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College Boys

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Cowritten with: Rich


    "Next stop, City Hall," the electronic voice announced over the subway's speakers. The voice distracted me from the textbook I was reading for a class assignment. I slid the book into my backpack on the floor between my legs, stood up, slung the bag over my shoulder, and walked to the subway door to get off at the next stop.

    I zipped up my hoodie and pulled the hood over my head to prepare myself for the unusually cold day. Not that cold December days were unusual in Philly, but today was balls-heading-north kinda cold. I made my way up the subway station's steps onto Market Street, shoved my hands in my pockets and started my quick walk to the food court at the mall. The retail stores were decorated for the holidays. Lights adorned the buildings' façades and window displays donned the typical assortment of decorations. The city was ready for the holidays. I sure as hell wasn't. 

    The only good thing about the upcoming season were the few weeks I'd be getting off school. So far, college was kicking my ass. I wasn't failing anything, but it was taking everything I could to stay afloat. At least I'd get a chance to relax during winter break. That is, if school stress wasn't replaced by stress of a different kind. 

    This was the time of year you had to visit family. There wasn't a choice. It was expected – no, required – especially in mine. I'd be getting together with both my parents' families at some point over the holidays. I didn't know how I was supposed to sit through family gatherings and pretend everything was peachy-keen after I walked in on my dad fucking my Uncle Cory. Thanksgiving was bad enough, and that was only the beginning of the holiday season.

    I don't even blame Dad for ambushing me on my way out of the bathroom on Thanksgiving. He was right: this couldn't go on much longer. We couldn't live in the same apartment and not talk to each other. Those few weeks of us being roommates and smoking together and joking about jerking off were SO MUCH fun. I wanted those times back. But... it wasn't that simple.

    I entered the west end of the mall and walked down the steps leading to the food court. I unzipped my hoodie as I walked past the various restaurants, the scent of the food making my mouth water, but I wasn't here to eat. I slowed down and scanned the vast seating area. It wasn't overly crowded since it was well past the lunch rush, so I was able to spot the two of them quickly. They were sitting across from each other at a table for four. I approached them, feeling a level of anxiety and nervousness like I hadn't in the past. I grabbed the chair next to my uncle, who appeared startled, and set it on one of the empty sides of the table since I wanted to look them both in their eyes while we spoke.

    I sat down and took a deep breath. As much as I'd played this conversation over and over in my head, steadfast in my determination of what I wanted to say and how assertively I planned on saying it, now that it was here I almost felt paralyzed. I know it was only a second or two, but it felt like an eternity. My mind went blank and I didn't know where to start. That problem was quickly solved by my father. 

    "What did you want to talk to us about?" he asked firmly.

    I looked him in the eyes – the first time I'd done so since "the incident."

    "I don't know what's going on between you two, and I don't really want to know," I said after taking another deep breath. "What I do know is that it has to come to an end. Whatever you're doing has to stop! So, if you can promise me that, I won't tell anyone and things can go back to normal. Otherwise…"

    "We'll stop!" Uncle Cory interrupted. Before I turned to my uncle, I noticed my father's eyes dart over to him with a look of both surprise and unhappiness.

    "Thank you for understanding. Consider it done," Uncle Cory continued with such a look of relief that I thought he was going to cry. 

    I turned back to my father who hadn't said a word. 

    "Dad?" I asked. 

    My father was still looking at my uncle. His expression remained unchanged.

    "Okay. Fine," he replied with terse stoicism. 



    "Show yourself, motherfucker!" Cory spat while he leaned into me with the game controller in his hands.

    I laughed but tried not to take my eyes off the screen while I held my own controller, thumbs and fingers pressing rapidly on its buttons. My best friend was usually more reserved and not nearly as competitive as me, but this side only showed itself when we played video games (which, as typical 16-year-olds, we did a lot). I usually kicked his ass, but he tried his best to beat me. As crazy as it sounds, this aggressive side of Cory was a turn-on, currently evidenced by my chubbed up cock in my sweatpants. 

    We heard a loud commotion coming from downstairs, even louder than the video game. I could hear my mom shrieking in delight. I guess that was Ryan arriving home for the holidays. Sure enough, a few minutes later my 21-year-old brother burst into my room with a big smile on his face and a Penn State duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

    Cory glanced up at Ryan with a look of admiration as soon as he walked in the room. I knew he'd always thought my older brother was hot, even if he wouldn't ever admit it. It went all the way to when we were kids: Cory always looked at Ryan with eyes full of wonder, the way little boys often look at boys who are older. 

    "Dude, don't you have showers at that college of yours?" I asked. "I could smell you as soon as you walked in."

    "Nice to see you too, Brandon," Ryan replied with an amused smirk.

    My big brother walked to the bed across the room from where we were playing the video game. We'd be sharing the room while he was home, and I just hoped his presence wouldn't cut into my ability to jack off when I wanted or to fuck Cory whenever we could.

    Ryan dropped his duffel bag onto the bed and must've caught a whiff of himself because he stuck his nose in his pit said,

    "Damn, you're right! I need a fucking shower!"

    With that, he kicked off his sneakers without untying them, reached for the collar of his shirt with both of his hands and pulled both the sweatshirt and T-shirt he was wearing over his head and dropped them on the floor between our beds. I watched Cory check out my shirtless brother, who had turned into such a stereotypical "frat bro" now he was in college that it made my eyes roll.

    Ryan reached for the drawstring on his sweatpants and pulled the end of it which allowed them to drop to his knees. He was wearing dark-blue boxer briefs which hugged every muscle in his thighs, not to mention what was inside that stretched pouch in the front. He casually kicked the sweatpants down to his ankles, stepped out of them, and bent over to pick them up, displaying his firm, muscular ass. He tossed them on the floor next to the shirts. 

    Next, my brother unzipped his duffel and started unpacking its contents. He laid some underwear, socks, a couple pairs of jeans, and a few sweatshirts on the bed.

    With a pang of jealousy, I noticed Cory paying more attention to my brother than to the video game we were playing. I guess I couldn't blame him. Ryan was five years older, a good two inches taller than me and had about twenty-five more pounds of muscle in all the right places. His shoulders and arms had just the right amount of musculature which contributed to his obvious V-shaped torso. His thighs and calves were sinewy and in perfect proportion to the rest of his body. Growing up, I remember my brother getting chest hair much earlier than I did, but by now he probably manscaped because his chest and abs were now completely smooth. Ryan's pecs were squared off and nicely developed with nipples identical to mine, and his eight-pack was framed by two very noticeable cum gutters which disappeared into those tight boxer briefs of his. I silently acknowledged that my brother looked like he was carved from granite. I always knew Cory found him attractive and his open-mouthed gaze at this unintended strip show cemented that attraction in my mind.

    "Uncle Ryan!" my six-year-old son screamed as he ran into my room with a huge smile on his face and jumped into his uncle's arms.

    "Ooofff!" my brother exhaled loudly when he caught Ethan as if the wind was knocked out of him. "Hey there, buddy! You're getting big," he said as he hugged his young nephew.

    "I know!" my son replied happily as Ryan sat on the bed and placed Ethan on his bare lap. 

    I glanced over at Cory again who still shifted his gaze between the game and my nearly-naked brother across the room. I had a feeling Cory wouldn't mind being the one sitting on Ryan's lap instead of my son.

    "Where were you when I got home? I was looking for you," Ryan asked Ethan.

    "Me and Grandpa went to buy a Christmas tree!" my son explained enthusiastically. "You should see it, Uncle Ryan. It's huuuuuge!" my son continued as he spread his arms, almost hitting my brother in the face. 

    "We'll take a look at it when we go downstairs, buddy. But first, Uncle Ryan needs to take a shower because," – he paused, raised his arm, and let Ethan take a whiff – "I stink!" he said emphatically as my son scrunched his face and then started to giggle.

    "Fuck!" Cory said quietly, aware that his young nephew was within earshot, as he lost yet another life in the video game because he wasn't paying attention.

    Ryan stood while holding Ethan, walked across the room in front of us in his tight boxer briefs, his glutes flexing with each step he took toward the door. "Did you send your Christmas list to Santa yet?" he asked his nephew as they walked out the bedroom. Ethan's reply faded as they moved further down the hallway.

    "You think my brother is hot, don't you?" I asked Cory without looking at him as I played the game.

    "Don't be stupid," he replied dismissively and a little too quickly.

    "I know you do. Your mouth was hanging open the whole time he was undressing," I said as I paused the video game. 

    "What the fuck, Bran?" Cory asked confusedly as I dropped the controller and walked over to my bedroom door, peeking out to see if Ryan or Ethan were still in the hall. The bathroom door was closed and I heard the shower running. I assumed Ryan sent my son downstairs and he was now in the shower. "This has to be quick," I thought to myself. 

    I closed and locked my bedroom door and turned around just in time to see the figurative light bulb go on in Cory's head.

    "Are you fucking crazy?!" my best friend asked incredulously. However, the shit-eating grin on his face was all I needed to know he wouldn't need much – if any – convincing. 

    I walked over to where Cory sat on the floor with his back against my bed and I stood with my feet outside each of his legs. The bulge in my sweatpants was evident. I pushed them down my thighs and my already rock-hard cock sprung up, slapped my stomach and left a small smear of precum just below my belly button.

    "You still like this cock or do you want to go in the bathroom and suck off my brother?" I asked lustily, still grinning. 

    Cory tossed the game controller on the floor, leaned forward and immediately deep-throated me while he wrapped his hands around my ass and pulled me in even more. 

    "Fuuuck!" I exhaled. "Yeah, suck it," I continued as I moved my hands to the back of his head and pulled him into me until his nose was buried in my bush.

    I grabbed two handfuls of hair and started to piston-fuck his mouth, my balls slapping against his chin. My head rolled back and the sensations from his mouth made their way through my body. I looked back down and saw my best friend staring up at me. I smiled and held his gaze until he closed his eyes in pleasure. 

    As much as I enjoyed this, I knew our time was severely limited and I wanted to get my cock in Cory's tight ass. 

    I used the two handfuls of hair I held and pushed him away from my cock. My best friend looked up at me pleadingly like a puppy whose treat was taken away. I grabbed his hands and helped him up to his feet. I put my hands on the back of his head again and pulled his face into mine. Our lips met and I invaded his mouth with my tongue. I subconsciously heard the clock ticking until my brother would return from his shower, so I quickly broke our kiss and spun Cory around. I reached down, yanked his sweats down to his knees and discovered I wasn't the only one freeballing today.

    I bent my friend over, immediately dropped to my knees, and grabbed his ass cheeks. I spread them apart which exposed Cory's tight pink hole and I dove in with my face. I urgently pushed my tongue against his pucker which drew a loud gasp and caused it to open like a blooming rosebud. I hurriedly ate his ass to get it prepared for my raw teenage cock.

    I stood with my sweats around my knees and shuffled over to my nightstand where I withdrew my bottle of lube from the drawer. Just then, I spotted my brother's dirty, sweaty shirts lying abandoned on the floor. I reached down, grabbed his T-shirt, and threw it over my shoulder without Cory seeing me. I stepped back to my best friend's exposed ass, popped the cap off the lube and squirted a generous amount down his crack which I caught with my other hand and spread over his hole. I slid my index finger inside his chute to the first knuckle causing him to moan in pleasure, and continued sliding in and out to sufficiently open him up. 

    My still rock-hard cock was leaking copious amounts of precum. I squeezed a small amount of lube onto the top of my dick and stroked it, mixing it with my natural lube. I moved closer to my best friend until I was pressed against his ass. I looked down as a string of precum oozed from my cock and dripped into his crack. I pulled back slightly to allow my dick head to find his hole, took the T-shirt from my shoulder, and leaned forward. 

    "Since you were so turned on by my brother, I thought you might like this," I groaned in his ear while holding the sweaty T-shirt over his face and simultaneously punching my cock into his hole. 

    "Arrrgggh!" came Cory's muffled reaction. 

    I pushed him down on his stomach without removing my dick from his ass. The shirt remained under his face when he landed on the bed. He was inhaling the musk off my brother's sweat-soaked clothing while he took my bareback cock up his tight, lubed-up hole. 

    Again, I heard the clock tick in my head. The last thing I needed was for Ryan to return to the bedroom, find the door locked, and hear me fucking Cory's ass. 

    I picked up the pace and started to power-fuck my best friend's ass with my left hand pushing down on the back of his head, to ensure he was breathing in my big brother's smell. I knew I was hitting Cory's prostate every time I thrust in based on his reaction. The sound of my thighs slapping against his ass echoed around the bedroom. I'm not sure if it was my brother's dirty, sweaty clothes or fucking Cory's ass, but the room reeked of testosterone and sex. I felt my nuts tighten and knew what that meant. I was also sure my best friend was getting close as well since I've seen him cum hands-free when I continuously scrape his button like this.

    I slid my right hand between the shirt and my bed and with my left hand under his stomach, pulled Cory up to his knees with Ryan's shirt still against his face. I fucked him like this for a while before removing my hand from his face, letting the shirt fall on the bed in front of him. Cory's face was flushed and covered in sweat. 

    I pushed him down to his hands and started to piston-fuck him even faster and rougher. 

    "Tick-tock, tick-tock," I heard in my head. 

    I reached underneath my best friend, wrapped my fist around his dripping, rock-hard cock and stroked it in the same rhythm as I was fucking him. That's all it took. Cory let out a stifled moan. I felt his hole squeeze around my cock as he shot several ropes of jizz onto my brother's shirt. 

    His ass contractions were all it took for me to unload, breeding my friend's ass with my cum. I felt my cock spasm at least eight times before it subsided. 

    "Tick-tock, tick-tock."

    I pulled my still-hard cock out of his ass. Cory looked spent. He collapsed onto the bed next to my brother's cum-soaked shirt and tried to catch his breath. I grabbed the shirt, wiped the remainder of the cum from my cock and tossed it back to the floor. Hopefully my big brother wouldn't notice anything before throwing it in the laundry. Then again, the pervy daredevil inside of me loved the risk.

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