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Late at Night in the Hot Tub

Category:  ATHLETIC 

Cowritten with: Tom R

APRIL 2012 | OWEN:

    Working as a personal trainer sure was a good way to meet some interesting people. This year, however, my favorite clients were proving to be Mark and his son Logan. People who I'd known since I was a child, but who I was getting the chance to meet all over again as an adult.

    Now that I was older, I saw certain things differently. Growing up, Mark always seemed like the most stuck-up of my dad's buddies. Now, I saw him as the most vulnerable one. Whether he was gay, or whatever his business was, I didn't know for sure. Throughout my years in New York, I'd met plenty of men like that. Undoubtedly, "discreet" is how he would describe himself.

    There was no question, though, that Mark adored his family and would do anything for them. I guess that's precisely why he felt like he couldn't come out of the closet. I'm sure that's why he never usually used the showers or sauna at the gym: he didn't want his son "catching" him staring at some guy. Not every father and son could be as open with one another as my dad and me, I figured. Still, I wished Mark would dare come out of his shell a little bit. His son wasn't nearly as judgmental as Mark might think.

    Indeed, the more I got to know Logan the more I liked him. We'd struck a friendship over the past few months, and I was always happy to see him for our scheduled Thursday-evening sessions. He seemed grounded, yet adventurous; cautious at first but all-in on something when he was excited about it. There weren't many straight men who I considered friends, and Logan was quickly becoming one of them.

    Lately, the gym had been absolutely packed! With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, people were scrambling to work on their summer bodies. It wasn't until midnight on some nights when the gym finally started to empty out. That seemed to be the case this Monday night as well. I was just wrapping up my session with my last client for the day, when I saw a familiar face across the gym floor.

    "Logan! Hey, buddy. What're you up to?" I walked up to Mark's son and patted him on the back. Usually we'd go for a hug, but we were both way too sweaty for that right now.

    "I thought I'd go for a late-night workout today," Logan said, wiping sweat off his forehead with his towel. "Figured I'd come when it's not so busy. But I'm done now. Completely exhausted!"

    Logan and I headed to the locker room together. I was happy to bump into him... even if he was being a cockblock right now without knowing it.

    Usually, this late at night, the gym was even cruisier than normal (which is saying a lot, since this was one of the cruisiest gyms in New York). I often had my dick sucked or managed to fuck someone before heading home. Now, it seemed like I'd be catching up with Logan instead.

    "Wanna head over to the hot tub for a while?" I asked him as we undressed in the locker room.

    "That sounds great," he said, tossing his towel over his shoulder and heading in that direction. For a moment, I had a sense of déjà-vu... But how could that be? I'd never seen Logan's ass like this before. And then it hit me: he had the same exact ass as his father! Especially back when Mark was younger, the time I fucked him for the first time in their beach house. "Ha!" I chuckled to myself, noting that on the couple of occasions when I'd seen Logan in the locker room before, he'd always worn his towel around his waist. "At least someone in that family is coming out of his shell."

    When we got to the hot tub, we hung our towel on hooks and walked to the open shower that was right next to the tub. We took a quick shower one after the other before lowering ourselves into the soothing warm water of the hot tub and sighing deeply. Logan was to my right, and I reached behind him to turn on the jets, which made him jump in surprise.

    "Thought you were putting your arm around me," he laughed.

    "Aww, well aren't you a romantic," I said, and jokingly gave my buddy a hug and a squeeze for a couple of seconds, before retreating my arm. 

    Each of us then found a jet to massage our shoulders and spent the next few minutes with our eyes closed in silence as the water did its work.

    "Fuck! We should do this after every workout," I heard Logan say, and I smiled a little. Logan was usually a little more reserved with his language, and it was nice to see him getting more comfortable with me.

    We lay undisturbed, until a couple of minutes later I felt someone else stepping into the tub. I opened my eyes a little and saw two guys slipping into the water on the opposite side from Logan and me. I nodded hello, and they smiled back. They were regulars here, I saw them fairly often. They were both a little older than me, maybe in their mid-thirties. One of them had pierced nipples and a Prince Albert, and was baby-smooth all over. I loved being clean shaven everywhere as well, and it was always hot to check out men who were into the same thing. 

    The other guy was also very sexy. He was moderately hairy and in excellent shape. As it disappeared into the water, I noticed that his thick cock seemed half-hard. I wasn't sure if these two were a couple of just fuck buddies. What I knew for sure, was that they were definitely the resident gym sluts. I glanced over at Logan, and his eyes were still closed.

    After a few more minutes of relaxation, I heard a faint noise coming from the other side of the tub. I looked over at our two tubmates and saw that they were making out. They were both moaning softly, but loud enough where I could hear it over the sound of the jets. They noticed me looking... and that seemed to turn them on. Things heated up from there. The hairy guy reached over to play with the ring in his friend's right nipple, gently tugging on it in various directions. The smooth guy's arm slipped under the water, and I could tell he was starting to play with his buddy's cock. 

    I looked over at Logan again and his eyes were open now, though he still had a sedate look on his face. He was watching the guys across from us just as calmly as I was. I couldn't get a read on him, so I scooted a little closer to my right.

    "Hey Logan, you wanna head to the sauna?" I asked softly. I figured it would give him an out if he was feeling uncomfortable.

    "Nah. We just got here. Let's stay a bit longer," he said nonchalantly. The two men started whispering to each other as well, their hands still roaming all over each other's bodies. Logan and I watched them for a few more moments, until they stood up, and I realized their cocks were both fully hard by now. 

    With their boners bobbing right in our faces, the two men moved slowly as they got out of the tub and headed to the shower that was right next to it.



    This late at night, this place seemed like a whole different gym. Out on the gym floor, the crowd went from 80% men to 99% men. And that wasn't the only difference.

    When Owen and I sat in the hot tub and the two gay guys across from us started making out, I was taken aback for a moment but quickly realized that this might not be that unusual here. Owen certainly didn't react like it was a big deal, and he worked here, so I guess he'd know. 

    He asked if I wanted to leave and I could tell that what he really wanted to ask was "Are you comfortable with this?" The truth was, I wasn't uncomfortable. It wasn't anything I was used to (especially since the guys seemed to progress from making out to stroking each other's dicks under the water) but sitting here next to Owen made me feel safe, and indeed, curious.

    Soon, the two men got up and exposed their erections. They headed for the shower right in front of us, and I had a feeling they were going to do more than wash each other's backs. My heart started beating faster, though that could have been from the heat of the water. 

    I glanced over at Owen, whose eyes were locked on the guys in the shower as they soaped up, their hands on one another more than their own bodies. They weren't kissing any longer but there was still an intensity about their actions. Owen suddenly looked over at me, a wry smile on his face.

    "Have you ever messed around with a guy?" he asked me suddenly, which was certainly not a question I had expected. I felt my face blush and hoped he couldn't tell with all the heat in the air around us.

    "Oh, you know..." I said after a second, feeling unsure about how to answer. If any other friend had asked me this, I would have just said "nah, man" and laughed it off.

    "I, uh... did some stuff with a buddy at summer camp growing up," I admitted, surprising myself with my honesty. "Just like... jerking off together. And the same thing once with this guy in college. But I was always into girls. So just... normal stuff guys do when growing up, I guess. Right?"

    I felt a little silly after saying that. I wasn't ashamed of those things and I didn't need reassurance or validation from Owen. But this was also something that I hadn't ever told anyone about, not even my wife. So I guess I was feeling a little vulnerable, though I had no worry that my friend would be anything but understanding.

    "There's no such thing as 'normal', buddy," Owen replied. "There's just what's right for you. Everyone's a little different, you know?"

     "Yeah," I nodded after a brief moment, smiling. "I like the way you put that."

    I liked Owen's outlook on life. Next, there was a clicking sound and the jets in the hot tub turned off. I was about to ask if we should turn them back on or get out to cool off, when I heard a faint moan coming from the shower across from us.

    I returned my attention to the two men and was truly shocked to see that the one with the piercings had turned to face the wall, and the hairier guy was starting to fuck him. In full view of me and Owen, and anyone else who might walk by!! Even though there weren't too many people at this hour, the locker room certainly wasn't empty, and the voices of other men echoed in the distance.

    I shook my head, which was starting to overheat from the tub as well as from what I was seeing. I could actually see the hairy guy's cock disappearing slowly into his buddy's asshole. This was WILD! Apart from running across the occasional photo when browsing internet porn, I'd never seen two men fuck before. I found that I couldn't look away, though when I sensed Owen looking at me I turned to meet his gaze.

    His expression was a mix of amusement and curiosity, and I had the feeling that he was checking up on me again, making sure that I was okay. I just smiled and looked back at the two guys as they continued to have sex out in the open. By now, they had moved into a steady rhythm. The guy getting fucked had one arm bracing himself against the wall, and his other hand was working his own hard, pierced cock. The metal ring at the tip wobbled as he stroked himself back and forth.

    The guy doing the fucking had one hand on his friend's hip and the other was reaching around to tug one of the pierced nipples. Judging by their faces, they were both enjoying themselves immensely. I had sometimes wondered what it would feel like to get fucked in the ass. That's something I couldn't even admit to Owen.

    The sight in front of me made me think back to the time I'd jerked off with that guy in college. It happened in the middle of the night in a public shower as well. Right after homecoming; the whole residence hall had been partying, and was finally starting to quiet down and go to sleep. I went to take a shower to sober up, and there was one other guy there. He was straight as well (or at least that's what I assumed since I'd seen him around with his girlfriend). He was jerking off, and when I walked in he turned to the side, trying to hide it.

    Walking in on him was sort of hot, plus, I was drunk. I took the shower next to him and started lathering up my own cock and jerking off. When he noticed what I was doing, the guy stopped trying to hide and we both started stroking openly. Next thing I know, we had our hands on each other's cocks! We kept inching closer, and the guy placed one hand on my ass. He gave it a squeeze, but as his fingers got closer to my hole I gently moved his hand away, indicating that my asshole was off limits.

    We both shot our loads on each other and it felt amazing! I'd gone to sleep and slept like a baby that night. I saw the guy every now and then and we'd grin and nod at each other, but nothing more came of it. For months afterwards, I wondered what would've happened if I'd let him play with my ass (maybe even fuck it?) and I regretted missing out on my one shot.

    As I sat next to Owen and watched the guys in the gym shower, I wondered if I could take a cock as easily as the guy with the piercings could. Probably not; he was no doubt used to it. I asked myself how often guys got fucked here at the gym. Did Owen fuck guys here? He must get a ton of offers. After all, he was one of the hottest guys here. Plus he had a huge cock even when soft, I could only imagine what it was like when he was hard. I wasn't used to imagining my friends' hard cocks, but the longer I sat in this hot tub the hazier and drunker I felt (even though I was stone-cold sober).

    I'm not sure where my thoughts would have taken me, but they were interrupted by a few moans from the exhibitionists in the shower, this time from the hairy guy. I realized he was about to cum, and with one final shove he buried his cock deep in his friend's ass. He was silent as he shot his load, his face scrunched up in silent pleasure. The smooth guy was pushing his ass backward and his eyes were also closed. He wasn't cumming but it seemed like he was pausing to savor the moment. Could he feel the load shooting up inside of him? What did that feel like?

    The two men pulled apart slowly and they rinsed up quickly before heading back to the locker room. I heard Owen let out a long breath, and I looked over to see he had a smile on his face.

    "That was... something," I chuckled. "Did you enjoy the show?" I tried to pass my question off as a joke.

    "Looks like we both did," Owen replied with a wide grin. It was only then that I looked down at the water and realized we were both rock hard. Despite the distorting effect of the water, I noticed that Owen's hard cock was as giant as I'd suspected. I caught myself staring at it, before quickly looking away and covering up my own boner.

    "Looks like I'll be waking up the missus when I get home," I forced a laugh. "Speaking of, better head out soon."

    "Sure, buddy," Owen nodded with a smile, not bothering to hide his hard cock as we got out of the hot tub and headed to our lockers.

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