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Just the Way Daddy Likes It

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    The school year had flown by in a blur. While most of my mates were busy celebrating the last day of classes, I just wanted to do one thing: get to Soho and meet my dad.

    My relationship with my father had been amazing the past few weeks. Ever since his friend Ben came over for a visit, I felt like I was living the dream! For quite some time, I'd been hearing my mates – both guys and girls – talking about their "first time." Now, I could finally say that I'd done it as well! Of course, I didn't go around bragging about it. I only told my couple of best mates, and OF COURSE I left out the fact that my father was in the bed when it happened. I just told them I'd done it with a friend of my dad's who was extremely attractive, and I showed them Ben's Instagram (which included a couple of pics with me) to prove it. My friends were mind-blown by the fact I'd done it with a friend of my father's, but they were probably even more surprised to hear that friend was a professional model. When they saw how attractive Ben was, none of them could blame me for it, and they all vowed to keep my secret. 

    The real secret, though, was just between Ben, Dad, and me. The three of us hung out a few more times after the night of Dad's birthday. Ben and I fucked twice more, in his hotel room and by ourselves, without my father there. It was fun, but I had to keep in the back of my mind that Ben was only here temporarily. If he lived in London, I might actually go as far as to try to pursue a relationship with him (if he'd even consider it, and despite our age gap); but since he was flying back to California I labeled the whole thing "a fling."

    After Ben left, Dad and I talked about him a lot immediately after his departure. Part of it was Dad telling me about their adventures and sexcapades when they were two 20-something-year-olds living here. But also, we addressed what happened that night in Dad's bed. There wasn't a big dramatic conversation or anything; after a while, it was mostly just us cracking jokes about it. 

    On the last day of school, I spent the afternoon with my mates, constantly checking my phone to see if my father was done with work yet. He'd promised to take me out to celebrate, and I was holding him to it. Finally, the text came. Dad and I had a lovely evening out, going to a Spanish tapas restaurant in Soho. I was allowed to have wine there, and the combination of wine and tapas – and Dad's company – was amazing! Because we were eating smaller portions we took our time, with plenty of chatter in between dishes. We stayed at the restaurant for over three hours, and by the time we were out I had no choice but to go to Dad's flat and sober up a little before doing anything else.

    "How's Ben?" I asked, slumping down on Dad's couch and taking off my trainers as he turned on the telly.

    "He's alright. I haven't spoken to him in a few days, but I'm sure he's doing fine," Dad said and came to sit next to me. Instinctively, I put my arm around him and we both watched the brainless, relaxing show on TV. Ever since my father's birthday, he and I were more physically affectionate with each other, cuddling and hugging whenever we were alone at his flat, as if making up for lost time.

    "I'm going back to California later this summer. You should come," Dad said, his lips close to my ear as he cuddled me from behind. "San Francisco's much nicer in the summer."

    "Yeah, I'd like that," I said, smiling. Since the weather in London was nicer by now as well, Dad and I were wearing short-sleeve T-shirts, and he started slowly stroking my arms with his fingertips, which gave me goosebumps and made me feel like I was melting.

    We stayed that way, watching TV blissfully for half an hour, uninterrupted except for the occasional texts that my dad would get. Finally, he put his phone away and apologized.

    "Sorry. It's this girl I've been talking to on this dating app," he filled me in.

    "Yeah, no worries," I said, unsure how else to react. 

    "Callum… there's something we need to talk about."

    Uh-oh. That's never good. I got out of my father's embrace and turned around to face him. Whatever this was, it sounded serious.

    "I know," he said cryptically.

    "You know what?"

    "I know about you and Cat. I know that you are Cat."

    Suddenly, panic and terror filled my body. I felt the anxiety filling my stomach. Dad and "Cat" hadn't texted in a couple of weeks; their contact just sort of fizzled out. But there was so much that I did, catfishing him for months, that I was so ashamed of.

    "How– How long've you known?" I stuttered.

    "Oh, quite some time now. After we got back from California. I never wanted to bring it up because I didn't want to embarrass you, but maybe this is the time to do it. I just… I just want you to know I'm not mad. I believe we need to talk about it, but if you're not ready to do so now, we don't have to."

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing! He didn't want to embarrass me?! I'd done a pretty solid job embarrassing myself! And he wasn't even angry? I was speechless.

    "I– I'm sorry," I said, tears building up in my eyes and starting to fall down my cheeks.

    "Shhh, it's okay," Dad wiped my tears away, like I were a child. "I told you, I'm not upset. Well, that's a lie, I am upset about what happened, especially right after I found out, but this will NOT be something that spoils our relationship. Okay? I just… I just wanted to know why you did it."

    "I don't know," I said, sniffling. "I just wanted to get to know you better, and that seemed like an easier way. And I was curious. Ever since I met you I thought you were… attractive, and… I guess I was hoping to get you to send me some shirtless pics or whatever. And of course, it ended up being so much more. I never should've done it!"

    "No, you shouldn't have. But I think I know why you did, at least partially. That's why I kept talking to 'Cat,' even though I knew it was you."

    "So, – sniff – so you don't think I'm a disgusting perv?" I asked. 

    "Well, my definition of 'perverted' is a bit different than most other people's. But no. At worst, I think you're a messed-up teen at times, but you'll grow out of it."

    After a few minutes of crying, I was starting to get it under control. It was time to tell my father the full story. It was evident I couldn't ask for a more understanding dad than him, and I owed it to him to finally be honest.

    "Growing up… Growing up I never knew my dad. And when I started watching porn a few years ago, I stumbled upon a lot of daddy porn," I confessed. "I didn't even understand it at the time, I was way too young, Mum should've probably put locks on my computer but she didn't. A lot of it was just older men having sex with younger guys or whatever, but sometimes they'd do a father-son roleplay. And I somehow started to fantasize about my own father, and how he might show up one day, and look just like the men in the videos, and he would… we would… well, whatever would happen between us. And then you showed up, and you were even more handsome than the porn actors," – Dad smiled – "and I didn't know how to act. The temptation was too big. Plus, I… I spotted your cock that first day at the urinal. And it was just… so much bigger than mine that it made me even more curious."

    "C'mere," Dad said and pulled me in for another hug, this time my head resting on his shoulder. He started rubbing my back with his hands and it told me what I needed to hear: Everything is gonna be alright.

    "Do you want some ice cream?" he asked out of the blue.

    "What?!" I burst out laughing at the absurdity of his question at a moment like this. "We're done talking about Cat??"

    "No, I'm sure we'll come back to it someday. But for now, I just wanted to get it off my chest, and you said what you had to say. If you have something to add, please do. Otherwise, I think we're cool."

    "Cool," I said, inhaling his cologne – the same one he always wore, the same one that mesmerised me on the day we met. "What kinda ice cream do you have?"



    That night, Callum's mom allowed him to spend the night at my place, as long as he agreed to spend all weekend with her and his grandparents. My son and I spent the rest of the evening watching TV (like a couple having a quiet night in), after which we both got naked and ready for bed. It would be the first night we'd be spending in bed together since my birthday.

    "Good night, Dad," Callum said as I switched off the light. Once again, he was lying on my left-hand side, and I turned so we were face-to-face. Callum's eyes were already closed, and he looked angelic, drifting off to sleep.

    I closed my eyes as well and a few seconds later, I felt shuffling in bed. Callum was scooting closer to me, and he put his arms around me. I did the same, and we lay that way for a few minutes, with his cheek touching my chest. After a while, he turned around… and now I was spooning him from behind, my cock resting between his asscheeks. The same exact position he and Ben had been in a few weeks ago.

    Although I felt tired earlier, now I felt restless. Everything Callum had said earlier tonight replayed through my mind, as well as all of the sexts he'd exchanged with me as Cat. I recalled all of his comments about my cock as I felt it start to grow between Callum's asscheeks.

    "Mmm," Callum moaned softly and adjusted his ass, poking it out and rubbing my crotch with it. I always thought my son had a phenomenal ass, ever since I'd noticed it, and to have it rubbing against my bulge felt good, as much as I tried to fight it.

    "You okay?" I whispered in Callum's ear. The late hour made the situation feel surreal, even though we'd been in similar situations several times before: the two of us naked in bed. But I'd NEVER had my son rubbing his ass against my junk, and my cock responding to it by growing larger.

    "Mhm. This feels nice," Callum replied. Even though the room was mostly dark, I could see the hair on the back of his neck rise; his hips now rotating in a circular motion. Pretty soon, my unruly dick was fully hard.

    "Sorry about that," I whispered.

    "Sorry? I like it. You know I do," my boy whispered. My arms were around him, holding him from behind, and I squeezed tighter. Which incidentally, also made my cock press deeper in between his cheeks.

    "Maybe I need to jerk off, or I won't go to sleep," I suggested. Jacking off while Callum was lying next to me was something we'd done before.

    "Why jerk off?" Callum moaned softly. "Wanna fuck me?" 

    The words were whispered ever so softly, yet I could hear them echoing round the room. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, yet in that very moment, my cock shot out its first drops of precum, landing right between my son's asscheeks, coating them with the sperm that'd made him.

    Images of Ben fucking Callum in my bed flashed through my mind. "He's very tight! But it's just right. Feels fucking amazing," my friend had said. My right arm reached down and felt the patch of precum I was leaving on Callum's ass. Next thing, my wet fingers were moving to the middle, right to Callum's legendary tight hole.

    "Ah, yes!" my son gasped as I touched his sweet spot and started to slide in. Even though he was tight and I had no lube on my fingers except for my own precum, I managed to poke my finger in, feeling how warm and inviting Callum's hole felt. With my left hand on his belly, I felt his breathing accelerate.

    "You okay?" I asked again, worried that what we were doing was wrong, but Callum just kept moaning "yes" and asking for more.

    I felt his asshole pulsating around my index finger which was inside him. I knew I couldn't do much more without lube, not with a hole as tight as Callum's, so I retreated my right hand and reached for the bottle of lube by my bed. As I pulled my finger out of Callum's ass he gasped in dissatisfaction, unhappy that I was pulling out of him. Acting as fast as I could, I applied some lube to my fingers and went back to fingering him. This time, I slid in even easier, and started circling my index finger around 360º. 

    "I'm fingering my own fucking son!" I thought, but Callum's squirming made it clear what it was he wanted. What he needed. I've had sex with so many people that I could read their reactions, and Callum's whole body was screaming "Please continue!" So I did: I slid in my middle finger as well, fucking his hole with two digits now.

    I now knew that Callum's obsession with me went back years, before he even met me. Back when I was just a figment of his porn-fueled imagination, his hot dad that comes in and fucks him senseless. I've seen plenty of father-daughter porn to know how that scenario goes. Of course, it's a scenario that very few get to live out in reality. But this was Callum's chance. And could I really deny him his deepest desire?

    I fingered Callum with two – and then three – fingers, as his hole opened up wider and wider, growing more receptive with every thrust of my hand. I moved my other hand from Callum's stomach to his neck, and I even choked him a little bit, something I loved doing to girls.

    "Yeah, is this what you wanted? You wanted Daddy to fuck your pussy?" I grunted, suddenly getting into character like I usually did in bed. 

    "Yes, Daddy," my boy moaned and his hole got so loose around my fingers that I managed to quickly slip a fourth finger in.

    "You've been fiending for this for years, haven't you? To have Daddy play with your hole? Your slutty little hole that's already been fucked by Dad's best friend?"

    I don't know what came over me, but the phrases coming out of my mouth just kept getting pervier and pervier. I was always very verbal and nasty in bed… but that didn't usually involve my teenage son. Now that we were doing this, I could feel every part of Callum's body heating up and begging for more – especially his hole.

    "Such a tight pussy. Just the way Daddy likes it," I continued grunting in Callum's ear. Maybe using the word "pussy" made me feel more comfortable, reminding me of my experience with women. Either way, Callum seemed to love it. His hole pulsed faster and faster, and I could tell my fingers were no longer enough for it.

    "I'm gonna fuck you now," I announced. "Daddy's gonna slide his dick inside you. What do you say?"

    "Yes, Daddy, please," Callum begged. 

    I took my fingers out of his ass and lubed up my throbbing cock, using my precum for extra lubrication as well. A few seconds later, my cockhead was pressing up against Callum's hole, and he was desperately poking his ass out as far as he could.

    "There you go," I said as my dick started to slide in. It'd been a while since I'd fucked anyone up the ass – New Year's Eve, actually – and Callum's hole was by far the tightest I'd been in in a while.

    "Ahhh, yeah," my boy moaned, clenching his hole around my cock but then releasing it again and opening up wider.

    "That's the way. Open that pussy up. Take Daddy's cock," I grunted, still choking my son ever so slightly, feeling his Adam's apple between my knuckles.

    More and more, Callum hole relaxed and my cock went further in, until I was all the way inside his ass, feeling his insides hugging my dick.

    "Fuck! I'm all in. Shit, can you feel that?"

    "Yes, Daddy. Oh, yes!"

    I started to thrust, slowly, since I didn't want to overdo it. I knew my buddy Ben had already opened up this hole several times, training Callum how to take dick like a pro. I was proud to say that my son seemed to be a quick learner.

    Five minutes later, my thrusting increased in speed, and ten minutes later I was fucking even faster. By now, Callum was almost completely loose.

    "Good boy. Look at you opening up for Daddy."

    "Yes, Daddy. Fuck my pussy," Callum begged. "Breed me, please."

    "Yeah? You want Daddy to cum inside you tonight?" I asked while thrusting back and forth faster.

    "Fuck yes! Deep inside me. Ahhh!"

    "Yeah? You wanna feel your little brothers and sisters swimming inside your hole?" I grunted.

    "Fuck, Dad, yes."

    The verbal exchange, in addition to the tightness of my son's hole, drove me over the edge. I could feel myself getting closer and closer, fucking Callum's ass without giving it a break, until…

    "URRRGHHH! FUCK! OH YES!" I started unloading inside Callum's gut.

    "Aaaah, Dad," Callum let out one last moan before he grabbed his hard cock in the front and started shooting his load all over my sheets, just as I filled his intestines with my cum.

    "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" we shouted in unison, father and son blowing their loads at the same time. I'd cum together with my father, back when we had strippers sucking our dicks at his bachelor party. Now, I was doing it with my son, another generation of Van den Berg men. 

    "Don't pull out. Don't pull out," Callum gasped, sounding exhausted, all the while I filled him up with my babies and kissed the back of his neck. Even after I was done shooting my very large load I continued to thrust, since I could tell that's what Callum wanted. 

    Our movements got slower by the second. Now that he'd gotten what he wanted, I could tell how much calmer and more relaxed Callum was. Even with my cock going soft, I remained inside him as long as I could.

    "I love you, Dad," my boy whispered.

    "I love you too, honey," I replied, pulling the cover over both of us. "Now get some sleep."

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