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The latest installment in the Beach Bonding series is here!


"Beach Bonding 5: Down Under" is a My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Son's Boyfriend is My Age crossover. All of the main characters from both stories meet in Sydney, Australia and get down and dirty Down Under.  

Extra long just like its Beach Bonding predecessors, this story features comic-book style illustrations for the first time! It comes in three parts:

Part I: The Sons

Part II: The Dads

Part III: The Whole Family

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    When speaking of Australian staples, some people thought kangaroos or boomerangs first. My mind went somewhere else entirely: speedos. Granted, I preferred being naked at the beach, but it was also fun to show off in as little as possible, just to see how far you can push it. I was serious Mr. Hillbecker at work, and if any of the people who worked for me got to see me at the beach, I wanted to give them plenty to look at. 

    Before the trip, I went through the hundreds of pairs of swimwear David and I had accumulated over the decades. Some of them were more skimpy than others, and the ones that had shrunk to be too small on us were the most obscene.

    "Hey, Dad. What you up to?" my son burst into the bedroom just as I was checking myself out in the mirror, wearing a green pair that was WAY too small.

    "Just trying on some swimwear. What do you think about these?"

    "I think if Australia has any indecent exposure laws, you're fucked. Where the hell did you get those?"

    "They were in our pile with all the rest. Why?"

    "Dad... You know those are mine from when I was like 15, right?"

    "No way!" I laughed, looking at my body in the mirror and rubbing my bulge. Eric was right; the speedos didn't conceal anything on me, if anything they just made it more obvious. I noticed my son looking at me in the mirror as well; him fully dressed, while I had nothing but his old swimwear on.

    "So what do you think, can I pull these off?" I asked with a smirk.

    Instead of an answer, my son stepped forward and gave me a strong hug, chest-to-chest (and bulge-to-bulge).

    "What's this for?" I laughed.

    "No reason. I love you."

    "Aww. I love you too, honey."

    I closed my eyes and enjoyed one of the longest hugs between me and my son in a long time. It took me back through time, remembering all of our close moments that we've shared over the years. Now that he was a married man, I somehow felt like my son was much older, much more mature. I didn't want to let him go, so I squeezed harder instead. 

    I felt similarly about Will, my son-in-law. It'd taken him some time to get used to our way of life, but he was more confident now than ever. I loved him with all my heart – he truly felt like a son of ours – yet a part of me envied him for "taking Eric away" from us. Yes, we all still lived together, but I knew it was only a matter of time. It was a part of growing up, and everyone has to grow up. Even Brady, who was still a teenager, seemed so much more grown-up now that he was in college. I'd been blessed to have these boys in my life, and they had now all become men.

    "Now, what about these speedos?" I asked once again. "How do I look?"

    "You look sexy as fuck, Dad," Eric broke off our hug, but not before giving me a soft kiss on the lips.

    I took a step back and slid down the speedos. "Fuck!" I heard my son say.


    "Nothing. I just... Dad, you have such a gorgeous cock. Every time I see it, I'm in fucking awe."

    It didn't take me a lot to get hard. Having someone complimenting my dick usually did the trick. And hearing it coming from my own son, well... every dad wants to impress his boy and have him look up to him... // This scene is illustrated comic-book style (continue)


    "You make a very handsome couple," Isaac said to me, "as do your parents."

    "Thank you," I smiled. I couldn't quite tell if he was just being polite and conversational, or if there was a deeper meaning to that compliment.

    "A lot of testosterone in that household, I bet," Isaac said a short while later when he learned that we all live together.

    "You have no idea," Will and I smirked at each other.

    As the food started to arrive, I made eye contact with Greg again, who seemed to have a sexy grin permanently drawn on his face. While holding his young boyfriend's hand, the lawyer winked at me.

    "I will get fucked by that man before this vacation is over," I told myself and winked back... (continue)


    "Come in," I heard a very loud yell from inside. When I went inside the hotel room, I realized my son was taking a shower. The door to the bathroom, which was right in front of the door where I was standing, was open and there was steam lofting out.

    "Thought it might be you, Dad," Eli said over the sound of the running water. "What's up?"

    "Whe– Where's Greg?" I asked, ignoring Eli's question. Even though I'd seen my son naked countless times, it felt like I was seeing his adult body for the first time, since in the past few days he'd grown up so much in my eyes. After a few seconds of taking it in, I actually turned around and averted my gaze, feeling weird about staring.

    "He'll be back in a bit," my son said from behind my back. "We're gonna go grab a bite to eat. Wanna come?"

    I felt a weird sensation in my stomach. I could still see Eli's naked body in front of me, even with my back turned to him. 

    "Yeah, I'm... I'm quite hungry," I said loudly so my son could hear me.

    Just then, the door opened and in walked Greg. "Hungry for what?" he smiled at me. He walked in the room and we stood just a few feet from each other, when he started talking his clothes off and walking toward the shower. "We're going out to eat, Pops. Join us."

    By the time he'd finished that sentence, Greg was fully nude and standing in the bathroom.

    "Mind if I hop in, babe?" he said to my son.

    I looked down at Greg's trail of clothes leading to the bathroom. I heard him hop in the shower behind my back and give my son a loud kiss. I could hear the two of them making out even with the sound of the water running.

    "Should I wait for you in my room?" I asked nervously.

    "You can wait here if you want," my son said.

    So I did. I stood still as a statue. For some reason, I didn't want to sit down; I didn't want to move at all. I just focused on the sounds coming from the shower, just a few feet from me. I could hear kissing and rubbing, and I imagined the two men lathering each other up. I pictured my son's hands rubbing up and down his boyfriend's body, cupping his pecs, getting in his armpits, and reaching down between his legs. 

    "Ahhh! Mmm," louder moans started to reach my ears. I could tell they were coming from Eli. What the hell was going on there?... // This scene is illustrated comic-book style (continue)

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