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Daddy's Gonna Cummmmm


    The day after I met Will's father Larry, I went on to Will's Facebook page and added Larry as a friend. During the one-on-one conversation that Larry and I had a chance to have at The Falcon, I got the impression that he was lonely and in need of some support, especially here in Boston where he didn't know anyone. He seemed determined to make things right with his son, and I wanted to make it easier for everyone by being welcoming and hospitable.

    Since I was the only person in our household who worked from home, I often had some free time during the day. After meeting Larry, I used some of that free time to help him look for a more permanent place to stay in Boston, which is how he ended up in a houseshare in Dorchester. He would be living with three college kids – the main age group looking for affordable housing in an otherwise expensive city. I'm sure it was a huge adjustment for Larry, who up until a year ago lived with his wife and kids; and I wished there was more I could do for him.

    In order to thank me for my help, Larry invited me out for lunch a few days after moving into his new place. We'd been chatting online for a couple of weeks, but this would be our first time getting together since the evening we met. It was a sunny afternoon, everyone else was at work, and Larry and I met at a casual restaurant close to his new house.

    "I have some more news," he announced as soon as we sat down with our food. "I got a new job. Here in Boston."

    "Oh. I wasn't aware you were looking for something new," I reacted.

    "Well, I was working remotely when I got here and my boss was okay with that, but obviously I couldn't keep it going forever. So I put out some feelers and I found something I'm quite happy with."

    "Congrats," I said, raising my cup of soda. "A new job, a new place to live… So you've like, properly relocated to Boston now."

    "I guess," Larry replied somewhat hesitantly. "I came here without a plan and I'm still not sure how everything will work out, but it seems like I'll be sticking around at least for a while. Especially now that… now that our sons are having a baby."

    "Yes," I smiled, happy to talk about the bond that would be connecting all of us soon.

    "Is this your first grandchild?" Larry asked me.

    "Yes," I nodded, realizing just how little he actually knew about me. I added, "Eric is my only kid. How about you: first grandkid?"

    "Yes, yes," Larry nodded, finally cracking a smile as well. "To be honest, of all my kids, I never expected Will to be the first to become a parent."

    "How are you guys getting along now?" I asked.

    "Fine. He's been over at my place a couple of times, helped me unpack. We mostly talk about the baby and the whole process the boys are going through," Larry replied. We talked about the same topic until we'd finished our lunch, at which point Larry said,

    "D'you wanna come over and check out the house you helped me find?"

    "Sure," I agreed, and I walked the few blocks to Larry's place with him, side-by-side. I wondered if we looked like a couple to other passers-by; or maybe two brothers, since we really looked alike.

    We found the house empty, as Larry's young roommates were all at work. Although it wasn't in a terrible state, you could tell a bunch of 21-year-olds lived here; with boxes of cereal left on the counter, a tower of beer bottles next to the trash, and socks and sneakers scattered around the living room, not to mention the huge TV with two different gaming consoles hooked up to it.

    "Some people buy a sports car in their mid-life crisis; I decide to move to a frat house," Larry joked. He showed me around, including his bedroom, where he had a few business suits hanging from the curtain rod since they'd probably get too wrinkled in the small closet. A part of me felt sorry for him, but I also found this all kinda endearing. I knew this was just a temporary arrangement for Larry, and it was good to see the lengths he'd go to in order to be closer to his son. On Larry's bed, I saw a pile of neatly-folded underwear, which to an underwear freak like me immediately caused a stir of interest between my legs. I couldn't make out whether they were briefs or boxer briefs but I recognized most of the brands, and as much as I tried not to, I couldn't help but imagine Will's dad in nothing but a pair of tight undies now, his dad bod on display.



    One Sunday morning in mid July, I woke up fairly early with my husband still snoring by my side. I gave Eric a kiss on the shoulder in a bid to see whether he'll wake up, but he just continued snoozing, unknowingly missing out on the huge early-morning boner I was sporting.

    I got out of bed and jerked my dick a few times, leaking some precum and bringing it up to my lips. Feeling frisky, I went around and gave my husband a kiss on the mouth; a soft one so it wouldn't wake him up, but it was still enough to transfer my juices onto Eric's lips.

    Quietly, I got dressed and brushed my teeth before going to the kitchen. With everyone else asleep, the apartment felt unnervingly silent, so I decided to go out to get some coffee. I walked up Tremont Street to the nearest Starbucks two blocks away, which unlike most other businesses was full of customers at this time of day. I got my oversized latte and two muffins, and I walked around while listening to music. Before I knew it, my feet were taking me to Downtown Crossing station and I was getting on the Red Line. 

    "Guess I'm going to Dorchester," I figured. Since I had nothing better to do, I might as well give my father a visit. Everyone – and especially David – was encouraging me to be patient and try to rebuild my relationship with Dad. So here it goes…

    I already had a key to my dad's house, which he gave to me on the very day he moved in. I could tell how proud he was to share it with me, and even though I felt kinda awkward I appreciated the gesture. I used the key to let myself in. This early on a Sunday, I figured Dad's roommates were still asleep so I didn't want to ring the bell. Instead, I crept around the house quietly like a burglar, heading up the stairs to my father's room. He was usually early to rise, so I figured he was in there reading or watching something on his laptop.

    "Dad?" I said as I approached his door, which was cracked open. I still didn't want to be too loud and wake anyone else up. I reached the door and I was just about to knock, when I was stopped in my tracks by what I witnessed: my father in bed, wearing nothing but a pair of tight blue boxer briefs with the waistband tucked under his balls. He had his hard cock out and he was in the midst of stroking it while watching porn on his laptop with headphones on. 

    I glanced at the screen to see the standard sight of a pretty blond woman getting fucked hard by a muscular swarthy man. From what I could tell from just a few feet away, both actors were very hot, but definitely nowhere near hot enough to get me to focus on the video. All my attention was aimed at my dad's dick, which I'd never seen before in my life! And now, not only was I seeing it for the very first time, I got to see it hard as rock? This was insane!

    I hid behind the semi-closed door, looking in. Dad had his back turned to me, and unlike me his entire attention was dedicated to the hot scene on his computer screen. As for me, I was fully enraptured by the view here in the room. It'd only been seconds, but my dick was already fully hard, and I placed my hand on my crotch to start rubbing it. 

    I pleasured myself without thinking about it, more focused on my father's cock instead of mine. Unlike David who trimmed his pubic hair, or Sven who shaved all of his off, Dad had a big unruly pubic bush of wiry dark-blond hair. I swallowed saliva, looking on and analyzing every detail: Dad's thick shaft, his very pink mushroom head, his circumcision scar which I could make out even from a few feet away. He had precum gushing out of his piss slit, which made me lick my lips as I watched it dribbling down onto my dad's hairy fingers. 

    "Fuck," I whispered, reaching into my shorts and pulling out my rock-hard dick without taking my eyes off Dad for a single second. In my fucked up mind, I could see myself kneeling by his bed, sucking on that hairy dick of his, swallowing his precum. I imagined my nose buried in his pubic hair, breathing in his unshowered morning musk. 

    With my dick out, I stroked myself slowly while observing my father doing the same thing, like a young son learning from his male parent. As the action on the computer screen sped up, so did my dad's jerking motions. He began stroking faster and faster, using his other hand to occasionally tug on his balls. Like a good boy, I imitated Dad's actions and I sped up myself. I was incredibly close to an orgasm, and as much as I wanted this to go on forever, I knew Dad would cum soon. I could tell by his engorged dickhead and his tightening ball sack. His family jewels were begging for release. Here it was: for the first time, I was about to witness my father shooting my little brothers and sisters all over his stomach.

    "Mmmmmm," I moaned quietly, biting my bottom lip as I watched Dad blow a HUGE load all over his hairy belly. Once again, I imagined myself next to him, swallowing it all down rather than letting it go to waste. A second later I bust my own nut, shooting in my free hand so as not to make a mess on Dad's doorstep. 

    "Ahhhh, fuck. Ahhhh, fuck," my dad exclaimed, unaware that anyone could hear him. I could tell he was trying to keep it down for his roommates' sake, but his orgasm was too fucking good to suppress. I watched his toes curl and imagined the pleasure he must be feeling, similar to what I was experiencing at the very same moment. A father and son feeling this highest of pleasure simultaneously; there was nothing better in the whole wide world.

    Gradually, Dad's stroking slowed down. He let out a couple more expletives and finished cumming. Next, he reached for a box of tissues on his bed, and I realized I need to get the fuck away from here.

    Quickly, I brought my left hand up to my lips. I licked and swallowed the cum I had shot on there, picturing myself eating my dad's sperm instead. Then, reluctantly, I cast one last glance at him wiping his cum off his belly and I stepped away from the door, going back down the stairs and into the kitchen.

    I looked around, wondering what to do next. I waited for one minute before taking out my phone and dialing Dad's number.

    "Hello?" I heard his voice both over the phone and coming from upstairs. 

    "Hey, Dad. Are you at home? Cuz I just got to your place. I'm downstairs in the kitchen."

    "You're downstairs?" he sounded rightfully surprised. "Hold on."

    He hung up and a few seconds later he was coming down the stairs, a white towel wrapped around his waist.

    "What're you doing here?" he asked before adding, "Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see you, it's just unexpected."

    "Yeah, sorry about that. I… I thought we could have breakfast together," I suggested, quickly pulling out the two muffins I'd bought earlier.

    "That's nice, but I have to go to work soon," Dad said, adjusting his towel to make sure it was wrapped tightly around his waist. Looking down, I noticed his bulge tenting. He was probably still half-hard after his ball-emptying, cum-shooting act.

    "Work on a Sunday?" I asked, trying to sound as cool as possible and not give it away that I just watched him blow his load.

    "Yeah. They need people to work weekends, and as the newest employee it's up to me," he explained. "I gotta grab a quick shower, but I think I got time for a quick bite to eat after that."

    "Okay," I replied, and we both smiled as we made eye contact.

    "Son… Come here," Dad beckoned me and we both stepped forward to exchange a hug. I felt Dad's crotch rubbing against mine; our two semi-hard dicks making contact.

    Unfortunately, it was all too short. Dad went back up to take a shower, and I watched his fat, towel-clad ass wiggle left to right while he climbed the stairs, noting the upside-down triangle of fine blond hair covering his lower back and pointing at his crack. When he reappeared, he was wearing a suit. He made coffee for both of us, and he wolfed down the muffin I'd brought. 

    "I'm really sorry, but I have to go," he added a couple of minutes later, checking his watch. 

    "That's fine, go. I'll stay here and clean up the kitchen and I'll let myself out," I said.

    "You don't have to clean up. No one else does around here anyway," Dad chuckled.

    "No, I don't mind," I insisted.

    "Okay then. I'm off. I'll text you later, okay?" Dad gave me another quick hug and dashed out the door.

    The real reason why I wanted to stay at Dad's house wasn't to clean up the kitchen, but to sneak up to his bedroom. Moving like a burglar once again, I went up to Dad's room ten minutes after he had left the house, once I felt certain he was sitting on the subway by now. I closed the bedroom door behind me and the first thing I did was take a deep breath. I could still feel my dad's presence in here, it was… it was almost as if I could still smell his cum in the room.

    I looked around, excited to be on this side of the door this time. On the floor next to Dad's bed, I saw the blue boxer briefs he had on while he was jerking off earlier. I picked them up and brought them to my face, inhaling with my eyes closed, feeling his pungent scent. And then, just when I thought that this couldn't get any hotter, I opened my eyes and spotted a used tissue on the floor. There was no mistaking it: it was the tissue Dad used to wipe his cum off himself.

    Just as I was about to reach for it, I felt my phone vibrating. Feeling paranoid that it might be Dad, I checked it immediately. Turns out it wasn't Dad, but David.

    "Where are you? I checked your room but Eric's sleeping by himself," said David's text.

    "I'm at Dad's house," I typed. Then, something came over me and I added, "Wanna come?"

    "What're you guys doing?" David asked.

    "Dad's at work, I'm here by myself. So you should come over. I could use a ride back home."

    David took a few seconds to respond, probably confused by what I was suggesting. Finally, he said, "Sure, I'll come pick you up."

    "Thanks. I'll leave the front door unlocked. Come straight up to my dad's bedroom," I texted.

    While waiting for David, I took all of my clothes off. I paced around Dad's room, equal parts nervous and turned on.

    Finally, a short while later, I heard someone coming in and climbing up the stairs. David opened the bedroom door, peeking in, looking confused.

    "Hi, Dad," I said to him in a sultry voice. I often called him or Sven "Dad" now, and it wasn't always sexual. But this time, I hoped he got my hint.

    "Hey, Son," David caught on. He walked into the room and closed the door behind him. "What're you doing?"

    "Just waiting for you to come back from work," I replied. "Why don't you get more comfortable?"

    I watched David undress. With his more muscular body, he looked like a porn-star version of my dad. Once he was fully nude, I tossed him Dad's blue boxer briefs. David took the message and he put them on.

    "Why don't you lie on the bed?" I instructed, and I watched David lie in the same exact position Dad was in while I was spying on him jerking off.

    I leaned in, tucked the waistband of the underwear under David's balls, and placed his right hand on his cock.

    "Now jerk off for me," I said, and I watched him pleasuring himself just like I did my father not that long ago, except this time I was in the room, right by his side.

    It didn't take David long to fully bone up. He looked at me and he knew there was a story behind all this, but he would let it play out before asking for it. With all my clothes off, I jerked off next to my "Dad." Finally, I got down on my knees by the bed and took his hard dick in my mouth, just like I'd fantasized about doing earlier.

    "Mmm, good job, Son," David moaned out and stroked my hair. "That's a good way to get Daddy to relax. Aaaah, nice."

    In my head, I imagined my father's voice saying those words. With my face buried in David's crotch, I could still smell my dad's musk on the blue underwear. It filled my nose every time I breathed in, making me truly feel like I was blowing my own father.

    David did an excellent job playing his role. He didn't talk too much but just enough, occasionally saying things like "Nice, Son" or "Attaboy" or "Suck Daddy's dick." It was like David felt right at home in my dad's bed. 

    I sucked David for almost half an hour, all the while imagining my father's boner in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and making me gag occasionally. Finally, David started to approach the edge. Earlier this morning, I'd seen my dad blow his load all over his stomach. Now, with David's help, I could imagine him shooting his load down my throat instead.

    "Keep going, Son. Keep going! Daddy's gonna cum soon," David panted. "Daddy's gonna cum soon. Daddy's gonna cummmmm."

    With that, Daddy blew his load in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop of it, like a good son ought to. There was no need for Daddy to waste his load, cumming in a tissue, when he had a  boy's throat more than eager to take care of it.

    As he exploded inside my mouth, David pushed my head down all the way to the hilt of his penis, rubbing my nose against my dad's underwear. With my father's scent filling up my senses, I swallowed all of the jizz deposited down my cocksucking throat. Finally, when he was done cumming, David let go of my head and said "Good job, Son. Daddy's proud of you."

    I lifted my head, taking David's dick out of my mouth and making eye contact with him.

    "I think it's your turn to cum," he said, unaware that I'd blown my load not that long ago in this very house. Still, I could go for round two. My dick was hard and I gave it a few strokes, quickly nearing climax. Still kneeling on the floor, I saw the used tissue out of the corner of my eye and I finally reached for it, putting it in my mouth. Feeling the taste of my father's sperm, I blew my load all over the carpet under his bed. Although it wasn't a huge cumload, I still got a good three or four spurts out. I decided to leave my jizz there under Dad's bed without cleaning it up. Maybe when he comes back, he can smell me and feel my presence in the room as well.

    "Whoa," David said when we both calmed down from our orgasms. "What was all that about?"

    "I'll tell you in a minute," I laughed. "For now, just take that underwear off and leave it on the floor."

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