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An American Dad in Dublin, Pt. II

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    Getting to go to California for a couple of weeks was just what I needed to reset my mind for a while. Putting a few thousand miles between me and my son helped me make peace with his actions as "Cat." Callum was going through some things, there was no doubt about it. I needed to approach him about it, but I had to be careful. Although I felt bad that he wasn't coming to San Francisco with me to attend my brother Kris's wedding, I was also grateful for it, since it gave me some time to mull over what's to come. 

    Kris's bachelor party was just as outrageous as I knew it would be. I expected nothing less than to see him getting a blowjob by a stripper on stage, which is exactly what had happened. I remembered my father's last bachelor party which I'd attended as a 19-year-old, on a yacht in the middle of the Pacific, where I saw much crazier things than the groom-to-be getting head in front of everyone.

    The day of Kris's wedding, I was surprised to see one of our closest cousins, Matt, together with Kris's best friend Victor. As in, together together. Victor had been openly gay for a very long time – he was the one who gave Kris his first blowjob – but to the best of my knowledge, Matt was always straight. A couple of years younger than me, he was a widower who'd tragically lost his wife and kids in a car accident a few years back.

    "What's going on between you and Victor?" I asked Matt as we lit two cigars in the garden of the luxurious hotel where the wedding took place. 

    "Well, he's my boyfriend now, I guess," Matt smirked.

    "No shit, ha! How'd that happen?"

    "You'll never believe it. D'you know what a gloryhole is?"

    "I grew up in San Francisco, Matt, I know what a gloryhole is," I chuckled.

    "Well, Victor has one in his garage. Quite a professional setup and everything. Porn, lube, tissues, everything there. You'd think he's doing it for a living."

    "Huh," I said, impressed, puffing on my cigar.

    "Well, one day three years ago, I saw an ad for it online, offering anonymous blowjobs. I had no idea who Victor was then, or that he knew Kris. You know that I haven't dated any other women since... since the accident," he said more somberly, clearing his throat. "I was seeing sex workers every now and then but that lost its allure. So I figured: why not get a blowjob by a guy? What've I got to lose?"

    "And how was it?" I asked, feeling curious. 

    "Fucking phenomenal, man! It's why I kept going back for three years, almost every Sunday."

    "Huh," I exhaled and listened as Matt gave me more details on his and Victor's relationship. Back inside, I walked back to our table, which was currently occupied by no one but my dad, drinking a scotch and watching his middle son dancing with his new daughter-in-law.

    "Kris did it. He beat you to the altar," my father said as he saw me coming.

    "Thanks, Dad. Rub it in," I patted his shoulder as I sat down next to him. 

    "Eh, you had a kid first, that's what matters more. The heir to the Van den Berg dynasty," my dad raised his glass before saying, "You really should've brought Callum along."

    "I told you, he couldn't spend that much time away from school."

    "Oh, fuck school! I can get him into the best private schools on either side of the Atlantic. You should tell him that!"

    "Dad, he's still got his mother's side of the family. They're nice people, and he loves them. I don't want them to feel like I'm taking Callum away from them."

    We took a few sips of scotch, and my next question was a complete change of topic.

    "Dad... Have you ever gotten a blowjob by a guy?"

    "What, you wanna do it here? It's a bit public, but sure. Get on your knees," my dad reached down and undid his zipper.

    "Dad, stop fucking around!" I said sternly, although I was amused by his joke. "It's a simple yes-or-no question."

    "Yes, yes I have," he admitted, zipping back up. "Some of the best in my life."

    The day after St. Patrick's Day, Dublin was like a whole different city. The crowds were gone. The trash was left behind, but workers were out, tirelessly collecting it. It felt like they were the only people awake at this hour other than me.

    Yesterday evening, I'd woken up from a nap with my son's naked body in bed next to me, giving me a hug. I lay and watched Callum's face, thinking about what had happened between us. The massage he had given me, which gave him a boner he tried to hide. The time he spent kneading my ass and discreetly trying to touch my cock, thinking I wouldn't notice. His rushed visit to the bathroom right afterwards, to doubtlessly blow a load. Looking at his sleeping face, it was impossible to be mad at him. I could probably lie like that all evening.

    However, my brother and his wife had different plans. Kris and Mia, who were in Dublin with us, came knocking at our door, waking us up so we could keep on partying. We got dressed and went back down to the pandemonium out in the streets. We stayed up until late in the night, after the party had moved from the streets and into the pubs, bars, and clubs. Luckily, on St. Patrick's Day, no one asked Callum for ID anywhere we went.

    When we got back to the b&b, my son and I got in bed together again. Since we'd slept naked earlier, it kinda felt normal to do it again. We passed out cuddling, a buzz in our heads after all that Guinness. After only a couple of hours of sleep, I woke up, since my body was used to getting up early in the morning no matter what. Not wanting to wake Callum up, I snuck out and went in search of some coffee.

    With nothing to do in the coffee shop, I logged into my dating app, curious to check out the local scene. Whether it was because everyone was hungover, or because Dublin was a much smaller city than London, the options here were very scarce. I didn't make a single interesting match, so I just drank my coffee by myself.

    After I stopped putting all my energy into "Cat," I'd actually met a few new girls back in London. One of them was a 17-year-old in her first year in university, who I took out on a date for Valentine's Day. Just a year older than my son, I fucked her back at my apartment that night, thinking about Callum and his own burgeoning sex life. 

    I walked around Dublin trying to clear my mind, going from Trinity College down through St. Stephen's Green and then to St. Patrick's Cathedral. A few hours later, Kris, Mia, and Callum were all up and joined me for Irish breakfast and lazy, hungover sightseeing.

    We called it an early night that evening. My brother and Mia, who had been all about drinking and partying the night before, now preferred to retreat to their room. Callum and I decided to watch a movie. Since there was no sofa in our room, we lay in bed watching some English drama "on the telly," down to our underwear for comfort.

    "Mmm! Ah. Fuck yeah!" we heard a female voice, and it wasn't coming from the TV. "Ahhh, fuck me!"

    "Is that...?" Callum looked at me.

    "Mia? Yeah, I think so," I laughed. My brother and his bride were consummating their marriage on the other side of the wall, which in true old Dublin style was thin as paper.

    "Ah, ah, ah! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

    "I... didn't think women make those noises in real life," my son couldn't help but chuckle. "I thought it was only in porn."

    "Most of them don't," I laughed along. "Some of them do."

    Callum and I looked at each other, grinning like two shitheads, as my brother's voice said "Yeah, you like that, babe? Fucking take it," which made both of us burst out laughing.

    "Do you often watch straight porn?" I asked, intrigued by Callum's comment about women in porn.

    "Um, sometimes. At the beginning, it's how I got started, just stumbling upon it. Like, I actually had to go out searching for gay porn; but straight porn is always there, right in your face even if you ain't looking for it."

    "So that works for you? You just... focus on the guy?"

    "Yeah. Kinda like you and lesbian porn, probably."

    ("Ah, ah, ah!" my sister-in-law continued to moan. "Fucking take that dick, baby," my brother grunted, sounding so loud like he was in the same bed as us.)

    "Hey, how do you know I watch lesbian porn?" I laughed.

    "Which straight man doesn't?" Callum chuckled. 

    Since this felt like a good time for a father-son talk, I put my left arm around Callum's shoulder and said, "Son, you know that porn – gay, straight, all of it – porn isn't like real life? Like, some of it is, but for the most part don't expect things to work out like that. Especially... especially if you're doing anal."

    "Aha," Callum nodded, not meeting my eyes.

    "Have you ever –?"

    "No, I haven't," he interrupted.

    ("Ah, ah, ah!" "Take that fucking cock, babe!")

    "Fine," I squeezed my son's shoulder. "Well, I'm sure there's plenty of resources online, but if you ever wanna talk about it, just let me know, okay?"

    "Okay," he said, staring down. At first I thought he was avoiding my gaze because he was embarrassed... until I realized I was sporting major wood! The sound of my brother boning his wife just a few feet from us on the other side of the way had had its effect on me.

    "Haha, sorry about that," I said, reaching into my boxer briefs with my right hand and adjusting my erection. "Haven't blown a load in a couple of days. I tried the apps today, but no bites."

    I lay that way for a couple of minutes; one arm around my son, the other one in my underwear, gripping my cock. Soon, a sex scene started on TV as well. It wasn't anything major, just a quick, artsy shot, but they'd shown the actress's boobs. Meanwhile, Kris and his wife were only getting wilder, enjoying their honeymoon to the max.

    Uninterested in the movie, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. My right hand was now fully going up and down on my cock, stroking it. Fully erect, my cockhead was now poking out past the waistband, leaking precum onto my lower belly.

    Meanwhile, my left hand was still on Callum's left shoulder. I knew he wasn't paying attention to the film any more than I was. In between us, I felt his right arm reach down into his own underwear. I didn't need to open my eyes to know what he was doing: he was about to start jerking off. So I let him do it.

    With my hand, I pulled down the front of my underwear and tucked it underneath my balls. I tugged on my ball sack a little bit, making my cock wave back and forth, presenting it in all of its erect glory. Callum's arm was shaking faster now; he was definitely jacking off, probably looking at my cock waving at him.

    I pumped my cock up and down, slowly. I wanted to show my son that sex didn't always have to be fast, like Kris and Mia were doing it, humping like rabbits. I stroked slowly and sensually. Feeling some precum draining onto my fingers, I brought it up to my lips and licked it off, provoking a soft "Fuck!" from Callum.

    I felt like I was floating. This was actually very pleasurable, a slight buzz in my head, and my eyes tightly shut to the world. Whatever my son did was alright with me. Whether he wanted to watch and learn or just enjoy the show, he could have it. I wanked slowly with one hand, focusing mostly on my dick but also showing my balls some love, and even reaching down to my taint and pressing close to my asshole.

    On the other side of the wall, my brother was proving himself to have quite an impressive stamina. Mia had tired herself out from all the yelling, so it was now mostly his "fuck yeahs" and "take thats" and "fuck, that's so goods" that made it across the wall.

    "Why do you wanna see me cum?" I'd asked "Cat" a few weeks ago, jerking off on camera when I knew fully well that it was my son on the other side.

    "I'm curious to see what you look like when it happens. I wanna know all about you," was the response I'd gotten. Now, Callum was getting a premium view; it didn't get any closer than this. I wanted him to feel free to watch and explore to his heart's content, without even needing Cat as a pretense.

    The sounds of my sister-in-law cumming filled their room as well as ours. It was a long, drawn-out orgasm (Kris was doing a good job!), ringing though my mind like those of the hundreds of women I've had sex with. It made me even hornier, and made me speed up my strokes. I squeezed my throbbing cock tightly! There were only so many things I could do to it with only one hand, but I didn't want to pull my other arm away from my son. It made it that much more special, doing this while embracing.

    My toes curled, and I could feel myself almost blow my load. I slowed down again, dripped more precum, and swallowed it. Kris was still fucking, getting close, judging by his grunts and moans. Callum's right elbow kept hitting me in the ribs, stroking faster, then slower, then faster again.

    "I'm gonna fucking cum. I'm gonna cum inside you," my brother announced his orgasm to all of us. Seconds later, he was grunting like a wild animal, making the headboard hit the wall so strongly that I thought the whole fucking wall might collapse.

    "Aaah, fuck!" I moaned, unable to contain myself any further and blowing a huge load, shooting all the way to my face. Luckily my eyes were closed, otherwise it would've landed right in my eye. My face, neck, chest, and abs were all covered in cum, and I just kept on shooting. 

    "Mmm," moaned my son, elbowing me so hard that it hurt, but I didn't want to stop his moment of pleasure. Not when I knew he was blowing his own load. His whole body was shaking, and I squeezed his shoulder in support. Just as I was done cumming, I felt one more spurt of cum hit my chest. This one hadn't come from me. It was Callum's.

    We lay there for a couple of minutes to calm down. Kris and Mia had quieted down as well, probably cuddling and kissing silently. I opened my eyes and looked down at my sperm-covered body. Next to me, Callum had cum all over his stomach as well, and he was pulling his foreskin over the head of his cock and tucking it back into his underwear. 

    I have a ritual after I cum: I scoop up my jizz and lick it off my fingers. Almost instinctively, I scooped up the cum that was on my stomach and chest with my right hand and brought it to my lips. It wasn't until I'd swallowed it that I remembered that some of it had come from Callum.

    "Who's gonna shower first?" I asked casually, breaking the awkward silence.

    "I'll go, if that's okay," said my son and disappeared into the bathroom, leaving my left arm feeling empty after he left.

    Across the wall, I heard my brother giggle and kiss his wife. Months later, I would learn that this was the night when my first nephew was conceived. 

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