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A Martinez Family Thanksgiving

2023, Pt. I

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    This year, things were going to be a little bit different. Rather than having Thanksgiving dinner at our parents' house, this year my brother Manu and I decided to host the entire Martinez clan. Now, on the eve of the holiday, I was regretting our decision.

    "Do you think we made a mistake?" I asked Manu as we both walked around the kitchen in nothing but our underwear, prepping everything for the big day tomorrow.

    "Of course not, we'll be fine. We're pretty much only making the turkey," my brother reminded me. "Everyone else is bringing the rest of the food with them."

    "Yeah, well, I've never made a turkey in all my 39 years. So this one's on you," I said. Even though he was six years younger than me, Manu was a much better cook.

    My brother and I had been living together for almost a year now. He and his ex-wife divorced two years ago, followed by my divorce from my ex-husband Vaughn. Manu invited me to move back to LA, and accepting his invitation was one of the best choices I ever made. After my divorce, I felt lonely, old, and hopeless. Now, I had a reason to wake up with a smile every day. Manu and I had always gotten along well, but during this past year of being housemates, our relationship was better than ever!

    "Are you expecting anyone?" I asked Manu when we heard a loud knock on the front door.

    "Yeah, Toni. He texted to say he'd be dropping over some food," my brother told me.

    "Okay. No need to put on clothes to answer the door, then," I concluded. I walked to the door and opened it. True enough, my 21-year-old cousin was standing on the other side of the threshold. "Hello, Toni."

    "Yup, it's me. Or were you expecting a hot Grindr date?" my cousin teased me, looking up-and-down at my nearly naked body.

    "No. If that were the case, I wouldn't be wearing briefs either," I replied cheekily. "C'mon in."

    "I feel so overdressed now," Toni said as he entered the kitchen and saw that my brother was also dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer briefs. Our cousin carried three large plates of food, and I went over to help him put them down on the counter.

    "What's all this?" I asked.

    "Food from my mom," Toni said. "She might be late tomorrow. She's going to meet her boyfriend's family in the morning and she's not sure how long they'll be there. So she asked me to bring this food over, cuz she knows you guys aren't cooking."

    "Hey, we're gonna be cooking!" I corrected him defensively. "We're gonna be making the turkey. That's the most important part!"

    "WE are making the turkey? I thought you said that's all on me?" Manu chuckled. He placed our aunt's food in the fridge, and invited Toni to hang out in the family room for a bit. One of the first things our young cousin asked us was,

    "So, are you guys dating anyone?"

    "Uhh, I'm not," Manu said.

    "Me neither," I added.

    "Why not?" Toni asked. "You're both handsome men."

    I couldn't disagree with that statement. I was happy with the way I looked but frankly, I thought my brother looked even better than me. And not just cuz he was younger! Manu's body was significantly hairier than mine, and even though he wasn't as muscular, he had that whole dad vibe going on that made him very rugged and attractive. 

    "I'm busy with the kids," Manu said. "I don't really have time for dating."

    "Aha. And what's your excuse?" Toni turned to me.

    "I just have… other priorities," I said vaguely.

    "I'm not buying it," our cousin complained. "Two hot guys like you. And you expect me to believe neither of you is having any sex?"

    "That's none of your business!" I said, laughing out loud at Toni's directness.

    "Okay, I need to fess up to something," our cousin said. "Remember last year when I slept there, the night before Thanksgiving? Well, I woke up in the middle of the night and I… I sorta saw you guys. Having sex. With each other."

    Manu and I looked at each other in shock.

    "It was… actually kinda hot," Toni continued, dropping his right hand to his crotch and giving it a discreet squeeze. "And now that you guys live in the same house… I was wondering if you still have fun together."

    "What exactly did you see last year?" I asked my cousin.

    "I saw you fucking," he explained, now no longer bothering to hide the fact he was stroking his cock through his pants.

    "Who was fucking who?" I asked.

    "Manu was fucking you," Toni replied with a smirk on his face. "You mean to tell me you've done it both ways?"

    Our cousin sounded surprised, and I didn't blame him. Almost everyone thought that Manu was 100% straight. 

    "Yes, we've done it both ways. We do it both ways. Almost every night," I confessed, my own bulge growing at great speed. Within seconds, I was hard as a rock, my briefs no longer able to hide or contain my erection.

    "Really?! Prove it," Toni demanded.

    "You want us to fuck in front of you?" I responded in amusement before looking at Manu, who merely shrugged.

    My brother and I turned to face each other, closing the space between us in two steps. We immediately wrapped our arms around each other and started kissing. I loved feeling his hairy chest against my body. More noticeably, I was enjoying the feeling of our rock-hard boners rubbing against each other through the thin fabric of our briefs.

    Our cousin sat on the couch and unzipped his pants, enjoying the show we were putting on. Now that the shock of him spying on us last year subsided, it felt kind of exciting to do this in front of an audience. And not just any audience – but a member of our own family! I sank to my knees in front of my younger brother, before winking at Toni. 

    The next thing I did was nuzzle my nose and cheeks against the outline of Manu's hard-on, taking in a big whiff of his manly scent. I fumbled at the waistband of his underwear and gave it a quick tug. It got caught on his dick, but another tug made the boxer briefs fall to the floor, causing my brother's meat to spring free and nearly smack me across the face. I didn't waste any time and I started licking up his shaft before taking him fully into my mouth. I could even taste his delicious precum already.

    Just as I was deepthroating Manu, I managed to pull off my own underwear, my dick happy to be free. I slurped up and down my bro's pole, trying to get as much spit onto his shaft as possible. I was so horny, I couldn't wait to get stuffed like the turkey in our oven. My brother must've sensed my mood as I pulled his cock out of my mouth. He immediately got on his hands and knees behind me.

    Manu pushed on my back until I was down on my forearms, my asshole right in front of his face. I felt his tongue invading my hole, making me squirm on the carpet while our cousin gasped and whispered, "So fucking hot." He got my hole nice and wet, slapped his cockhead on my asscheek, and shoved his meat deep inside me with one strong thrust.

    "Unggghhh, fuck bro, you feel so fuckin' good," I moaned, turning to watch Toni as he furiously jerked himself off on our couch.

    On our living room carpet, my younger brother began fucking me doggy-style in front of our young cousin. Manu held tightly onto my hips and bounced off my ass. After a year of fucking, he knew how to perfectly hit my prostate. He got into a rhythm that was a combination of pumping into me while pulling me back to bury his cock as deep into my ass as possible.

    "You wanna take a turn on me, hermano?" Manu asked after a thrust that nearly flattened me to the floor.

    I growled in response, and he pulled out of me. I rolled over onto my back, my dick pointing to the ceiling. Manu crawled between my legs before kissing up my shaft. He spat into his palm, fingering his own saliva into his asshole. Then, he stood up and set each foot outside my hips. I held my dick steady for him as he squatted and lowered himself onto me. His warm insides welcomed me easily.

    My brother closed his eyes, held onto his cock, and started bouncing up and down, fucking himself on me. I lay back, enjoying him doing all the work. Even though everyone in his life thought he was straight, my brother was now expertly working my pole. His sphincter gripped my shaft tightly, so much so that I wasn't sure how long I could hold on. 

    Manu began jerking himself faster and faster. With a strangled grunt, he finally came, shooting his hot load all over my chest and stomach. With that first drop of cum, I shot my own load, breeding my brother's insides. Toni, not wanting to be left out, stood up and erupted, his jizz spraying everywhere – the coffee table, the carpet, and even our naked bodies. After marking us with his cum, Toni looked down with a satisfied smile and said,

    "Now that's something to be thankful for."



    On the evening before Thanksgiving, I was surprised to see my husband John come back home to our apartment with his teenage son Chase in tow.

    "Chase! What're you doing here?" I asked the grinning teenager.

    "I'm happy to see you too," he said. "I asked Dad if I can spend Thanksgiving with you guys, and he said yes."

    "You don't think your family would mind, do you, honey?" John asked me.

    "Uh, I'm sure it'll be fine," I said, still eyeing Chase suspiciously. 

    "You're the best stepdad ever!" the teen said, jumping in to give me a dramatic hug. Now I knew he was teasing me. At 27, I was only ten years older than Chase, and he knew it was weird for him to call me his "stepdad." I'd only married John last year, and my interactions with his kids were limited.

    "I'm really tired, so I'm going straight to bed," John announced. "I'll see you boys in the morning."

    My husband gave Chase a peck on the cheek, and me a kiss on the lips, before walking off to the bedroom.

    "What are you playing at?" I asked Chase once we were alone. "Your sisters are spending Thanksgiving with your mother. Why are you so eager to come with us instead?"

    "Why not? I came last year. Remember? It was you who helped me cum," Chase said with a shit-eating grin.

    "Keep your voice down!" I shushed him. "Yes, I remember. And I remember agreeing not to talk about it, because if your father finds out he'll kill us both."

    John was in fact a very open-minded and kinky guy – otherwise I wouldn't have married him. But I figured even he would have a problem with the fact that my twin brother Mario and I sucked off his teenage son last year.

    "Okay, I'll keep my voice down. Under one condition," Chase said, pulling down his sweatpants and exposing a fully-hard teenage cock.

    Seeing my stepson's dick was almost hypnotic. I immediately threw caution to the wind, and I knew I needed to taste him again. I pushed him onto the couch and dropped to my knees right there in the living room. My husband was right in the next room, but I was too horny to think rationally. If anything, it felt like the prospect of getting caught added to the excitement of this taboo act.

    As for Chase, he seemed to have no qualms, as he was already moaning when he felt my lips touch his teen meat. I quietly urged him to keep it down, but he just looked down at me and smirked, grabbing onto my ears and forcibly moving my mouth up and down his cock like a sex toy. I was able to deepthroat him easily, but the speed he made me use had me gagging and sputtering until drool was coating my chin. I thought he might keep this up until he shot his load down my throat… but apparently he had other plans.

    "Your mouth is good… but I bet your hole is better," Chase said suggestively. I knew exactly what he was getting at.

    "Have you ever even fucked anyone?" I asked, surprised by the teen's brazenness.

    "No, not yet... But I can fuck you," he said with an even bigger smirk on his face, which looked just like a younger version of his father's. 

    I should've said no – this was my stepson after all! – but I was so horny and curious what it might feel like to be fucked by Chase. I nodded my head in agreement. Then, I stood up, taking every stitch of clothing off. I knelt on the couch cushions, offering my ass to the hung teenager. Chase stood up behind me, letting his pants fall to the ground and keeping his shirt on. 

    Before he was so aggressive, but now he seemed almost timid. I felt the tip of his dick press against my hole so I pushed back, accepting him into me. His cock was wet from my mouth and didn't need any lube. I kept pushing backward with my hips until I felt his pubes against my skin. The teen gasped, feeling his cock inside an ass for the first time ever. For good measure, I clenched my hole, imagining I was squeezing out his precum.

    We started out slowly this way, with me gently rocking my hips back and forth on his cock. I figured given this was his first time, he was probably doing all he could not to cum right away. When I looked back at him, Chase had his eyes shut tight as if he was trying hard to concentrate on doing just that.

    Eventually, my husband's son seemed to come back into his confidence. Instead of just standing there, he started to meet my ass with his hips each time I pushed back onto his cock. He was getting into a good rhythm and soon found my prostate. I couldn't help myself and I moaned loudly before biting onto a pillow to stifle the noise. This time it was him shushing me, putting one hand over my mouth, but then fucking me harder and deeper, so it was more difficult for me not to moan. The little fucker was doing this on purpose; he was proud of himself!

    Chase, now emboldened knowing the effect he had on me, fully took over and started fucking me faster and faster. I got used to it and I managed to enjoy the ride without moaning, but there was no stopping the sound of skin slapping against skin. He started fucking harder, hunching over to wrap his arms around my naked torso. His breathing was quick in my ear and I knew he was getting close. 

    "Can I? Can I cum in you?" he whispered desperately.

    "Do it. Fucking fill me up," I whispered back.

    Then suddenly… "AAAAARRRGHHHH!!!" Chase let out a loud moan, unable to control himself. He was breeding an ass for the first time in his young life – the feeling was just too intense. I froze. I knew that I should hop off his dick, put my clothes on, and pretend nothing happened. But the feeling of being filled by Chase's jizz was too good for me as well. I couldn't move. And then the inevitable happened.

    "What the hell is going on here?!" my husband said, standing at the edge of the living room with his jaw nearly to the floor. He was naked. He must've gotten out of bed and run straight to the living room when he heard his son moaning, potentially thinking someone was in trouble. Well, the trouble was only just beginning.

to be continued…

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