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A Martinez Family Thanksgiving

2023, Pt. II

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    Growing up, I didn't really realize that I was gay. It's funny: I grew up in the LA area, there were a ton of gay people around me, and my parents weren't particularly homophobic or anything. Still, something inside me told me that I should be interested in girls, so I began dating them. Every now and then, I stole glimpses of my friends' cocks in the locker room, but I told myself that was normal. I wanted to want girls. I started having sex with my then-girlfriend, and… it wasn't horrible.  

    A few years later, I was dating another girl, and I ended up getting her pregnant in our sophomore year of college. We got along well enough so we decided to get married. The birth of our baby boy Chase made life more stressful, but it wasn't all that bad. Over the years, we had two more kids. But then… the gnawing sensation appeared. 

    I was approaching 30, and I had officially developed a dad bod. In order to take better care of myself, I joined a gym. That's where it all restarted. I was back to checking out men's penises in the locker room. Only this time, some of them were happy to show off. It was a notoriously gay gym. (That wasn't the reason I joined! I only did it because it was closest to my office.) Almost every day, I saw openly gay men fondling each other in the locker room or sauna or steam room. I stared at them for so long that they came to believe I was one of them, so they didn't quit their public sexcapades just because I was there. More often than not, they invited me to join, but I was too nervous and I just said no. 

    Back at home, I began jerking off to those sexy steam room scenes. My lust for my wife, or any other woman, was completely gone. All I could think about were men, cocks, cumshots landing on bearded faces, big pecs, hairy asses, strong arms.  

    My wife was still young, and pretty enough to outshine girls ten years younger than her. I knew if I let her go, she'd find another man in no time – a man better than me. It took me a couple of years, but I finally came out and we went through with the divorce, maintaining an amicable relationship. And just like that, I was single, out of the closet, and ready to thrust myself into the gay world. And wow: it was more intense than I'd ever imagined. 

    In an effort to make up for lost time, I got an apartment in West Hollywood. That's where I met Mateo, who lived in the same building with his twin brother Mario. The twins were gogo boys at a nearby nightclub, and I went there every night when they performed. Soon, Mateo and I were dating, and I learned something mind-blowing: he and Mario had… done things together. Sexual things. It turned me on like crazy, so we began having threesomes. Since coming out, I'd met a lot of kinky people, but the twins took the cake – they were the freakiest of 'em all! Eventually, Mateo and I got married, continuing to have fun with Mario and other men as a married couple. 

    Meanwhile, my son Chase was now a senior in high school. As his graduation approached, I realized I'd never heard him talk about having a girlfriend. A small part of me wondered if he might be gay, but I knew that didn't mean anything: I had girlfriends when I was his age and look at the way I turned out! But the evening before Thanksgiving this year, something happened that made it pretty likely Chase might be gay: I walked in on him fucking my husband in our living room. 

    "Dad, I… I better go," Chase stammered, pulling his hard cock out of Mateo's cum-filled ass. 

    "Stay right where you are," I bellowed, causing Chase to freeze in his spot. 

    The air in the room was thick with tension. My son just stood there with his pants around his ankles. His cock was still hard even though he'd just dropped a load in my husband's ass. The kid was so nervous he was practically trembling, causing his boner to sway and a drop of cum dripped onto the floor. His bushy pubes, hairy balls, and slimy cock made an impressive sight between his athletic thighs. For a brief moment, I felt like I was in a locker room, staring at a man's cock – except this time it was my own son's! 

    "Explain yourself," I demanded, my anger confusedly mixed with a feeling of… horniness. 

    "Well, it's pretty self-explanatory," Chase said, borderline sarcastically. "We got horny and we just... went for it." 

    "This was Chase's first time doing... something like this," Mateo added, almost trying to tell me to go easy on the boy. 

    I wasn't sure what to do next. I was filled with so many conflicting emotions. However, as I stood there without any clothes on, in front of my half-naked son and fully naked husband, I was becoming more and more turned on. Blood rushed to my crotch and my cock started to inflate until I was fully erect. Chase's nerves seemed to melt away as his eyes dropped to my waist, watching my cock grow. He smiled as we both realized he wasn't in that much trouble after all. 

    "Do you... wanna go next, honey?" Mateo suddenly asked me, sensing the easing of tension between all of us. 

    To support his offer, my husband reached back and spread his asscheeks, flashing his freshly-fucked hole to me. I was too horny to say no, so I went for it. I practically pushed my son out of the way, stepping behind Mateo and quickly shoving my cock. I instantly recognized the feeling of cum lubing my cock – my son's cum! His jizz coated my meat and frankly… I loved it. Chase even patted me on the back in an approving kind of way. 

    "Fuck yeah, Dad. Show him how it's done," he encouraged me. 

    "I'll show both of you how it's done," I growled. 

    I gripped Mateo's hips extra tightly as a reminder that even though my son just fucked him, Mateo still belonged to me at the end of the day. I started fucking my husband while my son stepped back a foot or two to watch. It didn't feel weird having him here witnessing this. If anything, it made me want to impress Chase and show him that his old man knew how to lay some pipe. My anger completely faded as I got caught up in the heat of the moment. 

    Chase stood and watched while I pounded Mateo. He truly did seem in awe as I pummeled Mateo's ass without mercy. My son even started stroking his cock, obviously enjoying the show. Knowing I had this effect on Chase nearly made me cum, but I held on for a while longer. 

    "Fuck, babe, your hole is so loose right now. You like getting fucked by a father and son in the same night?" I asked my husband, grabbing onto his shoulders to get even more leverage. 

    Mateo merely whimpered and nodded as he took the anal assault, groaning with pleasure. Unable to hold back much longer, I finally came. Even though I couldn't see with my cock buried in Mateo's ass, I could tell this was one of the biggest loads I'd ever had. I shot spurt after spurt of my seed into his hole, my jizz mixing with my own son's. I finally pulled out, my dick covered in creamy goo. 

    "Clean it up!" I barked at my hubby, who turned around and took my boner in his mouth, licking off all of the father-son jizz that was on there. Then, just as Mateo was finishing up, Chase stepped in and said,

    "Mmm, here. Fuuuck!" My son stood next to me and blasted another load, all over my husband's face as well as my pubic hair. When he was done, I used my hand to wipe the cum off Mateo's face and feed it to him. Then, I brushed my fingers through my pubes, gathering my son's jizz and depositing it in Mateo's mouth as well.

    "Now everyone: off to bed," I commanded.



    "What? No way!" 

    "Yes. I'm telling you: Chase fucked me last night. And when John walked in on us, he fucked me as well," my twin brother told me. 

    Our entire family was at our brothers Miguel and Manuel's house. This year for the first time, we were gathered here for Thanksgiving dinner. In addition to all of the immediate family members, John's son Chase had decided to join the party. 

    "I mean, I knew the kid was freaky after we sucked his dick last year," I said to Mateo quietly as we helped with the food in the kitchen. "But to fuck you with his dad in the other room? He's got some balls, I'll give him that." 

    "And it was his first time, on top of everything," Mateo laughed. "Imagine that." 

    I looked across the room to Chase, who was helping carry some dishes to the dining room. His biceps were bulging in an impressive fashion, especially for a teenage boy. 

    "How was it? How was the dick?" I asked Mateo. 

    "You mean Chase's dick? He was good. Porn taught him good," my twin said. 

    Now with his back turned to me, I admired Chase's ass while he walked away. 

    "Do you know if he's into bottoming as well?" I asked my brother. 

    "We never talked about it. Why? You tryna fuck?" Mateo chuckled. 

    "Maybe," I said with a smirk. A few seconds later, Chase reappeared in the kitchen empty-handed, and walked straight up to Mateo and me. 

    "You guys, is there a bathroom upstairs? The one down here's occupied," the teen said. 

    "Yes, there is. Here, I'll take you," I offered, immediately dropping the sweet potatoes I was supposed to be peeling.  

    The upstairs of the house seemed to be empty. Before we even got to the bathroom, Chase turned to me and said, "I don't need to use the restroom. I wanted to talk to you. I saw you looking at me in the kitchen." 

    "Oh, you did?" I grinned coyly. 

    "I bet your brother was telling you about what happened last night," Chase said proudly. "You wanna go next?" 

    "Go next and do what, let you fuck me?" I asked with my eyebrows raised. "I've got a better idea. How bout I give YOU a taste of what it's like to take a dick up your ass?" 

    Chase licked his lips. He no longer looked as cocky, but he certainly looked intrigued. After a moment's contemplation, he simply said, "Let's do it, man." 

    I pushed the teen through the door to my brother Manuel's bedroom. The room already reeked of sex, and I wondered if Manu was getting lucky with a bunch of girls after his divorce. (Or maybe he was doing it with Miguel now that they lived together?) I spotted a bottle of lube and poppers on the nightstand, which was perfect for this occasion. 

    "Get on all fours on the bed," I instructed the teen. "Take off your clothes first." 

    Chase did as he was told, piling his clothes onto the floor with mine joining them shortly after. Naked like this I could he was impressively muscled for his age. 

    "This your first time?" I asked to make sure.

    "Yeah," he nodded as he knelt on the mattress on all fours, his hips swaying back and forth. His milky white ass was perfectly smooth including his beautiful pink rose bud. Fuck, I couldn't wait to taste him. 

    I stood behind him, kneading his meaty asscheeks before spreading them wide. I licked his crack from top to bottom, making my young bottom-to-be squirm and writhe. Then, my tongue made its way to his pucker. I circled his hole before starting to press in. He must've been eager, as his hole surprisingly let me in with little resistance. In and out I fucked his sphincter with my tongue until he was nice and wet. The teen started moaning, clearly enjoying this new sensation while I stroked my cock to life. 

    I grabbed the lube and coated my shaft before applying a liberal amount to Chase's hole, using a finger to push some in. I slowly pushed the tip of my dick in his tight, virgin hole. There was some resistance, but the teen seemed to be a natural. It didn't take long for him to loosen up. Before I knew it, my entire cock was buried in his ass while Chase happily moaned. He looked back at me with a silly grin and bit his lower lip. 

    "Fuck! It's like your hole was meant for cock," I exclaimed, impressed already by his newfound ability. 

    I tested Chase's ass carefully with a few slow thrusts. He responded by pushing his ass back to meet my hips every time. This kid really did wanna get fucked! I started to get into a quicker rhythm, my pace increasing as his hole continued to stretch and accept my cock. Right as I was about to really start pounding him… the door suddenly swung open, admitting Mateo and John. 

    "So this is where you two ended up," Mateo announced, raising an eyebrow at me. I turned my head to look at my twin. Next to him, Chase's dad stood looking at the scene without saying a word. 

    "C'mon guys, join us," I suggested invitingly. 

    Mateo made eye contact with his husband, who nodded. Then, my brother stepped up to the bed. He undid his belt and let his pants fall. Half-naked, he imitated Chase on all fours, beckoning John forward. John played along and fished his already-rock-hard dick out of his pants. He took a squirt of lube to prepare himself. Side-by-side, John and I started fucking our eager bottoms.

    "You know, it's your son's first time taking it up the ass," I told John with a tad of smugness. "He's already taking it like a champ."

    "Good boy," John said to his son proudly. They looked at each other and smiled.

    Chases's dad and I continued to thrust back and forth, partly in competition to see who could fuck harder, but also making sure not to create too much noise. Mateo and Chase kept themselves quiet by making out, their tongues wrestling as they took our cocks. The whole scenario was making me incredibly horny, and, combined with Chase's tight ass, I was ready to cum. 

    "I'm gonna breed your boy's ass right in front of you," I grunted to John as I began to unload inside Chase.  

    Chase's no-longer virgin hole hungrily swallowed my cum. Hearing me and seeing me dump my load in his young son's ass sent John over the edge. I saw it on his face when he erupted inside my twin. Leaning toward one another, John and I began to kiss while breeding our bottoms. 

    Finally, we all dressed quickly and went back downstairs to join the party, grinning like we were all in on some inside joke. We sat down to dinner, and when it was my turn to state what I was thankful for, I simply said "I'm thankful for family."

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