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"This is the home of 10-year-old Brandon, who in a few short months is expected to become the world's youngest father."
Everything is about to change for young Brandon and everyone around him. Finding his footing as a father, he forges a relationship with his son while juggling growing up himself.
Category:  FATHER-SON 

Chapter 1

In a small town in Pennsylvania, one boy is about to become a world-record breaker: the world's youngest father. Things are about to change for young Brandon and those around him... and this is only the beginning.

Chapter 2

Brandon and Ethan get used to living together (and sharing a small bathroom and shower). While his son is away, Brandon gets a visitor. Taking advantage of the moment, the two share secrets and have hot, steamy sex.

Chapter 3

After a tough first week at school, Ethan relaxes with his dad, who has a surprise for him. The two head out to a night club, where Brandon gets to witness just how much his boy has grown... even if Ethan doesn't know that his dad is watching.

Chapter 4

Brandon is kept up at night by the sounds of his son Ethan having sex on the other side of the wall. In a flashback to Ethan's 7th birthday party, the birthday boy's dad gets horny and finds a way to blow off some steam.

Chapter 5

Cory reminisces about growing up with his best friend Brandon and all their secretive sexcapades. Later, Cory heads on over to Brandon's and they end up in Brandon's bed... but they're in for quite the surprise just as things get even more heated.

Chapter 6

The Caruso family is together for Thanksgiving, and Ethan tries to wrap his head around the shocking secret he's learned about his father. During a different Thanksgiving, teenage Brandon is busy fucking when his son comes knocking.

Chapter 7

For the sake of his nephew, Cory tries to get Brandon out of his head... to no avail. Brandon drops by and it isn't long before the two end up in Cory's marital bed. Back at Ethan's 7th birthday party, Brandon gets jealous of what he sees.

Chapter 8

Ethan takes time off his college studies to settle things with his dad and his uncle once and for all. In 2008, teenage Brandon shares a room with his brother who's back from college and starts undressing as soon as he walks in.

Chapter 9

Brandon enjoys a laid-back evening relaxing with Ethan. Later, when he goes to his son's room and gets a full-frontal view of his son's naked body, Brandon realizes just how much of a stud his teenage son has become.

Chapter 10

All out of underwear, Ethan heads to the kitchen naked in the morning, bumping into his dad and having a chat with him. The two make plans to go to the gym together right before Christmas... where they're both in for a surprise holiday treat.

Chapter 11

On New Year's Eve, Brandon accepts a party invitation from his ex-boyfriend Joel, and decides to bring his son along as well. At the party, the three men reconnect. After a trip to the bathroom, Brandon stumbles upon something unexpected...

Chapter 12

A letter changes everything! Ethan makes a surprising discovery, and shares it with his uncle and his dad. As an aftermath, the three men get closer than ever. That night, when Ethan wakes up with a boner, he hears noise from his dad's bedroom...

Chapter 13

Brandon and Cory have their very first real date when they meet out for dinner on Valentine's Day. Later that evening, Ethan is joined by his father and his uncle, and things quickly escalate between the three young men.

Chapter 14

Much to Cory's surprise, Ethan invites Joel over to the apartment. Cory and Joel have a chat in the kitchen while Ethan and his dad get comfortable on the couch. Soon, two of the four men are down on their knees, and a race begins.

Chapter 15

After Ethan's spring break plans fall through, he hits up the gym to blow off some steam. There, he is joined by his dad, and the two meet a new acquaintance in the gang showers, who will introduce them to something new.

Supporter Exclusive

When Ethan's spring break plans fall through, his dad and uncle decide to go with him to Miami, assembling a crew of hot men to join them. There, Brandon and Cory reconnect with a high-school buddy, and there's hot action for everyone.

Chapter 16

Home alone on a Sunday, Brandon decides to make himself comfortable with some beer, pizza, weed, and porn. A few hours later, he is joined by his teenage son, and the porn playing on the TV starts to hit really close to home…

Chapter 17

Ethan and his dad are off to Jersey for Joel's birthday party. There, Ethan gets closer to his dad's ex-boyfriend than either of them expected. And later, Joel and Brandon share a moment among themselves, which escalates quickly.

Chapter 18

Cory is treated to a night out by Brandon and Ethan. The father and son show him a good time, but they're just getting started… The real party starts when they all get home, and everyone is surprised by how far they push things!

Supporter Exclusive

Rory goes to Fire Island with all of his family and friends for his hot summer wedding! Things get steamier than ever as Rory and his many guests experience first-hand the island's infamous reputation as a legendary cruising ground.

Chapter 19

Encouraged by recent events, Brandon and Cory decide to finally come out to their families and they take a trip back to Phoenixville. Later, the couple and Brandon's son attend Philly Pride, putting them all in a sexy mood.

Chapter 20

Brandon and Ethan are having trouble sleeping. In the middle of the night, the father and son end up at a 24h diner, where the conversation quickly turns to sex. Soon enough, the two of them are doing much more than just talking…

Chapter 21

After the blowjob at the diner, Brandon and Ethan spend some quality father-son time in front of the TV. Before long, Ethan confesses his growing curiosity to his dad, leading to the teen's most intense experience with another man yet.

Chapter 22

It's Cory's birthday on the Fourth of July, and the whole family is there to celebrate. Seeking a quiet moment, Cory and his nephew sneak off and end up watching the sex video Ethan filmed. Soon, Cory's about to get another birthday present…

Chapter 23

After what happened between him and his uncle, Ethan can't wait to share the sexy news with his dad. Brandon is equal parts shocked and turned on when he hears his son's story. A week later, the father and son are in bed alone, crossing new lines.

Chapter 24

With everything finally running smoothly, Brandon, Ethan, and Cory are looking forward to the best summer ever. One Sunday, Ethan has a surprising request for his father, which leads to their steamiest moment yet.

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