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Give the Boy What He Wants

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    With Dad's buddy Ben in town I had no idea what to expect. What I DEFINITELY did not expect was that I'd be getting my very first blowjob from Ben on Dad's birthday, with my father watching the whole thing, including the part where I blew my load in his friend's mouth.

    "Why don't you finally give him a taste of that family seed of ours? Blow that load! Have him swallow your babies. Show him what a man tastes like!" – Dad's pervy words on encouragement rang through my mind as I went to the bathroom to "wash up." In reality, I was standing in front of the mirror, staring at my reflection in disbelief, stunned by what just happened. Stunned, but oh so horny! That must've been the biggest load of my life that I just shot in Ben's mouth.

    When I came out of the bathroom, Dad and Ben were on the couch, talking and laughing. It was now past midnight, and when Dad noticed that, he announced that it's officially not his birthday anymore. We stayed up for another hour, by which point Ben started to mention going to his hotel, and wondering if he should take a taxi or walk there.

    "Why don't you stay here for the night?" I offered as if this were my own flat. (Well, I did technically have the key for it now. Does that mean I kinda live here as well?)

    "I gotta say, I'm not looking forward to checking in in the middle of the night; but I'd much rather sleep in a bed than on this couch here," Ben said.

    "You can come sleep in Dad's bed! There's room for all three of us," I went even further with my invitation. I looked at my father, wondering if he would even agree to all this. Thankfully, he just nodded.

    "If you wanna…" Dad said, "feel free."

    The truth was, after getting a blowjob from Ben, I really wanted a chance to cuddle with him at least a little bit before sleep, but I couldn't exactly invite myself to his hotel room. I was under no impression that we were a couple or anything like that now, just because he sucked me off once. He was a world-famous model and had both men and women throwing themselves at his feet. It's not like I expected him to get on one knee and ask me to marry him, but it would be nice to spend the night sleeping together, especially considering the fact he currently had my sperm swimming through his stomach.

    "It's not what I had planned, but tonight's nothing if not spontaneous," Ben said. "Lemme go get my bag."

    Ben walked to his small suitcase, which was by the door, and pulled out a toiletry bag. 

    "I'm gonna go brush my teeth," I announced, and I walked to the bathroom, proud that my plan had worked.

    After taking a piss and brushing my teeth for a couple of minutes, I was joined in the bathroom by Ben, who was now down to his tight – and very sexy! – underwear. Even with all his clothes on I could tell that he was a fucking hunk, but NOW?! Holy shit! I didn't know where to stare first: his protruding pecs or his washboard abs; his amazing ass or the huge bulge in the front, tempting me to drop to my knees and return the favor. 

    "Hey," Ben said and started to take a few things out of his toiletry bag, probably looking for his toothbrush. 

    "What's that?" I asked, spitting out the toothpaste that was in my mouth. I was pointing at a grenade-shaped bulb that Ben had taken out of his bag. 

    "This? It's an anal douche," he said, pulling out a plastic neck that attached to the bulb. "You've never used one?"

    "No," I shook my head.

    "Oh honey, you need to, if you're gonna be a bottom," he said, sounding almost maternal. "Shut the door, I'll show you how to use it."


    When I picked Ben up at Heathrow and asked him to "help out" my son, I didn't know he would take it quite so far. Not that I had a problem with it. I trusted Ben, and I'd much rather see Callum with him than with someone like my neighbor Paul.

    When my son invited Ben to spend the night with us, it was obvious to both me and Ben that Callum wanted some cuddling action before going to sleep, and I couldn't blame him. A part of me almost wanted to suggest they go to Ben's hotel and spend the night there together, but I didn't want to sound as if I'm pushing my son to have sex with Ben. Of course, that's not what I wanted, not unless it was what Callum wanted. I actually thought someone like Ben – experienced yet gentle, not to mention trustworthy – was the perfect person to take my son's virginity, but I wasn't about to push it. This was about Callum, and no one else.

    The two of them spent quite some time in the bathroom together, so much so that I started to think there was another blowjob happening. Not like they needed to hide, not after I'd seen my son bust his nut down my buddy's throat. When Callum finally came out of the bathroom, I joined Ben there and he and I brushed our teeth side-by-side.

    "What was that about?" I asked.

    "I was teaching Callum about douching," Ben answered. "A super important lesson that's surprisingly difficult to get information on unless you know where to look."

    "That's right, I didn't even think of that. Shit," I said. "No pun intended," I added a second later, and cracked up at my own joke. 

    "Listen, mate," I said a moment later, noticing the Britishisms that I was adopting. "Thanks for all this. From what I can tell, you've been a real help to Callum."

    "Hey, my pleasure," my old friend said. "I mean it. I've been trying to suck your dick for years now," Ben winked at me. "Like you said, now I finally get to taste that family seed of yours."

    We came out of the bathroom to find Callum lying in the middle of the bed. No surprise there! I went to his right-hand side, with Ben going the other way. He and I were both just wearing our underwear, and I instinctively pulled mine down before getting into bed.

    "Oh! We sleeping naked?" Ben asked, and pulled down his own boxer briefs. 

    I looked at my son, whose eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw Ben's dick! I had to hold back from laughing, since I didn't wanna embarrass Callum. Ben's dick was impressive, I'll give him that, and my son started almost visibly salivating at the sight. He kinda reminded me of when I was his age and in the presence of a naked girl, which made me smile as I got into bed next to Callum. As I felt his hip against mine – we were lying quite close now that there were three of us – I realized my son was naked as well. 

    "Good night," I said and I switched the light off. As soon as I did, I felt some shuffling in bed. I looked to my left and I could make out Ben's silhouette as he put his arms around my son, spooning him from behind. Even though the lights in the room were off, there was still plenty of light coming in from the Soho streets through the window.

    "Night night," Ben said softly in Callum's ear, and I saw a huge smile appear on my boy's face.

    "Dad? This was a great birthday. I hope you had fun," Callum whispered with his eyes closed.

    "I did," I whispered back. "Happy to have you here," I said and I put my right hand on my son's neck, giving him a little relaxing rub. 

    Callum seemed to be relaxing alright. From what I could make out, he seemed to be gyrating his hips, backing his ass up and probably rubbing it against Ben's crotch. Ben had his eyes open as well and he was looking at me as he was basically getting a horizontal lap dance from my son.

    "Is he grinding against you?" I mouthed to my friend, who nodded, a look of surprise – but also enjoyment – on his face.

    I gotta say, Callum seemed shy and all, but he was really good for a surprise every now and then! This was ballsy, even by my standards. 

    My son's movements were more and more obvious, and Ben and I just smiled at each other. The two of us had been in a similar situation with a girl before, and who would have thought that all these years later, something similar would happen with my very own son?!

    Callum was obviously a horny little bugger (just like his dad!). It was the middle of the night, he'd had a few drinks, gotten his dick sucked, and now it seemed like he wanted his ass filled as well. He'd been practicing with the toys that I bought him, so he probably felt he was ready.

    As for Ben, he could be quite the shit-stirrer as well when he wanted to. Looking at each other's eyes, I saw him bring his left hand up to his mouth and quietly spit in it. Then it went back down, and I knew exactly what he was doing: stroking his hard cock with it. Or so I thought!

    "Mmm! Aaah," Callum let out a suppressed moan. And then I realized: Ben wasn't stroking himself; he was fingering Callum!

    "AH!" Callum let out a louder moan, his eyes tightly shut.

    "You okay?" Ben whispered in my son's ear, holding him tightly against himself with his right arm.

    "Aha. Keep going," Callum nodded.

    Ben and I continued to look at each other. The smile faded from my face, but I wasn't upset. I was… fascinated, as fucking ridiculous as that sounds. We all knew how absurd (yet hot!) this situation was. My son kept his eyes shut, as if opening them might ruin the moment. God only knows what was going through Callum's mind. This might turn out to be the first time he takes a dick, and here I was, lying right next to him, his knees bumping against mine.

    It was obvious that Callum had "a thing" for me, after the charade he'd orchestrated with Cat. What that "thing" was I wasn't sure. A crush? A deeper desire? Or a simple need to get closer to his dad, who's been absent his whole life? Was this Callum's way of making up for lost time; by getting hyper close with me and even crossing boundaries? 

    Whatever it was, I was just as guilty as he was, if not more. I'd been willfully playing along even after I found out about the catfishing. If anything, that had only made me show off even more in front of my son, having him give me massages and jerking off side-by-side. 

    The relationships that I had with my father and my two brothers were also very open, but we'd known each other our whole lives, we were raised that way, growing up in a male-dominated house. Callum and I, we'd only known each other for a few months. Even looking back at the first day we met: our little run-in in the restaurant bathroom on Callum's birthday. Now that I thought about it, he was definitely checking out my cock back then. I never thought twice about it then, mostly because I wasn't shy when using a urinal. And the reason I wasn't shy was because I was proud of my cock, I loved showing it off. Had I inadvertently shown off to Callum even back then, back before I knew he was gay?

    As all these thoughts raced through my mind, Callum and Ben were putting less and less effort into hiding what they were doing in my bed. It was obvious now that Ben was fingering my son, who was whimpering in pleasure like a little puppy. Ben kissed the back of Callum's neck – one of my favorite places to get kissed – and as weird as it sounds, I was glad that Ben was the person who Callum got to experience this with. He really was the perfect pick. My best friend and my boy…

    "You ready?" Ben whispered in Callum's ear softly, but loud enough for me to hear. 

    I felt my heartbeat accelerate. Were they about to… fuck? I held my breath, as if I were the one about to get penetrated.

    "Mhm," Callum nodded his head, his eyes still closed.

    "Good boy. Got some lube?" Ben said, and it took me a second to realize that second part was aimed at me.

    "Here." I reached into my nightstand and handed my friend a bottle of lube. Lube that he would try to fuck my son with, right in front of me.

    As he took the bottle from me, Ben kicked the covers off with his leg, exposing all of our naked bodies. I saw my son's cock hard as a rock for the second time tonight. He was leaking precum on my sheets as my buddy applied lube on his own cock, getting ready to slide into Callum.

    "You can do it. You can do it," I caught myself thinking. Usually dads do that when their kids are playing a sport, but this was something even more important. Sex was an essential part of life for most people, and my son had already started on the wrong foot with how insecure he felt about it. I didn't want this to be something that haunts Callum; I wanted him to know he could get whatever he sets his mind to. So, I found myself quietly cheering for my son to take a cock without a problem, like the champ that he was.

    Since I couldn't see what was going on in the back, I focused on Callum's and Ben's faces. Ben had broken off eye contact with me and he was looking down now, focused on lubing up his dick as well as my son's hole. On Callum's face, I saw more squirms of pleasure as he got his hole played with. I remembered helping Callum out with the butt plug the other week, and how tight his hole was. "This will feel AMAZING for Ben," I realized. And hopefully for Callum too.

    Ben looked up and nodded at me, almost as if to say "I'm ready." I nodded back, as if to grant him permission to continue. Continue and fuck my son's virgin hole.

    "Ahh!" Callum let out his loudest moan yet, and it was clear Ben was going in now. "Aaaaah!"

    Instinctively, I put my right hand on Callum's upper arm and gave it a squeeze. "Shhhh," I tried to reassure him. "Just relax. It'll be alright. Just tell us if you want to stop."

    I don't even know why I used the word "us," as if Ben and I were doing this to Callum together. But then, my son opened his eyes, and we made eye contact for the first time since the three of us had gotten in bed.

    "You okay?" I asked softly, still rubbing my boy's arm.

    "Aha," he nodded, and gave me a faint smile. 

    "Let's try this again," I said, and I watched as Ben tried once again to penetrate my son's hole.

    "Uffffff," my son breathed loudly.

    "That's it, just breathe," I encouraged him, gently stroking his arm. I realized I was nervous and I tried to calm down, so I could fill Callum with confidence just as his hole was being filled by Ben's dick.

    "There we go," Ben said. "Halfway in."

    "Well done!" I said to my son, and we both smiled while looking at each other's eyes. "I knew you could make it."

    "Not done yet," Callum insisted. "Mmm!"

    "Little bit more," Ben continued. "That's it, just relax. Relax your muscle. Aaaand... aaaah, Jesus Christ, I'm in!"

    "That's my boy!" I said, giving Callum a high-five. "I told you you were worried for nothing."

    "Oh my god. Oh my god, Dad, this feels amazing!!!"

    All of a sudden, the look of pain and hesitation on Callum's face was replaced by a look of utter ecstasy. Ben had flipped the switch inside my son's ass, and Callum was finally getting a true taste of what it meant to be fucked.

    "Yeah, feels good, doesn't it?" I laughed proudly.

    "Feels so-o-o-o good," Callum moaned, his syllables cutting off since Ben was now starting to fuck his ass faster and faster. Both of Ben's hands were on my son's shoulders now, and his hips were thrusting like a power drill.

    The expressions on my son's face spoke more than a thousand words. I almost wanted to jump out of bed and get my phone to record this, but I didn't want to ruin the spontaneity of the moment. Still, the look on Callum's face as he experienced this pleasure for the first time would be engraved in my mind forever.

    "Aaaah, Daddy, this feels so good," Callum moaned, and I wasn't completely sure if he was addressing me or Ben, but I tightened my grip around my son's bicep, showing him how proud I was of him.

    Ben continued to fuck my son's ass, pushing him forward and closer and closer to me. I moved back to make some more room for them, until I found myself lying on the very edge of the bed. To hold me back from falling, Callum put his arms around me and suddenly, the two of us were in a tight hug, with my son sandwiched between me and the gorgeous man fucking him.

    Just then, I felt Callum's boner dripping precum all over my belly, but that wasn't all. Only then did I realize I was rock-hard as well. This whole time, I'd been paying attention to Callum and rooting for him, that I genuinely didn't even notice that the scene had aroused me. 

    Our two boners were rubbing against each other now, Ben's thrusting made sure of that. I pulled Callum even closer, partly for comfort, but also because it felt so fucking amazing to have another man's dick rubbing against my own like this! It was a new sensation for me, and that I'd get to experience it with my son of all people felt really special. Seems like Callum wasn't the only one doing something for the first time tonight, after all.

    "Ah, ah, ah!" my son moaned, driven insane by the feeling of getting fucked and having his cock rubbing against mine as we shared a hug. With my head on Callum's shoulder, Ben and I were face-to-face now, almost nose-to-nose. I felt his breathing accelerate as he fucked my son's ass. 

    "Can I cum inside him?" Ben asked me suddenly, as if he needed my permission. It felt almost ceremonious. 

    I kept quiet for a moment, leaving room for my son to say "no" if that's how he felt. Callum's continued moans of pleasure let me know what the answer was.

    "Yes," I said to my buddy, and I felt him drill Callum's hole even faster.

    "Is he tight?" I found myself asking Ben.

    "He's very tight! But it's just right. Feels fucking amazing," was his answer. As I hugged Callum, my hands slid down to his lower back, and I felt the sweat dripping there. I pulled him in even closer, and both of us left patches of precum on each other's bellies.

    "Fuck, I'm close," Ben grunted. "I'm gonna cum inside him!"

    "Fuck yeah! Cum inside that hole," I heard myself saying, just like in the days when Ben and I used to fuck chicks together. 

    "I'm gonna fucking breed that ass," my friend announced.

    "Hear that, Son?" I said in Callum's ear.

    "Oh, yes, Daddy. I want cum inside me," he moaned, all reservations completely gone by now.

    "Give the boy what he wants," I told my friend and watched his face scrunch up. He was doing it. He was cumming inside my son!

    "Aaaaaaah!!!" Ben let out a loud grunt, and his thrusting turned into long, deep, deliberate slams back-and-forth inside Callum's hole. Slam! Slam! SLAM! I heard Ben's balls hitting my son's ass as my friend deposited his load inside Callum's guts.

    "Oh my god, Dad, I love you," my boy said in my ear. 

    "I love you too, Son," I replied, and I held him close as he took his very first load.

    Meanwhile, the friction between our two cocks was more intense than ever. While Ben dumped his load inside my son, Callum and I were pushed over the edge as well: we both started to cum all over each other's dicks, stomachs, and thighs.

    "Fuck! Fuck! Ah, fuck!" we both cussed simultaneously, coating one another with two generations of our family spunk. 

    "Fucking hell, are you two cumming?!" Ben reacted.

    "Yes. Keep fucking!" I told him, since I could tell how much my son was enjoying this. Even though this was Callum's second orgasm of the evening, he was shooting a huge amount of his babies all over me, probably intensified by the dick in his ass. 

    "Oh, oh, oh," Callum started whimpering again, and it took him – and all of us – several minutes to calm down. Finally, Ben started to back up, and with an audible plop, I heard his cock come out of my son's freshly-fucked hole.

    "I should go get us a towel," I said, feeling too wiped to get up.

    "Let's just go to sleep like this," my son said, his eyes closed once again. 

    Callum and I were still hugging, and Ben spooned him from behind. And just like that, we went to sleep, our cum all over each other. 

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