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A Martinez Family Thanksgiving


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    Usually on Thanksgiving morning, my parents' house was bustling with noise. This year however, my twin brother and I were the first ones to show up, even though it was almost noon, which left us with the task of setting the table. 

    About half an hour later, our 19-year-old cousin Toni showed up with a special guest: his father Greg. Most of the family had never met Toni's dad – Toni only met him a few months ago himself! Ironically enough, I'd known Greg for a few years. Gay LA being what it is, he and I shared an ex, a model named Ben. Greg was almost handsome enough to be a model himself. Seeing as he was attractive, wealthy, and charismatic, I was of course attracted to him (even if he was my cousin's dad). I tried chatting with Greg as much as I could, but Toni was always there, literally clutching his father's hand like a little child. Even so, I wasn't upset at my cousin; after growing up without a dad, it was understandable that he was possessive of Greg now that he had him in his life.

    The next people to arrive were my sister Mia, her husband Kris, and the very large fetus growing inside Mia's stomach. My sister was in her third trimester and there was a chance of her giving birth by Christmas, even. Their excuse for being late was that their flight from San Francisco had landed later than scheduled (I was astounded that Mia was up for flying at all, considering the state she was in).

    I offered to help Kris carry their stuff to one of the bedrooms upstairs. I liked Kris, especially after our last year's Thanksgiving encounter, when he let me jerk off in front of him in the backyard. Of course, I would've been more than happy to go even further than just jacking off in front of him… and this year, I got the chance to do just that.

    Mia announced that she was going to take a nap before dinner, so she retired to their bedroom. My twin Mario was downstairs talking to Toni and Greg, so Kris and I found ourselves alone and I dragged him to the bedroom I was staying in.

    "Let's have a chat," I said to my sister's husband. "If you don't mind me saying, you look a bit tired. Everything alright with you?"

    "Yeah," Kris nodded, taking a seat next to me on the bed. "Just some pre-baby stress, but nothing I can't handle," he smiled.

    "I don't doubt you for a second. I'm sure you'll make a great daddy," I smirked. "How're things with Mia?"

    "Pretty good. Except–" Kris cut himself short. "No, everything's fine."

    "C'mon, what's wrong? Spill it," I insisted.

    "Well…" my brother-in-law hesitated for a brief moment. "I mean… we haven't had sex in a couple of months. She hasn't felt up for it."

    "I thought pregnant women were supposed to be constantly horny?" I noted.

    "Not all of 'em," Kris smiled. "So it's been a lot of…" Then, my brother-in-law made a jerk-off motion with his right hand, jacking an invisible cock while making eye contact with me.

    "Haha. Well, no shame in that," I said. "I mean, my boyfriend and I have sex all the time, and I still jack off. You've seen me do it," I winked.

    "That I have," Kris nodded, and unless I was mistaken, there seemed to be some nostalgia in his voice. "That I have," he repeated.

    "You know… maybe you should return the favor?" I suggested, bumping my right knee against Kris's left thigh on the bed.

    "What, jerk off in front of you?" he laughed.

    "If you're in the mood, sure," I replied.

    Kris looked at the door and got up off the bed. For a moment I thought he might walk out of the room and leave me, but instead he turned the lock on the door and returned to sit next to me.

    "Okay then. I do owe you one," he said, and he unzipped his pants to pull out a hairy dick and a forest of dark pubes through the fly of his jeans and boxers. 

    "Pull your pants down, make yourself comfortable," I encouraged him, and Kris heeded my advice. He pulled his pants and underwear down in one swoop, dropping them around his ankles. Next, he quickly unbuttoned his shirt, much to my pleasure as I enjoyed the sight of his hairy torso. My 25-year-old brother-in-law had gained a bit of weight since the last time I saw him, but he was still in good shape and made me want to run my fingers through his hairy abdomen… which is exactly what I did.

    "Mmm," Kris moaned, his dick quickly rising to greet me. The deal had been for him to jerk off in front of me, but now that my hand was so close to his tool, I couldn't help but let it slide down past his dense pubic bush and wrap itself around Kris's meat.

    "This okay?" I asked him softly as I squeezed his semi firmly and felt it grow harder within my grasp.

    "Aha. Mmm, keep going," Kris asked me, getting used to the touch of my hand in no time. Just a few seconds later, his prick was rock hard; my fist sliding up and down its rigid shaft. 

    "You and your boyfriend – aaah – you and your boyfriend still in an open relationship?" Kris asked me out of the blue.

    "Yes," I nodded as I continued stroking his dick with my right hand; my left hand now reaching for my brother-in-law's hairy nut sack.

    "Mm, so – aah – so he wouldn't mind if you, say, suck my dick?"

    Whoa! I did NOT expect to hear that from Kris! Clearly, the lack of sex between him and my sister was getting to him. I looked down, noticing all of the precum already leaking out of my brother-in-law's piss slit and sticking to my fingers. It did look appetizing… Without further hesitation, I leaned down and opened my mouth wide, swallowing my sister's husband's cock all the way.

    "Ahhhh!" Kris moaned, immediately relieved. He ran his fingers through my hair as I combed mine through his pubes – obviously manscaping hadn't been a priority during his sexless phase. My other hand was still holding on to Kris's balls, and I looked forward to sampling the jizz they were currently producing. 

    Slurping on my brother-in-law's dick, I enjoyed the taste of the precum he was feeding me. My own dick was rapidly reaching peak erection, and I pulled down my pants to free it. Surprisingly, a minute or two later, my brother-in-law's left hand was reaching for my bare ass, giving one of my cheeks a squeeze… before venturing into my crack and feeling up my hole.

    "You wanna fuck me?" I said, pulling Kris's dick out of my mouth for a moment.

    "What?!" he asked, sounding shocked, as if he wasn't currently pressing up against my asshole with his fingers.

    "Do you wanna fuck my ass? C'mon, it'll feel even better than getting your dick sucked," I promised.

    Kris hesitated for a moment but then his fingertips pressed harder against my hole, and the next moment his fingers were diving inside my ass. I opened my asshole wider, swallowing my brother-in-law's fingers and obviously impressing him. My hole was smooth and welcoming, and my sister's husband could no longer resist the temptation.

    "Okay. Get your ass over here," he said, lying down on the bed as I got on top of him, straddling him. We were face to face, and I carefully observed the expression on Kris's face as I took his dick and rubbed it in-between my thick asscheeks, getting some of precum on there instead of lube. I kissed his cockhead with my ass lips, before letting them part… and swallowing his dick inside of me.

    "Fuuuuuck!" my bro-in-law moaned, his hard dick going balls-deep in my ass in just a couple of seconds. His eyes were wide open; he was clearly shocked to see how quickly I could take him. 

    "Fuck," he panted. "When I – aaaah – when I fucked your sister up the ass it took us much longer than this."

    I smiled as I bag bouncing up and down on Kris's rod. He didn't need to move or do anything – I would take care of him all on my own.

    "Ahhh, fuck!" I joined in my brother-in-law's moans as I felt his cockhead tapping against my prostate. It made me bounce even faster, going at my own favorite rhythm, feeling Kris hit my G-spot every time I pressed down harder against his crotch. I could hear the rest of my family talking downstairs; we needed to be quick before someone caught on to what we were doing. I was determined no matter what to get Kris's nut before we left the room.

    "Mmm. Mmm. Fuck," we moaned in unison. Unless Kris had cheated on my sister with someone else, this was his first fuck in a couple of months; and unless I was very much mistaken: this was his first fuck with a guy ever! I felt his eagerness, like a teen doing it for the first time. I grinned as I maintained eye contact with him, grinding my hips with his dick inside of me, intent on giving Kris the best first experience possible.

    "Ahhh, fuck, you gonna make me cum," he said soon. Indeed, it didn't take him long at all.

    "Go for it, bud. Fucking bust your nut inside of me," I offered, bouncing even harder up and down. I wanted that seed – the same seed that had knocked up my sister. My own boner swung back and forth, and I didn't even bother controlling or stroking it.

    "I'm serious, I'm gonna cum," Kris said, as if expecting me to get up off his dick.

    "Cum inside of me!!" I growled loudly, staring down at my brother-in-law's eyes as he…

    "AAAAAAH!!!" he shouted. Then, he brought his own fist to his mouth and bit down, muffling his moans of pleasure. His balls were ready: his dick was exploding with cum inside of me, breeding me and glazing my guts.

    "Fuck yeah, man! Fuck yeah!" I panted and I felt my own dick shooting out like a jizz fountain. I'd cum completely handsfree, thanks to the impact of Kris's cockhead against my prostate. My spunk shot all over the man's hairy torso, even getting on his neck and dangerously close to his face.

    "Holy shit, that really just happened," the straight man laughed with disbelief as well as pride. When our orgasms were over, I got up and helped Kris stand up. He still had his pants around his ankles and he had difficulties standing, probably weakened by his strong orgasm. "I'm gonna need to shower or something," he noted, looking down at my cum on his chest and belly.

    "Allow me," I said, bending down and licking my essence all off of Kris's torso. Then, I stood up straight so we were face to face, and I planted a kiss on his lips, feeling his beard scratch my face. "Now, let's go down and eat."



    After taking a nap at my parents' house, I took a quick shower and went out in the backyard to get some fresh air before dinner. I was really missing SoCal weather up in San Francisco – it was a gorgeous, sunny day and I was almost tempted to jump into the pool. As I looked at the water I was joined in the yard by my brother Manuel.

    "Here," he said, handing me a flask.

    "Umm, hello?" I said, pointing at my very pregnant stomach.

    "It's Jarritos, no booze. I just poured it in a flask to keep up with our tradition of drinking in the backyard," Manu winked at me.

    I accepted the flask full of soda and took a swig. "So, how've you been?" I asked my brother, even though I could already read it on his sad-looking face. This year, I was the one who had gotten married… and Manuel was the one who had gotten divorced. His wife had asked him for it in the spring, and this was his first Thanksgiving without his kids. 

    "I'm… okay. As well as can be expected," he shrugged.

    "You miss the kids?"

    "Of course I do. But hey, I get them for Christmas! That's the bigger holiday."

    "And have you started dating already?" I asked, eager to see my favorite brother in a relationship again.

    "Nah. I still feel like I'm in some sorta limbo. But you're right, I should probably get back into the game before I get too old," he chuckled. Manuel was 31, so I wasn't at all worried about him being too old to date. 

    "Do you have any single buddies to go out with?" I asked.

    "Not really, all of them are married by this point. And the ones that aren't I kinda lost touch with after I had kids."

    "You can go out with the twins," I suggested. I lived in SF now so I wasn't much help, but our youngest brothers Mario and Mateo lived here in LA and they could take Manu for a night out.

    "I'm pretty sure the twins only hang out with other gay guys," Manuel noted.

    "Hey, it'd be a chance to expand your horizons," I laughed. Then suddenly, my brother asked me,

    "Have you ever… dated a girl?"

    "I've never dated one, no," I answered truthfully. "But I've hooked up with a few. More than a few, now that I think about it, back in high school and college. You ever hooked up with a guy?"

    "Ummm," Manuel avoided my eyes and looked down at the hot tub next to the pool. "No, no I haven't. Let's go inside, dinner's ready."

    I could tell he was avoiding the topic and wondered if he was telling the truth, but I figured he was going through enough so I decided not to push it.



    I'd always been close to Mia and I couldn't remember ever lying to her, not since I made her believe Santa was real. But when she asked me about hooking up with another guy, I thought of two things: the handjob I got from my brother Mateo in the hot tub three years ago, and the time I jerked off with my oldest brother Miguel while we were out on a hike last year. Interestingly enough, both of those had occurred during Thanksgiving. But I couldn't admit the truth to my sister, what would that sound like?! Even Miguel and I had never talked about the mutual jack-off since it'd happened.

    This year, Miguel and his husband Vaughn were the last ones to arrive at our parents' house. Apparently there was a huge mess at LAX and all of the landings were delayed, including their flight from Chicago. Even though they were stressed, they looked exceptionally good. Although I couldn't pinpoint it, they looked like they had some work done. (Was it Botox? Not sure, I never paid mind to stuff like that. And were Vaughn's lips fuller? Those were definitely fillers.) 

    One of the most interesting people to talk to at the table was Greg, our cousin Toni's dad. Greg was a lifelong Angeleno like us, and since he was a successful attorney I loved picking his brain about the business world. Toni joined in our conversation as much as he could, and I was happy to see that my teenage cousin had matured and learned a lot since the last time I saw him. Whether he'd learned it at UCLA, or courtesy of his successful father, I was just proud of Toni and could see a bright future ahead of him.

    After dinner, the family gathered in the living room to watch TV and talk. Like every year, I would be spending the night in the spare bedroom rather than driving all the way home, which would take at least a couple of hours. Only this year, rather than sharing the bed with my wife, I would be sharing it with my cousin, who was also staying over.

    In the living room, I felt overwhelmed by all of the noise and commotion. Lately, I'd been accustomed to living on my own and large get-togethers like this felt stressful, especially since I felt like I was expected to act like I was "fine," when in reality I just wanted to be left alone. 

    Without saying anything to anyone, I retreated upstairs to the guest room early in the night. There, I got down to my underwear and lay down on the bed with a long sigh. Absent-mindedly, I played my right hand on my crotch and gave my cock a few good squeezes through the fabric of my white boxer briefs. I enjoyed the solitude for a while, but it wasn't long before my cousin Toni burst into the room, stopping in his tracks when he saw me in bed, touching myself.

    "Oops, sorry. I didn't know you were here," he said. "I wanted to pick up some extra pillows. My dad decided to sleep on the couch here, he's not driving home tonight," Toni added excitedly.

    "That's fine," I replied, removing my hand from my bulge and realizing I was now half-hard.

    "You know, I can also sleep on the couch if you want," Toni said, grabbing some pillows and linen. 

    "I don't mind, whatever makes you more comfortable," I said.

    "I'm comfortable either way, I just figured you might want some privacy," the teen chuckled, pointing at my near-naked body and my semi-erection.

    "Oh this?" I said, pointing down at my dick and almost blushing. "Sorry about that."

    "No, no worries," Toni quickly added. "I hope I didn't embarrass you," he said, holding the pillows but making no effort to leave the room.

    "Nah, I ain't embarrassed. I grew up with three brothers, remember?"

    "Yeah, you guys probably walked in on each other all the time," Toni – who was an only child – said with what sounded like an air of jealousy.

    "Ha, well not all the time," I confessed. "But it has happened." Then, sensing that Toni might appreciate this tidbit, I added, "You know, Miguel was the one who taught me how to jack off when we were growing up."

    "Really?!" my cousin asked excitedly, almost dropping the stuff he was holding.

    "Yeah. He's six years older, so he was in the midst of puberty then and knew a lot more than I did," I smiled as my dick continued to grow harder.

    "So what, did he jerk you off or something?" my cousin prodded for details.

    "Nah, nothing like that. We just talked about it briefly. We're both uncut, which is unusual here. Some of the other boys had made fun of Miguel about it back then, and he wanted to let me know it was 'perfectly normal,' just in case anyone ever made fun of me. And then…"

    "What?!" Toni looked more interested than ever.

    "Oh, fine. He jerked off in front of me once, just to show me what it's like. I only have vague recollections of it, but I remember I ran and told all my friends the next day. It was the beginning of a lovely relationship with myself," I said cheesily.

    "One that continues to this day," Toni noted, once again pointing down to my crotch. I looked down and realized I was fully hard by this point, my penis nearly bursting out of my tight underwear. "I wish I had an older brother to teach me stuff like that," my cousin confessed, licking his lips without taking his eyes off my engorged bulge for a second. Then, he asked, "Do you… mind showing me?"

    "You want me to be your big bro and show you?" I said. Even I was surprised by the words coming out of my mouth.

    "Yes," Toni nodded, finally putting down the pillows he was holding. 

    I got up, closed the door and made sure it was locked, and I stood right in front of my cousin with my cock hard as a rock. I slipped my thumb in the waistband of my boxer briefs and I pulled them down, revealing myself to my teenage cousin.

    "Whoa, bro!" Toni sounded impressed. I smiled, happy to be admired. Although I had times when I felt insecure about my body, my dick was something I never had a problem with. It wasn't the biggest dick in the world – I knew for a fact my brother Miguel's was bigger! – but it had a very thick mushroom head that looked rather impressive. Slowly, I peeled my foreskin back to reveal my glans, glistening with precum by now.

    I began to jerk off for Toni, just like Miguel had done for me all those years ago. However, my cousin seemed intent on being more than just a silent observer. He stepped in closer and closer to me, moving slowly and nervously, as if worried I might stop him. Then, once he was close enough, he reached his hand toward my boner… and grasped it firmly.

    "Ahhhh, fuck!" I moaned, thrilled by the sensation of someone else's hand on my prick after such a long time. My hips started thrusting instinctively, fucking my young cousin's soft hand. "Nice, bro!" I complimented his grip on my dick, and felt him squeeze me even tighter.

    "If you want I can also… give you a blowjob," the pretty boy offered as he worked my foreskin up and down my shaft. My knees buckled with pleasure. I knew this was insane… but I wanted to keep it going.

    "Go for it," I nodded, closing my eyes. A couple of seconds later, I felt a set of lips kissing my wet cockhead. While the rest of our family watched TV downstairs, my cousin sucked my pre-jizz straight out of my piss slit and swallowed it all down, before continuing to slide his full lips down my rock-hard shaft. I moaned louder as I felt my dick slide deeper into the teen's receptive throat, and I knew just then that this wasn't Toni's first time sucking cock. The motherfucker's been doing this for a while!

    Placing my hands on the sides of Toni's head, I began fucking his face. I felt my thighs and glutes flexing as my hips pistoned back and forth, moving more and more rapidly once I was certain that Toni's teen throat could keep up with this. I heard my cousin gag and choke a few times, but he made no move to get off my prick. Indeed, he seemed insatiable, devouring it all the way to the hilt, burying his nose in my pubes which I hadn't trimmed for months. 

    "Ah fuck!" I said loudly as Toni's delicate fingers played with my balls. After a while, his hands started to move up my hairy taint, and before I knew it the teen's fingertips were pressing up against my asshole. I expected my hole to clench tightly in reaction, but I was surprised to feel it opening up, accepting the tip of one of Toni's fingers inside.

    "Aaaaaaahhh, ¡joder!" I moaned even louder, feeling a finger up my ass for the very first time. My asshole was super hairy, but Toni didn't seem to have a problem with that and only continued to dive in further until he was two knuckles deep. He fingered my hole with the same rhythm he was sucking my cock, and it was the combination of those two things that pushed me over the edge. "I'm gonna cum," I panted, and when I realized Toni wasn't about to pull back I added, "I'm gonna cum down your fucking throat. I'm gonna cum inside your cocksucking mouth."

    Clearly turned on by this, my cousin sucked my dick ever harder, until finally my balls tightened and I arrived to the point of no return. Toni pressed something deep in my ass (was this my prostate?!) and that same fucking second I exploded, shooting a HUGE load down my teen cousin's gullet, feeding him the jizz he so obviously craved. 

    After one of the most intense orgasms of my life, my cock pulled out of Toni's mouth at the same time as his finger pulled out of my hairy ass.

    "Wanna come back downstairs and have some dessert?" he asked casually, getting back up to his feet with a smile and picking up the extra pillows again.

    "Sure," I said. "Just make sure you wash your hands before you eat."



    Even though our eldest brother Miguel was gay just like my twin Mateo and me, he couldn't be more different from the two of us. Mateo and I still worked as gogo boys, and fucked around with whoever we pleased. Indeed, almost nobody in our WeHo circles seemed to be monogamous. On the other hand, Miguel and his husband Vaughn pretended to be the poster boys for marital bliss. And just like many other couples who pretended to have it all, I knew it was all a façade – just two years ago, Vaughn had sucked my cock whilst begging "Please don't tell your brother."

    I never told Miguel, mainly because I suspected he fooled around behind his spouse's back as well. Every time I saw their perfectly curated Instagram feed, full of pictures of their dog and elegant house, as well as shirtless gym selfies of the two of them hugging, I couldn't help but laugh. It was especially ironic that those posts were followed by hundreds of comments going "omg you guys are goals 😍" and "I wish to one day find what you two have."

    During Thanksgiving dinner this year, I eyed Vaughn (and his new lip fillers), wondering how things were going between him and my brother. After the meal, we all gathered around in the living room, but soon enough people started to walk back and forth through the house. Manuel and our cousin Toni disappeared upstairs for a while, and Vaughn announced he was gonna have an early night as well. Once again, Vaughn and Miguel were sharing a bedroom with Mateo and me.

    After Vaughn went upstairs, I decided to pay him a visit and see if he was really sleeping or not. I found him in his underwear, lying on one of the beds and scrolling through his phone.

    "You left the party so you could be on your phone? Tsk tsk," I scolded him.

    "Yeah, I just needed to relax for a bit," he said, sounding nervous and I walked closer to his bed.

    "Let me know if you need some help with that," I said cockily.

    "What do you mean by that?" Vaughn asked.

    "Well… my favorite way to relax is by fucking," I said, grabbing my bulge and getting my message across.

    Vaughn and I looked at each other for a while, during which I continued rubbing my cock through the basketball shorts I was currently freeballing in. Finally, Vaughn spoke.

    "Thanks– Thanks for never letting my husband know about… about what happened that time when I–" he stuttered.

    "That time you sucked my cock?" I said. 

    "Y– Yes," he nodded. Looking down at his crotch, I could tell his cock was starting to grow… just like mine was.

    "So can you still suck cock with those new lips you have?" I asked my brother-in-law, walking even closer to the bed until I was right next to it. Rather than answer verbally, Vaughn reached for my shorts and pulled them down, allowing my now-hard cock to spring out and almost smack him in the face.

    Next, Miguel's husband took my cock in his mouth with so much gusto, it felt like he'd been looking forward to this for two whole years. He sucked me rapidly; maybe he was worried about getting caught, or maybe he just wanted to taste my cum again as soon as possible. He was a good cocksucker… but I had a different plan this time around.

    "Pull down your underwear," I said, and I went to stand behind Vaughn. He did as he was told, revealing his moderately hairy asscrack and sticking it up in the air so that his picker was winking at me. I gathered saliva and spit it out on his hole, bending down and commencing to rim my brother's husband. The door to the room wasn't even locked, but the pervy side of me enjoyed the added risk.

    Vaughn had probably not counted on being rimmed tonight. (I wondered if his husband ever did it to him.) He hadn't taken a shower since their flight, so he smelled and tasted extra strong as I drove my tongue inside his hole. While doing so, I reached down between Vaughn's legs and gripped his hard cock, stroking it a few minutes while eating his ass. With every passing moment, Vaughn's hole felt more and more relaxed and open. Finally, it was time to set my plan into action.

    "Open up," I said to my brother-in-law as I got up and put my hard cock next to his pulsing hole. Precum came oozing out of me, and I added some more saliva to it to make my very own brand of lube. Then, once I was nice and wet, and I SHOVED my cock inside Vaughn in one swift move, barely giving him any notice.

    "Oh, fuck!!" he shouted, taken aback. His hole throbbed against my dick and I had no doubt he was in a bit of pain. Not like he didn't deserve it – he was cheating on my brother, after all.

    "There you go, you fucking slut. That's what you deserve," I grunted as I began to work Vaughn's hole mercilessly.

    "Fuck yes. I'm a cock-hungry slut and that's precisely what I deserve," Vaughn moaned, making me crack a smile behind his back. 

    "One man's not enough for ya, huh?" I said, gripping Vaughn's wrists and holding both his arms behind his back as if I were arresting him. "You gotta go look for dick other places, huh? And your husband's brother, of all people."

    Thinking back to our encounter two years ago, I remembered Vaughn telling me that I was bigger than Miguel in the cock department, which made me smile once again. I fucked his ass harder and harder and as much as he tried to keep the noise down and be stealthy, he couldn't help but moan out in pleasure.

    True enough, all of the noise we were making had attracted attention. Ten or so minutes later, the bedroom door opened and in walked my twin brother Mateo.

    "The fuck are you doing here?" he said, and then smirked when he saw the answer for himself.

    "Wanna join?" I asked my twin. "His ass is taken, but he's a damn good cocksucker as well."

    I didn't bother asking Vaughn if he was up for Mateo joining us or not. He'd said it himself: he was a cock-hungry slut, and he was already cheating on his husband with one brother. Why not make it two?

    My twin licked his lips and quickly pulled down his own shorts. Vaughn seemed to be in heaven as Mateo came to stand right in front of him. My twin's dick was damn near identical to mine, and that included its size. Vaughn immediately went to town, sucking Mateo off and getting him hard in no time.

    "It's been a while since we've spit-roasted anyone," Mateo said to me, as he began fucking Vaughn's throat with the same tempo I was using on his ass. We passed our brother-in-law back and forth like a ping-pong ball. Now with his mouth full of cock, Vaughn's moans were finally muffled.

    "You've got your phone on you?" I asked my twin.

    "Yes," he said, thrusting balls-deep inside Vaughn's cocksucking throat.

    "Take a video of this," I said with a smirk. "We never know when we… might use it."

    Vaughn mumbled something, but he couldn't speak with Mateo's dick lodged deep in his throat. My twin took out his phone and started recording. I immediately went into modeling mode, flexing my muscles for the camera and going even harder on Vaughn's ass, showing off my prowess as a top.

    The increased tempo was getting to me. After about three minutes of recording, I could feel myself ready to cum. I only made eye contact with my twin; it was enough for him to read my mind and get the message.

    "Go for it," Mateo encouraged me. "I'm close as well."

    Like that, we went harder than ever on our slutty brother-in-law, and two minutes later we were filling him with both of our cum out two different ends. Vaughn squealed like a pig, and when I looked down I noticed him shooting jizz handsfree all over the sheets. I blew my load inside his ass as Mateo fed Vaughn's throat, and finally put the phone away after we were all done cumming.

    Mateo and I both took a couple of steps back, pulling out cocks out of Vaughn's bred holes. I looked down at the cumshot Vaughn had shot over the bed that he and Miguel would be sleeping in tonight.

    "Can I… Can I have a copy of that please?" Vaughn suddenly asked, pointing at the phone in Mateo's hand.



    Getting to suck my cousin Manuel was straight out of my perviest fantasies! Not only was he straight, but he was also a family member; a family member I'd been pining after since I was a kid. This year, I was thrilled to be sharing a bed with him. Once we were all tucked in, I half-expected Manuel and I to cuddle up, or at least chat before falling asleep. Unfortunately, my cousin was so tired (after cumming in my mouth earlier) than he went straight to sleep, snoring loudly. This was easy for him – he'd already blown his load. On the other hand, I was suffering from a serious case of blue balls. After tossing and turning for twenty minutes, I decided to leave the room and go out for a wank.

    My first destination was going to be the bathroom, but once I was out in the hallway I heard some voices downstairs. It was the middle of the night, around 3 AM, and I wondered who it might be. One of the people talking was doubtlessly my dad – he was the one crashing on the couch. Deciding that I was dressed decently enough (even though I was wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs) I headed silently down the stairs.

    Down in the living room, I hid behind the doorway before entering the room. Something about the noise I was hearing sounded… off. And then I realized why, when I saw my father sitting naked on the couch… getting his dick sucked by one of my cousins!!

    Between my dad's legs, knelt one of the twins – I couldn't tell which one. Then, the twin took my father's hard cock out of his mouth, looked up at Dad, and said, "I've wanted to do this since the time I met you at Ben's house."

    "So it must be Mateo!" I concluded. Mateo and my dad both used to date a guy named Ben. I knew they had a history, but they'd never hooked up with each other. Now, finally, Mateo was getting his wish. He dove back down and took my father's prick in his mouth, feasting on it like it was a full Thanksgiving meal.

    While I watched my dad face-fuck my cousin, my own dick grew just as hard as Dad's. I pulled it out and started stroking, peeking more and more overtly to get a better view. I was throwing caution to the wind, and I would pay the consequence just a couple of minutes later when my father spoke and loudly said, "It's rude to spy on people, Toni."

    I jumped, and then I came out from behind the doorway. There was no point in hiding anymore. My cousin seemed to be just as taken aback as I was. He looked back at me, the tip of my father's dick still in his mouth. And then… Mateo cracked a smile. He went back to work and continued servicing my dad's tool, not allowing my presence to get in the way.

    "Come in closer, now that you're here," my father said to me in his usual, deep, confident voice. He and I made eye contact and we both smiled. I took his advice and stepped closer, until I was just a couple feet away from the couch – and from my own father's rock-hard cock.

    Mateo seemed to be doing an excellent job on it! But then, Dad spoke again and said,

    "You know, two mouths are better than one."

    I stood there in shock, dripping more precum than I ever had! As it fell down on the floor, I made eye contact with my cousin who just smiled again and took Dad's prick out of his mouth, holding it in my direction, offering to share.

    Without waiting for anyone to change their mind, I dropped down to my knees right next to Mateo. While still holding on to my dad's dick, my cousin placed the hard tool in my mouth, feeding it to me without me having to reach for it. I always knew that the twins were the most sexually adventurous ones in the family, but I was amazed to see Mateo so willing to serve me my own father's cock, as if this were the most normal thing in the world. 

    "Fuck yeah, you like having your son suck your cock?" this time, it was Mateo who spoke, addressing my father.

    "You know I do," my dad answered, shooting out a wad of precum down my throat. I swallowed it down, savoring the taste. I sucked my dad's cut cock all the way, just like I'd done to my cousin earlier in the night. What a Thanksgiving this was turning out to be!

    Although happy to share, Mateo wanted a piece of the prize for himself as well. He pulled my father's penis out of my mouth after a few minutes, and I basically whimpered to see it go.

    "Don't worry. Let's do it together," my cousin suggested, winking at me.

    With that, Mateo and I both kissed my father's dick from opposite ends. We sucked on his cockhead like that for a while, before Mateo took the whole dick in his mouth and I focused on sucking Dad's balls instead. After a while, Mateo and I switched and I got to taste the dick that had made me again, while my cousin sucked on my dad's sack.

    Back and forth like that, we drove my father wild until it was obvious he was about to cum. I had one of my hands around my own hard cock, stroking it, when I felt Mateo pushing it away. My cousin wanted to be the one to jack me off instead; and looking down at his boner, I decided to return the favor.

    Like so, Mateo and I blew my dad while jacking each other off. My father twisted his own hairy nips while panting "Good boys. Good boys," over and over again. Finally, his ball sack tightened. He was about to shoot! My cousin and I sucked Dad's cockhead and it exploded with cum like a powerful water gun, showering us both in my dad's seed. Mateo and I kissed Dad's cock as he came, simultaneously kissing each other as well, snowballing my father's cum back and forth between one another. Just then, I felt my cousin bust his own nut, his hard cock vibrating in my hand. While cumming, Mateo squeezed me even tighter and made me lose it, ejaculating in front of him and my father while swallowing down the last of Dad's jizz.

    "Phew! I think I can sleep much better after that. Thank you, boys," my father said to us, petting our heads like we were obedient puppy dogs. "Now, Son, you want to spend the night here with me?"



    One thing I hated about staying at my parents' house was the lack of privacy. Here I was sharing a room with my husband as well as Mario and Mateo. It was 4 AM, I'd woken up, and I was unable to fall back asleep. At home, I would get up and watch some TV for a while, but here there was someone sleeping in each room. Be that as it may, I needed to get up and walk around for a while before I went crazy. 

    I got out of bed and found my way to the door in the dark. I was going to go to the bathroom when I bumped into my brother Manuel, who was headed for the same destination.

    "Wanna pee together?" he whispered to me and it made me smile. We used to do that growing up a few times, and I felt like a naughty child as we once again crossed streams in the very same toilet as back then.

    "You can't sleep?" my brother asked me as we relieved our bladders side-by-side. In my hand, my cock was half-hard since it was the middle of the night.

    "No. And there's nowhere to go without disturbing someone," I complained.

    "You can come hang out in my room if you want," Manuel offered as I watched the piss stream jetting out of his hairy cock.

    "I thought Toni's sleeping in your room?" I asked. 

    "He's gone. I think he's downstairs sleeping with his dad. He was probably disturbed by my snoring," Manu said.

    We were finished pissing, and we tucked our dicks away in our underwear, which was all the clothing either of us had on. We washed our hands and I agreed to go to Manuel's bedroom for a while.

    "Can I tell you something?" he said, once we were alone in the room, sitting on the bed. "But promise you won't judge me."

    "What're you talking about, you're my brother, of course I won't judge you," I reassured him.

    "So a few hours ago, something happened…" Manuel said nervously, in a manner that was uncharacteristic of him. 

    "What happened?" I asked, eager to know more.

    "What happened was…" Manu drew it out, "What happened was Toni sucked my cock."

    "WHAT?!" I said, scream-whispering, if there was such a thing.

    "Yeah," my brother said. I was in shock. Not only was our cousin 19 but he… HE WAS OUR COUSIN!

    "How did it even come to that?" I asked. In the semi-dark room, lit only by a lamp on the nightstand, the light accentuated my younger brother's hairy, muscular body.

    "We were talking about jerking off," Manu explained. "It started off innocently enough, but then I told Toni that… I told him that you're the one who showed me how to jerk off. And then… He asked if I could do it for him."

    "What, you'd think that at 19 he'd know how to do it by now," I said.

    "Of course he does, we were just… role-playing or something. Honestly, I don't even know what the fuck we were doing. All I know is I haven't had sex since I split up with my wife. Even then, we were hardly doing it at all, which was a big part of the reason why we split. Other than her, I hadn't had any action since last year, when we…"

    "When we jerked each other off," I said, remembering all too well what Manu and I did last Thanksgiving, even though we never talked about it.

    "Yeah and well… Toni seemed to be just as horny as I was tonight–"

    "No shit, he's a teenager," I interrupted. "He's always horny."

    "And well, one thing led to another, I was jerking off in front of him, and next thing he'd down on his knees with my cock in his throat."

    "Holy shit," I said, wrapping my mind around all this. And then I asked, "So, how was it?"

    My brother laughed before answering.

    "It was good. I could tell he's got some experience under his belt," Manuel said.

    "Did you… Did you cum in his mouth?" I asked, holding my hand on my bulge and discreetly kneading it.

    "Yes," my brother answered while making direct eye contact with me.

    Since getting out of bed, my cock had been semi-hard. But now, upon hearing Manu's story and picturing our teenage cousin swallowing my brother's cum, I was quickly reaching full erection. Looking down, my brother noticed this and smiled.

    "See, you don't have to be a teenager to always be horny," Manuel noted.

    "True," I agreed, fully aware of the trouble my 37-year-old cock could still get me into.

    "You need to go to Vaughn so he can take care of that," my brother told me.

    "Nah. Vaughn and I… We haven't had sex in weeks. Months even," I confessed, still absent-mindedly squeezing my cock.

    "You guys look so happy online," Manu said.

    "Ha! All that glitters…" 

    "No shit. Everyone always thought I had the perfect marriage as well," said my brother. "So you're not getting any either, huh?"

    "Actually… there's this guy… Caleb, used to be a patient of mine. We've been… screwing around for a couple of years now."

    "Holy shit, Miguel."

    "Listen, in my defense, I am fully convinced Vaughn is doing it with other people behind my back as well," I tried to justify my illicit behavior.

    "So why don't you guys just get a divorce?" 

    "It's not that easy, you know what better than anyone," I replied. "Besides, I'm almost 40, which is 80 in gay years."

    "Now, listen here!" my brother said, sounding suddenly sober and serious. He placed his hand on my bare knee, squeezed it reassuringly, and continued. "You're one of the most handsome men I know. 37 isn't almost 40, and 40 is most certainly not 80. And even if it were, so what?! All these surgeries and fillers that you've started getting – which I can definitely notice, by the way – are completely fucking unnecessary. I'm glad if it makes you feel better, but c'mon man, you have a PhD in psychology. You really need me to explain that it's all just a marketing trick by an industry trying to normalize this kind of behavior while raking in billions? So people with some money like you can be held on an even higher pedestal while everyone else feels even shittier about themselves?"

    "Whoa. I didn't know you feel so strongly about that," I said.

    "It's not about how I feel, it's about how you feel. I just want you to be happy, Miguel. And if being with Vaughn isn't making you happy then you should call it quits. You guys don't even have kids; the biggest concern will be who gets the dog."

    While speaking to me, my brother's hand traveled from my knee a bit higher up my thigh. Even though we were talking about serious topics, feeling my brother touching my leg like this was making my boner stir and throb in my underwear.

    "So if Vaughn's not gonna take care of that… should we do it ourselves?" Manuel suddenly changed the topic.

    "Yes," I agreed all too keenly. "But… if Toni got to suck your dick… I want to do it too," I confessed boldly.

    Manuel sat on the bed, looking torn for a moment. It was clearly one thing to get a blowjob by a cousin… but your very own brother?! 

    "Okay," Manu finally agreed. He pulled his underwear all the way down and dropped it on the floor, showing me his hairy, uncut cock. I licked my lips and pulled my own underwear off, displaying my raging boner.

    "So nice," my brother whispered, grabbing my dick before I'd even had a chance to touch his. I let Manu stroke me for a few minutes, which had the effect of giving him a full-blow boner as well. I smiled… and leaned down to take my brother's penis in my mouth for the first time in my life.

    "Ahhhh, fuck, Miguel!" Manuel sighed so passionately as if he was about to cum already. Thankfully he didn't; instead, he spewed out a wad of precum down my throat, lubricating it and getting it ready for the blowjob my brother was about to receive. 

    With our parents sleeping next door, I buried my nose in my younger brother's pubes, taking his dick balls-deep in my mouth. I worked it with my lips and tongue, as well as my two hands, occasionally tugging on Manuel's balls or pressing on his hairy taint as well. 

    Meanwhile, my brother's hands traveled down my spine, giving my chills. Up and down he went several times, until finally he rested his hands on my bare asscheeks and then… And then I felt the pressure as a finger started to go into my hole.

    "What're you doing?" I asked, surprised that Manuel would go there.

    "Toni did that to my ass while he was sucking me and it felt so good," my brother replied while fingering my hole with one digit. "Why, you don't like it? I can stop."

    "No, I love it, it's just… unexpected, that's all," I said. With that, my brother drove his finger even deeper into my hole. "I can take more than one, you know?" I winked up at Manu and went back to sucking his cock.

    My brother smirked, and a moment later a second finger was making its way up my hole. My sphincter relaxed and opened up, welcoming the unexpected visitors. My brother did a surprisingly amazing job at fingering me. I highly doubted he'd ever done this to anyone's ass before, but maybe he had plenty of practice fingering pussy, which counted for something.

    Feeling two fingers in my ass, I gulped Manu's cock even more greedily, swallowing all the precum he was able to feed me. My brother could feel my hunger, which is probably why he added a third finger into my hole, picking up the pace and going deeper as well. He was pressing that button inside of me, the one that made me lose all control and inhibitions. I found myself taking my brother's tool out of my mouth and asking,

    "I want you to fuck my ass."

    Manuel looked down at me as if to make sure I was serious. Three of four seconds later, he pulled his fingers out of my ass, placed both hands on my hips, and he spun me around like a bottle, until it was my ass instead of my face in front of his cock.

    "If that's what you want… that's what you're gonna get," my straight brother promised me and drove his member inside me, making me moan so loudly that I had to bite down on my own fist so as not to wake up our parents.

    "Holy fuck, is this what fucking someone's ass is like?" Manuel asked, clearly in virgin territory.

    "Yeah," I said.

    "It's so tight," my brother replied as he began to thrust back and forth inside of me.

    "Ha! I'm stretched out compared to some," I bragged, letting Manuel know that my hole was no longer as tight as it once was, after taking all that dick throughout the years.

    "No, it's perfect," he told me. "I don't think I'd be able to handle tighter than this."

    Happy to receive a compliment from my brother, I let my ass lips relax so he could pound my hole as hard as he wanted. "Don't worry about hurting me, just go for it," I assured him, as Manu began to accelerate with every passing moment. 

    "Miguel… fuck, man, this feels good," my brother said while going to town on my ass. Twenty minutes later and I was warning him,

    "Manu… You came inside Toni's mouth… So I want you to cum inside my ass as well."

    "Fuck, bro, you sure?" he asked, squeezing my asscheeks while splitting my hole in two.

    "Fuck yeah! Breed that hole with your cum, Manu. Dump your babies inside of me. I want you to knock me up."

    The pervy talk seemed to push my brother over the edge. Three or four thrusts later and he was giving me precisely what I'd asked of him: his fertile spunk, straight up my belly. 

    "Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah," I panted, grabbing my boner and giving it just a couple of tugs before it began shooting out cum all over the bed. I busted a large load, as did my brother, even though it was his second of the night. I could feel all of Manuel's sperm gathering in my ass, seeping into my insides, and I was determined to keep it in me as long as possible.

    Finally, we were both done shooting our loads and Manu pulled out of me. We both passed out on the bed with our arms around each other, panting like we'd just run a marathon.

    "Miguel… I love you, bro," my brother said to me.

    "I love you too, Manu," I said and I gave my brother a kiss, thrusting my tongue in his mouth before going back to sleep next to my husband, with my brother's cum still inside of me.

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