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The Real Deal

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    One day, my son Callum showed up to my flat with a backpack full of ass toys he'd been using for months and "outgrown." With his help, I worked the tiniest butt plug into my hole, and with it inside me I gave Callum the most intense fuck of his life. 

    I tried to tell myself that I wasn't that "into" the toys, but that wasn't true. I ended up using them nightly, either on my own, or with Callum, or with my latest fuck buddy – a British girl in her 30s who wasn't looking for a relationship but wanted plenty of hot sex. Once I was able to take the bigger-sized toys, she used a couple of the dildos on me, and told me that her ex-husband was really into that as well.

    "Is that why you got a divorce, he left you to get fucked by men?" I asked her one evening after we'd both fucked each other.

    "What? No. Just because he likes his arse played with doesn't mean he's into men," she replied. 

    I knew the same applied to me, although… well, to be frank, it was difficult to use a penis-shaped dildo and NOT wonder how similar it felt to the real deal. One night, after only training my hole for a few weeks, I managed to take the largest of the toys – an especially realistic-looking dildo my son had picked since it was modeled after one of his favorite porn actors. The next day, I bragged to Callum about it. He'd also noted that "if you can take that, you can take a real dick."

    Soon after that, I found myself drinking with my father and son, when Callum told my dad all about my latest hobby. My father, being the perv that he is, escalated the situation by telling me "I'd fuck you if you wanna try" – an idea which Callum had suggested.

    "Both of you are insane," I told my son and Dad, looking from one to the other. Callum was grinning in anticipation, whereas my father just looked at me intently with one hand on his bulge, rubbing it up and down.

    "Why Son, there's no need for name calling," he said smarmily. With his legs spread wide open, he was trying to act all smooth – which I wasn't falling for. However, I'd be a liar if I said there was no gnawing sense of curiosity in me, tempting me to accept the offer.

    "Okay let's do it, but I wanna take some poppers first," I said, trying to sound as casual as possible.

    "We can all go to the bedroom!" my son said, jumping up IMMEDIATELY and ready to move, as if worried I might change my mind. 

    I got up and walked to my bedroom, followed by Callum and Dad. This was the room where my son had lost his virginity, so it felt appropriate for the same to happen to me here.

    "Got some lube, or think you can take me without?" my father asked as I opened my sex drawer.

    "We'll use lube, of course," I said, taking out the poppers and lube. I twisted the bottle of poppers open and took a hit, and by the time I'd turned around my son was on his knees, unbuttoning my father's pants and saying,

    "Here Grandpa, I'll help you get hard."

    We'd all been to a nice restaurant for dinner, so we were dressed quite formally. I laid back on the bed and took my tie off, watching as my son extracted Dad's dick and took it in his eager mouth. Dad slowly undressed while getting serviced. By the time the last of his clothes were off, my father was hard as a rock. He placed his hairy hands on the back of my son's head and he held it firmly as he began to thrust back-and-forth, face-fucking his grandchild.

    Dad turned to look at me on the bed. I still had all my clothes on, but my hard dick was out and my fist was pumping up and down my shaft. Dad and I made intense eye contact, and I watched him thrusting faster and faster, violating my boy's throat. I undressed while I watched them – I had to: the amount of precum I was leaking was making a mess on my clothes.

    "I think it's your turn," Dad suddenly said, looking at me hungrily. He took his dick out of Callum's mouth with his right hand. Then, Dad began smacking his hard tool against his outstretched left hand. It sounded like someone was being hit with a baseball bat.

    I gulped. After staring at my dad's dick for a couple of seconds, I turned to look at Callum's face, which was just a few inches away from Dad's prick. My son smiled at me encouragingly, as if to say "You can do this; I believe in you."

    I reached for the poppers and took another hit while my father walked to my bed slowly, like a beast getting ready to attack. I took the lube bottle and smeared some on my ass before handing the bottle over to Dad for use on his dick.

    "Why don't you lube me up?" my old man suggested with a smirk. "Since your hands are already wet with it anyway."

    "Fine," I agreed, taking some more lube and slowly stroking Dad's dick with it. Callum had done an excellent job getting it hard. I could feel Dad's blood pumping through his powerful tool, and I realized I was starting to really look forward to having it up my ass.

    I turned with a hop and landed on all fours, with my back facing my dad. I felt a warm, dry hand petting my right asscheek up and down, making my hair rise. Then a few seconds later there was a firm, lubed-up something pressing against my ass cheeks... my father's dick! I turned to look at my son and saw that Callum had taken all of his clothes off as well. He was now standing naked and fully boned up, stroking his dick while watching me about to take a cock for the first time.

    "I love you, Dad," Callum said unexpectedly while maintaining eye contact with me.

    "I love you too, Son," I replied. "You too, Dad."

    "And I love you both. Here's how muchhhhh." As he said that last word, my father shoved his thick prick inside my asshole. It all happened so quickly. Suddenly, I felt like there were fireworks going off inside of me. I'd had practice with the anal toys so it wasn't a wholly new sensation; yet, taking a real, throbbing dick felt different. I had to close my eyes for a couple of seconds. When I opened them, Callum was standing in front of me, holding the bottle of poppers.

    "Take some more, Dad. It'll help," he advised me. I nodded and my son twisted the cap open, holding the bottle in front of my nose and closing one of my nostrils. I huffed the poppers and felt my hole loosening up, granting my father easier access to it. 

    "Fuck!" I moaned, feeling my parent thrusting inside of me. The closeness between us in that moment was incredible! I could actually FEEL him becoming a part of me, filling my insides. In front of my face, my son was wanking his own cock, and I realized I wanted to bring him in on this.

    I opened my mouth wide and looked Callum in the eyes, giving him a clear sign of what to do. My son nodded and took a step closer, placing his uncut prick inside my mouth and letting me suck him. Callum's hands started at my shoulders and slid down my sides, until they were all the way at my hips. Then, my father placed his larger hands on top of Callum's and they both gave me a squeeze.

    "Fuck, he's tight!" my dad told my son. "Feels incredible."

    For a second, I thought Callum might be cumming because of the large wad I felt him shoot down my throat, but it was only precum. Talking about my ass to my dad definitely turned Callum on, so he said,

    "Yeah, you like Dad's hole, Grandpa?"

    "Fuck yeah, boy. It's been a while since I've had a virgin hole. And your dad's a trooper!" Dad smacked my ass loudly. It was his way of saying he was proud of me.

    The effect that the tightness of my hole was having on Dad became evident less than ten minutes later, when my father began to thrust inside my ass so aggressively that I could tell he was getting close. I took one final hit of poppers, widening my opening for Dad. 

    "Fuck his ass, Grandpa!" Callum encouraged his gramps while still fucking my throat.

    "You wanna watch me breed his ass?" Dad grunted to his grandson.

    "Yes. Breed his hole, c'mon," Callum continued. 

    The boy got his wish… and so did all of us. My dad got to cum inside my ass, enjoying what sounded like an extraordinary orgasm. And I got to receive my first load; my little brothers and sisters swimming inside me.

    Then, after my father bred me for about a minute, he barely had time to move before Callum pulled out of my mouth, walked around the bed, and said,

    "My turn next!"

    Even though I was only huffing poppers, it felt like I'd taken a much harder drug. My head was spinning, my heart was pumping fast, and my belly was fluttering. Time had a weird way of standing still and moving too fast all at once. I felt my dad's cock coming out of my freshly-fucked hole, leaving behind a puddle of my family's semen. Then, merely a second later, a second dick went inside. Callum's dick. Skinnier and shorter than his grandpa's but not at all less pleasing. I felt aware of every detail of it inside of me, even the intact foreskin. I could not tell if Callum had bothered lubing up his cock. With all of the spunk inside of me, I couldn't tell what was lube and what was jism anymore.

    Maybe typical of a horny teenager, it only took my son a couple of thrusts to unload inside of me. Generations mixed as Callum shot his sperm into me, adding to his grandfather's fresh load. My eyes rolled to the back of my head while I felt my son blowing in my ass. In a year and a half, we had gone from strangers to having bred one another's guts.

    "FUCK!" I shouted, loudly cumming and shooting my load all over the bed. My first orgasm while another man was inside of me. My own son, of all people.

    "Fuck, Dad, that was a huge load!" Callum complimented when he saw how much sperm I'd shot on the bed. He thrusted back and forth a few more times before pulling his uncut teen cock out of my ass. "I wish you would've saved it for me."

    "No worries," I said with a smile and I assured him, "There's more where that came from."

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