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A Grandson's Request

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    Living in London meant my schedule was always full, but most of the items on my agenda were quite pleasurable. Instead of stressful business meetings, I was mostly engaged in going to luncheons and "touching base" with acquaintances on this side of the pond. I was enjoying my stay so much that I decided to extend it and spend my 60th birthday here.

    Granted, there were two months to go until my birthday in March, but my wife insisted on throwing me the most lavish party I'd ever had, so she needed ample time to prepare. I was well aware that the party was not just for me; she wanted to show off to all of her friends and social media followers. By this point, my marriage was mostly a business transaction. It was likely just a matter of time before we called it quits; she would get a generous settlement and I would get my freedom to move on to wife no. 4. I figured at my age, I still had one or two marriages in me.

    Until then, I enjoyed London's social scene as if I were a single man. I brought girls back to my "flat" for viagra-fueled orgies, some of them attended by my eldest son Josh. The girls loved him, and I didn't blame him for not wanting to settle down just yet. After fucking a couple of girls – or at times, sharing the same girl – my son and I would cool off with a cigar. That is when Josh and I had our best conversations; oftentimes fully naked, not bothering to cover up our cum-covered cocks in our postcoital bliss.

    My grandson Callum made sure to meet up with me for lunch or dinner once or twice a week, as long as he wasn't too busy with school. During one such meal, he noticed his father and me being extra yawny at the restaurant table, so he asked what we'd been up to the night before. Rather than explain, I figured I'd show him. I pulled out my phone and discreetly played a 20-second clip of Josh and me spit-roasting a girl; my son taking her from behind as I fucked her throat. 

    This made Callum understandably jealous, saying he wished he would get invited to my "parties." Honestly, if the boy was interested in fucking pussy I'd have probably invited him by now; maybe he'd be the one I'd be spit-roasting girls with. But even though I wasn't opposed to the occasional tryst with a guy, I had no interest in throwing gay orgies at my place.

    "As soon as you start college, I'll get you your own place and you can throw all the 'parties' you want in there," I winked at my grandson as I put my phone away… but not before sending him a copy of that video like he'd asked.

    This all took place during dinner on a Friday evening, after which we walked back to my place for drinks. During our walk through Soho, we passed plenty of scantily-clothed young women bearing the cold, as well as gay men who were also (un)dressed to impressed. One guy who looked a few years older than Callum was very obvious about checking out my grandson, looking at him up and down like he wanted nothing more than to lick him head-to-toe.

    "I think you've got an admirer," I said to my grandson.

    "Nah, he's not my type," Callum quickly dismissed the notion.

    "What is your type?" I asked.

    "I think his type is something more like that," my son butted in, pointing at a man standing with his buddies in front of a pub, holding a pint. The man Josh was pointing at was probably in his 50s, at least judging by his neatly cut hair and beard, both of which were fully gray. His black leather jacket was the kind that never went out of style, and his jeans hugged an ass so perky that it even made me stare at it.

    "Guilty. I have a thing for daddies," Callum confessed. This came as absolutely no surprise to me, seeing as my grandson had already sucked my cock as well as his daddy's. As horny as I'd been feeling lately, I began to wonder if we might get a repeat of Callum's oral performance once we got to my place, just the three of us, fueled by alcohol and our family's ever-active hormones.

    At my rented flat, we made ourselves comfortable as Callum served the drinks once again. Wanting to steer the conversation in a sexy direction, I asked Callum about the sexperiences he's had with other guys. He told me about a neighbor of his dad's, some guy named Paul, which is when Josh chimed in and filled me in on how he had walked in on Callum sucking Paul's dick on Halloween. 

    "Halloween, huh? That was barely a month after you two met," I noted, adjusting my growing bulge.

    "Yeah. I should've known then that he was an insatiable cocksucker," Josh teased his son, which Callum took in stride (in pride, even). 

    Callum continued by telling me about the sex he'd had with a friend of Josh's named Ben. By the time he was done with that story (Ben taking Callum's virginity while they were lying in bed right next to Callum's dad), I was hard as a rock in my jeans and happy to show off my obscenely-sized bulge to my son and grandson.

    "You've done… a lot in the past year," I said while looking Callum in the eyes and rubbing my boner through my jeans. 

    "I know. But there are still things I'd like to try," the boy said with a smirk, showing his typical teenage curiosity.

    "Yeah? Like what?" I asked.

    "Like what you and Dad were doing to that girl in that video," my grandson said without missing a beat.

    The first thing I did was make eye contact with my son and smile. As always when Callum was around, Josh looked a little bit hesitant and nervous, but Callum's growing confidence seemed to put my son at ease. The two of them looked at each other and smiled as well.

    "So you'd like to get spit-roasted, huh?" my son liked his lips before turning my way. "I think we can arrange that, huh Dad?"

    "You don't have to ask me twice," I grabbed my cock even tighter, "but is this what you really want, Son?"

    That question was aimed at Callum, who was looking up-and-down between my crotch and my eyes as I spoke. I knew very well that his answer would be "yes," but I wanted to hear him say it. To say out loud how much he was craving his father's dick as well as my own, inside of him at the same time.

    "Fuck yeah, Grandpa, I'm sure," the boy spoke, grabbing at his own bulge. "The second you showed me that video at the restaurant, I started picturing myself as that girl that you and Dad fucked last night. I got hard under the table right there and then."

    "Oh you did, did ya? And are you hard now?" I asked Callum next.

    "I am," he said. When he removed his hand from his bulge, it sure looked bigger than just a moment ago.

    "Well then, let's all get comfortable," I suggested, reaching for my jeans. They were way too tight to comfortably sport a boner in.

    "Here, let me," my grandson offered, rushing over to where I was sitting on the sofa. Attentively, he put his hands on my belt and assisted me by unbuckling it. As Callum pulled down my jeans and then my underwear, I kept one eye on his dad, who watched the whole scene without saying a word, only emitting small moans while rubbing his own crotch. 

    "D'you wanna take the front or back?" I asked Josh, giving him first dibs. 

    "Why don't we let Callum decide?" my son suggested, unbuckling his own belt just as my grandson managed to extract my boner from its denim prison.

    "Mmm," Callum moaned, getting down on his knees and taking a long whiff of my cock. "Mmm. Why don't you fuck my ass, Dad?" he said, finessing my cock into his mouth just a moment later.

    "Alright, then," Josh said, simultaneously standing up and pulling his pants down. In two or three swift moves, my son's shoes and pants were off, which came as somewhat of a surprise to me. He didn't need to bare his legs in order to fuck, but if my thighs looked like that I would probably show 'em off as well. Even when I was Josh's age I wasn't particularly fit, and now that I was pushing 60 I felt like that train had passed; so I admired my son's body for a few moments, from his muscular calves all the way up his thick, hairy thighs, as well as the rock-hard member swinging left to right.

    Josh noticed me looking, so he made sure to swing his dick a few more times just to give me a show, loudly smacking his legs with his firm tool. He was even louder as he spat in his right hand, two times one after the other, and then brought that same hand down to his throbber. Using a mixture of saliva and precum, my son stroked his cock in front of me, all the while his son deep-throated my meat.

    "Fucking pervs, the both of you," I smirked as I watched Josh's cockhead get pinker and shinier with precum.

    "The apple doesn't fall far from the pervy tree," my son said, letting go of his dick so he could use both hands to pull down his son's pants. Callum maintained my cock in his throat, pushing his ass up and allowing his father to undress him. When Callum's pants were between his ankles, Josh brought his throbbing dick right up against the teen's hungry hole, ready to make his wish come true.

    "You enjoy sucking Grandpa's dick, huh? Here, you can have mine as well," Josh said to his son. With that, he drove his cock up Callum's asshole. The teenage cocksucker actually took a break from working on my cock; he had to let out a loud moan as his cheeks got spread by his dad's sizable tool.

    "Nah-huh, keep going," I ordered Callum, pushing his head down and feeding him my cock again. I wasn't too aggressive with him, but I had to make sure he held up his end of the bargain. His father's dick and mine: both at the same time.

    "Mmmmmm," my grandson moaned as he got double-stuffed, his eyes tearing up, his nose buried in my salt-and-pepper pubes. It took him a couple of seconds to relax, during which his throat contracted around my dick and gripped it even tighter. However, it wasn't long before I felt Callum find his groove, granting me access deeper down his gullet.

    "Attaboy," I said, combing my fingers through the teen's long hair, which was thicker than mine had ever been. I grasped two handfuls of it and tugged on it just enough to rein him in without hurting him. Meanwhile, my son was holding on to Callum's hip bones, thrusting back and forth slowly to give his ass enough time to get used to it. 

    "I can feel his pussy loosening up," my son said. "Fuck, he's gonna be so loose in a couple of years! I can only imagine."

    "Doubt it'll take that long, at the rate at which he's been going," I said, complimenting my young grandson's sluttiness. By the time he was Callum's age, Josh had been with a ton of girls. And just like he'd said: the apple didn't fall far from the pervy tree.

    "How's his throat, Dad?" Josh asked me, picking up speed and fucking his son's hole faster with each thrust.

    "Oh, excellent," I said without lying. 

    As we gave Callum the spit-roast he had wanted, the teen reached down and began stroking his own dick, making him moan and grunt out even more, most of which was muffled by my cock anyway. Josh and I got into a mutual rhythm, making my grandson's body shake back and forth between us for 15 or 20 minutes – significantly longer than the fuck we'd shared with the girl last night. We'd both taken our turns with her separately, but she only let us spit-roast her for a couple of minutes. By the end, although both of us were considering cumming inside her, we'd decided to avoid any more unwanted pregnancies in the family, so my son and I had both cum on her tits at the same time. This time, with Callum, that risk wasn't a factor so I asked my son,

    "You gonna cum inside him?"

    "Fuck yeah. But only if you do as well," my son beckoned me.

    "Of course. I'm gon shoot down his throat any second now," I announced, holding on firmly to my grandson's hair.

    "No, not down his throat. Up his ass. Right after I cum," my son said calmly.

    I looked up and made eye contact with Josh, a devilish glint in his eyes, which I'm sure he could see reflected in my eyes as well.

    "You're on," I said.

    Without ever breaking our eye contact, Josh pumped faster and faster inside his firstborn's hole. After a minute of aggressive thrusting, Josh announced,

    "Fuck, Dad, I'm cumming."

    "Shoot your load, Son. Cum inside his ass! Breed my grandson," I growled, and I watched as my son let go and released his seed inside Callum's willing asshole. Josh's son grunted and moaned, still muffled by a mouthful of cock. It took every ounce of willpower not to cum right then. I fucked Callum's throat carefully, reaching the very edge without taking that final step.

    "Ah fuck! AH FUCK!" my son grunted as he blew his nut. As soon as he was done, he pulled out rapidly, as if in a rush. Josh could probably sense just how fucking turned on I was and that I couldn't hold it in a second longer. As soon as I heard his cockhead plop out, I got up and rushed behind Callum, quickly shoving my cock in his still-gaping hole. I could see my son's cum oozing out of it, dripping down Callum's balls as the teen jacked off. The very moment I put my dick inside my grandson, he exclaimed,

    "OH FUUUUUCKKK!!" cumming all over the hardwood floor. As the boy whimpered in orgasmic pleasure, his hole retracted and gripped my cock tightly, making me lose my nut and add my DNA to his already-bred ass. It was a cyclic reaction: the more I came inside Callum, the more it excited him and he continued to cum, which made his hole tighten, which got even more cum out of me.

    "Fuck yeah," my son said from the side, watching his old man breeding his boy until I was all done. Who knows, maybe one day Josh'll get to do the same to Callum's son. 

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