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"I was just starting to drift off back to sleep, when I heard a noise from their bedroom..."
After graduating college, Rory moves to New York City but, unable to afford his own place, he stays with his 28-year-old brother and his husband. It's an adjustment for the newlywed couple, who are used to getting it on whenever and wherever they want...

Chapter 1

After graduating college (and breaking up with his girlfriend) Rory moves to New York City but, unable to afford his own place, has to stay with his 27-year-old brother and his husband in their small, thin-walled apartment.

Chapter 2

Rory and Taylor realize living together as adults is very different than while growing up. The brothers go out with Taylor's husband (who can't keep his hands off him) then come back home to a crowded bathroom.

Chapter 3

The two brothers go to the gym where Owen works after having a heart-to-heart over breakfast. And of course, what's a visit to the gym without going to the sauna? You never know who you might meet there.

Chapter 4

Rory gets used to seeing his brother and Owen with little-to-no clothes on, and hangs out with his new buddy Ian. The night before his first day at work, Rory needs to get something from Taylor and Owen's room, interrupting them.

Chapter 5

A coffee confusion leads to Rory meeting someone new. Then for the Fourth of July he's headed to the Catskills with Taylor, Owen, and two of their friends. But, it's a long drive and Owen gets horny in the cramped car...

Chapter 6

Rory feels like a fifth wheel, sharing the cottage with two gay couples. When Taylor and Owen get busy in their room, it's up to Sawyer and Brock to entertain Rory. Luckily they quickly find something to do: a first for Rory.

Chapter 7

Back in New York, Rory can't get any sleep while his brother and Owen are busy in their room. Luckily, he has some new friends he can go to to help him relax. Owen gets a kick out of seeing just how far he can push things with the brothers.

Chapter 8

College-senior-era Rory has a talk with his girlfriend about male bonding and sex between men. Back in New York, present-day Rory takes a shower at the gym next to his buddy Ian, who gets a hard-on he needs to get rid of fast with Rory's help. 

Supporter Exclusive

Rory, Taylor, and Owen share a bedroom in Provincetown. There, they meet Rory's college suitemate Eric and his two gay dads. The two groups together find a way to send the summer off with a bang... or several bangs.

Chapter 9

Rory wakes up in the middle of the night, naked in bed, and not alone. Before he goes home for the holidays, he looks back at living with his brother and Owen. Then, something happens that'll change everything for Rory...

Chapter 10

With Owen out of town, Taylor invites Sawyer and Brock to spend the night, and shares with them just how he feels about his brother Rory. When Rory comes back in the middle of the night, the four boys start up a competition.

Chapter 11

Owen worries he will lose his closeness with Rory once he moves out. But when Rory comes home and it's just the two of them on the couch, a massage and a heartfelt conversation lead to the two of them getting closer than ever...

Supporter Exclusive |  Illustrated 

Rory, Taylor, Owen, Ben, and Sam all get together in Cancún to throw Rory a dadchelor party. Whether on the beach, in the pool, at the restaurant, or in the hotel room, the five men get very close during this sexy holiday.

Chapter 12

When Taylor finally gets a moment to himself, he uses it to think back of all the hot times in Mexico. Meanwhile, Ian has some good news for Rory, who ends up making it up to him in a very hands-on way.

Chapter 13 |  Illustrated 

Father-to-be Rory rushes to the hospital. Also there: his best buddy, his brother, and his brother-in-law Owen. Owen has an adventure of his own, before ending up alone with Rory. And now of all times, is when it happens…

Chapter 14 |  Illustrated 

Rory and his brother bond like never before! Rory, Taylor, and Owen all celebrate Pride together, and then find themselves spending a night together in Taylor and Owen's bed. Rory's life changes for good.

Chapter 15

Rory is getting used to life as a young dad (just as he's getting used to the sex noises coming from his new roommate's room). Taylor's horniness reaches new levels and he gets handsy in public with his husband... among others.

Supporter Exclusive|  Illustrated 

Rory, Taylor, and Owen are off to Hawaii for Eric and Will's wedding! Daddies Sven and David throw their son a wedding the way only they know how: with lots of sex! The two grooms and all their guests get into a lot of mutual fun.

Chapter 16

During a day out with his son, Rory meets a group of young dads. That evening, he bumps into an old fuck buddy and shares a cab with his brother and Owen, who start to get busy in the backseat and let things escalate from there.

Chapter 17

Rory invites his brother to an evening out with his new friends, and he's not at all surprised when Taylor ends up in a bathroom stall with one of them. At the end of the night, the two brothers get very comfortable on Taylor's couch.

Chapter 18

Rory spends the evening with one of his new dad buddies and his (naked) roommate. Later, Owen and Rory get together and reminisce about the blowjob at the hospital, which quickly leads to a part two. 

Chapter 19

Taylor comes back home to catch his little brother and his husband cuddling on the couch together. And what's that weird taste in Owen's mouth? Later, Rory has a few buddies over, which leads to a sexy dare and a competition. 

Chapter 20