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It's a Match!

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    During my first couple of weeks back in London, I found myself with more free time than I knew what to do with. Last time I was here I had a full-time job. This time, I was only here to "keep an eye out" on things, which meant a few hours of work a day tops. 

    I was also here to "bond with my son," but the boy had a life. I didn't want to push it and scare him off. Besides, my father's words rang in my head. "Don't get attached until you know anything for certain"... Not until we'd done a DNA test...

    So, with all that free time, I was having more sex than ever (and past-me had set the bar pretty high!) There were always a ton of tourists round Central London, as well as locals who came out to party in Soho where my hotel was. So whether it was desperate housewives on a trip away from their husbands, or local university students who had a thing for older men, I had plenty of fun distractions. 

    Tonight's date, however, was not one of the good ones. I'd been honest about my reason for coming to London, and as soon as I mentioned my estranged son, the girl's face flushed. After that, we drank plenty of wine and tried to maintain a polite conversation over dinner, which felt tortuous considering the fact we both knew we were never gonna see each other again. (That's what I get for going out for dinner on a first date. Always do drinks only!)

    By the time we were done, I was too tired to go pick up someone else or swipe through an app, so I just went back to my hotel. I had a phone call scheduled with my dad, so I planned on talking to him and going to sleep.

    As soon as I got to my room, I shed all my clothes and walked around naked, heading to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I checked out my body in the mirror, and although I knew it looked as good as ever I still felt sort of self-conscious about it. The hotel I was staying in didn't have a gym, and I felt like I was letting myself go. I knew I should just join a gym, but I didn't want to grow roots here, not just yet.

    Feeling horny after my disappointing date, I decided to take things in my own hands... literally. I lay in bed and closed my eyes, stroking my cock with both hands, occasionally using one to tug on my balls. I was tipsy after all that wine with dinner, so it felt like I was floating as the pleasure from my cock traveled all over my body. 

    Suddenly, I was stirred awake from my fantasy by a loud ringing noise. My father was calling me, and all of my connected devices started ringing from different parts of the room. I walked to my laptop, which was nearest, and clicked on the green button as fast as I could.


    My father's shocked face appeared on screen. SHIT! Why was there video?! My dad always made audio calls. I wasn't expecting this! My camera was on as well, capturing my precum-leaking erection, which was at the same exact level as the computer.

    "Shit! Why is the camera on?" I came as close to yelling at my father as I ever did.


    I looked around for something to cover up with, and when I couldn't find anything suitable I just sat down on the chair, so my cock was out of view.

    "Fucking hell, Josh! Why would you pick up like that?!" my father still spoke loudly.

    "Because I didn't know the video was on, okay?"

    "I wanted to show you the new watch I got today! I was very happy with it, cost me a fortune. Now I feel like you stole my fucking thunder." As my father's shock and disapproval started to fade away, there was now a hint of humor in his voice. 

    A moment later, both of us started laughing. My father was one of the most serious men I've ever met, so being able to make him laugh always made me feel very good, ever since I was a child. I sat there and laughed in front of my computer, while precum still leaked down my erect shaft.

    The conversation turned to my father's overpriced new jewelry, before we started talking about work. Finally, he asked me about Callum.

    "How's the boy?" Dad barked. I couldn't recall hearing him say my son's name yet.

    "He's alright. He's got school, so he's busy. We're meeting for lunch on Sunday," I replied, still sitting naked. Subconsciously, my hand had wandered between my legs and scratched my balls a couple of times. Feeling my arm rub against my boner sent a jolt of pleasure all over my body again.

    "Have you done the paternity test yet?"

    "No," I sighed. "I don't wanna bring it up right away, it feels so... rude."

    "And it feels so naive not to!" my father scolded me. "C'mon, Josh. You didn't go to London to jerk off all day. Figure out where you stand with this boy. If he's not yours, pack up and come back home. If he is... well, we'll take it from there."

    "I'm not jerking off all day, Dad," I rolled my eyes (current evidence to the contrary). "I just want to get to know him a bit better, then I'll bring it up."

    "Do what you want!" he said, almost shouting again. "I'm done. I'll leave you to it. And don't think I can't tell you're still stroking your cock, by the way."

    "For fuck's sake, Dad, I'm not stroking my cock. I was just scratching my balls," I said, chuckling.

    "Oh, okay then, forgive me. That is completely acceptable and normal. This is the last time I'm calling you on video," he rolled his eyes. "Goodbye."

    "I love you, Dad," I smiled.

    "Love you too. Even if you grew up to be a fucking perv."



    Being in Soho felt like being on another planet. Even though I'd heard older gay men complaining about how much "gayer" this neighbourhood used to be in the past, to me it still seemed pretty freaking gay. As I walked down Old Compton St, my eyes darted straight to all the men who looked so visibly gay that it made me nervous just to look.

    In front of me, two young guys were walking who seemed to be a couple. One of them wore some sort of chain around his neck, and his boyfriend had his arm around him and was scratching his lower back. When the boyfriend tucked his hand inside the chained guy's T-shirt to scratch his back some more, I noticed the chained guy was wearing a jockstrap, which made me instantly jealous. When I passed them, I turned around to see the chained guy's T-shirt said "BTTM" in the front.

    I started to walk slower as I passed a Caffè Nero on my right, so I could catch a glimpse of the men sitting at the tables outside. Two of them, big and burly men with white beards, were smoking and wearing head-to-toe leather, even though it was the middle of the day on a Sunday. I thought people only dressed like that to go to parties, but I guess I was wrong.

    Across the street, I noticed a man come out of a building and stop to look at his phone. He was older, but not as old as the leather bears; maybe in his early 40s? But what really caught my eye was his bulge! He was wearing grey tracksuit bottoms which were so thin, it was like he was wearing nothing to cover up his cock! I was stunned. I stopped walking and pulled out my own phone, pretending to check something, while looking at the man. It was crazy to me, how hundreds of people just went about their business, walking by, and no one stopped to say anything. I wouldn't be surprised if he was showing his cock off on purpose. He had to know what he was doing, right? I mean, I could see the outline so clearly, it was obscene.

    Suddenly, the man looked up and caught me staring. I blushed and quickly looked down at my phone. Shit! I'd been hoping to snap a picture of him, but it was too late now. I continued walking, disappointed to let him go, but I had somewhere to be anyway: a lunch date with my father.

    Seeing the outline of the stranger's cock reminded me of my birthday party and seeing my dad's cock at the urinal. Ever since that had happened, I'd tried to get it out of my head, to no avail. His cock was there every time I closed my eyes while having a wank. It kept reappearing, even though I knew it was wrong. So I would keep going, jerking off until I cum, and then quickly tell myself that this was the last time and I'm never thinking of it again. That determination would usually last me a few hours, until later that day, when I'd go for another wank again, still thinking of the same thing.

    When I walked inside the crowded restaurant, the very first person I noticed was my dad. Feeling nervous (although, slightly less nervous than the first time I met him), I walked up to him and he got up to give me a hug. He was wearing the same cologne, and it brought me right back to my birthday again.

    As soon as I picked up the menu, the conversation between us started to flow much easier. We talked about the food, which turned into a conversation about my dad's favourite places to eat and how much London has changed since he was here 16 years ago. After a while, my nervousness started to fade away, until it was almost completely gone.

    When we were done eating, my father got up to go to the bathroom (making me think of the urinal scene again). While he was gone, his phone, which he'd left on the table, started to go off. Feeling nosy, I checked the screen and realised my father was getting messages on a dating app. I noticed him coming back, so I quickly looked away.

    "Someone was texting you," I said, trying to sound neutral. He checked his phone and smiled, making me imagine the texts (or photos?) he was getting from whatever woman. 

    "I've got a date after this," he said. 

    "Oh, cool," I said, feeling a weird surge of emotion akin to jealousy inside me. "Anything serious?"

    "Nah, not really. I'm talking to a bunch of women while I'm here, just for fun, you know?"

    "Aha," I nodded, acting cool, but feeling slightly shocked by his level of casualness. The waitress came to pick up our empty plates, and my dad ordered another glass of wine for himself.

    "Do you want anything?" he asked me with that signature smile of his.

    "No, cheers. I need to go soon, Mum's waiting for me."

    The waitress disappeared, and my dad and I were alone again. 

    "I've got some time to kill until my date. So I'll just stay here," he said to me.

    "Cool. And I... I guess I'll see you... maybe next weekend?" I said.

    My father's smile got even broader.

    "I'd love that."

    With that, we said goodbye and I left. I exited the restaurant and stood outside, not ready to go home just yet.

    Without thinking too much, I took out my phone and typed "attractive woman face picture." I scrolled through the results and saved a few, and then downloaded the dating app my father was using. By now, it'd started to rain, and I stood under the restaurant's awning. I couldn't leave just yet; I knew that in order for this to work, we needed to be close by.

    I spent a couple of minutes setting up the account. As soon as I was done, I was presented with a strange man's photo, that I was supposed to swipe left or right on.

    "No. No. No. No," I swiped through pictures, uninterested in anyone else except for a newly familiar face. And then: there he was! Looking just as handsome on his profile pic as I'd expected.

    I swiped right and took a deep breath. "And now we wait," I thought. If I'm lucky, he'll be using the app right now.

    A short while later, the phone vibrated in my hands.

    "It's a Match! You and Josh have liked each other. Send a Message."

    It felt like fireworks were going off in my stomach.

    "Hey," I typed and hit send.

    "Hey there. How is your day?" my father replied "You're very cute," he sent a second message to compliment the random woman whose photo I'd selected.

    "Thank you. You have a lovely smile," I said, walking toward the Tube, looking down at my phone and smiling ear-to-ear. 

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