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"Beach Bonding 4: I Do" is an illustrated crossover story about Eric & Will's big day!

Attend their wedding and see what kind of sexy fun the grooms and all their guests get into.


At over 15,000 words, it is the longest story I've written to date! It comes in five parts:

I: The Friends

II: The Family

III: The Ceremony

IV: The Reception

V: The After Party

It is my first triple crossover and includes sex scenes and narration by ALL of the main characters from

My Boyfriend and My Two Dads

My Brother and His Husband, and

Model Dad

The full story is instantly available for Supporters of any tier.

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    I turned around and saw Eric standing there with a smirk on his face. I wondered whether I should pull out, but this fuck was too good for me to give up on. So what if the groom-to-be caught me balls-deep inside his father's asshole?

    "David sent me to see if you're here," Eric said to Sven with a shit-eating grin on his face, "and if you're alright."

    "Oh he's more than alright. He's fucking phenomenal!" I butted in, and smacked Sven's asscheek loudly in front of his boy. If father and son were gonna play this kind of games, I'd show them I could be just as naughty.

    Sven smiled, his big legs still on my shoulders. Meanwhile, Eric's hand wandered between his own legs. "Don't let me stop you," he said, making no move to leave.

    "You wanna watch me fuck your daddy?" I asked, a shit-eating grin on my face now.

    "Well, let's just say I've never seen anyone fuck him," Eric was now rubbing his crotch though his shorts.

    "Well, would you look at that?" I continued. "And now, you'll get to have him walk you down the aisle tomorrow with my cum inside his ass" ... (continues)


    "There," I said, planting a peck on my son's lips after I was done. "Now, how do you feel?"

    "Honestly? Kinda nervous."

    "Nervous?! Why?" Sven asked.

    "I don't know. I was doing okay all this time. But now that it's finally here, and there's all this pomp and circumstance, it's kinda making me anxious! I need to let loose, but I'm already dressed so I feel like I can't do anything."

    "How long until the wedding?" I asked.

    "About an hour," my husband answered.

    "Maybe we can do something to help you relax," I said, still facing Eric. Slowly, I dropped to my knees and put my hand on his crotch. His bulge looked excellent in the fitted trousers he was wearing, the outline of his cock partly visible through the fabric.

    "You serious?" Eric said, looking down at me with a smirk.

    "Anything for our boy. What do you say?" I asked my husband. Two seconds later, Sven was kneeling down next to me... (continues)

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