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Fucking Pig

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    As we drove through the dark streets of downtown Philadelphia in the Uber I'd ordered, I looked out at the rain which had started while we were in the club. I sat shotgun in the front, trying not to pay attention to the sounds that my son and the girl he'd picked up were making in the back. Try as I might, I couldn't ignore the moans and giggles while Ethan and his conquest continued to grope and kiss in the backseat.

    Our driver seemed unfazed by the action in the back. He'd probably seen it all; but those two weren't being quiet at all. I wondered if they were both so drunk that they didn't know what they were doing, or if they just didn't give a fuck. As curious as I was, I didn't want to turn around to check it out. Not even the music playing through the car's speakers was enough to drown out my eighteen-year-old son and this girl he picked up on his first night out. He owes me big time for that fake ID. 

    I glanced out the passenger-side window as we drove and caught a glimpse of what was happening in the backseat through the rear-view mirror. I adjusted my position to get a better view. It wasn't the best view, but I saw Ethan move down to bury his face in the girl's tits. I cleared my throat, and feigned ignorance. Why spoil my son's fun? "We'll be home soon enough," I figured, and adjusted my growing bulge. My erection begged for release from my jeans. Looking in the mirror again, I wondered if my son had an equal hardon in his pants.

    "He must be doing something right," I thought when the girl let out a soft moan.

    Ethan sat back up, whispered a few words to his new friend, and next thing I saw her head disappear into his lap. Through the mirror, I watched the back of the girl's head slowly bobbing up and down, and it was almost enough to send me over the edge right there and then. I shook my head in disbelief: "That son of a bitch is getting head in the backseat!"

    Somewhere between the first and second floor of our building, I learned the girl's name was Ashley (which might've been news to my son as well). Ethan and Ashley went directly to his room as soon as I unlocked the door. My head was spinning between the beers, weed, and listening to my son get more action in the back of a car than I ever have. "Holy shit!" I thought. He was an attractive kid and all; I always knew he'd have no trouble getting laid. But THIS?! 

    I went to the bathroom to take a quick piss and brush my teeth before getting in bed. I closed my bedroom door, stripped off my clothes, and dropped them on the floor.

    "Cory was right," I thought, "like father, like son," as I looked at the pile of clothes on the floor. 

    I flopped onto my bed naked and tried to drift off to sleep, feeling tired and honestly, a bit sexually frustrated. I was 28 and single, for fuck's sake! I should be getting laid as well! 

    Through the thin wall that my room shared with Ethan's, I heard Ashley's giggles which turned into moans. I could only imagine what my son was doing to elicit those. "That fucker!" I thought with some irritation, but also, with pride.

    I rolled over with the pillow over my head, trying to muffle out the sounds coming from next door. 

    After a few minutes, Ashley's moans subsided. "Thank god," I thought. I closed my eyes, removed the pillow from my head, and rolled onto my back. The silence, however, was short-lived. 

    "Oh, fuck yeah!" I heard an even louder moan, only this time it was my son's unmistakable voice. My eyes popped open. 

    After only a few seconds of silence, the distinctive sound of fucking echoed from Ethan's room! My son's bed was against the wall between our rooms and I heard the headboard banging against the wall. I'd never had anyone live in that room until now, so I never realized just how thin the walls in my apartment were.

    "Oh fuck, baby. Take that cock!" I heard my son say loudly and confidently.

    As much as I tried to fight it, the noise painted a vivid image in my head. I saw visions of Ethan's naked body, which I'd seen several times since he moved in, pumping away up and down, supported by those muscular arms and shoulders of his. Was he the one on top? He had to be the one on top.

    My cock, which had been semi-hard for half an hour, was now fully erect.

    The sound of the headboard banging against the wall only got more intense. Even though Ashley was a moaner, my son's grunts took over. With my eyes closed, it felt like he was in the same room as me. In the same bed, almost. 

    I heard my son continue to moan even more loudly than before. I reached down, wrapped my fist around my rock-hard cock and started stroking as I listened to the action happening just on the other side of the wall. 

    "Yeah, that's it," I heard Ethan say loudly. "Fucking take that cock!" 

    "What am I doing?" I thought. "I'm listening to my son fuck and I'm jacking off to it." 

    Yet the feeling of horniness overrode any feeling of guilt. 

    My hand was pumping up and down on my uncut cock, moving faster to match the increased intensity I heard through the wall.

    The girl soon let loose and screamed as she reached her climax. I'd never made a woman cum in my life. I was filled with paternal pride to hear my young son achieve just that.

    Within a few seconds, I heard the unmistakable sound of pure, rough sex. I heard thighs slapping together and could only imagine the sight of Ethan pumping into this girl with all the strength in his meaty thighs and glutes.

    My hand was furiously pumping my hard cock while I listened to my teenage son fuck like a pro.

    "Fuck, I'm close," I heard Ethan grunt, which made me pump my own cock even harder and my toes curl.

    And then it happened. I heard my son unload with a manly grunt. His balls emptied for several seconds as he shot his cum loudly, giving me an idea of just how good he felt. That was all I needed. I reached my climax and unloaded rope after rope of my own thick load all over my chest and abs.



    I awoke with cottonmouth and a slim arm across my chest. I looked around my room, squinting due to the sledgehammer pounding in my head, before slowly sitting up and moving the arm off me. I couldn't help but groan out loud, which roused my sleeping partner. She didn't look to be hurting any worse than me.

    "Fuck, one-thirty," I muttered after checking the time on my phone. 

    That seemed to rouse the girl (what was her name? Ashley?) into action. She slid past me on the bed, grabbed her clothes, and started to dress quickly.

    "Late for something?" I asked her. 

    "Yeah, work at 3. I need to get home, showered, dressed, and pop some Tylenol." 

    "What do you do?" I asked while groggily pulling on my underwear. Work was a subject we hadn't covered last night. 

    "Wait tables at Positano Coast. Saturday nights are my best for tips," she replied while she slipped on her shoes. "You and your roommate should stop by sometime."

    "Roommate," I laughed to myself. 

    I escorted her out of my room where we bumped into my father sitting on the sofa in shorts and a tank top drinking a bottle of water. Ashley quickly acknowledged my "roommate" as I walked her out the door. I glanced over at my dad who was giving me a shit-eating grin. I walked her down the steps, gave her a goodbye kiss and made my way back upstairs before anyone in the building caught me out in my underwear. 

    "Good job!" my father said to me as I reentered the apartment. 

    "Thanks," I replied while heading to the refrigerator to grab a cold bottle of water. 

    "How old is she?" Dad asked, following me into the kitchen.

    "24, I think," I answered, trying to recall my brief conversation with Ashley before we'd started making out at the club.

    "Really?! I thought 21 or so..." Dad seemed somewhat surprised, as I gulped down half the bottle of water in one go.

    "What can I say? I have a way with older women," I half-joked, swallowing, and wiping the water off my lips. "I need to take a shower," I said and moved towards the bathroom.

    "Ethan, wait!" Dad yelled out after me. "Listen. If you ever have any questions about... anything, don't be embarrassed to ask, okay?" he sounded more awkward than I was used to hearing from him.

    "What, about sex, you mean?" I laughed, reaching inside my underwear to adjust my junk. "Dad, I think I know what I'm doing by this point."

    "Yeah... I'm sure you do," he said while we made eye contact. It was my turn now to shoot him a shit-eating grin. "How long have you been... having sex?" he added.

    "I dunno, a few years. When I was 15 or so? Don't worry, you still got me beat there!"

    I laughed along with my world-record breaking dad, but it sounded a bit forced coming out of him. 

    "What about you?" I said inquisitively from across the room. I realized my hand was still absentmindedly rummaging inside my underwear, so I pulled it out.

    "What about me?" Dad replied looking confused. 

    "How are you doing with the ladies? I hope I'm not cramping your style, living here. Don't wanna get in the way of you settling down."

    The last thing my dad needed was a cockblock. There was never really anything between him and my mother. She'd moved to Texas for school and that's where she met her husband, my stepfather. She moved on with her life and although I didn't see her often, I was happy for her. Dad, on the other hand, seemed to be in a rut when it came to his love life. He never introduced us to any long-term girlfriends. Even though he was still young, most of his buddies had wives and kids by now. Like my Uncle Cory, who was father of three by now! I just didn't want to make it more difficult for my father to meet women he'd be interested in. 

    Dad took a long swig of water, almost as if prolonging answering the question. 

    Finally, after swallowing he said, "Settling down? I'm too young to settle down. Anyway, you think you're the only one who likes to have fun?" he smirked and winked at me.

    "Ah, it's like that, is it?" I laughed and headed to the shower, pulling down my underwear on my way to the bathroom.



    🎶 Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday, dear Ethan

    Happy birthday to you! 🎶

    Cheers and applause erupted as my nephew blew out the seven candles on his Pokémon birthday cake. We were in the local park and the weather couldn't have been better on this Saturday afternoon in September. Sunny and warm, with everyone still wearing shorts and tank tops. Ethan's birthday had been a few days ago, but we waited until the weekend so more people could attend. Only those who were spending the Labor Day weekend down the shore couldn't show up.

    "Feeling hungry?" I leaned over and whispered to my best friend Brandon (who was also the birthday boy's dad).

    "Not sure about anyone else, but I'm about ready to eat that whole fucking cake after that joint we smoked," Brandon whispered my way.

    Brandon's mom handed us two slices of cake, served on paper plates with Ash and Pikachu on them. So funny; just a few years ago Brandon and I were obsessed with this show, and now it was HIS SON'S favorite?! Fucking bonkers.

    The two of us scarfed down our cake and threw the dirty plates and plastic forks in the trash receptacle next to the picnic area. 

    My best friend grabbed the front of his shorts and gave himself a quick squeeze while his back was to the group. 

    "I'm so fucking horny," he said to me quietly. 

    I loved when he got so worked up that he would start groping himself regardless of where we were. 

    "I'm going to the men's room," Brandon said as he looked me directly in the eyes, subtly licked his lips, and started towards the building about 100 feet away which housed both men's and women's rooms. I waited until he was about 25 feet from the building before I turned to check the crowd. Everyone was thoroughly engrossed by the pile of presents Ethan was currently opening on one of the picnic tables. 

    I slowly started towards the men's room, following the same path as my best friend. When I reached the door, I quickly looked back to be sure no one was paying attention or worse, making their way to actually use the facilities. 

    I reached for the door to the men's room and pushed it open. This building had seen better days. The door audibly screeched against the floor, where you could see the perfectly arc-shaped striations.

    Brandon was standing at one of the three urinals against the left wall. He was far enough away from it that I could easily see his hard cock in his right hand. The sight of his erection always sent shivers through my body, no matter how many times I'd seen it. My own cock had started to chub up as I made my way to the bathroom, but now I was fully hard. 

    Without saying a word, Brandon moved into the furthest stall opposite the urinals. Luckily we were alone, so I quickly made my way into the same stall, closed, and latched the door.

    "You know, we gotta stop doing this. Somebody's gonna catch us," I said to my best friend.

    "Why'd you follow me if you're so worried?" he replied with a mischievous grin.

    Without waiting or expecting an answer, Brandon spun me around, wrapped his left arm around my chest, grabbed my ass with his right hand, pushed me against the stall door, and pressed his body against mine. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, making my hair rise.

    I was able to turn my body around and we started to make out. His tongue explored my mouth, and mine did his. Our tongues wrestled each other and we were both overcome with the level of arousal which made being a seventeen-year-old so incredible.

    Brandon pushed me away and with one quick motion dropped his shorts and boxer briefs to this ankles with one hand, while he pushed down on my shoulder with the other. I immediately squatted down and took his blood-engorged cock in my mouth.

    "Yeah," Brandon hissed. 

    The sound of my lips taking his hard, precum-covered, uncut cock in my mouth was amplified in the echoey bathroom. He continued leaking in my mouth as he fucked my face, getting himself worked into a frenzy. 

    Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth, grabbed me under my arms and made me stand up. Immediately, his tongue was back in my mouth, but not for long. He spun me around and aggressively yanked my shorts and underwear down to my ankles. He had me step out of them so he could get better access to my hole. Now, it was his turn to squat down. 

    I felt Brandon's hands spread my ass cheeks apart and his tongue, which less than a minute ago was invading my mouth, was now invading my asshole. 

    "Fuuuck, Bran." I moaned, followed by more echoes.

    My friend's face was buried in my ass as he worked his saliva, the only lube we had available, into my hole.

    He stood back up, spit onto his hard dick, and pushed that teenage cock into my hole. 

    "Ahhh!" I groaned. 

    Little by little, inch by inch, he pushed into me until he was in balls deep. His hands grabbed mine and pinned me to the cold metal of the stall door. He started to slide out of me and then pushed back in, causing me to groan louder. I felt his heavy, full, low-hanging nuts slap against me as he picked up the pace. I was lost in this feeling of pure bliss.

    "SCREECH!" we both heard the door, and froze. 

    The sound of someone making his way to one of the urinals was followed by the sound of a zipper. 

    Brandon and I both remained motionless as the interruption to our hot fuck session began pissing, while Brandon's hard cock remained buried deep in my hole the entire time.

    After what seemed like an eternity, we heard the sound of the man's zipper again and the urinal flush, followed by the scrape of the bathroom door. Was this another interruption or just the first visitor exiting?

    We waited in silence and heard nothing.

    "Fucking pig didn't even wash his hands," Brandon said quietly. It was rich of him, calling somebody a "fucking pig" while he was here fucking me in this stall during his son's birthday party.

    Without any warning, my best friend started pumping away at my hole again, only this time he was determined to make this quick. 

    "Take my cock, Cory," he grunted in my ear. 

    "Fuck me," I gasped as he thrusted inside of me. 

    "Yeah, you want this load, don't you? You want to go back to the party with my cum in your ass?" Brandon groaned. 

    "Yeah, breed me, Bran!" I said while I attempted to catch my breath. 

    Brandon grabbed my hips and started piston-fucking me so hard I thought the stall door was going to come off its hinges.

    "Fuck yeah, take it!" he commanded.

    I could tell my best friend was getting close from the recognizable breathlessness when he was on the verge of erupting. 

    He was hitting my sweet spot, the head of his cock tapping my button with every thrust. Brandon was going to literally fuck the cum out of me while he unloaded in me. 

    "Oh fuck, I'm gonna shoot!" I cried out, not caring at this point who might hear. 

    With that, my cock started shooting ropes of my jizz all over the stall door.

    My hole must've contracted and expanded at least five times while I was cumming, which was enough to bring my best friend over the edge as well. He yelled loudly as he erupted deep inside of me.

    For several seconds, we both enjoyed this incredible sensation until finally, Brandon started to withdraw his wet, cummy cock from my hole. I could feel a few drops of his load leaking down my leg, but there wasn't anything I could do about it. 

    "We better get back to the party," Brandon said as we quickly pulled up our underwear and shorts. I reached for some toilet paper, ready to wipe my cum off the stall door. 

    "Leave it!" Brandon grabbed my wrist and stopped me. "Whoever's next might like it," he said with a smirk.

    "Fucking pig," I smiled back, dropped the unused paper in the toilet, and left the men's room with him. 

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