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Family Seed

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    This year, my birthday fell on Easter, which I wasn't too thrilled about, since I liked all attention on me on my special day. But things weren't all bad: at least one of my best friends was flying in from California to see me for a few days and help me celebrate.

    "So how's the search for a wife going?" Ben asked me when I picked him up at Heathrow on Sunday afternoon. "As of today, you're officially 38. What was it, you wanted a wife and a kid by the time you're 40?"

    "Yeah, well, I already got the kid. The search for a wife's taken the backseat to that."

    "And how's Callum? I finally get to meet him," Ben said, sitting on my left in the passenger seat of the company car I was using.

    "He's alright. He's already at my flat, we're all going out for dinner tonight. Listen, Ben, there's something I wanted to talk to you about."

    "Shoot," he said, cracking open a can of Red Bull. He wasn't showing the slightest sign of jet lag. Ben was used to flying after so many years as an internationally coveted model.

    "So, you know Callum's gay, I've told you that. He and I have been having some… sex talks lately. Mostly he's nervous, like most other kids. I tried helping him out as much as I could, I got him some sex toys to practice with."

    "Oh, yeah? What did you get him?"

    "Well, he says he's a bottom, so I bought him some dildos and butt plugs to practice on. I got all sorts of sizes. Apparently he's already progressed onto the second one."

    "I love that he keeps you updated," my friend laughed.

    "Yeah, well, I really want him to know this is nothing to be ashamed of, especially with him being gay. I'd do the same if he were straight. Hell, I've told you all about my dad and what he was like when I was growing up. I just wanna have the same kinda bond with my son, now that we have a relationship."

    "That's true. Didn't your dad let you fuck one of his girlfriends when you were 17?" Ben laughed.

    "Oh yeah," I laughed. I'd forgotten all about that. As hot as it was, it had gotten lost among the plethora of sexy memories I'd collected throughout my life.

    "Was she the one that posed for Playboy?"

    "Yeah. They broke up shortly after she and I fucked."

    "Jeez. Could you imagine if she became your step-mom?"

    "For a while there, I thought she might. Fuck, I wouldn't be surprised if my dad let me fuck her even after they were married. He's fucking crazy. And as long as he gets his, he doesn't care."

    Ben and I shot the shit for a few minutes, talking about the Playboy model who'd nearly become my step-mother, until I stirred the conversation back to my son.

    "Listen, since you are bi," I said to Ben, "I was wondering if you might have a chat with Callum."

    "Chat about what?"

    "I don't know, gay sex, relationships, all of the above. That is, if he even wants to talk in the first place. Just casually bring it up and see where it goes."

    "Bring it up how?"

    "Just mention that you're bi, crack a couple of sex jokes, and see if he responds. If he has any questions to ask, let him know he can turn to you. He's never had sex, and he's nervous about it, so just help him out."

    "Got it. You want me to fuck your son."

    "Haha, very funny," I said sarcastically. "I didn't say that. Just… make him comfortable."



    Being back in London felt like a journey to the past. Back when I used to live here I was a carefree man-child, making millions modeling and spending it on parties, drugs, and traveling, as well as impressing and scoring with both women and men. Of course, a good chunk of it also went back to Sam, my son back in the States, who I hadn't even met except when he was a baby until he was 18.

    Once I found myself in my mid-30s, everything changed. I was replaced by younger models; plus, the whole industry changed thanks to the Internet. I decided it was time to settle down. I got myself a nice house in Southern California, and I invited Sam to come visit so we could rebuild our relationship.

    I think that was a big part of the reason why my friend Josh and I were still so close to this day. We were very similar when we both used to live in London (with the exception that his job was less glamorous and he didn't hook up with guys). But now, we were sharing something even more unusual: we were both going through the process of establishing relationships with our estranged teenage sons. What happened between Sam and me was very intense; not even Josh knew all the details. So I couldn't blame him for asking me to "help out" Callum if I could, something I would gladly do for my friend.

    Callum struck me as kinda shy from the moment we met. We were introduced to each other at Josh's Soho apartment, and Callum started to blush as soon as he shook my hand. I wasn't sure if he knew me from social media and he felt starstruck, or if he was this way with everyone. Of course, Josh had told me that his son was gay, so maybe Callum just had a crush on someone like myself. After all, I was plenty of boys' type, as cocky as that sounds.

    "Cheers, lads! Thank you for being here on my birthday," Josh said as we stood in his kitchen, raising a glass of champagne. 

    "Cheers, Dad. Happy birthday," his son responded in his adorable accent, and we all clinked glasses.

    After having a couple of drinks at the apartment, we went out for a meal. Even though it was Easter Sunday, plenty of restaurants in Soho were open, and I enjoyed people-watching in the old neighborhood I used to spend so much time in. Granted, it was no longer über-gay like when I used to live here, but it was still swarming with hot guys, from cute twinks to sexy daddies. And I wasn't the only one who had noticed.

    "See anyone you like?" I asked Callum, leaning closer to him across the restaurant table. Since it was still morning in California, Josh had just gotten a happy-birthday phone call from his dad in San Francisco, so he'd stepped out in the street to talk for a moment, leaving me and his son alone at the table.

    "What do you mean?" Callum blushed again at my question.

    "I see you eyeing all these guys," I wagged a finger at him teasingly. By this point we were both a bit tipsy. "What kinda guys do you usually go for?"

    "Well… typically older," Callum finally opened up. Even though he was shy, I could tell he needed someone to talk to about all this. I wouldn't be surprised if – like many gay teens – he had no gay friends who he could talk to quite this way.

    "Older like in their 20s, or older as in daddies?" I probed.

    "More like daddies," Callum smiled, going absolutely red in the face. 

    "Hey, ain't no shame in that," I tried to be encouraging. "I kinda thought you'd say that. Your dad told me what happened between you and that neighbor of his on Halloween."

    "Yeah… He wasn't mad when that happened, was he?" Callum asked me.

    "Your dad? Nah! He just wanted to make sure you were safe and not being taken advantage of, that's all. Why, did he seem upset to you?"

    "No, not at all, he was super cool. I was just worried he might be faking it, for my sake."

    "I don't think your dad's ever faked anything," I laughed. "I don't know how much you know about his history, but he's done some wild things. So he's definitely not one to judge."

    "Yeah, he's told me," Callum smiled again. "He's a cool dad. I mean, my mum's cool as well, but I'm glad she wasn't the one who walked in on me…"

    "Sucking dick?" I finished his sentence.

    "Yeah," Callum laughed and nodded. 

    "Has there been more between you and this neighbor?" I asked next. Callum looked out the window at his dad, who was still on the sidewalk talking on the phone.

    "Well…" Callum said to me discreetly, leaning in closer, "I saw him a couple of weeks ago. Paul, that's the neighbor's name. We hadn't really seen each other since Halloween, but we bumped into each other in the street and he invited me over to his place."

    "What did you do there?" I asked, feeling somewhat paternal, even though I'd just met Callum today. He wasn't just my good friend's son; he was also a fellow queer man who was just figuring stuff out. When I was his age, I was still in the closet and I could've definitely used a "gay mentor" to guide me.

    "Well, he tried… fucking me," Callum got the words out with some restrained difficulty, looking me in the eyes. "But… I couldn't. It just didn't feel good."

    Without really thinking about it, I put my hand on his across the table.

    "That's okay," I said reassuringly. "That's normal."

    "No, but, it completely ruined the mood," Callum sounded concerned as I stroked his hand gently.

    "Well, did you take time to get ready? How long did you guys build up to it? Was there any kissing, rimming?"

    "Yeah. For like 10-15 minutes."

    "Oh, that's nowhere near enough. Not for most people just starting off. No wonder it didn't feel good. You probably couldn't relax."

    "Well, I felt ready. I don't know what went wrong."

    "Nothing went wrong!" I squeezed Callum's hand tightly. "When it comes to sex there no right or wrong way, especially in the beginning. Just give yourself time."

    "You seem to know a lot about this," my friend's son smiled at me.

    "Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: I've had sex a few times in my life as well."

    "Ha! A few, I'm sure," Callum laughed loudly.

    "Once or twice," I started to laugh as well, still holding his hand.

    "What's so funny?" Josh asked, appearing back at the table.

    "Oh, just chatting," I said and winked at Callum.

    After dinner, the three of us returned to Josh's apartment, where we had more drinks. Callum texted his mom to say he's spending the night at his dad's. I had a hotel booked just a few blocks away, but I was in no rush to leave just yet. The conversation was going swell, even when Josh started getting distracted by whatever messages he was getting on his phone.

    "If you excuse me, gents, I need to step out for a little while," he announced later in the evening. "I'll be back soon."

    "Where are you going? Who's been texting you all this time?" I enquired.

    "It's this girl I've been hooking up with," Josh said with a smirk. "She's downstairs in her car and wants to give me a birthday blowjob."

    "Why don't you invite her up?" I laughed.

    "I did, but she doesn't wanna come up, not with you two here. Plus I think it's kind of a turn-on for her, doing it in the car in public."

    "Okay, well, have fun," I said, raising my glass to Josh.

    "I won't be long," he said to his son, as if to reassure him.

    "That's okay," Callum nodded, but I did find his reaction a bit held-back.

    A moment later, Josh was out the door and Callum and I were alone once again.

    "See what I mean? Your dad can be wild," I said to the teenager sitting next to me on the couch.

    "Yeah, no shit," Callum said, checking his phone, since he just got a message.

    "Don't tell me you're about to leave me to go get a blowjob as well?! Who is it, the upstairs neighbor?"

    "Nah, just my mum," Callum smiled. "Besides, Paul's never sucked my cock."

    "Not even when he tried to fuck you?"

    "No. He rimmed me, but he didn't suck me off. I've never…" Callum cut himself off.

    "You've never gotten a blowjob?" I asked.

    "Well, no. I mean, I'd love to get one, but it just hasn't happened."

    "Yeah, they're pretty amazing," I said, finishing the last of my drink and setting the glass down, looking at Callum tentatively. "You know… Nevermind," I was the one to cut myself short this time.

    "Why, what's up?" Callum insisted.

    "I mean, if you'd like to… I'm happy to. Your dad's downstairs getting head. You can experience it at the same time," I winked.

    "That would be pretty hot," Callum said, reaching down between his legs to adjust. He was wearing a pair of jeans which gave him a nice bulge. 

    "You sure?" I said, getting horny. 

    "Aha," Josh's son smirked at me mischievously, and next second he was unzipping his jeans. 

    "Let me," I said, and got on my knees on the floor in front of the teen. I slowly pulled down his zipper and lowered his jeans, exposing his tight boxer briefs and the package they were holding.

    I started to rub the boy's crotch through his undies, looking up and making eye contact with him to make sure he was okay. Callum looked more than okay! His eyes were already rolling in pleasure, in typical teenage boy fashion. I'd have to go slowly, or he'd explode before I even take him in my mouth.

    "Have you ever met this girl your dad's meeting?" I asked, trying to distract Callum a little so he'd last longer. I could already feel that his cock was fully hard, and he was leaking precum through the thin fabric, coating my fingers with it.

    "No. He's hooked up with – mmm – with a few girls since he's been here," Callum found it a bit hard to speak while I was rubbing his boner. 

    "Too bad she didn't wanna come upstairs. You and your dad could've gotten a blowjob side-by-side," I said.

    "Uffff, fuck, that would've been hot," Callum moaned. "I wonder if Dad would be up for that."

    I pulled down the teen's boxer briefs, finally freeing his hard cock. Just like I thought, he was uncut and hard as a rock.

    "Oh, I'm sure he would," I said, wrapping my hand around Callum's manhood. "He's done it with your grandpa."

    "Fuck! What?!" Callum twitched just as I started to jerk him off. I loosened my grip, going slower, as I answered his question.

    "Yeah. I was at your grandfather's third bachelor party. It was fucking crazy. Josh and your granddad got blowjobs by two strippers, sitting right next to each other."

    "Fuck! You're kidding me?!" Callum continued to twitch, his excited cock pulsating in my hand.

    "Nope, I swear. I wonder if there's video of it somewhere."

    "That's so fucking hot!" the teenager exclaimed, as I pumped my fist up and down his cock. He was leaking so much precum by now that there was absolutely no need for lube.

    "Oh yeah. I was high off my tits but I still remember that scene vividly. The hottest part was when the girls switched positions."

    "Fuck, they did?" the teen squirmed.

    "Yup. The one that was sucking your dad moved on to your grandpa's cock, and vice versa," I said, stroking the boy and watching him getting wildly turned on by hearing about his family's sexcapades. Seeing Callum like this turned me on. I had a full-on boner in my pants as well but I was ignoring it for now. I wanted this moment to be all about Callum. I licked my lips, and leaned down to take my buddy's son in my mouth. I pulled back Callum's foreskin before wolfing down his hard cock in one gulp, deep-throating him like the expert that I was.

    "Fuck! FUCK!!" the boy continued to squirm in pleasure, leaking so much precum in my mouth that for a moment I started to wonder if he was cumming. "Fuck, you're good!"
   "I told you, I've done this once or twice before," I teased, but I didn't want to talk too much anymore. Story time was over. I took the teen's dick back in my mouth, all the way in until he was hitting the back of my throat. 

    Josh and I had had a few threesomes and more-somes with girls back in our heyday, so I'd seen him hard before. His son wasn't quite as gifted as him in the size department, but it was nothing to scoff at. It'd been a while since I'd sucked an uncircumcised cock, and I'd almost forgotten how fun it is to slide the skin up and down while stroking and sucking it. 

    Since Callum hadn't had the best first experience with gay sex, I was extra-dedicated to showing him a good time. Josh's words from when he picked me up at the airport rang through my mind. "Just help him out," he'd said. It felt like that's exactly what I was doing. I lost track of time as I sucked and jerked Callum's cock. All throughout, he seemed to be on the very edge, but he never let himself go. As the minutes ticked by, I was more and more impressed by his endurance, especially considering his age and the fact this was his very first blowjob.

    Then, just as we were both losing ourselves in the ecstasy of this moment, the front door opened. 

    "Whoa! Well, shit," I heard Josh say. I turned around and made eye contact with my friend, my fist wrapped around his son's cock, pumping it up and down.

    "We figured it's not fair for you to be the only one who got a blowjob," I said. "Even if it is your birthday."

    "Yeah, sure. Please, carry on," Josh said. Even though he tried to sound cool, I could tell he was taken aback by the sight of his teenage boy getting head on his couch. Josh was still standing by the door, holding it cracked open behind him. "I can go out for a walk."

    "Dad! You can stay," Callum exclaimed suddenly. "If you want to, that is."

    After a second's silence, Josh just said "Sure," and shut the door.

    "It's his first time," I said to my friend as he took a few steps closer to the couch.

    "His first time?" Josh asked.

    "His first blowjob," I specified. "He's never gotten one."

    "Oh, is that so?" Josh looked at his son, who nodded.

    Josh stood still, watching us from a close distance but not approaching any nearer. I took his son's cock in my mouth and went back to sucking Callum, who continued to moan and squirm, even more heavily now. Somehow, I had a feeling the teen was even more turned on now that his dad was witnessing all this.

    "Did you… get sucked off by that girl?" Callum asked his father, surprising me more and more with his forwardness.

    "Yeah. I just shot my load in her mouth a couple of minutes ago," Josh answered his son.

    "Fuck, that's fucking hot!" Callum grunted. The shy boy who I'd met this afternoon was coming more and more out of his shell.

    "Yeah, she was good," Josh said. "But no doubt Ben is an expert as well."

    "Oh yes. He's sooo fucking good," Callum assured, running his fingers though my coiffed hair. For a bottom twink, he was sounding quite cocky right about now. And then…

    "I'm gonna cum soon," the teen said in his London accent. At first I thought he was talking to me, but when I looked up I saw that he was making eye contact with his dad. 

    "Go for it, Son!" Josh encouraged him. "You know, Ben's never sucked my cock, even though he offered quite a few times. Why don't you finally give him a taste of that family seed of ours?"

    "Fuck yeah!" Callum started thrusting his hips, face-fucking me by this point. The verbal exchange with his kinky father was driving him over the edge.

    "Attaboy!" Josh continued. "Blow that load! Have him swallow your babies. Show him what a man tastes like!"

    "Mmmmm, Daddy," Callum moaned just as he started to shoot his wad down my throat, giving me a taste of their family. The teen's hands were now pulling my head and holding it in position; not that there was any need for it, since I wouldn't pull out anyway. I swallowed the boy's sperm, all under his dad's watchful eye. When I thought I was done, Callum continued cumming more and more. His first blowjob ever had ended in an impressive orgasm, filling up my belly with their family DNA.

    "Fuck," the father and son said simultaneously as I finally pulled Callum's cock out of my mouth with a plop. It was still fully hard and when I looked up I noticed all three of us were staring at it, including Josh, who seemed impressed. 

    "He's one hell of a cummer," I said to my friend, wiping some of his son's jizz off the side of my mouth.

    "Runs in the family," Josh winked, and we all laughed as Callum pulled his pants up, and I enjoyed the taste of his spunk still sliding down my throat. 

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