San Francisco, and Will comes back home drunk and horny to a very unexpected surprise. 

Supporter Exclusive |  Illustrated 

The whole family travels to San Francisco for Pride, where they meet up with Brady's roommate Sam and his dad Ben. Turns out, Ben isn't a stranger to everyone. He and Eric reconnect, and the large group of men gets into a lot of action!

Chapter 30 |  Illustrated 

Eric and Will are in bed, when one of Eric's dads joins them for a wakeup call. The family goes to the Pride parade, and Eric reminisces of past Prides his dads took him to. That evening, two of the family members end up sharing a stall...

Chapter 31

Even after two years of living with Eric and his two dads, Will continues to learn and witness new things. After some action during the Pride parade, Will ends up in a bathroom stall with Eric and another man... his father David.

Chapter 32

After the events at Pride, Eric and David get in bed together to see where they stand. The father and son talk things out and pretty soon things heat up. After they are joined by Will, Eric is in for a treat from his dad. 

Chapter 33

Sven meets David's nephew and is unsure what to make of him. Nathanael can hear his two newly found uncles in their bedroom. At the end of the night, Sven and Nate have a one-on-one conversation. 

Chapter 34

Nathanael wakes up at his newly-found uncles' place and tries to get used to how different they are. When he bumps into them at the gym a few days later, Nate gets to see just how open David and Sven can be...

Chapter 35

On their flight to San Francisco, David and Sven get to sit next to David's nephew. When Sven gets hard and expects his husband to take care of it, David has to find a way of doing it without anyone noticing.

Chapter 36

Nathan takes David out on an uncle-nephew date, complete with handholding and plenty of wine. When David gets a phone call from Sven, he invites Nate upstairs for a nightcap with his two (horny) uncles.

Chapter 37

It's early morning and Eric gets in bed with his parents. When he shares with his dads that he's shooting a video for his porn profile, Sven offers to help him with it. Later, Will answers the door to an unexpected person from his past.

Chapter 38

Eric and Will have a disagreement. Will goes out and bumps into a shirtless Nathanael at the park. The two have a close conversation, which leads to them getting even closer right there in public. David and Sven make an announcement.

Chapter 39

Eric's dads take the family to Las Vegas for their son's bachelor party. There, they reunite with an old acquaintance. That night, the grooms-to-be end up in the hot tub with Eric's dads. Just like back in the day, except this time: they're all naked...

Chapter 40 |  Illustrated 

Eric decides to mark his affection for his dads forever. David and Sven throw their son a Vegas-style bachelor party, complete with strippers, games... and the hottest father-son moment yet, up on stage!

Supporter Exclusive |  Illustrated 

It's finally here: Eric and Will's big day! Daddies Sven and David throw their son a wedding the way only they know how: with lots of sex and fun along the way! The two grooms and all of their guests make the most of their time in Hawaii.

Supporter Exclusive |  Illustrated 

Sven is invited to a work conference in Sydney, Australia, and decides to bring the whole family. There, they meet Eli, Isaac, and Greg; and what follows  is plenty of fatherly and inter-generational fun.

Chapter 41

Eric and his dad David get into a father-son competition. At a family friend's party, David makes a new buddy and decides to get a leg up in the contest with his son there. Plus, more is revealed about the family's history.

Chapter 42

While having a chat with Eric, David remembers why Junior looks so familiar. Meanwhile, Eric devises a plan on how to get the lead over his dad in the CUMpetition, and it involves an unexpected father-son duo. 

Chapter 43

After a brief visit from his nephew, David is left home alone. Unable to focus on work, he turns to the hookup apps on his phone with the intention of getting ahead of his son in the CUMpetition. And where better to do it than in Eric's bed...?

Chapter 44

Eric shares a moment with his fathers, right after David's day of taking loads in Eric's bed. Later, Eric and Brady are out Christmas shopping when Eric thinks of an unexpectedly festive way of getting ahead in the CUMpetition.

Chapter 45

Sven and his family go to New York for a special New Year's Eve party. On the train to the city, Sven decides to help out his son in his quest for loads. Once at the party, Sven and Eric stay side-by-side as Eric gets ahead in the CUMpetition.

Chapter 46

It's David's birthday, and he spends it with his son-in-law. After a morning in bed, David and Will go out to eat and bump into their neighbors and their son. When Foster and Junior hear it's David's birthday, they have a very special treat...

Chapter 47

Sven has a lunch date with his son, but things go in a different direction when Eric shows up at his office. After telling his dad about his fun night out collecting loads, Eric ends up with a mouthful right there... and that's only the beginning. 

Chapter 48

Eric and Sven go to their new buddy's apartment, where they make a very special wish of his come true. That evening, the loads are tallied up and a winner is declared... before a revelation from the past rocks the entire family!

Supporter Exclusive

Eric and Will get a call from their buddy Rory, inviting them to Miami for an adult spring break. Soon, the entire family is there, bonding with old friends as well as new. Meanwhile, Rory has an important question for Will.

Supporter Exclusive

Rory goes to Fire Island with all of his family and friends for his hot summer wedding! Things get steamier than ever as Rory and his many guests experience first-hand the island's infamous reputation as a legendary cruising ground.

Chapter 49

After a long Boston winter and a couple of sexy family vacations, Eric and the rest of the crew are getting ready for another Boston Pride. Following a wet and wild afternoon at The Falcon, Eric and his husband have a surprise announcement.

Chapter 50

After Eric finishes the sixth grade, his fathers take him to NYC Pride. There, they meet up with their former neighbors, the Williamses; and father and son Dolan and Bryce are in for a thrill. And in 2021, the follow-up to Eric's announcement. 

Chapter 51

It's Father's Day, and Eric's two dads are still coming to grips with his big announcement. The family celebrates by having a picnic… which soon turns into a threesome fuck. And then, a person from Will's past makes a shocking appearance.

Chapter 52

With his dad in town, Will has to decide what he wants to do next. He invites the whole family – including David and Sven – to meet his father, at a venue that comes as a surprise to everyone. There, two of the men succumb to their horniness.

Chapter 53

With Will's dad settling down in Boston, the rest of the family has a lot to talk about. Eric has an intimate chat with Sven. Later, they're joined by David, and Eric and his two dads spend a sexy night together, just the three of them.

Chapter 54

Early in the morning, Will lets himself into his dad's house unannounced. What awaits him there is way more than Will expected, pushing him to new levels of horniness! Later, Will finds a way to elevate the experience even more.

Chapter 55

Before spending Thanksgiving with his family, Will's father Larry celebrates Friendsgiving with his young housemates. The next day, Larry returns home from work early and witnesses a scene that leads him to think with his cock.

Chapter 56

It's the weekend after Thanksgiving, and Eric has a one-on-one chat with his cousin Nathan. Eric reveals some of his sexcapades as a teen in Berlin, which gets him Nathan's undivided attention… and his hard cock.

Chapter 57

David's day is off to a good start when he wakes up receiving a blowjob from a mysterious cocksucker. Later, David gets a visit from Will's father Larry, and the two dads decide to go out for a drink. David is surprised with Larry's choice of venue.

Chapter 58

Nathan reminisces about his past and the role his family has had in his life. While on a date with his boyfriend Sam, Nathan bumps into his Uncle Sven. Before long, the three men are in Nathan's apartment, discussing Sven huge, pierced dick…

Chapter 59

Larry is confused and concerned about his recent sexploits with other men – including David. On Christmas, Larry is invited to the family holiday party… where he and David end up in their two sons' marital bed.

Chapter 60

On the last day of 2021, David finds himself hopping from one sexcapade onto the next; including a fuck right out in the street, sucking a family member's dick for the first time, and deflowering a male-sex virgin.

Chapter 61

Eric and Will invite Will's dad to join them at the gym, where Eric wonders just how much sexperience with men his father-in-law has under his belt. After a cumshot in the public hot tub, there is a blowjob in the sauna that gets interrupted…

Chapter 62

After catching his dad getting his dick sucked by his husband, Will knows it is time to clear the air. He and his dad head to The Falcon for an intimate conversation… and the night gets even more intimate after Eric joins them.

Chapter 63

On Memorial Day weekend, David and his family are invited to a clothing-optional pool party. David is pleasantly surprised to see Will's dad Larry in attendance, and before long, the entire family is split in two simultaneous threesomes…

Chapter 64

"Wanna do it, Pops?" Will asks his dad, opening a can of worms that leads to the two of them spit-roasting David in the middle of the pool party. Before long, David's son is too curious to keep away from the fuck scene as well…

Chapter 65

Sven reminisces about his son Eric's coming out as a teen, and Eric's first boyfriend. Then, on Sven's birthday celebration, Sven gets to experience first-hand his son's evolution from twink into a dominant top daddy.

Chapter 66

After several years of living with Eric's two dads, Will and Eric become fathers in their own right!! But what does the arrival of their baby mean for the whole Hillbecker family? And how will Eric and Will spend their first Father's Day?

Chapter 67

Eric and Will do their best to juggle fatherhood and their wild sex lives. When Will and his dad go to the gym together, they have an open conversation… which only leads to more openness between them once they get to the sauna.

Chapter 68

While Eric is out on a date with his two dads, Will and his father Larry are left taking care of Little Nate. Before long, Larry decides to take care of his own son's needs as well, offering Will a massage that gets a little out of hand…

Chapter 69

With some time off from daddy duty, Eric and Will have dinner with their three dads. Afterward, the five men end up at David and Sven's apartment, where Will's dad Larry is introduced to his son's amateur porn, and the whole family joins in.

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