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Two Halloween Parties


    I walked across campus, the fog all around me so thick I was barely able to see anything. If I weren't holding a cardboard box full of my possessions with both hands, I would've pulled out my phone and used the flashlight. The sun technically rose 20 minutes ago, but it was so cloudy and foggy that you couldn't even tell. The courtyard was eerily quiet, the crunching of the leaves underneath my feet was all I could hear as I slowly made my way to Dorm Building 1.[1]

    There were two or three other people I could see in the distance, which was reassuring. Everyone with their earbuds in, holding cups of hot pumpkin spice latte, their hoodies pulled on to shield them from the fine drizzle.

    I was finally moving into my boyfriend Eric's room, which meant I had to make my way through the quad in the rain from Dorm Building 2. His now-ex-roommate Jamal had asked if he could bring in his stuff first thing in the morning before his 9 AM class. I agreed, unaware of just how early that would be. I'd foolishly stayed up late the night before and still felt a bit high when his knocking on the door woke me up. I jumped out of bed, hard as a rock.

    "Fuck," I said, looking for some tight underwear to put on. Everything was packed away, I'd have to go out in the loose basketball shorts I wore to sleep. This will have to do, I thought as I rushed to get the door before he woke up the entire suite. 

    I opened the door. There stood a terrifying red devil, with huge fanged teeth and warts all over his face.

    "Aaah!" I jumped.

    "Trick or treat," Jamal's voice said. He pulled off the mask and rolled in his suitcase. "D'you like it? It's for the Halloween party tonight."

    "Love it. You should wear it all the time."

    Fuck, I hated Halloween. And I swear kids in college cared about it more than we did when we were in elementary school. 

    "I have another small suitcase and a couple of boxes. I'll be – Oh, shit, did I wake you up?" Jamal looked at me.

    At first I thought he could tell because of my face, then I looked down to my morning glory. I quickly tried to cover it up.

    "That's okay bro," Jamal winked at me. "Where can I dump this stuff?"

    "Shhh," I said and pointed to the other bed in the room, where his new roommate Kris was still asleep.

    "Oh, okay. Let's try to do this quietly."

    Ten minutes later I was at Eric's door. The huge rubber spider and synthetic cobweb all over it left me barely any room to knock. My keycard still wasn't activated, so I waited for Eric to get the door. 

    C'mon, I thought and knocked a second time. I dropped the box on the floor and pulled out my phone. "Eric??! Where are you?!" I texted. No reply. I knocked again.

    "Finally" I said as the door opened, realizing a second later that it wasn't Eric.

    If Jamal was dressed like a devil this guy looked like an angel, except he wasn't wearing a costume. He wasn't wearing much at all, just a small tight pair of American Eagle trunks. He was tall, cute, and his body was perfect.

    In my three years at college I'd gotten used to picture-perfect jocks roaming around campus. Eric and I were no throwaways but c'mon, some of these guys (including American Eagle Guy in front of me) looked photoshopped in real life. For the most part I learned to ignore them, it was pointless to drool over 'em. 

    And then I fucked up majorly.

    "T-Trick or treat," I stuttered. 

    "What?" he looked at me all confused.

    "I mean, hi!" I reached over for a handshake. "I don't think we've met before. I'm Will, I'll be rooming with Eric."

    "Oh hey, man" he smiled and shook my hand. A smile looked much cuter on him than a look of confusion. "You're Eric's boyfriend."

    So he's mentioned me.

    "Yes," I confirmed and reached for my box. 

    "Let me get that for you," he offered and grabbed it off the floor. His biceps bulged and looked even bigger holding the box. 

    I walked into the suite and past the shared bathroom in the middle. On the left was our room, on the right American Eagle Guy's.

    "Sorry, I didn't get your name?"

    "Sorry, bro. It's Aaron. I'm in the room across the hall."

    I opened the door to my new room. It smelled of pumpkin. A large jack-o'-lantern was on one of the desks. Eric still snoozed in his bed.

    "Here you go," Aaron put down the box and turned to head back to his room. "Hey, are you going to that Halloween party tonight?" 

    "Um, I think so," I answered.

    "Cool, dude. See you there," he winked and shut the door behind him.



    Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. One of the first things we did after Eric went to college was throw an epic Halloween party, which only kept getting bigger every year since. Just like the the sex parties of our pre-parenthood days, they ended with most people hooking up and fucking.

    "Are you ready?" Sven shouted from the other side of the door. We were about to reveal our costumes to each other.

    "Just a minute. Putting the finishing touches then you can come in."

    "Okay. Cuz I'm all ready for you!"

    "Okay, okay. You can come in."

    "Fuck!" we both yelled out as soon as the door opened. 

    Sven looked incredible! He was naked, wearing only a full-body harness. It was black leather and hugged his whole body tightly. It went around his chest, the straps then continuing down and around his ass the way a jockstrap would. In the front, there was nothing but a metal cockring which was a part of the harness itself. He wore black leather lace-up boots up to his knees, aviator sunglasses, and a cap.

    His huge dick was rock hard and pointing upward. He must've been stroking it on the other side of the door, waiting to come in and show me. What he didn't know was that I wasn't alone in the room.




    I walked into our bedroom expecting to see David in his Halloween costume. What I didn't expect was for him to be there with some boy I've never seen before. Shit. I was naked with my cock out, throbbing hard.

    The boy looked shocked but didn't react otherwise. David didn't have much of a reaction either. He stood there in a pair of tiny black briefs, the rest of his naked body completely painted orange, white, and black.

    "Sven, this is Brady," he said after regaining his composure. "He's an artist, I asked him to paint my body. See, I'm a tiger."

    "I see," I said.

    "Brady, this is my husband Sven."

    "How do you do?" Brady said quietly with a smile, and waved at me. Given my state of erection I figured it's best not to reach for a handshake.

    "Brady, why don't you go to the kitchen and get yourself something, you've been working hard. I'll be there in a minute."

    "Sure," Brady said and headed for the door. As he passed me, I could see him eye me up and down while trying to be discreet about it.

    "So who the hell's Brady?" I walked up to my husband and gave him a kiss as soon as it was just the two of us. My hard dick bobbed up and down as I walked.

    "His mom's an acquaintance of mine. She works at our bank, Cynthia."[2]

    "And how old is he?" I asked warily. 

    "Old enough for no one to get arrested," David laughed. "Speaking of arrests, are you supposed to be a cop?" He looked at the fake badge on my harness and the police hat on my head.

    "Yes. And as an officer of the law, I ask the questions here!" I grabbed David's wrists playfully and held them behind his back. "Now... what is it that you and this boy do together, when he's not painting your naked body?"

    "The short version is: we've hung out a couple times in the past few weeks, just... platonically. He's gay but not out to anyone, kinda confused by everything. Wants me to 'mentor' him, whatever that means. Let me go downstairs and pay him and say goodbye, then I'll tell you the whole story."

    "I'm not done with you yet," I yanked at his wrists more forcefully. "Pull down those pants!" I shouted. 

    "Sven, honey, let me do this real quick and then we can play --"

    "I said pull them down!"

    David turned around to look me in the eyes.

    "Yes Sir," he said and slid down his briefs exposing his ass, pretty much the only part of his body that wasn't painted. 

    "Safeword," I whispered in his ear standing behind him, reminding him he could get me to stop any time if that's what he really wanted.

    "Yes Sir," he nodded but didn't use it.

    "Now," I positioned my pierced cock head right next to his hole, "I'm gonna fuck you until you whimper like a little tiger cub." My dick went inside his ass, as he struggled to take it unlubricated. "I"m gonna cum inside you, and you're gonna keep it there." I started to thrust. "You're gonna have my cum inside you while you talk to every person at that party tonight. And at the end of the evening, I'm gonna have you push it out and eat it, like the nasty fucking pig that you are."

    "Aaah," he moaned. "Yes, Officer."



    The full moon outside the window and the battery-operated candle in the jack-o'-lantern were the only sources of light in the tiny room. The sound of the heavy rain echoed around even with all the windows closed. Every few minutes, a bolt of lightening would illuminate the room, casting my shadow on the wall.

    "Why the fuck is it so dark in here?" Will came into the room and switched the light on, killing my vibe.

    "Because it's Halloweeeen," I said with a mock eery voice.

    "Ooh, spooky," he said sarcastically. "Now come on, we gotta get ready for this party, get dressed."

    "I am dressed," I pointed out. I wore just a pair of short white-and-navy striped shorts, a bandana around my neck, and a sailor hat. "I'm a sailor."

    "Did pirates steal all your clothes?"

    "Will, honey. Do you know how much pressure society puts on girls our age to dress slutty for Halloween? We can't let them go through it alone."

    "Oh is that the excuse you came up with? Okay."

    "What're you gonna be?"

    "Well, seeing as I hate Halloween and I refuse to spend money on it, I borrowed whatever costume someone had. I'm going as Dracula."

    "Ooh, original."

    Suddenly, there was a very loud knock on the door.

    "Who's what?" Will mouthed.

    "Oh my god, it's him! Will, it's the Grim Reaper!"

    He stared at me unimpressed.

    "Well it's either him or Aaron, one of our suitemates. I told him I'd help him with his costume. Come in!"

    Aaron opened the door, flashing his brilliant smile. He wore his usual uniform for lounging around the suite: basketball shorts and a cut-off white tee. He walked into the room barefoot.

    "Eric my man!" he walked up to me for a pound hug. "Thanks for your help, bro."

    "Thank me when we're done, I don't have anything for you yet. Do you have any ideas?"

    "Not really, haven't had much time to think about it. I guess I can always wear a jersey and just go as a football player, or a basketball player."

    "No, c'mon, that's boring. There's gotta be something else we can think of."

    "What, though? It's not like we can sew a costume, it's gonna have to be something we already have."

    "Wait right here!" I said and went to the bathroom everyone in the suite shared. When I came back I handed Aaron a fresh white towel and an Old Spice shower gel.

    "You can be Old Spice Guy, from the commercials." Aaron eyed me apprehensively. "He wears nothing but a towel and he's got a great body, like you," I pounded one of his pecs. "And here, a bottle of Old Spice you can hold or tuck in your towel."

    He looked at me unconvinced.

    "C'mon dude. Halloween's the only time you can get away with wearing nothing but a towel to a party."

    "Ah what the heck," he grabbed the towel and shower gel. "Thanks dude," he said before leaving for his room.

    "And stay true to your costume, no underwear under that towel!" I yelled out after him.

    As the clock struck midnight the storm only got worse, the rain pouring down and wind howling loudly. The party was still going on in the multi-purpose room in Dorm Building 1 and I was happy I didn't have to go outside for anything.

    Will was busy talking to some friends of his I didn't know, so I was standing by myself when Aaron approached me.

    "This costume was a great idea, man!" he said. "I've had every girl in here compliment me."

    "I'm pretty sure it's not the costume they're complimenting," I winked and patted his back.

    "Hey listen, can I use your keycard please? I left mine in the room."

    "Sure. I feel like walking for a bit, I'll come with you."

    A couple of minutes later, I opened the door to our suite. Aaron went to get his keycard from his room, and I went to mine to get something else.

    "Hey Aaron, come here, I got something you might wanna try."

    He walked in, still in nothing but a towel and the flip flops he was wearing.

    "One of my dads really likes scotch, so he gave me this nice bottle to have on special occasions. And I guess Halloween's technically a holiday, so this counts."

    "Your dad would probably freak if he saw us drinking fancy scotch out of Solo cups," Aaron smiled as I reached for two red cups on my desk.

    "Ha! Not my dad. He'd probably be like, 'When I was your age, I was taking shots off of strippers' assholes.'"

    "Oh shit man, for real?" he laughed.

    "Yeah, my dads are kinda crazy." I handed him a cup. "What he would insist on, though, is eye contact during a toast. So cheers!"

    "Cheers!" Aaron said, looking at my eyes, and smiled. I smiled back. 

    He pulled out my chair and sat across from me as I sat on my bed.

    "So isn't Will gonna mind you left him all alone?" Aaron asked, leaning back on the chair.

    "He's a big boy, I'm sure he can manage," I answered, leaning back myself.

    "It's a big step, you guys moving in together." He took a sip.

    "You're making it sound like we bought a house together! We've only known each other for a few weeks. We just figured we might as well room together. Makes fucking whenever we feel like it much simpler."

    Aaron smiled again. "I just figured, you called him your boyfriend..."

    "Yeah, but that can mean like so many different things," I leaned forward. "We've never talked about like being exclusive or anything."

    The storm raged on outside. Aaron sat across from me with his legs spread wide open. I could see up his towel. Not up far enough to see anything good but it still turned me on.

    "So like, who's the pitcher and who's the catcher?" he asked out of the blue, and I could swear he reached down to his crotch.

    "Why do straight boys love asking that shit?" I laughed.

    "You're right, I'm sorry," he put his hands up.

    We both took a sip at the same time.

    "I guess this is one of the upsides of being gay," he continued, "being able to share an all-boys room. And like check each other out in the locker room and stuff." His right hand lingered on his crotch again.

    "Well you ain't gotta be gay to check out other guys. You mean to tell me you never check people out in the locker room?"

    "Who, me?" he asked in mock outrage.

    "Bullshit. I ain't buying it."

    "Okay, okay, I'll admit I check guys out. Every now and then."

    "And I bet if someone's got a footlong between their legs you're gonna look twice."

    "Possibly," he said and took another sip. "Should we go back to the party?"

    Oh shit, I pushed it too far, didn't I?

    "Sure," I said and we got got up at the same time. Aaron turned to the door and took a couple steps forward before turning back.

    "You're a cool guy, Eric. If I were into guys you'd totally be my type."


    "That's a weird thing to say, isn't it?" he said, turning slightly red.

    "Kinda. But I like weird, so you're all good."

    I took a couple steps forward and we were face-to-face. Suddenly we were nose-to-nose. I waited a couple of seconds to see if he'd push me away or walk away. He didn't. 

    So I kissed him.

    The thunder and lightning sounded loudly outside, as if to mark our activity. Our tongues found their way to each other. Ironically enough, instead of kissing roughly and strongly (like people seemed to expect from straight guys) he kissed timidly and gently, like a girl.

    "Can I suck you off?" I asked the second we broke off our kiss. Don't waste a second, I thought, keep it going.

    "Is it okay with you? And with Will?" 

    "You worry too much," I said and dropped to my knees, pulling off his towel.

    "Oh. So you didn't wear underwear to the party."

    "You told me not to," he winked down at me.

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[1] The story from Aaron's point of view: Room 141, Chapter 3: "Halloween"

[2] Mentioned in Chapter 3: "Answer It"

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