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The latest installment in the Beach Bonding series is here!


"Beach Bonding 12: Daddy Getaway" is a My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband crossover in which the main characters from both stories go back to Provincetown for some dad-on-dad fun! Two generations of Hillbeckers and Johnstons celebrate another reunion of their growing, incestuous family.

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Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    Eric and Will were the next couple to leave, wishing me goodnight and giving me a hug (and in Eric's case: an ass squeeze). Owen headed up with them as well, his eyes literally half-closed. That left me alone with Dad and my brother Taylor in the room.

    "So Dad… what's up with you and Will?" my brother asked with a suggestive grin, taking a sip from his nearly-empty beer bottle.

    "What about him and Will?" I asked. The question seemed out of the blue to me.

    "Didn't you notice they were upstairs for half an hour?!" Taylor said to me.

    "Was it that long? No, I honestly didn't notice. So, Dad, what were you doing?" I asked, turning to face our father.

    "We were just… bonding," Dad replied uncharacteristically coyly. "You know, we're all family."

    "Yeah, and we know what you do with family," Taylor chuckled. "What, did Will suck your dick?"

    Dad remained quiet for a moment, before cryptically saying, "I told ya, we were just bonding."

    "Aight, don't press him," I told my brother. I could tell whatever had happened with Will, Dad wasn't quite ready to talk about it. Wanting to change the topic I said, "Dad, you know, I never told Taylor and Owen about what you and I did."

    "Why, what did you do? When? Where?" Taylor immediately jumped, excited by the prospect of fresh gossip.

    "Haha. A short while ago, back home. I've been saving the story so I can finally let you know in person," I said to my brother. I looked over at Dad, who seemed somewhat apprehensive, but he allowed me to continue.

    "Let me know what in person?" Taylor prodded impatiently. He and I were both shirtless, and as he scooted closer to me on the couch I could feel his radiating body heat.

    "Well, bro," I started, placing my empty beer bottle down on the table and putting my right arm around Taylor's shoulders. From there, I told a whole scandalous story in only three words: "Dad fucked me" … (continue)


    "Eric's not wrong," my friend Rory chimed in. "You turned 56 this summer, right Sven? You look really good."

    "Ahh, sharks, you're gonna make me blush," Sven said modestly, brushing sand off his ridged abs. We were at a nude beach, so my father's large dick was exposed and pointing up at his belly button, the Prince Albert ring making contact with his navel even in a flaccid state.

    "Seriously. Who has abs like that in their 50s?!" I said, turning to Rory while pointing at Sven.

    "I wasn't really looking at his abs, but you've got a point," Rory replied cheekily. It was impossible to miss the fact he was talking about my father's penis.

    I was used to my gay friends making sexual comments about my two dads, but Rory wasn't one of them. Even though Rory and Will and I had had our fair share of sexy fun together, Rory didn't normally give cock compliments out of the blue. Maybe people like Taylor and I were rubbing off on him, turning him into a 24/7 perv who couldn't stop thinking about sex.

    Always the exhibitionist, the comments about my father's body only made Sven show off more. He made a big display of standing up and showing his cock off to everyone at the beach as he walked to the water, only to return just a few minutes later, dripping wet and showing off some more. Rather than use a towel, he preferred to stand and air dry. In addition to his PA, Sven was also rocking a metal cock ring which glistened in the sun. It draw everyone's eyes, and the attention went to my dad's head… literally, as blood was flowing toward Dad's dick, making him pop a semi.

    "Don't forget to reapply sunscreen after coming out of the water," Rory said to my father with a smirk.

    "Here. Why don't you help me do it?" Sven said, gently kicking the bottle of sunscreen toward Rory… (continue)

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