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Horny Men Do Crazy Things

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    "Fuck!" I sighed, edging myself almost to the point of cumming but then holding back. My cock was rock hard with all the blood pulsing through it, precum leaking from its super-sensitive tip. I was lying naked in my bed in my father's house. It was one of the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve, with not much to do but jerk off half the day.

    I curled my toes as I rubbed my cockhead with my left thumb, before bringing it up to my lips and licking the precum off. My cock was kept even harder by the metal cockring I had on. It was a new purchase; I'd bought it the other day when my son and I ended up going to a sex shop together. While he was trying on some underwear, I noticed this gorgeous ring that I couldn't keep my hands off. I tried it on right there and then (luckily, I was friendly with the shop assistant) before going back to the fitting rooms to check up on Callum, who was trying on some underwear.

    I know a lot of parents wouldn't take their child into a sex shop, but when you grow up someplace like San Francisco you start to think... a bit outside the box. Besides, Callum was 16, not six. At his age I was already having sex, and Callum was not so innocent either, seeing as he's already sucked another man's cock right in front of my eyes. 

    Right now, my son and my youngest brother were playing computer games in the neighboring room. They were loud and had their door open, so I could hear them while I was trying to jerk off. "This must be what being a dad is like," I thought, trying to rub one out while the kids were being rowdy in the next room.

    I looked down at my pulsing, precum-leaking dick, and it was too hot not to take a picture of it. I reached for my phone, snapped a pic, and sent it to Cat over in Britain. She and I didn't talk so much now that I was out of the country, but I'd be back soon enough. To my surprise, she texted right back. It was the middle of the night in London, but I guess she was up, possibly feeling as horny as I was.

    "Can't sleep, Kitty Cat?" I tried typing with one hand while still stroking my boner.

    "No. Especially not now after seeing that cock. Fuck. 😛"

    "Yeah? What do you wanna do with it?"

    I had to wait for two or three minutes before getting a response. I could hear Callum and Blake in the next room, and I continued to jack off.

    "I wanna taste it. I wanna put it in my mouth and see what it tastes like."

    "It tastes pretty good, if I say so myself," I responded while bringing another dollop of my precum up to my lips and sucking it off my finger.

    "I wanna feel your cum go down my throat, Daddy," Cat replied.

    "Why don't you send me a pic? I'm about to cum."

    Another couple of minutes later, I got an ass pic from Cat. She'd already sent me this one before, but I didn't wanna bring that up. "Fuck," I moaned while I admired her ass. I never thought of myself as neither a tits nor an ass man, because I liked both. But I'd been developing a particular fascination with asses lately. They were heavily featured in my recent browsing history. Not to mention, I even got a close-up view of my son's ass at the sex shop that time.

    Just as I was about to go off the edge and start cumming, as if he could sense it, Callum knocked on my door.

    "Dad! Blake and I are ordering food. Do you want something?"

    "Hold on, Callum," I moaned back. Just a second or two and... FUCK! I closed my eyes and curled my toes, tugging on my balls with my left hand as my right hand pumped up and down my erection until I started to shoot cum everywhere. It felt fucking amazing! And the door was unlocked. The thought that my son might open it and walk in on me made it... even hornier, in some fucked up way. I loved acting risky and I loved being inappropriate, and this was a first for me. When I was about Callum's age I walked in on my own father jacking off once, and the memory came back to me as I blew my load all over my chest and stomach. 

    I enjoyed the wonderful after-effect of my orgasm for a few seconds, before getting up and walking to the door. I opened it, poking out my head and my upper torso, without revealing my still-hard cock down south.

    "Hey," I smiled at my son. 

    "You hungry?" he asked. Instead of looking me in the eyes, he was staring right at my bare chest.

    "Sure. Whatever you and Blake are having, just order some for me as well. Thanks," I winked at Callum and shut the door. Looking down, I realized I had some cum dripping down my chest.

    "Fuck," I laughed to myself. That is when my phone pinged.

    "Did you cum?" read a message from Cat. 

    "Sure did," I replied, and attached a photo of my naked body with cum dripping all over it.



    On New Year's Eve, my grandfather was throwing a large party at his house. I was excited about it, until I realized most of the guests were 50+. Still, they drank and cussed more than my schoolmates, which definitely came as a surprise. I could tell by their clothes that they were all very successful businessmen, and this wasn't really the behaviour I expected from people like that. Turns out I was wrong.

    So far in San Francisco, my dad and I stayed at Granddad's house, which was big enough for the whole family (the word "family" still made me feel warm and fuzzy when I thought about it). But tonight, Dad said to tell him when I got sick of the party, and he and I would go to his apartment here in the city and crash there, rather than wait for the party to be over.

    For the first couple of hours, I socialised with some of the guests and answered questions about meeting my dad and living in London. After a while, though, people got bored with my story and moved on to other topics, which was perfectly fine by me. Blake and I were allowed to drink all the champagne we wanted, and we were drunk by midnight. By 1 AM, Blake had his head in the toilet, vomiting his guts out.

    I walked around Granddad's house, looking for my father to ask when we could leave. He wasn't anywhere to be found downstairs so I went up to his room. In my drunken state, I didn't even think to knock before opening the door.

    "Dad, can we go soon? Blake's sick and he's going to bed and I'm getting tired as wel–"

    Just then, I stopped because I realised my father wasn't alone. He wasn't clothed, either. He was stark naked, fucking a young woman while standing up. She still had her tight, short dress on, but it was pulled up and my father was fucking her up the arse.

    "I'll be done in a couple of minutes and we can leave then," Dad said, making eye contact with me. For a split second, I noticed his hips thrusting back and forth – he continued fucking the girl, who didn't seem to care about the interruption. 

    Feeling mortified, I walked out of the room and shut the door behind me. I bumped into Blake and helped him get into bed. When I went back downstairs, my dad was there, fully dressed, with a post-orgasmic glow on his face.

    "Ready to go?" he asked me nonchalantly, his smile even more captivating than usual. I could smell the woman's perfume on him even from a couple of feet away.

    My granddad had hired a couple of limo drivers for the night, so his drunken guests could return home safely. Dad had a scotch during the drive and offered me some, but I had a bottle of water instead. With so much going on, it felt like my head was spinning even when I was sober lately. In just a few days, Dad and I had gone shopping in a sex shop. He'd shown himself off with cum dripping down his chest to me – I know that's what it was because he was simultaneously texting with "Cat." And now tonight, I'd caught him fucking someone. And to top it all off, we were about to share a bed... again.

    I'd never been to Dad's apartment since coming to California. Even though he only switched on a couple of small lights when we got there, I could clearly see just how elegant this place was (indeed, the dimmed lighting only made it look more sensual). Dad got down to his underwear – a pair of white briefs – and handed me an unused toothbrush while brushing his teeth. Since there was only one bathroom, I didn't have anywhere else to change, so I dropped my jeans right there.

    "You're wearing the jocks we got," Dad noticed and pointed at the undies I was wearing. The truth was, I put them on because I'd been hoping to maybe meet someone tonight, just like I did at the Halloween party. Maybe I'd... get lucky. But nope. Tonight was Dad's turn apparently.

    I took my shirt off and went to the bathroom, where we brushed our teeth side-by-side. It felt weird to be doing this in a jockstrap; although to be fair, Dad's briefs were so tight they were hardly more concealing. Maybe I was drunk and horny and imagining things, but.. a couple of times, I almost felt like Dad was looking down and checking out my arse in the jock. When it was time to bend down and spit out the toothpaste, I made sure to REALLY arch my back and poke my bum out, something Dad couldn't help but notice.

    A couple of minutes later, we were lying down in his bed. We'd picked the same sides as when we shared his bed in London for Thanksgiving, with Dad lying on my left. It felt as if we had "established sides" already, like a couple. 

    "Do you want some comfier underwear to sleep in?" Dad asked me.

    "Ummm," I pondered, but before I had a chance to answer I was distracted by my father pulling down his briefs next to me.

    "You don't mind if I sleep naked, do you? I'm just used to it and..." he trailed off without finishing the sentence.

    "No, no. It's fine," I stuttered, trying not to stare at my father's cock. 

    "Great. Night night," Dad was pulling the cover up over both of us. I lay down, eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling. Two seconds later, my cock was rock hard.



    For the life of me I couldn't remember the name of the girl I'd scored with on New Year's Eve. She was the granddaughter of one of my dad's associates, and I was surprised to see her at the party. In the sea of gray hair at the party, her scarlet-red hair stood out, and shortly after midnight I was in my bedroom with her, fucking her ass, not even stopping when my son walked in on us.

    Callum was a good kid. With him, I didn't need to worry about him running to tell my dad, or the girl's grandfather, or anyone. And why should he? He and I were starting to feel like... a team. A father-son duo which was quickly making up for 16 years' worth of closeness.

    Back at my apartment, in bed with my son, I was ready to go to sleep right away. I'd recently cum inside the girl's ass and I was drowsy. My son, however, seemed to have other things in mind.

    On my right, I started to feel the unmistakable sounds of someone jerking off. At first, Callum was really quiet, making sure that I was asleep. He probably thought he was being discreet, but I was no fool. I remembered the camping trips with my middle brother, Kris, when he'd try to rub one out while sharing a tent with me, thinking that I couldn't hear him. 

    I didn't want to say anything to Callum and embarrass him. "Let him keep going," I thought. After all, I'd jerked off next to HIM in bed when we were in London. Horny men do crazy things. And he seemed to take after me 100% in that regard.

    I kept silent, and my son only started jerking off faster and louder. The only problem was... I was really fucking tired! I needed some sleep, and this was keeping me up. I waited, three minutes, then five, until finally...

    "Callum," I said softly, "I don't want you to feel embarrassed or anything, cuz it's perfectly fine, but... I can feel what you're doing and it's keeping me up. So can you please finish up quickly?"

    "Shit. Sorry," he said humbly. Even though I couldn't see him, I could feel him blush. The movement stopped completely.

    "You don't have to stop," I said. "Just don't take too long, okay?"

    "O– Okay."

    Slowly, the jack-off motion started to pick back up. Under the cover, I could feel my son spreading his legs, which were now bumping into mine. I pushed back, just as a joke, and I heard him laugh.

    A few moments later, the giggles were replaced by moans of pleasure. Now that he knew I was awake, there was no need to suppress them. Callum let out "Mmms" and "Aaahs" next to me, and I could almost feel the same pleasure he was feeling. 

    "Fuck," he started to mutter as he fucked his fist faster and faster. His legs opened wider; his left leg was now between both of mine, and I was straddling it, feeling his body heat.

    "Fuck!" he swore again and I felt his whole body start to shake. "FUCK!"

    Loud moans and erratic jerking let me know my son was blowing his load. I smiled, taking pleasure in his satisfaction. It seemed like an intense orgasm, which went on for quite a while before Callum finally started to calm down.

    "Attaboy," I said and patted him on the chest with my left hand, as if he'd just scored a goal in football (or soccer, I guess). "Eww, you got spunk all over your chest," I feigned disgust when I realized what the sticky liquid on my hand was.

    Just then, Callum let out the loudest and heartiest laugh I'd EVER heard from him! It was contagious, and I started to laugh out loud as well. We went on uncontrollably for at least two minutes before we calmed down.

    "Sorry around that, Dad," said my son as he reached down under the cover and pulled his underwear off. Using the jockstrap as a cum rag, he wiped the jizz off his body, and then used the jock to wipe my hand as well. As soon as we were clean, I gave Callum a big hug. It was time for sleep.

    "Happy New Year, Dad," my son whispered as he began to doze off.

    "Happy New Year, honey. I love you."

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