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A Martinez Family Thanksgiving


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    Thanksgiving at my parents' house was always a bustling affair, but this year's party was bigger than ever. After all, the family was growing, and there was a lot to celebrate.

    My sister Mia and her husband Kris had welcomed their first child into the world. Ron Jr., named after his paternal grandfather, was born a week before Christmas last year, so this was his first Thanksgiving. He was a peaceful baby and apparently he slept through the flight to LA down from San Francisco with his parents.

    But Ron Jr. wasn't even the newest addition to the family. Just two weeks ago, my aunt María had given birth to a baby boy. María was my dad's sister and my cousin Toni's mother. She lived in Mexico my entire life, but she recently moved to California because the father of her baby lived here. All I knew about the man was that his name was Ben, and that he and my aunt were not in a romantic relationship but they planned on raising the baby together. Interestingly enough, Ben and my brother Mateo used to be in a relationship three years ago. Ben and María's baby was also named after his paternal grandfather, Nicholas, and for now we all called him Nicky. 

    As for Mateo, I do not think he was jealous or upset about his ex having a baby with our aunt. After all, Mateo had other things on his mind: this summer, he and his partner John tied the knot and went from boyfriends to husbands. John had three kids, and now that he was officially their step-father Mateo spent a bit more time with them. Mateo and his twin Mario were always "the wild ones" in the family so I didn't expect to see either of them settling down so soon. Then again, now that they were in the second half of their 20s, the twins finally started to act a bit more grown-up. They were still party boys, still living in WeHo, but they quit working at nightclubs and they started their own business together with John, who was a digital artist. John made T-shirt designs and the twins, who had a large social media following, marketed them online. They also took care of all the printing and shipping and handling, and I was impressed to see how smoothly their whole operation went. 

    But it wasn't all happy news in the family. After my last year's divorce, this year it was my older brother Miguel who called it quits with his spouse. Miguel and Vaughn had had their issues for years so I wasn't terribly surprised to hear about it; I just wished there was more I could do for my brother. Miguel lived in Chicago, away from the rest of the family, and I hadn't even seen him since finding out about his breakup, which had happened on Instagram of all places.

    Because there were so many people staying at our parents' house this Thanksgiving, Miguel was to stay over at my house during the long weekend. I was the one to pick him up at the airport on Wednesday and I was happy to see he looked exceptionally good, just like he always did. Dressed in his elegant clothes and behind his designer sunglasses, you'd have never guessed he was going through any kind of family drama.

    The ride to my house was mostly spent talking about the hassle of flying during the holidays. After that came the inevitable "God, I've missed this weather," from Miguel, who basked in the sun as if he hadn't seen it in years. After finally making our way through LA traffic, the first thing that my brother did at my house was jump in the shower. When he got out, he joined me in my bedroom fully naked, without bothering to cover up with a towel.

    "Divorce looks good on you," I said, pointing out Miguel's body, which looked even more muscular than the last time I'd seen him naked.

    "Yeah well, now that I'm divorced it's back to the gym every day," he said.

    "I know what you mean," I nodded. Even though I hardly went to the gym more than once or twice a week, I definitely felt a much bigger pressure to do it now that I was no longer married. "How is everything? With the divorce, I mean," I said with a more somber tone.

    "It's alright. All done now," my brother shrugged. "Believe it or not, the biggest point of contention was who gets to keep the Instagram account."

    "You're kidding, right?" I asked. 

    "Nope," Miguel laughed. He and Vaughn had a couple hundred thousand followers and they occasionally did sponsored posts and stuff like that, but I still thought that fighting over a social media account was the most asinine thing ever. "In the end, I let Vaughn have it in exchange for the dog."

    "You're lucky you guys never had kids," I shook my head in amusement. My own divorce had mostly revolved around parental custody. "Speaking of kids, you can sleep in one of their beds if you want."

    "What are my other options?" my naked brother asked me.

    "Well, I guess you could sleep on the couch. Or… you can share my bed," I suggested.

    "To be honest… I've missed sharing a bed with someone," Miguel confessed.

    "Me too," I admitted. My words were followed by an intense moment of silence, in which I could swear I saw my brother's dick twitch. I was sitting on the bed and Miguel was standing in front of me, close enough for me to smell the minty scent of the shower gel he'd just used. 

    My mouth opened. I could almost feel the taste of mint in it. Then, suddenly, my brother turned and mumbled "I better get dressed," leaving my room to go get his suitcase. It wasn't until Miguel was out of the bedroom that I realized my dick was hard as a rock.



    Even though my husband John was almost ten years older than me, I never viewed age as any sort of obstacle. Hell, he was far from the oldest guy I'd ever dated or hooked up with. But in this case, I knew he was the one. We spent most of our time together and we never got sick of each other; which says a lot in my case – I tended to get bored of people easily, and I was fully aware I could be difficult to tolerate at times.

    However, just like everyone else, John came with his fair share of baggage. He had three kids with his ex-wife, whom he had married straight out of high school in an effort to prove to himself he wasn't gay. After over a decade of pretending, they'd finally had an amicable divorce a couple of years ago, which is when I met John.

    He and I lived in an apartment in WeHo (my twin Mario lived in the same building; I'd just gone from living with my brother to living with John). Because our relatively small apartment wasn't the best for hosting three kids, John rarely had his children sleep over at our place. Instead, he spent as much time as possible with them on weekends and during school vacations. Occasionally, he had one or two of the kids sleeping over at a time. Lately, it had usually been his son Chase, who recently turned 16 and got his own car, so he was able to drive himself to see his dad.

    This year, Chase would even spend Thanksgiving with us for the first time. While Chase's two younger sisters were spending the holiday with their mom, Chase decided to do Thanksgiving with his dad, which in this case meant meeting my entire crazy family as well. Frankly, I was nervous. Even though Chase was technically my step-son, I didn't even know him that well, and my family could be overwhelming.

    Chase arrived at our WeHo apartment the day before Thanksgiving. He and his dad talked about school while I pretended to cook dinner (it was takeout, I was just plating it to make it feel more homey). After dinner, I took Chase to our extra bedroom, which had a spare bed and a whole lot of boxes full of T-shirts for sale.

    "Sorry about all the clutter," I apologized to the teenager. "Our T-shirt business has been going really well."

    "I can see that. You've got way more boxes than the last time I was here," Chase said, dropping his bag onto the bed.

    "Most of them are sold already, we just gotta ship them after the holiday," I said.

    "Cool. Can I check them out?" he asked, already opening one of the boxes.

    "I don't know about that," I said hesitantly. "Some of them aren't… appropriate for kids."

    A lot of our merch – our best sellers, in fact – contained NSFW images. Our latest collection was Christmas-themed and consisted of sexy Santa stroking his hairy cock; naughty elves' asses in jockstraps; and even a sexy muscle-bear version of the Grinch. 

    "Dude, I'm 16, I'm not a kid," Chase rolled his eyes. "Besides, I've seen your stuff online," he added with a smirk. "I know what it's like."

    Making a mental note to let John know and have him decide what to do with that information, I didn't fight Chase as he opened the box and pulled out one of the new T-shirts. It featured two nearly-identical hunks with elf ears, groping each other's bare asses in front of a festive background.

    "Is that… you?" Chase asked after analyzing the tee.

    "Oh, that. Haha," I chuckled. "Yeah, I think those elves are made to look like me."

    "It looks like you and your brother," Chase noted mischievously. The look in his eyes made me wonder just how much the teen had seen online. My twin brother and I were known to post provocative pics of ourselves on occasion, using the hashtag #twincest, which always got our horny followers riled up.

    "Just how much have you seen on social media?" I asked my step-son.

    "Oh, just bits and pieces here and then," he said vaguely and then changed the subject by asking, "You have a bunch of brothers, right?"

    "Yeah. Three of 'em."

    "See, that sounds awesome," Chase continued. "I wish I had that. I only have sisters, and they're no fun."

    "And what would you do if you had brothers?" I asked him.

    "Oh you know… Just fool around with them," he smirked. Then, his hand casually dropped down to his crotch and cupped his bulge. I waited to see if he would adjust himself and let go, but he continued touching himself with no visible intention of letting go. "You know, you're not THAT much older than me. You're more like my older brother than my step-dad," he said.

    "Is that so?" I smirked. I had to admire Chase's cojones.

    "Did you ever jerk off with any of your brothers?" the teen asked me flat out.

    "Yes," I told him the truth.

    "Will you do it with me?" he asked, and before I had the chance to answer he was pulling out his cock.

    "You're fucking crazy, you know that," I said sternly, not addressing the fact I was turned on by the scene.

    "Maybe. But so are you. And so is my dad I bet, to marry someone like you. C'mon bro, let's rub one out."

    I couldn't believe the words I was hearing, especially coming from someone Chase's age. But he knew exactly what he was doing. He proceeded to stroke his dick in front of me in a way that showed it off as much as possible, making sure not to obstruct my view with his hand. Interestingly enough, his tool looked just like his father's. For a full minute, I stood there and watched my step-son stroke himself. My own dick was fully hard by now, but I kept it tucked away in my jeans.

    "Aw, you ain't gonna join me? You don't mind if I keep going, do you?" Chase smirked at me.

    "There's nothing wrong with jacking off," I said matter-of-factly, still rooted in my spot.

    "And I'm gonna cum soon," Chase said eagerly, even though he'd only been at it for a couple of minutes. It was to be expected, considering the hormones at his age. He was still holding on to the T-shirt of the two exhibitionist elves, drawn to look like me and my twin. Looking down at the shirt, the teen said, "I've seen photos of you and your brother online. You guys are hot. Ahhhh, fuck!"

    With a suppressed grunt so his dad wouldn't hear, Chase blew his load all over the shirt, giving the illustrated version of me a facial. I wished I was on my knees, receiving an actual facial from Chase, but for once in my life I felt like I should be the responsible one and hold back.

    "I'll leave you to it," I said to my step-son with a wink. "And keep the shirt."

    I left the room and ran straight to my husband, letting him know he needed to fuck my ass as soon as possible. 

    "We can do that," John agreed with a grin. "We just gotta keep it down so Chase won't hear."

    That night, as my husband fucked me three times, I made sure to moan as loudly as possible.



    All my life, I'd wanted a brother, and now after twenty years I finally had one. Little Nicky and Mamá now lived in California, in a small house not too far from my aunt and uncle's. This Thanksgiving was Nicky's first holiday, and we had family from both sides of the border gathering to celebrate. 

    Now that I was a junior in college, my midterms were more brutal than ever. Once I was finally done with exams, I went to Mamá's house, hoping to catch up on sleep. Ha! With a baby and a bunch of Mexican relatives in the house, I was getting even less sleep than I did during midterm week. For now, having a brother was certainly not as fun as I'd thought it would be.

    The evening before Thanksgiving, Mamá mentioned she was expecting to get a bunch of baby clothes from my cousin Manuel. Since I was desperate to get out of the house for a while, I offered to drive to Manuel's to pick them up. Even though Mamá insisted there was no need to do it tonight, I still took her car and drove to Manuel's. Once I got there, it was Manuel's brother Miguel that answered the door. 

    "Hey. I see you arrived safely from Chicago," I said to Miguel as he let me into the house. "How are you?"

    "I'm good, primo, how bout you? You look a bit rough," Miguel noted, patting me on the back.

    "Ah, I haven't had proper sleep in two weeks," I complained. "My mom's house is crazy."

    Just then, Manuel joined us in the room… stark naked and dripping wet. 

    "Miguel, did you use the blowdryer earlier? Cuz I can't find it— Oh, hi, Toni," Manuel said when he finally noticed me. He looked a bit abashed to be standing nude in front of me, even though there was definitely no need for that. After all, I'd sucked Manuel's dick last year, so this was all very tame in comparison. "What are you doing here?" 

    "I came to pick up the baby clothes you said my mom could have," I replied.

    "Oh, okay. I was just gonna bring them over to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow," said Manuel.

    "Honestly, I just needed to get out of the house for a bit. There's too many people there and Nicky won't stop crying y me vuelvo loco," I said testily.

    "Okay, okay, calm down," Manuel soothed me. "You can hang out here if you want. We were just gonna watch a movie."

    "Oh my God, that sounds perfect. Nothing with babies in it!" I chuckled.

    Miguel and I waited for Manuel to dry his hair and get dressed, and then the three of us watched a movie and drank a few beers. By the time we were done, Manuel invited me to spend the night if I wanted.

    "After all that beer, I think it's for the best," I agreed. Frankly, I would've been happy to crash here even if I was sober. 

    Manuel took me up to his son's room, and I began to undress before my cousin had even left the room.

    "Is it okay if I sleep naked?" I asked.

    "Sure," Manuel replied. "I'll wash the sheets tomorrow anyway."

    "Gracias, primo," I said as I pulled down my underwear. Now fully naked, I walked over to Manuel and gave him a big hug. 

    "Get some sleep," he said paternally, giving me a smack on the ass and tucking me into bed. Even though it was still relatively early, I fell right asleep.

    After a few hours of much-needed peaceful sleep, I woke up with a full bladder. I got up and stumbled around in the hallway, unsure where the upstairs bathroom was. Finally, I found it, took a piss, and tried to make my way back to bed. Instead, I headed toward the wrong door in the dark. It was slightly ajar, and I was just about to push it open when I heard voices inside of the room. That's when I realized this wasn't the room I was looking for; this must be the master bedroom. The voices belonged to Manuel and Miguel. But why were they both in the room? Were they sleeping in the same bed tonight?

    I peered in through the cracked door, getting a decent view of the bed. Indeed, both of my cousins were lying naked in it. Next to them, one of the bedside lights was on, illuminating their taut bodies. 

    I immediately reached for my stirring dick. I could sense something was about to happen – I could just feel it! It was exactly a year ago when Manuel shared a secret with me: "You know, Miguel was the one who taught me how to jack off when we were growing up," he'd said, blowing my mind. Now, I was hoping to catch a repeat of that fraternal action. After all, Manu and Miguel were both divorced now. Maybe the two brothers would turn to each other for comfort?

    My assumption was correct. When my cousins' bodies shifted, I saw that they were both fully erect, stroking their boners in bed, just inches away from one another. The light fell on their hard cocks just right, so much so that I could see both of their foreskin slide back and forth as they stroked away. Now fully erect myself, I was tempted to burst into the bedroom and join them, but I felt like this was a special moment between brothers that I shouldn't infringe on. (Spying on them doesn't count as infringement, I told myself.)

    Manuel and Miguel spoke to each other, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Most of the time, they maintained very intense eye contact, which they probably didn't even realize how fucking erotic it was. Manuel was now 32 and Miguel 38; both of them in that area between handsome young men and hunky daddies. I watched and envied their connection… and almost blew my fucking load when I saw Miguel reach over and grab hold of his brother's cock.

    "Ahhhh," Manuel moaned loudly, surrendering himself to his big bro. Miguel spit on his own hand and then polished Manu's prick like a pro. "Fuck, fuck," Manuel continued, thrusting his hips and fucking his brother's fist, leaking so much precum that I could see it glistening.

    Then, Manuel returned the favor and grabbed hold of Miguel's dick. "Uhhhhh," the brothers moaned in pleasure, jacking each other off in the middle of the night. Their moans were getting louder; they were losing themselves in the passion. After a few minutes, Miguel spoke just loudly enough for me to hear.

    "Can we do it again?" he asked pleadingly. "Like we did last year? Please."

    Full of anticipation, I waited to see what it was that they did last year. My eyes got wide and I couldn't believe it as Manuel mounted his older brother, climbing on top of him, with Manu's dick hanging down between Miguel's asscheeks.

    "No," I whispered in disbelief. Was my cousin really about to fuck his own brother?!!

    "Fuuuuuuuck!" Miguel moaned loudly. I couldn't see everything from this angle but Miguel's moans made it clear: he was taking Manuel's dick up his ass.

    "Fuck," I whispered to myself, stroking my own cock even faster. The scene playing out in front of me was incredible! As soon as he started to thrust, Manuel looked like a fucking porn star. His back, his arms, his ass, his thighs – it all looked so strong and manly. Fresh out of divorce court, Miguel sure needed a good fuck, and from the sounds of it, his brother was providing just that for him.

    I watched the two siblings fuck in various positions for half an hour. I did my best to hold back from cumming. Finally, I heard Manuel gasp "I'm close. Fuck, I'm close. I'm gonna cum," just as his thrusts grew more aggressive and energetic. My cousins grunted loudly as they shot their loads, pushing me over the edge as well and making me bust my nut in my outstretched hand.

    "Fuck. What a way to start Thanksgiving, huh?" Miguel quipped while his brother's dick was still inside him. 

    I lifted my hand, disposing of the evidence by swallowing my spunk, and then I headed back to bed.



    The worst thing about having a twin that gets married is that everyone turns to you and starts asking, "When are you gonna do it next?" I was happy for Mateo and John, but I was perfectly content being single for now, and I didn't appreciate all of the wedding questions hurled at me.

    Of course, Thanksgiving was usually the worst for that kind of thing. I went to my parents' house prepared for a lot of intrusive questions. Interestingly, however, not too many relatives bothered quizzing me this year. Indeed, with two babies in the family, it was like I was invisible. I was glad to be left alone, but I was also low-key upset not to be the center of attention anymore.

    With more than 50 people at my parents' house, Thanksgiving dinner was a proper party. Unfortunately, unlike the parties I was used to, this one featured no nudity or sex. After a large meal and a few glasses of wine, I headed upstairs to one of the bedrooms for a quick jack-off session. Surprisingly, after opening the door, I saw that someone had beaten me to it.

    "Hey," I said to the teenage boy lying on top of the bed, scrolling through his phone while tugging at something between his legs.

    "Hey," he jumped, quickly tucking his dick away. He looked panicked, but some of it seemed to recede when he realized I was the one who had walked in on him.

    "Chase, right?" I asked. I'd met him at Mateo and John's wedding over the summer, but we hardly spoke to each other then. "So what are you, like, my step-nephew now?"

    "Something like that," the teen smirked as he put his phone down… and pulled his dick back out through his fly.

    "Mateo warned me you were trouble," I said to Chase.

    "Really?" he looked proud to hear that. "What did he say?"

    "Not much. He just said to keep an eye out for you. I assume you did something last night, but he didn't tell me what it was."

    "Same thing I'm doing right now," the teen smirked as he continued to stroke his cock in front of me.

    "You jerked off in front of your step-dad?" I chuckled.

    "My 'step-dad' – c'mon, he's in his 20s," Chase said, as if that made it okay.

    "Did Mateo jerk off in front of you too?" I asked. I wouldn't put it past my twin to do that. In fact, I'd be surprised to hear he managed to hold back.

    "Nah. But you can," Chase added invitingly.

    "I can what, jerk off in front of you?" I said as I watched Chase's cock closely. "Hmm, I dunno. Maybe I can do more than that. Maybe I can suck you off."

    "I won't say no to that," the teen jumped with the eagerness expected at his age. I licked my lips, locked the door, and walked to the bed, dropping to my knees and waiting for Chase to sit on the edge of the bed. He straddled me and ran his fingers through my hair while I licked my lips. Two seconds later and I was tasting his salty precum as I kissed the tip of his dick. 

    "This your first blowjob?" I asked, looking up.

    "Yes," he admitted after a moment's deliberation.

    "Enjoy," I said with a smirk, going down and slowly taking the entire length of Chase's shaft inside my mouth.

    "Mmm," he moaned, enjoying the sensation of his cock going down my throat. For several minutes, I deep-throated the horny teen, only taking breaks to lick his balls, making sure I don't go too fast too soon and make him cum right away. And then, just as we were getting back into it, we were interrupted by a knock on the door.

    "Mario? Chase? Are you in there?" Mateo's voice said.

    "Hold on," I said and I got up, adjusting my hard dick in my jeans. I walked to the door and opened it slightly, making sure Mateo was on his own. 

    "What're you doing? Is Chase there with you?" he asked suspiciously.

    "See for yourself," I said, opening the door wide.

    "Hey, Dad," the cheeky teen said. "Is that what I'm calling you now?"

    "What the hell are you doing?!" my brother looked at me. I pulled him into the room and closed and locked the bedroom door behind him.

    "Relax. I was just giving Chase here his first blowjob," I said coolly, getting back down on my knees between the teen's legs and sucking his cock. 

    "I can't take part in this!" Mateo said, sounding outraged for the first time in our lives.

    "Then why are you still standing there?" Chase asked.

    "Because… I can't believe this is happening," my brother stuttered.

    "Ah c'mon, don't act all innocent," I called him out. "Remember the shit we got up to when we were 16?"

    I looked at my brother, who just stood still as a statue. Mateo and I made eye contact while I licked Chase's cock slowly and sloppily, like a lollipop, tempting and teasing my twin with it.

    "Is this really your first blowjob?" Mateo turned to Chase.

    "Yes," the teen replied.

    "How is it?" my brother asked next.

    "Good. But I bet it'd be even better with two tongues down there," Chase said. 

    "You're outta your mind," Mateo said.

    "Ah, c'mon. Join me," I beckoned him. The fact that Chase was Mateo's step-son only made this hotter in my head.

    My brother stood still for another moment, as if weighing the pros and cons in his head. Finally, he succumbed to his horniness and joined me on the side of the bed, kneeling down next to me.

    "Want a taste?" I asked, holding the teen cock in front of his face. 

    Without a word, Mateo dove down and swallowed Chase's dick, making the teen shout "Fuuuuuck." Thankfully, the party downstairs was so loud that I doubt anyone heard him.

    From just a few inches away, I watched my twin deep-throat his step-son's tool. Chase cussed and kicked his legs, enjoying a phenomenal blowjob as my brother and I passed his tool back and forth. "How many of your friends can say their first blowjob was by two twins?" I said.

    "Fuck, you guys are good," Chase replied, leaking more precum for Mateo and me to share. After about five minutes, I could tell the teen's balls were ready to explode. I had his cock deep in my mouth, and I brought it out and I pulled my brother's face nearer, so we were both kissing Chase's dickhead at the same time. "Fuuuuuuck," the teen moaned and began to shoot his load, giving my brother and me a facial and letting us take turns swallowing the rest of his cum. 

    "Welcome to Thanksgiving with the Martinez family," I said after the teen's intense orgasm was over. I gave my brother a kiss and licked the jizz off his face, and he returned the favor, so we were all nice and neat before returning to the party.



    One of the first things I did on Thanksgiving morning was take a shower at my brother Manuel's house and push out all of the cum he had deposited in my ass during the preceding night. During the large family dinner, he and I sat next to each other and things between us were… well, perfectly normal. We talked to our relatives, we laughed, we played with the kids. Manuel took a break to go FaceTime with his own children, who were spending the day with their mom's side of the family.

    There was no room for any awkwardness or sexual tension between Manu and me while we were at our parents' house. However, as soon as he and I got back in his car, just the two of us, ready to drive back to his place, the mood shifted. 

    "Are you okay?" I asked, sensing that my brother was suddenly more quiet.

    "I'm fine. Just tired," he shrugged.

    "D'you want me to drive?" I offered, like a responsible older brother.

    "Nah, it's cool," Manuel said, but we didn't talk much for the duration of the drive. 

    When we arrived at his house, I went to take my clothes off while my brother put all the leftovers in the fridge. I decided to remain naked, since we were probably going to sleep soon. 

    "Do you want me to sleep in your bed again, or…?" I asked Manuel.

    "What? Oh, yeah, you can sleep in my bed," he said offhandedly.

    "Are you sure? Because I don't want to do it if it's gonna make things awkward between us. I can tell something's off."

    "It's not that, Miguel," my brother sighed. "Honestly, it's not. It's my kids. I was supposed to pick them up at 9 AM tomorrow so we could spend the day together. And they just texted to ask if I can pick 'em up at 11 so they can sleep in. And… I know it's only two hours but… I don't get to spend as much time with them as I used to. And as they get older they're only gonna grow more independent, and I… I just feel like everything I had is falling apart."

    Nude as I was, I stepped up to my little brother and gave him a big strong hug.

    "Don't be so hard on yourself," I said softly in Manuel's ear. "Even if you had stayed married, that wouldn't stop your kids from growing. Like you said, they're gonna want more independence as time goes by. They're happy, ain't they?"

    "Yes, I think they are," my brother nodded with a smile. "But I don't think I am. This house is just too empty without them."

    "I know what you mean," I said, still holding my arms around my brother's back. "I only live in an apartment, and even that feels too empty all on my own. Vaughn wasn't the best company lately, but at least I had someone there. I might need to get a roommate. At least that would help me with the rent; it's going up again in January. God, I'm gonna be a 40-year-old with a roommate," I added desperately. That was not how I had envisioned my life.

    "Well… have you thought about moving back to California?" Manuel asked. "You seem to miss it. And other than friends, it doesn't seem like there's much tying you to Chicago anymore."

    "Even my friends, a bunch of them moved out," I admitted. "I dunno, maybe moving back here ain't such a bad idea. Not like real estate here's any cheaper, though!" I pointed out.

    "Well why don't you move in with me, at least for a while?" my brother said. After I laughed out loud, he continued, "I mean it! We're both recently divorced, single. I don't know about you, but I've been dating for the past few months and it is depressing. It would be nice to have you to come home to after a bad date to make me feel better."

    "And how exactly would I do that?" I asked flirtily.

    "You know, just someone to talk to. We're brothers. There's no need for us to go through this alone," Manu said matter-of-factly.

    I pulled him back into my arms tightly. This time, my cock began throbbing, stimulated by the friction as it rubbed against my brother's bulge. 

    "Let's get into bed," Manuel whispered in my ear as he grabbed hold of my dick and gave it a few teasing strokes.

    Five minutes later, we were back in his bed with the lights off. I lay facing in his direction, uncertain where this night might go. I felt an urge to lean in, to kiss Manuel… but I held back. But then suddenly, it was he who broke the ice. I felt his body moving across the mattress slowly. Seconds later, I had his lips on mine. We both opened our mouths as we pushed our tongues up against each other. Funnily enough, this moment felt even more intense and intimate than last night, when Manuel was fucking my ass bareback.

    "I love you, hermano," he whispered. "I'm glad you came to stay here."

    "I love you too," I replied softly, reaching for Manuel's dick and noticing that he was fully hard by now, just like I was.

    "There's something I wanna ask you," he said next. "Did it feel good last night? When I was fucking you?"

    "Oh, you have no idea!" I moaned as Manu wrapped his fist around my boner. "It was just what I needed." 

    "Well would you… do it with me tonight? I mean, do it TO me tonight?" he asked.

    "You mean, you want me to fuck you?" I asked in surprise while my brother and I continued pumping each other's pricks.

    "Yes. Unless you don't do that," he said.

    "No, it's fine, I… I'd love to," I assured him.

    "I've been wondering about it for a while and… I'd like you to be my first," he said. Even in the dark, I could see his bright smile. "You were the one to teach me how to jerk off. Now you can teach me how to take a dick."

    "It's what big brothers are for," I said playfully, gripping Manuel's cock harder as we jacked one another off for a few more minutes. Finally, I let go of his manhood and I grabbed hold of his hips, flipping him over so he was lying with his ass up in the air. I crawled between his legs, spread them wide open… and buried my tongue in my brother's hairy asshole.

    "AHHHHH," he moaned out, losing himself in the rim job. His moaning and writhing motivated me to only go harder and probe deeper, I felt protective of Manuel, like I did of all of my siblings. I didn't want him to stress, I wanted him to feel nothing but pleasure. And right now, this was the best way to give it to him.

    I ate Manu's ass for at least half an hour. Finally, I asked if he had any lube and I heard him shuffling through the nightstand drawer. He handed me a bottle that I used to lube up my cock as well as my brother's tight hole.

    "You ready for this?" I asked as I inserted a finger or two in his ass. His hole seemed a bit more relaxed after the rimming, but it was still pretty tight.

    "Go for it, bro," he grunted.

    I did what my brother asked of me. Positioning my cockhead right up against his ass lips, I pushed in slowly. I felt some resistance, but Manuel was a fighter. He told me to keep going, so I did. I advised him to breathe deeply and relax, and I felt him opening up wider little by little. It took us probably five minutes of slow penetration, but I was finally all in.

    "Fuuuuuck," I moaned. "You feel that? I'm all in ya. Balls deep."

    "Fuck yeah," my brother said, muffled by the pillow his face was buried in.

    With every passing moment, Manuel's hole relaxed a little bit more, allowing me easier access as I thrusted back and forth inside of him. His words replayed in my mind: "It would be nice to have you to come home to after a bad date to make me feel better." I could see myself doing this every night with Manuel, switching positions, taking turns fucking one another.

    "You want me to cum inside you?" I asked my brother.

    "Fuck yeah, I do," he grunted, opening his hole for me to go faster than ever, approaching the edge… and finally blowing a huge load inside my brother's no-longer-virgin ass. "Ahhhhhh, he moaned as he shot his own sperm all over the bed. For several moments, it was as if we were competing who can moan and cuss louder. We filled up the whole house with echoes of our passion, before finally settling down and lying down in each other's arms to catch our breath.

    "Is that offer still up, for me to move in? Cuz I think I'm gonna take you up on that," I said, cuddling with my brother as we fell asleep. 

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