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Father-Son Double Date

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    They say it takes two to three months to form a new habit. By the time March rolled up, the gym felt like a second home to me. I would come three times a week, including Thursday evening sessions with my father and Owen. Owen felt like a proper friend by now (helped by the fact my wife absolutely loved the underwear he let me borrow for Valentine's Day). 

    Dad seemed less enthusiastic, but he still showed up every Thursday. I don't think he went to the gym on any other days, but he was a busy man. I just hope he wasn't turned off by the fact that this gym was quite... I think "gay-friendly" is the correct term these days. I hadn't known that when I signed us up, but now that I was here it was more than obvious. My family was quite conservative, and I still wasn't sure what my dad's comfort level was when it came to being around gay men, especially ones who wore shorts that were shorter than my underwear. But hey, Owen was one of those men and Dad didn't seem to have a problem with him, so that was a good sign, right? 

    As Owen and I got friendlier, we got more and more chatty during our workout sessions, and I didn't want my father to feel excluded. Which is why I was thrilled when during our workout Owen said that his dad, Kevin, was coming to New York for a visit next week.

    "We should all go out for dinner!" I yelled out more excitedly than appropriate. "If you have the time. The four of us. It'll be like a father-son double date."

    "I'm sure Owen and Kevin will be busy–" my father started to say, but he was interrupted by Owen.

    "No, we won't. Dinner sounds great! After our session next week? Maybe I'll even get him to come to the gym beforehand," Owen smiled.

    The following Thursday, I saw my dad's buddy Kevin for the first time in god knows how long. Unlike Owen, he hadn't changed as much during this time, except for, of course, succumbing to the inevitable effects of aging. Still, he had the body of a Minnesotan lumberjack, no matter his advancing age.

    Owen had indeed managed to talk his dad into meeting us at the gym. It was funny, because I could tell Kevin had borrowed gym clothes from his son. He was even bigger than Owen, not necessarily more muscular, but chunkier. So seeing him in Owen's tiny shorts and a muscle T with the sides cut off made me smile. Kevin was much hairier than his son (who probably shaved or waxed most of his body). He looked like a teddy bear dressed in slutty gym clothes.

    It was very difficult to focus on working out that evening, because all four of us would do more talking than exercising. It was interesting to notice the difference between Kevin and Owen, and my dad and me. Owen and Kev were a lot more hands-on, touchy-feely even. Owen had no qualms placing his hands on his father's pecs or biceps to demonstrate something while Kevin was lifting weights. 

    When doing barbell squats, Owen asked his dad to face us with his back so Owen could point out the proper posture. Kevin took his shoes off and lifted the barbell with ease, even though it was twice as heavy as what I could currently manage. Turns out, he hadn't borrowed only the shorts and T-shirt from his son: he'd also borrowed Owen's underwear. When Kevin squatted, his T-shirt rode up to reveal a white jockstrap waistband, which I'd seen Owen wear during our very first session and a couple of times since. 

    "I guess lending out underwear really is no big deal for Owen," I thought to myself while Owen pointed to his dad's ass and lower back, as Kevin's shorts started to slide down to reveal an inch or two of hairy crack. I mean, letting your father wear your underwear is one thing, but to wear it to the gym?! I guess Kevin hadn't packed any extra undies. Still, I imagined how sweaty they would be when Owen got them back.

    Time often flew by during our workouts, but this session felt like six minutes instead of sixty. Soon enough, we were all heading to the locker room together. Here as well, a difference could be drawn between Owen and Kev, and Dad and me. My father and I got undressed and wrapped towels around our waists as quickly as possible. Kevin and Owen on the other hand, took their time and chatted while taking their clothes off. I tried not to stare too overtly, but I looked carefully to catch the moment when Kevin took off the sweaty jock and handed it to his son. Owen took it in his hand, and just nonchalantly placed it in his locker. 

    "Let's head to the sauna real quick before dinner," Owen suggested.

    "I'm not sure," my father started to protest again. I could tell he wasn't comfortable in the locker room, and I wondered if it was because this was a gay gym or because I was here. I could sort of understand not wanting to be naked in front of your son. I had two sons myself, and I don't think they've ever seen me naked. But look at Owen and Kevin! Maybe we could take a page from their book.

    "C'mon, Dad, let's go," I tried to sound encouraging. "It's good for your circulation."

    "Fine," my dad said unenthusiastically and he and I, wrapped in our towels, followed Owen and Kev, who walked to the sauna in front of us naked, their towels casually slung on their shoulders. 



    "It's good for your circulation," he'd said. He has no idea just how good for my circulation! All my blood seemed to go straight to my cock whenever I was in a sauna with other men. Except this time one of those men was my son, so I needed to fucking control myself.

    Which was easier said than done when I was faced with a naked Owen (and his monster cock). When I found out Owen worked here, I'd picked him as our personal trainer, thinking better to have him than a stranger. Still, it's not like I ever forgot a teenage Owen, a hunk at that age already, fucking me senseless in my beach house in Jersey that summer when he was still in high school. 

    Eight years later, and Owen was sexier than ever. I tried to avoid temptation as much as I could, which is why I never used the locker room or sauna when my son or Owen were there. And now, not only was Logan sitting in the sauna next to me, but Owen's dad was across from me as well. "What a 'father-son double date' this turned out to be," I thought as I watched sweat drip down Owen and Kev's bodies, which they hadn't bothered to cover up with their towels.

    It was interesting, how alike the father and son were, yet how different. Kevin was hirsute all over, and I wondered if his son would be the same if he let his body hair grow. Owen's body fat was in the single digits, while Kevin, who loved himself a few beers with dinner, had a belly on him. Yet, they both had those hypnotizingly blue eyes, and a large schlong hanging between their legs. I knew I shouldn't look, for so many fucking reasons, but here, with the two of them in front of me, sitting with their legs spread open, the temptation was too damn big...

    "Fuck!" I swore silently when I felt my erection rising. Shit! What the fuck was wrong with me?! My own son was sitting just inches away. "I gotta go!" I jumped up and quickly headed out the sauna after making sure my towel was tied tightly.

    "You okay, Dad?" Logan asked with concern.

    "Fine. Just overheated," I said without turning around, and sprinted to the showers as fast as I could without slipping on the wet floor.

    I rushed to the nearest stall, the one with disabled access, and shut the door behind me before dropping my towel and turning on the cold water. I stepped under the water, which felt rejuvenating after sitting in the hot sauna. In just a few seconds, it helped the blood clear out from my head. Still, my erection persisted.

    Knock knock, I heard on the frosted glass door. "You alright?" Owen's voice said.

    "Ye–," I coughed to clear my throat. "Yeah. I'm alright."

    "I'm by myself."

    I understood what he meant by that, and I unbolted the door.

    The shower stall was big enough for Owen to step into without getting wet. He was still naked, with his towel on his shoulder.

    "What happened back there?" he asked, sounding like a father, or a coach.

    "I just got too hot, okay?" I answered like a petulant child. Owen remained, waiting patiently, and a few seconds later I told the truth. I did it with my eyes closed, my face under the stream of water. It felt easier that way.

    "There's a reason why I don't usually use the locker room or sauna here, especially when Logan's around," I said. With the water running, I was confident no one else could hear us. "I was looking at your cock and... I started to get hard."

    "I can see that," Owen chuckled, probably looking at my dick.

    "Yeah, well, you were sitting there, with your dad, and I lost it. That's what I get for being a perv."

    "Don't be so harsh on yourself," Owen said sympathetically. "Listen, if you just wanna take a shower I can leave you alone. Or..."

    I opened my eyes to see Owen was now just as hard as I was. His dick was pointing toward me, and all of a sudden I knew just what I wanted. 

    I pulled down the plastic seat that was attached on the wall, and I sat down. Owen hung up his towel and stepped closer to me, until his cockhead was right at my lips.

    "I want you to fuck my face," I begged, looking up and making eye contact with my buddy's son.

    The water stopped running, and Owen ran it again. Neither of us was under the shower, but we wanted to mask our action. We could hear people walking around, using the other showers. I wondered if any of those people were my son and Owen's dad.

    I opened my mouth and Owen slipped his giant cock inside of it. Within seconds I felt the tip of it pushing against my throat, making me gag, but I had to control myself. Owen placed one hand on the back of my head. I'd told him I wanted him to fuck my face, and that's what he was about to do.

    With my eyes closed, I let my personal trainer use my head like it were just an object for his sexual pleasure. While he thrusted back and forth inside my mouth and throat, I thought back of all the anonymous hookups I'd had over the years. By now, it must've been hundreds. 

    It started off innocently enough: "I'll just jerk off next to someone at the urinals." "Okay, maybe I'll let him put his hand on my dick, and I'll grab his." Next thing I know, I was down on my knees, sucking strangers' cocks without even looking up at their faces. From there, I was offering my ass up to any willing fucker. Some weeks, I'd spend every single lunch break cruising in restrooms. I started to crave loads inside my hole and down my throat. I would be home late for dinner with the family. I would kiss my wife and kids while the taste of some stranger's spunk was still in my mouth. I would put my children to bed and then go fuck my wife while a man's cum was dripping out of my asshole.

    "Yeah, you like that? You need it, don't ya?" a teenage Owen had asked me that summer in the beach house, while pulling my hair and fucking me doggy style in my bed. Even at that age, he could tell what a cock slut I was. And he'd never told anyone. Not even his dad, as far as I could tell.

    I wrapped my right hand around my cock, which had somehow become even harder. My left hand wandered to Owen's smooth balls and started to tug on them while he fucked my face, making me drool all over myself. I finally opened my eyes and looked up at Owen. He looked like he was in pain, but I knew that wasn't the case. He was about to cum, and he was trying to hold himself back from grunting out loud.

    "Hhhhh," he let out a loud hiss, and I felt his cum spilling down my throat. After all the loads I'd swallowed in my life, this tasted better than any. 

    "Mmm," I moaned softly, still making eye contact with him and swallowing his load just as I started shooting mine. I wanted to scream out in pleasure but I held back, nursing on Kevin's son's dick instead, sucking out every drop of cum his balls could provide.

    When we were both done, Owen washed his cock under the shower and said, "You or me? Who's going out first?"

    "You go," I said, barely able to breathe, still sitting down on the seat. Owen left and I had to get myself up to lock the door. I went back down under the cold stream of water, feeling rejuvenated once again.

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