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Wet Wednesday

Category:  PISS 

FRANK | 12 PM:    

    It was a beautiful sunny Wednesday, too gorgeous of a day to spend inside. I woke up around noon and as soon as I opened the drapes I was blinded by how strong the sun was.

    I'd taken the day off work so I could go to a piss party the night before. Granted, piss parties were pretty common in Berlin where I lived, but I was feeling particularly and incorrigibly horny this week. I'd spent last night sitting and kneeling on the floor next to the club's urinals, guzzling the piss of hundreds of men who unloaded in me. And I still wanted more.

    I'd turned around in bed, smelling the piss aroma on my sheets. I hadn't showered before going to sleep. In addition to pissing in my mouth, I'd had guys piss in my ass and all over my body. My bed smelled like it'd been pissed in as well.

    I got up and absentmindedly walked to bathroom and started brushing my teeth, and ran the shower. What am I doing?, I stopped to think. I didn't want this smell off me just yet. Besides, I wasn't going to work today so there was no need. I turned the shower off without stepping in.

    I made some breakfast and opened some hookup apps to see if there was anyone new. That's one of the best things about living in the gayborhood: there was always fresh meat around. Today, the only person to catch my eyes was a cute twink. "Only 35yo or younger," his profile said and I rolled my eyes.

    I was by now in my early 50s, but could still get plenty of young ass if I wanted to. I was blessed with a handsome face, and I paid a small fortune to meet my trainer three times a week and stay in the best shape my age and genetics allowed.

    I cleaned up after breakfast and raised my arm to sniff my pit. Yup, still smelled like piss. It was time to figure out what to do with my day. On days like this, it seemed obvious, the best thing to do was head to the park. I put on a tank top, a pair of short shorts, packed my backpack, and got on my bike.

    The ride to Tiergarten would be pretty short. I remembered going to this same park a few weeks ago with some friends. My best friend of over 30 years moved to America when he met his now-husband, and the two came to visit this summer with their 21-year-old son. The boy was initially shocked that there was a park in the dead center of the city where you could get naked and lie around, even with all the people walking around. I loved it. Of course, the crowd was almost exclusively gay men and there were often plenty of discreet cruising opportunities.


2 PM:

    I spent almost an hour lying in the sun and reading. The nudist area at the park was pretty empty for such a nice day, even considering the fact it was a workday. On a good weekend, there'd be hundreds of guys around and barely any room to walk between everyone's towels. Now, there were barely a dozen guys speckled around. It was a large meadow, but as always most people stuck to the edges, next to the trees and bushes that provided shade and some privacy from passers-by.

    I was on my fourth cigarette when a guy on a rented city bike pulled up next to me. He seemed pretty fit even with his clothes on. Mid-30s, tall, nice athletic clothes, and very sparsely hairy from what I could tell from his bare arms and legs. I adjusted my sunglasses and eagerly awaited to see him with his clothes off. (Just don't be one of those fucks that leaves a swimsuit on in a nudist area, I thought.)

    Luckily, he wasn't. He took off his shirt, putting his baseball cap back on, then pulled down his shorts to reveal he wasn't wearing any underwear. His uncut dick was big and plump, very thick, with neatly trimmed pubes over it.

    He put down his towel and pulled out a book and a six-pack of beer, cracking one open immediately. Smelling it instantly brought me back to the club last night, the scent of all the beer and piss mixing in the air.

    We lay next to each other, reading. Every now and then, I observed my new neighbor absentmindedly adjust and scratch his cock and balls. It started to turn me on, so I turned on my stomach to hide my semi.

    A short while later, the stranger seemed to get up. He walked a few feet away from his towel without putting any clothes on. Usually when someone did this, it was to go hide in the nearby bushes to take a piss. But the guy didn't walk far. He stopped by the nearest bush which was right next to where I was lying, and stood there merely inches from me. I was right: he was going for a piss. When his stream started to pour, it almost hit my towel. How rude, one side of my brain thought. And how fucking hot, thought the other.

    The stranger was pissing so close to me, I could see and hear and smell his piss hitting the grass. What a waste, I thought. When he was done, he shook his dick up and down a few times and walked back to his book on his towel, leaving me to longingly stare at his piss puddle.

    A few minutes later, I saw him finishing his beer and putting the empty bottle in his backpack. He immediately reached for a second one and cracked it open, the fresh smell hitting my nostrils again. I had to say something. The rented bike made me think he was a tourist and I noticed the book he was reading was in English, so that's how I addressed him.

    "Excuse me," I said, "can I buy a beer off you?"

    "What?" he asked.

    "Can I pay you for a bottle of beer?" I reached for my wallet. "It's just there's no shops nearby, and I'd have to get dressed."

    "Oh sure, no problem," he said with a British accent. "Here you go," he passed me a bottle. I tried to hand him a euro coin but he shook his head. "No need."

    "Are you sure?"

    "I insist," he smiled discreetly.

    "Thank you," I said and opened the bottle. "Prost."

    "Prost," he said and we stretched our arms to clink bottles.

    This is where an interaction like this might usually end. In typical big-city fashion, all communication with strangers was to be kept to bare minimum. But I didn't want it to.

    "I wasn't going to drink today, which is why I didn't bring any of my own," I said. "But seeing you drink that made greedy. I'm Frank, by the way," I offered him my hand.

    "Frank, I'm Paul," he gave me a strong handshake. 

    "Nice to meet you, Paul. Where are you from?" I asked the cliched icebreaker question, which led us to talk about the last time I was in London and how Paul came to Berlin a couple of times a year.


4 PM: 

    Half an hour flew by while Paul and I chatted. Soon enough, my bladder was letting me know that it was my turn to take a piss.

    I had a decision to make: do it right there or walk a bit farther. Paul and I had been having a nice conversation; I didn't want to scare him off by doing something kinky in front of him. Then again, the fact he pissed right next to my towel let me think he might be just as kinky himself. 

    "I need to take a piss," I announced.

    "Go right ahead," Paul said, keeping his eyes on me.

    I got up and stood in between our two towels. Then, instead of turning away from him, I decided to face him and keep talking.

    "People are getting off work, there's a few more guys coming," I said, pointing at the few people arriving in the distance, while letting go a strong, powerful, and pungent stream of piss right next to my new buddy.

    "Yeah, they are," Paul said, never breaking eye contact with me while I pissed. "Good thing you're not shy."

    "Who, me? No. No need. It's all natural." I continued to piss and could swear I saw Paul lick his lips.

    I lay back on my towel when I was done, and we continued with our vanilla conversation. When we were done with our beers, Paul took out two more.

    "So what brings you to Berlin this time?" I asked.

    "Oh, just catching up with a couple of friends. Plus, there was a party I wanted to go to."

    "Really? Which one?"

    "Well... I don't know if it's your thing, but it was a piss party."

    I laughed out loud. I made sure it was the same one I went to last night, which it was.

    "You know, now that you mention it, I think I might've pissed in your last night," Paul said, as I unsuccessfully tried to place him among the hundreds of men who'd used me as a urinal the night before.

    Paul got up and took the couple of steps to get to me, and held his dick. I knew just what he was intending to do.

    There were a few guys around who could see us. A guy with headphones who seemed busy with his phone. A couple who was paying more attention to each other. Plus the clothed pedestrians walking farther in the park. But I didn't care.

    I let Paul put his dick in my mouth and start pissing. Fuck, this is what I'd been waiting for since I saw him take that previous piss. Doing it out in nature, with the sun shining on me, while I still reeked of piss from the night before, made it so much hotter.

    I tried to swallow all of Paul's piss but it was too much. It started to gush out my mouth, dripping down my chest and landing on my towel.

    When he was done, Paul shook his dick and slapped my cheek with it a few times, then nonchalantly walked back to his towel.

    I hadn't even noticed, but I'd started playing with my dick. I was almost fully hard. The few guys lying around us were looking at me now, but no one said anything.

    "Thank you," I told Paul. "That was hot. I need to go soon as well."

    "Do it there," he said with an authoritative tone, "on yourself."

    "Fuck yeah," I said, and gave my dick a few more tugs before letting go, lying on my back, getting piss all over my stomach and my chest.

    The couple lying nearby looked away in disgust, but the young guy with the headphones looked right at me. He was lying on his stomach, and I noticed him grind his hips discreetly, potentially rubbing his dick against his towel.

    "Fuck that feels good," I said when I was done pissing, lying wet in the sun and letting it dry the piss on my skin. Paul smiled and reached to give my chest a rub.

    "We're on our last beer," he said. "Want to go somewhere and drink some more?" 

    I appreciated the double entendre. 


6 PM:

    Paul and I rode our bikes to Motzstrasse, the street I lived on. There was a gay bar there that I frequented daily, and it was the first place to come to mind. Paul returned his rented bike at a nearby station, and I put mine away at its regular spot. 

    We entered the bar, me smelling of piss even stronger than this morning. I ordered two large beers from the bartender, a buddy of mine, then sat next to Paul at a table in the corner.

    We chatted a bit, but we were both too horny to talk too much so we kept drinking. I continued to stroke my dick through my shorts under the table, and Paul kept his hand tucked in his as well, playing with himself.

    "Let's go to the bathroom," he said soon enough and it was music to my ears.

    I headed to go into a stall, but heard Paul's voice stop me. 

    "No. Here," he pointed to the urinals. This wasn't a fetish bar that encouraged that kinda behavior, but I was too horny to care.

    I sat on the grimy floor next to two of the urinals in the empty bathroom, and whipped out my dick through the side of my shorts, stroking it in anticipation of Paul's piss. I was hard in a matter of seconds. When Paul pulled his dick out, it looked nice and thick, and hopefully full of piss. He took a step forward and put it in my eager mouth.

    "Mmm," I moaned as the piss started to flow down my throat. Fuck! This, in combination with stroking my cock, felt sooo good.

    "Oops," a stranger bust in the bathroom in the midst of our action. "Sorry."

    "No problem," Paul replied while still filling me with his piss, never flinching or stopping for a single second.

    I heard the other guy walk to one of the other urinals and start to piss there. I wished he would come and do it on me, but I figured he was too shy or intimidated to do so. Besides, Paul's piss was all I wanted right now and no one else's came close to it.

    The stranger pissed for just a few seconds then walked out of the restroom. "Have fun, guys," I heard him say on his way out.

    When Paul was done, I swallowed the last of his piss and started taking deep breaths to bring my breathing back to normal.

    "You need to go?" he asked, still towering above me, his hand on my chin.

    I nodded.

    "Get up," he told me. By this point, I'd realized that he was a top and didn't want any piss on him.

    I pointed my dick at one of the urinals, waiting for it to go down a little bit before I could start pissing. Paul grabbed me from behind and guided me in between two urinals, holding my dick pointed at the wall and the floor.

    "Go here," he instructed. 

    "Fuck," I exhaled and started to piss while his hand held my dick. I felt bad for my buddy the bartender who'd have to clean this up later, but for now I couldn't care about anything but what Paul told me. My piss went all over the floor, leaving a smelly, messy puddle.    


8 PM:

    An hour or so later, I realized I'd skipped lunch that day. As much fun as I was having with Paul, I needed to fill my stomach with something besides his piss.

    "Would you like to go eat somewhere?" I invited him.

    We walked to a couple of blocks to a restaurant I knew. In this weather, every single table outside was taken. We walked inside and got a table in the corner, the only other people there being another gay couple, as per usual in this neighborhood.

    After we got our food, the conversation turned more vanilla again. As dominant and aggressive as Paul might be when it came to piss, he seemed like a really kind and nice guy when having an everyday conversation. It didn't hurt that he had an adorable smile.

    When he finished his large beer, he looked around. The couple at the other table were two bears in their 50s, who looked like they've seen and done their fair share of naughtiness. So Paul dared to do what I'd only ever fantasized about: hold down the empty glass under the table and fill it up with piss right there. The bears noticed, but unlike the couple at the park didn't seem bothered by it. They smiled at us, as Paul handed me the glass of piss. 

    When the server came to ask if we need a refill, Paul ordered a drink for himself while I kept drinking his recycled leftovers. In a while, when the two bears were getting ready to leave, one of them walked over and handed me a glass of piss as well, winking at me.

    "Are there any good parties tonight as well?" Paul asked.

    "There is one," I said, wiping Paul's and the bear's piss off my lips, "but it's on the other side of town. He have to take the train there."


10 PM:

    I couldn't believe I was about to get on a crowded U-Bahn train in this condition. I was still wearing just a tank top and shorts, and I positively reeked of piss by this point. After countless beers, I was drunk enough to not care, and after guzzling Paul's piss all afternoon, I was horny enough to care even less.

    I enjoyed my own stench, standing in a crowd of hundreds. Some avoided me, some ignored me, and Paul shot me a shit-eating grin all throughout. The further we got from the city center the emptier the train got, and pretty soon we were able to snatch two seats. A couple of stops later, we were some of the only people in the carriage. After holding it in during dinner, I needed to piss like crazy, and couldn't wait to get off the train.

    Suddenly, Paul got up and stood in front of me again.

    "Right here?" I said. There was nobody sitting immediately next to us, but it was still incredibly risky. 

    He continued to take his dick out without saying a word, and started pissing on my sticky shirt. I closed my eyes and blacked out the rest of the world. I pulled out my own dick and started to piss on myself as well, feeling a sense of relief that felt as good as an orgasm.

    I opened my eyes and noticed the piss create a puddle on the upholstered seats and the floor. When he was done pissing, Paul continued to stand and hold his cock, and started to stroke it.

    The train stopped. We were in the last carriage, and no one got on or off.

    By the time we started to move again, Paul's dick was hard.

    "I want to fuck you," he whispered.

    I looked around. I'd jerked off on the subway a few times, and cruised a few guys before, this was the kinda city you could get away with shit like that if you were discreet enough. But I'd never fucked before. However, Paul's eyes let me know it was an order, not a request. Which is exactly why I pulled down the back of my shorts and turned around to grant him access.

    My knees were on the soaked seat, as Paul started to finger me from behind. The smell we'd created was disgusting, by other people's standards, but it turned me on and made me loosen up my hole. I felt the tip of Paul's dick push up on it.

    "Ahhh, fuck," I tried to control myself and not scream out too loud. I looked at the other people sitting further away on the train: a group of teenagers, a mother with her kids, a guy on his phone.

    "Fuuuck," I continued to moan as Paul's dick went further and further up my hole. The piss puddle on the floor continued to spread and get all over the train.

    Another stop. 

    "Please please please, don't stop," I prayed for no interruptions.

    Luckily, no one got on right next to us, again. As the train started to move Paul picked up speed as well, now giving me a proper fucking.

    "Ah, fuck me. Breed me. Give me your seed," I begged of Paul while still trying to keep my voice down.

    Paul knew we had no time to waste. We were almost at our stop. He started to fuck me faster and stronger, while I bit my lip as strong as I could, so I don't scream out and cause a tremendous scene.

    "You want my cum?" Paul grunted.

    "Yes!" I yelled out louder than I'd intended. A second later I felt his seed fill my hole.

    "Ah. Aaah! Ah, yes."

    As I felt Paul's jizz coat the inside of my hole, I was ready to cum. I pulled out my dick and shot simultaneously all over the seat I was kneeling on.

    "Fuck," the both of us said.

    Paul grabbed my chin and turned my face, giving me a sloppy, passionate kiss. 

    We pulled up our shorts just as our station was announced. We quickly walked off the train, thinking of the lucky bastard who'd get to sit on the seats covered in our piss and my cum.

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