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Locker Room Exchange

Category:  ATHLETIC 

Cowritten with: Tom R


    I still couldn't quite get over being ambushed, especially by one of my own children. That thought still ran through my head every Thursday as I'd head from the office to meet my son at the gym for our weekly session with Owen. Honestly, if it were anyone else, I would've bailed on the whole thing and just told Logan to do it himself. But since our trainer was the son of one of my best friends, I actually wanted to keep going. Even though he lived in the city now, Owen and I never got together, so this was a good occasion to change that.

    And truth be told, it wasn't that bad. Even only after a few weeks, I was starting to feel a difference. I was a little less winded at the end of each session, and I had more energy during the day. Following Owen's diet and nutrition advice was helping as well. This morning, for the first time in a while, my pants felt a little too big, and I'd had to make my belt a little tighter. Progress! I'd noticed a difference in Logan as well, and he certainly spent time checking himself out in the locker room mirror after every session, flexing and examining his muscles from various angles like those annoying gym types. I wasn't quite ready to be putting on a show like that, but I was happy for my son.

    And Logan did indeed get some spectators during his brief posing sessions in the locker room. While I felt proud that my son attracted some attention, the more general vibe here made things a little uncomfortable for me. This gym was pretty "gay," or at least it seemed that way on Thursday nights. There were never more than a few women around. And the men... they certainly dressed to impress. Or rather, didn't dress that much at all. Some of them wore workout gear that basically seemed like underwear, leaving very little to the imagination. Everywhere I looked there were nipples peeking out of tank tops, bulges displayed in shorts so tight I could see cockheads outlined clearly, and eyes constantly scanning the room, looking to make contact and confirm interest in closer interaction.

    I typically avoided places that have this kind of energy, unless of course I was looking for a quick indulgence. And certainly with my son around, I took care not to notice the sights too obviously. I didn't attract much attention myself in my sweatpants and baggy T-shirt. But more than once, I'd found myself stopping at my favorite cruisy restroom on the way home after a workout, looking to release the pent-up tension in my preferred manner: getting an anonymous load of cum deposited in my ass. Susan never questioned why I might jump into the shower immediately after getting home from the gym, and it helped my mind recover from the stimulating sights at the gym, just as much as the hot water helped my body relax. Logan typically stayed to shower after our workouts, but I wasn't quite ready to step into a crowd of naked muscular men with my son alongside me.

    As our second session in February hit the 45-minute mark, I was more winded than usual. Owen had changed up our routine and we'd started the evening with some sprints on the treadmill, our muscular trainer standing between the machines making sure we were giving it our all. I did, and found I didn't have much left after that.

    "I'm too tired, you two," I finally said, out of breath as I finished a set of bench presses. "I'm gonna head home a little early. I'll see you next week, Owen." My old friend gave me an encouraging pat on the back and told me to drink some water and get some protein in me tonight. Snickering to myself as I waved goodbye to my son, I thought about stopping off for a quick fuck on the way home, and I wondered if Owen would count that as my dose of protein.

    But first, down in the locker room, I realized I still had 15 minutes until my son was done with his workout. For once, that would give me enough time to check out the sauna here. It was good for recovery, after all. And I wouldn't mind the chance to check out the guys who might be in there, muscles glistening with sweat as they flexed and stretched. The thought of it was starting to get me hard as I grabbed a towel off the rack and wrapped it around myself. 

    After a quick but refreshing shower, I stepped into the heat of the sauna. It was a little bigger than I'd expected, but otherwise pretty typical with two tiers of wooden benches all around. There were two other men inside, seated next to each other at one end of the small room. I took a seat on the top bench opposite them. After settling in, I realized I recognized them both. They'd been outside the gym that first day when I was here waiting for Logan! One of them had a perfectly smooth chest with large pecs and both nipples pierced. The other man was a little more hirsute but his body hair was neatly trimmed, in a way that seemed to further define his muscles. They both had their towels very loosely wrapped around them, and the men nodded hello to me as I leaned back to enjoy the heat. I nodded at them and then closed my eyes.

    A few minutes later, I heard some deeper breathing from that side of the sauna, and when I opened my eyes I saw that both of the guys had their hands under their towels and were clearly stroking their cocks. I wasn't surprised, and even though it had been years since I'd been in a situation like this, I knew the drill. I wasn't looking to play around in here, not with Logan and Owen both in the gym. But I wanted to give these guys a signal that I was cool if they wanted to have some fun. My cock was already getting hard and I moved my hand down to grope it through my towel.

    That was apparently the green light they had been waiting for, and a moment later, I was treated to the sight of their erections popping out as they opened their towels and continued to stroke. The one with the piercings was shaved totally smooth, which I found incredibly hot. He was uncut as well, and had big balls that moved around quite a bit as he stroked his dick. The other guy's grooming extended down to his pubes, which were as short as the rest of the hair on him, though I noticed his balls were totally hairless. His cock was impressive, both long and thick, with a large head that was shiny with sweat, or maybe with precum. They were both looking right at me as they stroked themselves, which made my own cock throb.

    After a moment, the hairier one leaned over and took his friend's cock in his mouth. The pierced-nipple guy let out a soft moan as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. His smooth cock quickly vanished down the other guy's throat. He was clearly an expert cocksucker and I suspected he'd be getting a load of cum pretty quickly. I realized I was looking forward to seeing that happen, and I slipped my hand under my towel to begin jerking myself off properly as I watched.

    Things heated up quickly as the cocksucker picked up the pace and I did the same. The smoother guy began to moan again and I got turned on more by watching his huge balls tighten up against his body. I felt myself getting close as well. As his friend started unloading down his throat, the hairy guy's eyes opened and he looked right into mine. He looked so fucking hot, staring at me with a mouth full of cock, swallowing his buddy's load, that it sent me over the edge. Still under the towel, my dick was angled down and I jerked out several spurts of cum onto the lower bench in front of me. I closed my eyes from the intensity and leaned my head back, withdrawing my hand from under the towel and letting out a satisfied sigh. This had been a great way to relax, just as I'd hoped.

    But in all this excitement, I'd lost track of time. I heard the sauna door open a second later, and before I opened my eyes I heard my son's voice.

    "Hey, Dad! I thought you left?" Logan said as he came in wrapped in a towel, sounding cheerful and completely oblivious to what I was just doing. I had a quick moment of panic before realizing that I'd finished up just in time. My son hadn't seen me jerking off, and he hadn't even noticed the other men in the sauna. Those two had already covered up again with their towels, and I saw the hairy guy discreetly use his hand to wipe some cum from his lower lip and chin. I think they both reacted with surprise when they heard Logan call me "Dad."

    "Yeah... I was just cumming. I mean — going," I said as I stood up, making sure my towel was secure around my waist. The last thing I needed was to have my still-semi-hard cock flopping around in front of my son's face. I turned around to look at him as I opened the sauna door to leave.

    "Have a good night, son..." I said, my voice trailing off as I watched Logan sit down on the lower bench in front of where I'd just been. Without knowing, he was sitting right in the puddle of cum I'd left behind. I wanted to scream "No!" but I couldn't do it without giving myself away. So I shut the sauna door behind me, and left my son sitting in the jizz that had made him.



    Owen and I finished up the workout pretty quickly after my dad left. I'd grown to like Owen a lot over the past month, and I felt that I was definitely getting my money's worth in the training, as well as making a new friend. Usually when Dad and I wrapped up, Owen would head up front to greet his next client. But today, he walked with me toward the locker room and mentioned that he didn't have anyone else scheduled for tonight.

    His locker wasn't far from mine, and we chatted about trivial things as we stripped off our sweat-soaked clothes. I opened my locker and checked my phone and was pleased to find a text from my wife. It was a text to say we'd managed to get a table at the restaurant we wanted to go to for Valentine's Day. All thanks to her. Places like that were usually hell to get into. And on Valentine's Day?! Forget it. I really need to up the ante when it comes to her present this year. I only had a few days to go.

    Looking forward to a nice shower, I slipped off my boxer briefs and quickly wrapped a towel around my waist, as Owen took off his clothes next to me as well. Unlike me, he wasn't in a rush to cover up. He got down to his underwear and then took his time, going through his locker. Almost every man that passed by looked at Owen's near-naked body, and I didn't blame them. 

    Today, instead of a jock, he'd opted for a pair of colorful briefs. Absentmindedly, he adjusted things in the front so they fit just right. And they really did fit right, I noticed. His ass looked amazing and his bulge really stood out in the right way. Of course, Owen had a great ass anyway, and he seemed to be pretty hung as well. I wasn't one to creep on other dudes in the locker room, but when someone was as endowed as Owen, it got noticed. By any definition, he was an Adonis and he clearly liked to show off his body, so it was no surprise he had underwear that helped him do that.

    Over the past few weeks, I felt like he and I had become buddies (in addition to being friends as kids). So even though it was a weird thing to ask, I decided to go for it and said,

    "Hey, so... I know this is a weird question, but... do you know where I could get a pair of briefs like that? It's just... last year on Valentine's Day, my wife wore this really sexy lingerie. Pushed her tits all the way up," I said, pushing my pecs together with my hands, "and it looked really fucking hot. They don't really make stuff like that for guys. But what you've got on seems to do the trick," I chuckled. "So maybe if I can get something like what you're wearing... that would help me make her Valentine's a little more special this year."

    "Oh, these?" Owen said, looking down at what he had on and grinning. "I've had them forever, I ordered them online years ago. I'm pretty sure they don't sell them anymore, but... hey, if you want, you can borrow them?"

    "For real?" I replied. I definitely hadn't expected an offer like that. I'd never borrowed underwear from a friend before, or lent out a pair of my own. I mean, why would I?

    "Sure, I don't mind," he continued. "Wanna try them on? I mean, they're kinda sweaty now, but I don't know if they're your size."

    "Uh, yeah, sure..." I said, still a little surprised. "I mean, if that's fine by you, yeah, I can try them on." Maybe this wasn't that awkward after all? Owen was being pretty casual about it, so that made it seem a lot less weird. Maybe it was a little gross, since we'd both just been working out. But I was about to go shower, and obviously I'd toss them in the laundry at home, if they ended up fitting me at all.

    Owen slipped off the briefs and handed them to me, standing in front of me as naked as the day he was born. I couldn't help but glimpse down, and see a large, thick, smooth-shaved cock dangling between Owen's muscular thighs. Trying not to act awkwardly modest, I dropped my towel and took the underwear from him. I put them on and turned to look at myself in the nearby mirror. 

    Owen was bigger than me (in every sense) but these weren't made of cotton or anything else that got stretched out and stayed that way. These felt more like a Speedo, and they clung to me though somehow didn't feel tight. There was a nice softness to the material, and I realized it was the shape created by the seams that helped make everything look better. I felt kinda sexy, and I turned to check out the profile view. My bulge looked huge! 

    In the mirror I saw Owen step up close, still fully naked, his huge cock flopping around as he moved toward me. He reached down and ran a finger under the back of the briefs where they sat on my ass cheek.

    "If you get them right under this part of your ass, it looks even better," he said, and he repeated the motion on the other side. It was subtle, but he was right, the curve of my ass did look nicer this way.

    "And if you just..." he continued, reaching for my crotch. "Uh, may I?" he paused and asked, looking up at me with a smile.

    "Sure," I replied, feeling a little silly myself, but also kind of excited. It was cool to have a buddy willing to help me out in this intimate way. I just hoped it wouldn't lead to another embarrassing boner, like the one I got during our first session. 

    Owen grabbed the top of the waistband right above my cock, and tugged it upward slightly. Then, he ran his index fingers under the edge of the briefs on either side of my bulge, starting at the bottom and moving up toward my hips. I felt his fingers brush my balls on either side, and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when that happened.

    "See, you have to let them keep everything lifted up a little more," he said. "That gives you the maximum effect."

    I checked myself out in the mirror again as Owen took a step back. He was right, things did look just a little more impressive.

    "Wow, man," I said, shaking my head with a little disbelief. "Thank you so much! I owe you one. I'll get these back to you after Valentine's."

    "No rush," he replied, patting me on the shoulder. "Just promise to let me know how she reacts."

    "You bet," I told him, as we walked back to the lockers and I slid the briefs off. As I grabbed my towel, I noticed Owen slid on a pair of shorts not much different from the ones he'd worn during the training session. They were short, and since he was now freeballing, I wondered if he was worried about his long cock slipping out one of the leg holes while he walked. "Nice problem to have," I thought to myself. I wished my friend a safe trip home, and decided to head to the sauna for some relaxation.

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