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Blowjobs and Kisses


    "Thanks so much for getting this for me."

    "No problem," Frank said and handed me the stash. "Have fun."

    "Are you sure you don't wanna come with us?" my boyfriend Eric asked. 

    "No, I'm still tired. You guys have fun."

    It was early in the afternoon by the time I got up. It was a super sunny day and everyone planned to go out to the park, but I just wanted to stay in, get some time to myself, and think about everything that happened last night.

    Less than 24 hours after meeting him, Frank no longer felt like a stranger. I told him I felt like smoking and asked if he knows where I could get some weed in Berlin. He went out and came back ten minutes later with some stuff for me, refusing to take my money.

    I said goodbye to him and Eric, as they left to join David and Sven who were already out. As the door shut behind them, I stood in the silence, enjoying it. It'd been days since I got any time on my own, but with traveling and everything happening, it felt like months.

    First thing I did was run a shower. Smoking in clubs was still legal here. I didn't even notice it in my drunk and horny stupor last night, but today I woke up feeling disgusting. As the hot water washed over me, I slowly started to feel alive again. Clean in more ways than one.

    The apartment was dark and stuffy, so I opened all the windows. I went to the guest room to open the window there as well, and noticed Sven and David's open bags, some of their stuff pouring out. I was tempted to go through it, but I fought the urge and went back to the living room.

    The previous night was unusual from the get-go. As Sven jumped in bed to take a nap with Eric and me, I couldn't take my eyes off them. The first time Sven and I lay and cuddled naked together felt secret, just the two of us out in the yard in the middle of the night. This time, everything was out in the open, Eric was right there. As I looked at them, I kept thinking how beautiful they both were, even more than before. I didn't know for sure if Sven was Eric's biological dad but I started noticing and thinking about all their similarities, from facial features, to their big nips, down to their dicks.

    At the bar after dinner, I was initially happy to take the back seat while everyone talked and shared stories, mostly from Frank and Sven's past. Sven seemed to be in the center of it all; he was the only person everyone at the table knew well. But over time, I caught myself feeling pangs of jealously, like everyone else was participating in the conversation more than I was. When Sven got up to go to the bar to get everyone drinks (after sparring with Frank over who would pay for it) I jumped up and said I'd help him carry the glasses.

    "You liking this place?" Sven initiated some small talk while waiting to order.

    "Yeah," I said, before changing the subject. We only had a few minutes alone and there was something else I wanted to talk about. "Hope you're feeling rested. It felt nice to nap with you. And Eric," I said.

    Sven looked me in the eyes and smiled, without saying anything. He leaned forward and kissed me. I was too shocked to respond, but I felt his tongue on my lips for a couple of seconds before the bartender interrupted us.

    When everyone decided to split up at the club, I quite literally had no idea where to go. Up until that point I was a follower, letting everyone else lead the way. After the bar, I jumped into the back seat of a cab and let Frank give directions. At the club, I was the last person in, and the last to take his clothes off. I was drunk, and by this point used to getting into this sort of situations with Eric and his dads. Nothing surprised me anymore.

    Before splitting up, the five of us had one last drink all together at the bar. I looked around at all the hot naked men surrounding us (and the majority of them were hot). I caught people eyeing Eric and me specifically. We were probably the youngest guys there, the average age seemed to be mid-30s. Eric and I agreed to explore on our own then meet in half an hour at the main bar. It was then that we realized we had no way of telling time, with our phones checked in with the rest of our stuff.

    "I'm sure we'll bump into each other," I said, gave Eric a kiss, and went out on my own.

    It didn't take me long to realize how easy it was to get lost in this place. The club wasn't huge, but there were several different rooms, plus an endless number of dark corners, booths, and screens with gloryholes. I felt overwhelmed. 

    I went outside for a breather, and to explore. The weather was perfect, warm enough even though I was completely naked, but still cool compared to the heat inside the club. I looked up and around, amazed that this place had a backyard where men could roam naked and fuck out in the open. It seemed to be an old industrial area, with no other buildings in sight.

    "Hier zum ersten Mal?" I heard someone say as I spun around in circles. It sounded directed to me.

    "I'm sorry, what?" I noticed a man in his late 40s or early 50s stand next to me. The first thing that caught my eye were his beautiful large nipples. They were pierced, and the metal rings that hung off them reminded me of Sven. Unlike Sven, this man was hairy and had tattoos over most of his body. I can't say I liked most of them; he wasn't pretty by any stretch, but there WAS something very ruggedly attractive about him.

    "Is it your first time here?" he said with a pseudo British accent. 

    "Am I that obvious?"

    "You're spinning around, you're going to give yourself a headache."

    As he spoke, I noticed his hand go down to his dick and start stroking it. He had on a large metal cockring and it didn't take him long to start getting hard.

    A few feet to my right, another man stood getting a blowjob by a younger guy on his knees. I felt it in my knees and my throat, a desire to kneel down and take this tattooed daddy's cock in my throat. 

    But something stopped me. I thought about Eric, his sleeping face while the two of us lay in bed with Sven. This isn't what I wanted, not this man.

    "I... I'm sorry, I gotta go," I said, and rushed inside to look for the restroom to splash some water on my face.

    If I thought the restroom would be a "safe zone" from all the action all over the place, I was wrong. There were two men fucking right next to the door, with everyone squeezing against them to go in and out. My first instinct was to leave, but I turned back.

    I stepped inside. It was a narrow hall to get to the sinks. Both of the guys fucking were in their 30s and fit. The top was leaning against the wall, thrusting in and out of the bottom facing me as I squeezed past them. The bottom's eyes were closed and his mouth open, moaning in ecstasy as he was being fucked. I wanted to reach out and put my hand on his cheek, and kiss him while he was taking that dick up his ass, but I continued walking. I washed my face, and realized there was another door on the other side of the restroom, and I went out that way.

    I walked by myself for a while until I finally saw a familiar face.

    "You don't look like you're having too much fun," Sven said, leaning against a wall and lighting a cigarette. His dick was semi-hard and I wondered if he'd already fucked someone here. Maybe his husband. Or any of the other men who'd be happy to spread open their cheeks for him here.

    "It's not that bad," I said, and took a spot against the wall next to him.

    "If you wanna go, just say so and we can leave," he offered.

    "Nah, I don't wanna leave without Eric. And I'm sure he's having the time of his life. He's been talking about coming to a place like this since I met him. He's always been very curious."

    Sven took a long drag of his cigarette.

    "The first time I came to a club like this I was high off my ass," he said. "And not in the good way, unfortunately. That's why I wanted to be here when Eric comes for the first time. Even if I'm not holding his hand, I feel like he's safer with us here."

    "Makes sense," I said.

    "Why aren't you with him?" Sven asked me.

    "Well he suggested we split up to look around, and I was sure I'd bump into him, but I haven't seen him since we got here."

    I looked around. Sven and I were standing next to another, smaller bar. The room was somewhat brighter than the rest of the club, and there weren't many men around us.

    "Sven?" I asked. "Walking around here..." I took my time, trying to find the right words, "... I find myself more interested to look, rather than... take part. Is that normal?"

    He put his left hand on the back of my neck and gave it a squeeze.

    "Son, if it feels normal to you then it's perfectly normal."

    I put my right arm around him. The music was too loud to talk too much, so we both just stood like that for a while. His back was a bit sweaty, and I felt my arm slip down, until my hand ended on his right asscheek. I gave it a strong squeeze. A couple of minutes later, Sven's hand roamed down and started stroking my lower back in circular motions. 

    No more hesitating, I thought. I pulled Sven's face in for a kiss, and this time I went all in. I took charge, and put my tongue in his mouth, feeling the taste of the cigarette he'd just smoked. I started to suck on his tongue as he started to reciprocate. We both went in hard, as if competing who's gonna take the lead. My eyes were closed and Sven's hands were on my face. I put my hands on his bulging biceps, just as we broke off the kiss to gasp for air.

    We looked at each other straight in the eyes, our noses an inch apart. I saw both Eric and Sven look back at me; I almost couldn't tell whose beautiful, deep eyes I was staring at.

    "Daddy," I said and went in for another passionate kiss. Sven, who was usually smooth as a baby, had a stubble by this point of the night. It felt rough against my skin, but I loved it.

    My hands squeezed his biceps, then moved on to his pecs as we continued kissing. I pinched his nipples at the same time. "Aaah!" he moaned, in a rare show of weakness for him.

    My arms dropped and my right hand reached for our dicks. Lost in our kiss, I hadn't even noticed we were both hard and dripping precum. 

    "Daddy," I said again, as I gripped his erection and felt it pulsate in my hand. God, I wanted him so bad, I realized.

    I started jerking him off, going faster and faster, avoiding eye contact. A few seconds later, he put one hand on my wrist to stop the hand-job, and another hand on my chin to pull up my face.

    We looked at each other again. "Are you okay? Are you sure?" his eyes said, without him making a sound. I nodded, and he pulled me in for another strong, all-encompassing kiss I felt in my whole body.

    I put my hand back on his dick. Please let me make you cum, I thought. I took one of his nipples in my mouth. It wasn't easy to nibble on someone's nipple with a huge ring hanging off it, but I did my best, and it made Sven yell out in pleasure and start pulling on my hair.

    It was the middle of the night, in a foreign city, in a club where no rules seemed to apply. It was now or never.

    I went on my knees and put Sven's dick in my mouth.

    It was even bigger now after the nip action. He was leaking enough precum to make me need to swallow a couple of times. I'd never sucked off anyone with a pierced dick before. (I'd already seen several Prince Alberts in this club. They seemed to be popular in Berlin, but Sven's was by far the largest of them all.) It didn't feel comfortable, but I wanted more than anything to make Sven cum. I didn't care if it was in me, on me, or in front of me; I just wanted to be the reason that he had cum, at least once in his life.

    I licked and stroked his dick, taking it out of my mouth to admire it every now and then. It almost felt like the first blowjob I was giving anymore. Maybe he sensed my nervousness, cuz he pulled me up and in for another kiss. It tasted different, now that we shared the taste of his precum as we kissed.

    While kissing, Sven guided both my hands behind my back and gripped my wrists tightly. He then pushed me back down to my knees. I kept my hands behind my back, as if wearing invisible handcuffs. I opened my mouth wide, and Sven's dick entered it as far as it would go. He put his hands on the back of my head, and slowly started face-fucking me. I gagged a couple of times, but focused on breathing through my nose. Sven slowed down, then picked up speed. I could feel more of his precum gush inside my mouth, and I loved it.

    After a while, Sven pulled out of my mouth and started jerking himself off faster and faster. I made myself as comfortable as possible, kneeling on the grimy floor, and stuck my tongue out. He was getting ready to cum, and I wanted to taste it.

    "Daddy's gonna cum," Sven said in between grunts, looking down at me. 

    "Yes, Daddy. Give me your cum, Daddy, please," I begged, looking up at him in the eyes.

    "You want it, you want Daddy's cum?" he teased, jerking faster.

    "I want your cum, Daddy," I said. My fingertips stroked his balls as they swung back and forth, the inner side of his thighs, his ass; anything I could reach.

    "Aaaaah!" he screamed and I knew it was coming. I stuck out my tongue, and Sven grabbed me by the hair and shoved his dick in my mouth. Even better than I expected, he started shooting his load down my throat as I gasped for air, trying to swallow everything. It tasted different than every other load I'd ever had, and I cherished every drop of it.

    Sven's whole body spasmed as he came. It was such an unusual sight, from such a big man as him. He kept his dick in my mouth for a full minute after he came. As his orgasm subdued, he put his hands under my armpits and pulled me up, and kissed me again.

    It was the most beautiful kiss I'd ever shared with anyone.



    After spending the afternoon in Tiergarten with my parents and Frank (and half the city, who all seemed to have the idea to head to the park on a sunny day), I went back to Frank's apartment to spend some time with Will while everyone else went out for a walk around the gayborhood.

    I walked in on him lying on the couch, smoking.

    "How's Frank's weed?" I asked.

    "It's okay," Will said. "Super weak compared to back home, but hey, it was free."

    I sat next to him as he passed me the joint. For a second, it felt like we were back in college, in our dorm room.

    "I didn't get to talk to you at all this morning," I said, taking a drag. "Did you have fun last night?"

    "Yeah, I think I did."

    "You think?"

    "Well, I'm not sure what to think. It was all kinda weird."

    "Weird? I thought it was hot."

    "It wasn't not hot. I'm just not sure I'm dying to go back to a club like that, even if we did have them close to home."

    "Well I loved it. I asked my dads and Frank if we could go back tonight, but it was a categorical no."

    "Did you hook up with anyone?" Will asked me.

    "Kinda," I said, and turned to face him. "It was only a kiss. With Frank."

    Will looked at me and didn't react. He took the joint from my hand and took another puff.

    "Just a kiss?" he asked.

    "Yeah. I mean, we've talked about it, so I figured you'd be fine."

    "No, no, it's okay," Will reassured me. "It's just... how did you and Frank get to kissing?"

    "Well, we saw you, and then we sorta... started kissing."

    "You saw me?"

    "We saw you two. You and my dad."

    "Oh." He went to take another drag, but the joint was done.

    "Will... It's okay."

    I put my hand on his knee. He was wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs and I felt overdressed, even in just shorts and a T-shirt.

    He laughed. "I don't even know what that means anymore. Dude, I hooked up with your dad and that's okay?"

    Here we were again. Same exact spot, like when we sat on my bed back home, Will telling me he and Dad kissed. Only this time they'd gone even further.

    "Honey what do you want me to say?" I asked. "Would you like me to punch you?"

    "In a way, yes! At least that would feel normal."

    I sighed, and stroked his leg with my hand.

    "Do you remember what you asked when I told you Sven and I kissed the first time?" Will said. "You asked why I did it."

    "I remember. And you said you didn't know."

    "I didn't. But I might know now."

    "Well, what is it?"

    "Eric. Honey, I love you. But.. I think I'm falling in love with your dad."

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