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Cat and Mouse

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    After almost a month of living in a hotel in London, I took the jump and started renting my own flat. (Of all Briticisms, "flat" and "uni" were always the first ones I adopted.) I was starting to find more work for myself round the office as well, so I wasn't quite so bored. Besides, even though my dad was joking when he said I'm running out of women to date in San Francisco, that comment wasn't entirely untrue. The dating scene in a new city always felt much fresher and who knew, maybe I'd find my Mrs. Josh van den Berg right here in London.

    I was seeing, fucking, and talking to quite a few women here. Yet the one I was finding it most interesting to talk to lately was someone I'd never even met in person.

    "Morning, Kitty Cat," I sent her a text after waking up on Monday. Catherine, or Cat, and I had been texting on a dating app for a week now, and it'd become my habit to shoot her a text first thing in the morning. I don't know why I got so used to talking to her so quickly; maybe because she was so available. Other girls played hard to get, or just got busy, and they didn't text back for days sometimes. Cat was always there.

    "Morning, handsome 💝," she texted back, and we started chatting for a while. I was tempted to send her a picture of the raging morning boner that was currently pulsing between my legs, but I didn't want to scare her off. Instead, I just tapped my thumb against my piss slit, which was by now leaking precum. I rubbed the sticky substance between my fingers, and used it to lube up the shaft of my cock as I started stroking up and down. This dick could get me in a lot of trouble, but I couldn't help it. It had a mind of its own, and it needed to be pleased daily.

    "What are you up to this week?" Cat texted me. I did my best to type with one hand while still jerking off. Jolts of pleasure were now racing from my cock all over my body.

    "I need to go shopping at some point. I'm throwing a party on Halloween at my new flat. Which reminds me: you should come!"

    "What are you going to dress up as?"

    I smirked.

    "What would you like me to dress up as?" I replied.

    "Something sexy."

    "Mmm. Naughty kitty. I'll have to see. My son is gonna be there."

    A few seconds passed without a response. Hearing about my son was a huge turnoff for some women. Luckily, Cat wasn't one of them.

    "I'm sure he wouldn't mind seeing a sexier side of his dad."

    "You ARE naughty!" I teased, grinning while stroking my cock a bit faster.

    "You have no idea 😏"

    "Does that mean you're gonna come?"

    "I'll do my best. I have to go now. Have fun, Daddy 😘"

    Fuck! How did she know I loved being called that? I let my phone drop to my bed and I gripped my cock with both hands. As one hand held the shaft, my other hand focused on my cockhead, which was SUPER sensitive by this point. Only a couple of strokes, and my whole torso was covered in warm, morning cum. I got up to take a shower, but not before I'd scooped up as much of my jizz as I could and fed it to myself. All part of a healthy, protein-filled breakfast.



    When I first met my father, Mum introduced him to me as "Josh." Even now, after weeks of knowing him, I still had no idea how to refer to him. Do I call him "Dad"? That felt... weird, for some reason. It almost felt like I needed his permission to call him that. For now, I found ways around it. I rarely spoke about him out loud, and when I saw him I just went with "hey."

    I still couldn't call him "Dad" and CERTAINLY not "Daddy"... So it was ironic that the first time I called him that, I was talking to him as Cat.

    When I started catfishing my father, I cleverly named my female alter ego Cat. When he and I were together in person, I was usually so nervous that it was difficult to have a normal conversation. As Cat, I felt much more relaxed. Besides, I only got to see my father on weekends, whereas he and Cat texted every single day.

    At first, my hands shook so much when we texted that I was finding it difficult to type. But pretty soon, I realised that I was not likely to get caught. I was using an app I wouldn't normally use. Whenever I wanted to put an end to this, I could just delete it from my phone. No-one would ever need to know.

    As time went by, my father was starting to make himself at home here. He stopped living in a hotel, and moved to a flat in Soho. He was even throwing a Halloween party, inviting coworkers and old friends from London. I got two invitations: one for Callum, and one for Cat.

    During maths class on the last Wednesday in October, Cat got a text that read "Out costume shopping." I tried looking at my phone under my desk without being noticed. Only seeing my father's name on screen was making my trousers swell. Our school uniform was tight enough, and now with all the blood rushing to my dick I had to pull down my jumper to cover up my bulge.

    "You know what's funny?" he said, sending a photo from whatever costume shop he was in. "Why is the Mickey Mouse costume normal, but Minnie looks like a slut?"

    Indeed, the knockoff Minnie costume in the photo was not something Disney would approve of.

    "You can make Mickey sexy as well," I texted. I normally wouldn't be caught dead texting in class, but I didn't want to leave my father on read.

    "How so? 😈"

    "Just buy the ears. Instead of the suit, just wear red underwear."

    I could already picture him. My cock pulsed in my trousers, getting harder by the second.

    "I don't know if I have any red underwear."

    The fact that I was talking to my father about his underwear, in the middle of maths class, was turning me on way more than it should! My cock was now fully hard.

    "Don't you live in Soho? There's a bunch of gay shops there, they sell sexy underwear for men."

    "I'll keep you posted 😘" It was the first time he'd sent Cat that emoji.

    I put my phone away, trying to focus on the law of sines up on the board. It was pointless, all the scribbles made even less sense than usual. About twenty minutes later I got a new text, and even more importantly: a new photo.

    "How's this?"

    Under the text from my father was a photo of him in a dressing room, completely naked except for a pair of red boxer briefs. It was so hot! The underwear was SUCH a tease. It accentuated his bulge, showing off his cock without giving away too much. The lighting in the dressing room made his muscles look amazing, and there was that signature Hollywood smile on his face. I could see his cock in my mind's eye again, at the urinal next to me on my birthday. I was coming dangerously close to blowing a load in my pants right in the middle of class.

    "Those look hot," Cat texted. "And they'd look even hotter a size smaller."

    "I like you 😈😈" my father said just as the bell went off. I packed my stuff and, fast as I could, I dashed to the bathroom, to cum in the toilet while looking at the photo of my father in his tight red underwear, showing off just for me.

    On Halloween, the surprises kept coming one after the other, as if it were magic.

    The first surprise was when I got to the address of my father's new flat. I realised it's the same building where I saw the man in the grey sweatpants two weeks ago, the one with the huge and very noticeable bulge. Before going up, I checked my reflection in the glass door. I was dressed as Harry Potter and I fixed my robes and tie, before arranging my fringe so you could see my lightning bolt scar, drawn with my mother's eyeliner. When I was satisfied with my appearance, I rang the buzzer.

    "Yeah?" I heard my father's voice, music playing in the background.

    "It's me," I said, hoping he would recognise my voice. Most kids would say "Hey, Dad, open up!" 

    Thankfully, he buzzed me up. Inside the flat, I was surprised by how many people there were. Every room in the flat seemed packed. My father came up to me and gave me a hug, making my heart palpitate. He was wearing a headband with Mickey Mouse ears and the red underwear from the photo on Wednesday... and nothing else except white gloves and shoes.

    "Hey," I said nervously. Behind my fake glasses, my eyes darted up and down, taking in my father's nearly-naked body standing so close to me. As impressive as his muscles were, I couldn't help but focus on his bulge. "This is such a big... party. I didn't realise you knew so many people here."

    "Yeah, well, it's people from work, and friends from when I used to live here. Plus I invited some of the neighbors. Figured that way they won't complain about the music."

    I immediately thought of Bulge Guy again. Did he live in this building? Would he be here?

    "Let me show you around," my father said, putting a hand on my back. I wished I were shirtless like him, so I could feel his touch skin-on-skin. "I'll fix you a drink. Whatever you want. Don't worry if there's alcohol in it," he winked.

    I followed him to the kitchen, where he made me a gin and tonic. Several times, I noticed him taking a break to check his phone.

    "Everything okay?" I asked.

    "Yeah. Just checking my messages. I've been talking to this girl and she said she might come tonight."

    I knew he was talking about Cat, and I tried to suppress my feelings of guilt.

    "Maybe she's busy?" I said. "A lot of people are having Halloween parties tonight."

    "I guess so," he said and handed me my drink. Looking at his underwear again, I noticed just how tight they were. Even tighter and more revealing than the ones in the photo. He'd probably taken my advice and gone for the smaller size.

    "Cheers! To your new flat," I raised my drink and we clinked glasses.

    The surprises were far from over, though. A short while later, I was already on my second drink and I needed a wee. I tried going to the bathroom a couple of times, but there was always someone in it. Finally, on my third or fourth go, I found the door unlocked. The bathroom, however, was still occupied.

    "Oh! Excuse me!" I said. From there, everything happened so quickly. I noticed the man who was standing up and taking a piss was indeed Bulge Guy. He and I made eye contact, just like we did that time in the street. Unlike most people here, he wasn't wearing a costume so I was certain it was him. Instinctively, I looked down and noticed his cock with the piss coming out. He was turned to the side, and not even trying to hide it.

    After a couple of seconds that felt like eternity, I stuttered a "s–sorry" and closed the door. I went back to the kitchen and made myself a third gin and tonic, feeling both nervous and majorly turned on. In front of me, I watched my father as he talked to a young woman in a slutty leopard-print dress, who was laughing at his jokes and obviously flirting with him. With his back turned to me, I noticed his arse looked just as good in these boxer briefs as his package in the front. The woman seemed interested in his underwear as well; she was looking down at it and running her fingernails along the waistband, probably complimenting it. I felt a burst of jealousy. If only she knew I was the one who picked them out for him!

    A second later, I was distracted by someone joining me in the kitchen. 

    "The bathroom's free now," a voice said. It was Bulge Guy.

    I turned to look at him nervously. Had he noticed me staring at his cock? "Th–Thank you," I mumbled.

    "I'm Paul," he said.


    "Well, do you need to go?" he asked, his voice deep and sultry. I looked down and noticed he was cupping his bulge with one hand. He was wearing a pair of sweatpants again, similar but not identical to the grey ones he had on the first time I saw him. I was wondering if he ever wore anything else.

    Without saying a word, I dashed to the bathroom. I felt a major relief as I let go. I peed for almost a minute, when I heard someone opening the door. In my hurry, I hadn't locked it either. Somehow, I wasn't surprised to see that it was Paul.

    He didn't say anything as he let himself in. He just maintained eye contact with me, moving slowly, as if making sure I was okay with what he was doing. I didn't stop him. My adrenaline went up, wondering where this might go. I'd never done anything with another guy before. But I knew that Paul wasn't here to have a chat. His hand was on his crotch again, and he started rubbing it.

    "I noticed you looking at me in the street a couple of weeks ago," he said matter-of-factly. "You seemed focused on this," he looked down at his bulge.

    I nodded, too nervous to say anything else.

    "Do you wanna see what's inside?" he offered.


    He walked a few steps closer to me, until I could smell the beer on his breath. Slowly, he took my hand and put it between his legs. I squeezed, and felt his hardening cock pulsing. 

    Next, without further hesitation, I slipped my hand inside his joggers and felt his cock and large balls against my skin. He wasn't wearing any underwear and, feeling him up, I could tell he had a metal cock ring on. Probably a part of the reason why his bulge was so visible. So he WAS showing it off on purpose.

    A few seconds of being rubbed like this, and Paul's cock was almost fully hard. I swallowed saliva. I knew what I wanted to do next.

    I went down on my knees, took off my glasses, and slowly pulled Paul's sweatpants down. His cock popped out and immediately pointed forward, just inches from my face. This was it: the first time I would be tasting another man's cock.

    I closed my eyes and went ahead. It felt new, but familiar at the same time. I'd watched so much porn, and pictured myself doing this so many times, that it felt... natural. I enjoyed the sensation of the cock in my mouth as I felt it grow larger. Paul's balls were now in my hand, and my nose buried in his pubes.

    I went in as far as I could, then slowly pulled back. I opened my eyes and saw Paul's foreskin retracting right in front of my eyes, revealing his full cockhead. He was now rock hard, and it was I who had done this to him. With a sense of pride, I took his cock in my mouth again, this time feeling it hit the back of my throat. I'd had a taste, and I wanted more!

    I started to go back and forth on the cock; sucking it, licking it, stroking it. This cock, which belonged to a stranger whose name I'd learned just minutes ago. I thought back to all the porn I'd watched throughout the years. It felt like all that time I'd been revising for an exam that I was finally taking.

    "You like that?" I heard Paul say gruntingly.

    "Yes, Daddy," I said without even planning it. 

    "Good boy!" he ran his fingers through my hair. "Suck that cock, son."

    FUCK! Hearing that felt surreal. It made me suck even harder, stroking the shaft with one hand while tugging on his balls with the other. 

    "Mmm! Daddy's gonna give you a reward if you keep doing that."

    My own cock was rock-hard in my pants, but I didn't care about that for now. What I wanted more than anything was to taste that cum, to give this man the ultimate pleasure. To make Daddy happy.

    "Fuck! That's it!"

    Just like that, I felt a salty liquid filling up my mouth. It shot straight down my throat and I swallowed every last drop of it. "Good boy! Way to go, son," Paul's words encouraged me as I guzzled his load. This was the best Halloween party I could ever imagine.

    But all the surprises weren't over yet. In the midst of Paul's climax, the bathroom door opened again. Paul never locked it. Just as I was swallowing my very first load of cum ever, I saw my father looking down at me from the doorway, a shocked look on his face as we made eye contact while I sucked on his new neighbour's cock.

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