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A Gift from Grandpa, Pt. II

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    Being back in England felt comforting in many ways. Grandpa's SF mansion might be luxurious, but there's nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed and using your own shower. I already missed all of the sexy fun I had while in San Francisco, but fortunately I was quite busy now that I was back so I didn't have time to mope around and feel too sad.

    The week before school started, Mum, her parents and I went on a short vacation in Cornwall. It was a fun week, albeit a sexless one. Back in London, school started full-steam from the very beginning. My A-levels were coming up and I had to take things seriously if I wanted to go on to university. I'd always been a decent student but last year my grades started to drop, partly due to all the drama with Dad and "Cat." 

    As such, September flew by in a blur. I literally only got to see Dad two or three times the entire month. Sunday was still supposed to be our meetup day, but I found myself with so much homework on weekends that I hardly had the time to venture to Soho. My sex life was once again reduced to porn and a quick wank before sleep. I actually shared some of that frustration with Dad, who – like a good parent – encouraged me to focus on studying and assured me there'd be plenty of time for fucking once I was in university.

    As October approached, so did my birthday. My Dad had a surprise for me: my uncle Blake and Grandpa would be coming to London once again, like they did on Thanksgiving, to celebrate my birthday with me! I was thrilled to see both of them again, especially Blake, who I'd been texting (and sexting) with daily since I left California.

    Just like last year, I celebrated my birthday at my grandparents' restaurant on the Isle of Dogs. Since my real birthday fell on a Monday, my party took place the day before. This time it was during the daytime, and even though I didn't invite as many mates as last year it was still a fun time. After the party, I invited Blake back to Mum's flat while she stayed at the restaurant to help clean up.

    "This is my room," I said to my young uncle as I led him into my den where not many others had ventured before. I showed Blake some of the cool nerdy stuff I had, and thankfully he agreed that they were cool rather than embarrassing. It really was wonderful how much he and I had in common sometimes.

    "So what do you wanna do now?" I asked him, expecting him to suggest a video game to play. He, however, had another kind of games in mind.

    "Should we… pick up where we left off?" he said with a naughty gleam in his eyes, and I already knew what he was proposing. Still, just to be sure I asked,

    "What do you mean?"

    "You know, when you fucked me before you left."

    I looked around the room I'd grown up in. I'd never had sex in this room, ever. Although I'd tried to get rid of some of the toys and make the room seem a bit more adult, it still displayed plenty of memories from my childhood. In a weird way, the concept of fucking in it now, before I was done with school and onto the next chapter of my life, was a major turn-on.

    "Okay," I said and I instantly locked my bedroom door. This time, Blake and I started by kissing, also simultaneously rubbing our bulges, which were both growing fuller by the second.

    "Have you been fucked since we did it last?" I asked my uncle.

    "Yes," he admitted with a mischievous grin.

    "A lot?" I inquired. If I didn't have much of a sex life over the past couple of months, at least I could live vicariously through him.

    "Kinda. I got one of the guys on the football team to fuck me. I'm pretty sure he's gay, but he still keeps it on the down-low."

    "Oh, wow. Anyone else?" I continued, unbuttoning my uncle's jeans and now rubbing his cock through his boxer briefs. The thin cotton fabric was stretched to the max and marked with a large stain of prejizz that just kept growing.

    "Well, there's a glory hole in this public men's room in the Castro. You know what a glory hole is, right?" my uncle asked, pulling down my trousers and releasing my hard dick.

    "Yes," I nodded and moaned at the same time.

    "Well I've been going there quite frequently. I get fucked at least once a day when I go there," Blake admitted.

    "Holy fuck!" I exclaimed. I may have been my uncle's first fuck, but he was doing it for both of us now.

    When jerking off lately, I often used the dildos and buttplugs that Dad got me. I still enjoyed bottoming and having my hole stuffed, but when I was with Blake I felt safe to explore my top side a bit more. Without much ado, my uncle was on his knees in my childhood bedroom, sucking my cock. After a few minutes, I decided to reciprocate. I squatted down and took Blake's cock in my mouth for the first time, feeling the salty, tangy taste of the precum that was already on there. 

    I swirled my tongue around, teasing my uncle's cockhead and watching his shaft get harder and harder. I sucked and stroked his dick before standing up and giving Blake an intense kiss, letting him taste his own precum in my mouth. We wrapped our hands around each other's boners and wanked each other for about ten minutes, until it was time for me to bury my bone in my uncle's hole again.

    "Turn around," I commanded, and stuck my nose in between Blake's arsecheeks, feeling the familiar aroma that was there. I rimmed Blake's hole for only a few minutes, impatient to get to the main part of the show. I took out some lube, got my cock nice and lubed up, and I drove it inside Blake's bullseye again. Instantly, I could feel that his hole was significantly looser than when I fucked him in August. That closeted football player and those anonymous men at the glory hole had sure taken their toll on Blake's bum, stretching it wide open for quick and easy access.

    A short while later, as we were fucking in my bed, we heard my mum enter the flat and loudly announce her presence. We yelled out "hi" to her and continued screwing stealthily, somewhat extra excited by having to keep this a secret. Since he was the one getting his hole drilled Blake had a more difficult time remaining quiet, so I took one of my socks and I balled it up, stuffing it in his gob like an apple inside a roast pig's mouth. 

    Before I came inside him, I made Blake turn around and lie on his back so he was facing me. If he shot his load at the same time again, I didn't want him to make a mess all over my sheets. Fucking face-to-face with my uncle for the first time made the connection even hotter, and a couple of brief minutes later I was grinding my teeth and quietly announcing my upcoming orgasm.

    "Mmm. MMMMMMM," I suppressed my moans as much as possible while I blew my load inside Blake's velvety bum hole. I continued to thrust, slower but just as intensely, really filling up my uncle's guts with my familiar jizz. Blake moaned and grunted with the sock in his mouth. What he was trying to say sounded like "I'm gonna cum," but he wasn't cumming just yet.

    After I was done emptying my balls, I pulled my cock out and quickly stuffed three fingers inside Blake's stretched out pussy, making a cone shape with my digits and sliding them in super easily now that his hole was lubricated with my cum. At the same time, I took my uncle's hairless, shaved dick in my mouth, all in one gulp. If he was gonna cum, best do it down my throat. No muss, no fuss.

    Just as his cockhead hit the back of my throat, Blake released his own swimmers. After having swallowed Dad's jizz, I now got a taste of a second family member's DNA. My dad's youngest brother, still a teen but apparently just as freaky as all of the men in his family. All the men in OUR family.

    That night, Blake spent the night over. My mum never suspected anything when it came to him and me sharing a bed, but as soon as the lights were off, Blake and I took our underwear and shirts off, kissing and roaming our hands all over each other's naked bodies. We fucked one more time – keeping the noise down for Mum's sake – and we fell asleep cuddled up together.

    The following morning, Blake took an Uber to the hotel where he and Grandpa were staying, and I headed to school. Since it was my birthday, I could think of a thousand things I'd rather do… and most of them involved fucking. As soon as school was out, I headed to Soho. I took the Tube to Blake and Grandpa's hotel, expecting to find both of them there. I knew my dad was still at work, so the plan was to hang out with the two of them until Dad got out so we could all go for dinner tonight.

    Unfortunately, Blake wasn't replying to my texts. I texted Grandpa instead and he told me to come up to their room. Apparently, Blake was out shopping and Grandpa had no idea why he wasn't responding to my texts. (Later on, I would learn Blake had discovered a glory hole in London as well, which kept him busy and ignoring his phone all afternoon.)

    "Do you wanna wait for him and Josh here or do you wanna go out and do something?" my grandfather offered. 

    "We can wait here," I said. There was a TV in the room and I figured that would be less awkward than going out and doing something by ourselves. I'd never been alone with Grandpa for any significant amount of time, and I still felt kinda awkward around him.

    "Mind if I turn on the telly?" I asked as a way to deflate the tension. I surfed through the channels for a few minutes without stumbling upon anything interesting. All the while, Grandpa was standing next to the couch, making me slightly nervous by looming over me.

    "We never talked about what happened at my office this summer," my grandfather suddenly said matter-of-factly. 

    "Yeah. No, we didn't," I stated. 

    "Is there anything you wanted to ask me about it?" Grandpa continued calmly.

    "Oh, only about a million things!" I thought. 

    "Do… Do you and Dad do things like that often?" I asked. 

    "No. That was the first and only time so far," Grandpa replied. His choice of words didn't escape me: so far.

    "Oh, okay," I continued glaring at the TV, trying to fight the redness developing on my face. I felt comfortable talking to my father about sex, but Grandpa was a different story.

    "I gather you haven't told anyone about what you saw, neither your mom nor dad?" 

    "No," I shook my head, fighting the temptation to say "No, Sir" to my own grandfather.

    "That's probably for the best. Especially your mom. People can… misconstrue moments like that," Grandpa said, sounding as stern as ever. "And how did you feel about what you saw?" was Grandpa's next question.

    "How did I feel?" I repeated dumbly.

    "Yes. I thought I saw a mighty bulge growing in your pants when you opened the door. Or were my eyes deceiving me?" Grandpa came to stand in front of the TV, blocking my view and making eye contact with me. 

    "N… No, Sir," I shook my head. 

    "No what?" he said firmly.

    "No, your eyes didn't deceive you," I said, staring up at my grandpa's face and feeling my cock rise to attention again, just like it did when I walked in on my father sucking Grandpa's dick and swallowing his sperm.

    "And are they deceiving me now?" the handsome older man asked, looking down between my legs.

    "No," I shook my head. To further answer his question, my hardening cock throbbed, which made the tent in my pants rise up and down.

    "Hard to control it sometimes, ain't it?" Grandpa finally cracked a smile.

    "Yeah," I agreed, smiling in return.

    "Oh, I bet. 'Specially at that age," Grandpa added, and then put his right hand on his own bulge casually.

    I licked my lips and allowed myself to get fully hard, too nervous to say anything.

    "So what do you want to do next?" Grandpa checked, still making intense eye contact with me.

    "We– We can keep doing this," I answered, even though I had no clear idea what "this" was.

    "Very well then," Grandpa said. Now that he had my blessing to continue, he took a few steps forward until his bulge was right in front of my face, only inches away.

    "Go for it, then," he said, sensing my arousal. He knew just what I was tempted to do.

    I followed my grandfather's encouragement and I reached for his large, cowboy-like belt buckle, opening it and then working on the fly of his jeans. Grandpa had a significant belly, which was new for me to navigate but it was nice. 

    With his fly open, I noticed the black boxer briefs my grandfather was wearing underneath. I reached in and stroked his bulge through the one layer of fabric, feeling how incredibly thick he was even though he wasn't even hard yet. Unlike him, I was hard as a rock and I had to use my other hand to set my boner free, since it was feeling too stifled in my pants.

    "Nice," Grandpa said when he saw my tool pop out. I knew he was just being nice, but it still felt good to receive a compliment from my grandparent.

    As a way to say thank you, I kept rubbing his mature cock through his underwear. Finally, when I felt some wetness seeping in through the fabric, I pulled down the waistband and fully released the monster. By now, Grandpa was half-hard and his cock looked almost as big as mine fully erect, and already girthier.

     "Fuck," I swore. I'd already dealt with my father's prick which was just as large, but it was always a shock coming face-to-face with a tool this big. Throwing caution to the wind, I opened my maw and took the thick grandpa cock in, feasting on it like it was my birthday present.

    "Fuck, boy! Just like your daddy you wanna suck my dick, huh?" Grandpa said, unaware just how much "like my daddy" I was.

    "Mhm," I nodded with a mouthful of cock. The dick that made Dad, now all in my mouth. My nose was buried in Gramp's salt-and-pepper pubes. His semi still fit in my mouth comfortably, but as it started to rise it became difficult to keep it in there without gagging. 

    I started drooling all over my chin but I was determined to see this through. The blowjob Dad gave Grandpa was good enough to get my grandfather to cum, and I wanted to prove I was at least just as good. Meanwhile, Grandpa put his hands on the back of my head, lending it support as he started thrusting back and forth with his hips, fucking my throat and making me gag even more.

    "That's it, boy. Suck that cock," Dad's dad encouraged me, coating my gullet with his precum. I was beyond myself, stroking my dick so fast that I was close to cumming so I had to stop and take a break.

    "Good boy. Don't cum just yet," Grandpa recognised my horniness and encouraged me to endure. Focusing on his dick, I let him fuck my face and I was thrilled to see that my throat was getting used to it. With each forward thrust, I let Grandpa go down deeper and deeper. For half an hour, he worked my mouth like it was his job to make the perfect cocksucker out of me. Somehow, I had a feeling he'd done this to other young men in his past. One of which was my own father.

    "Okay boy, you're doing great. I have a present for you soon," Grandpa announced. I put my right hand on his balls, which were tightening and churning out my birthday present. My left hand went back around my boner.

    "Mmm, yeah," I moaned as my grandfather fucked my mouth. I let him slide all the way in, past my uvula, activating my gag reflex for a second, and then on down to the depths of my gullet. Soon, his cum would be landing there. I could feel it! His balls tightened even more. Any second now...

    "AAAAHHHHH, FUCKKKKK!!!" Grandpa roared like a lion and shot his sperm down my eager cocksucking throat. I learned from Dad's example and swallowed all of it down, feeling my stomach fill with more of my family's DNA. It reminded me of Dad's jizz, which tasted similar. I wished Dad was here, blowing his load down my throat simultaneously. Or maybe, blowing it up another hole…

    Grandpa fucked my mouth for another full minute, depositing his seed in me while I busted my own nut all over the hotel room floor. Smacking my lips together after my grandfather pulled out, I cherished the taste traveling from my mouth, down my throat, and into my belly.

    "That was fun," Grandpa said, still towering over me, tucking his penis away. "Next time, we can invite your dad to join us," he winked at me with a devilish gleam in his eyes. 

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