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Cum Stains & Jizz Rags

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    "What're you doing here?!" I screamed out loud.

    "What am I doing here? I live here. What're you doing here?" Russell replied calmly.

    "How long have you been standing there?" I shouted, trying to cover up my junk with my hands, which was impossible since I was still hard. Besides, not much use in hiding my cock when I also had cum dripping down my entire torso, which felt quite humiliating.

    "Just a few seconds. I heard you come downstairs ten minutes ago and when I didn't hear you walk back up I figured I'd check what you were doing. I should've guessed it was that," he said with a smirk, pointing at my laptop.

    "Why were you looking at me?!" I asked, mortified.

    "I wasn't 'looking at you,' I told you I just got here. Before I had a chance to say anything you were cumming all over yourself."

    "DO WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THIS?!" Oh my god, this was getting worse by the second.

    "Not while you're dripping cum on my carpet. Here," my brother reached for the roll of paper towels next to the empty pizza boxes on the table, and he handed it to me. 

    Embarrassed beyond belief, I took the roll from him. I tried cleaning myself up while hiding my boner, which was undoable since I had to use two hands. The interesting part was that my cock was still rock hard, even though I usually went soft immediately after blowing a load.

    "I'm going back to bed. Do you need anything?" Russell asked casually, like this type of thing happened every day.

    "N– No," I stuttered, unsure what else to say.

    "Okay," he said and started to walk away. Right before he left the room, he turned around and added, "And hey, Aidan? What you were doing is perfectly normal, so I'm not upset or anything. We cool?"

    "Yeah," I nodded, feeling confused. "We cool."

    "Cool," Russell smiled in the semi-darkness and walked up the stairs, his shorts riding lower with each step and the top half of his ass on display again. 

    I was actually so shocked by what happened in the living room that I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow, almost like falling into a coma. Admittedly, I was tired after such a long day, and sleepy after such a strong orgasm. When I woke up, I was convinced this was all a dream. It couldn't be real! Russell reacted so cool, although the whole situation was so fucked up. It must be my imagination, running wild in the middle of the night.

    However, when I reached for my laptop and opened it to see the video of the four guys fucking, I knew it wasn't a dream. My brother really did catch me jerking off in his living room. And I was jerking off to gay porn! The cat was definitely out of the bag now. 

    I brushed my teeth and got dressed before going downstairs. I felt like I was going to trial for a crime I'd committed. It was a Sunday, so I assumed Russell would be around. I couldn't see him anywhere, but a few moments later he walked in from outside. By the smell, I could tell he'd been smoking.

    "Morning," he said casually. "You slept okay?"

    "Yeah. Like a log," I replied.

    "Cool. There's plenty of cereal to choose from in the kitchen," Russell said, scratching his balls through his shorts. Once again, he was wearing nothing but his green basketball shorts.

    "Thanks. I'm not hungry," I lied. Truth is, I was starving but I was also still in shock, which made me feel like I couldn't possibly eat.

    I followed my brother to the living room, where he took his usual spot on the couch and I sat in one of the arm chairs. There was a sitcom with a loud laugh track playing on the TV. 

    "You okay?" my brother asked me after a couple of minutes which I'd spent staring in nothingness.

    "Um, yeah, sure."

    "Horrible liar," he said. He reached for the remote and put the TV on mute. "You wanna talk about what happened last night?"

    Russell looked at me and we made eye contact. I sat silent, as if I didn't speak English.

    "Are you gay?" my brother asked me point blank.

    "Yes," I confirmed.

    "Good. So am I."

   "Yes. It's why I got divorced."

    "WHAAAT?!" I shouted, getting up off the chair.

    "Hahahaha! Nah, I'm just fucking with ya," Russell laughed out loud. "But see, that got rid of the tension."

    My heart was beating a mile a minute. I couldn't believe this shit.

    "That's not funny!" I shouted at my brother.

    "I think it's fucking hilarious. You should've seen your face. 'WhAaAaAtT¿?'" he mocked, making me sound like an idiot.

    "Oh fuck off," I said, sitting back down. I was pissed off for a moment but then I burst out laughing as well. Russell was right: this was the perfect way to get rid of the tension in the room.

    "So you're gay, who cares? No big deal," my brother reassured me.

    "And you're okay with… what I did here last night?" I asked carefully.

    "What I'm not okay with is you leaving cum stains on my couch," he said, pointing to the couple of spots where my jizz had landed last night.

    "Sorry about that," I apologized.

    "That's okay. This couch is a piece of shit anyway. I really need to stop smoking inside."

    I sat thinking what to do or say next. Was this it? Like my brother said: "No big deal"?

    "I think I'm gonna go get some cereal after all," I said, walking to the kitchen, feeling a million-pound weight off my shoulders.

    "Yo, bring me some as well," my bro yelled out after me, putting the volume of the TV back on, as laughter filled the room.

    Even though he usually looked and dressed like a truck driver, my brother had an office job and worked normal 9–5 hours. During the week, he was already out by the time I woke up. I'd complained to Russell about the wifi, and he got us a booster so I finally had a good connection in my room. This meant I was free to jerk off all day while my brother was at work. In the evening when he got back, we'd have some dinner (usually takeout) and watch some TV, before I retreated to my room for some more porn before sleep.

    After a week at my brother's house, I decided to set an alarm for Saturday morning and surprise him with some breakfast. So far, he was proving to be a great host for the summer, and a good person in general. He'd accepted my sexuality without blinking an eye, and didn't even make a fuss about me jerking off in the living room; something my parents were bound to do if they ever caught me at it.

    I wasn't a great chef, but I made some pancakes and bacon as well as some coffee. Just as I was planning on going upstairs to wake Russell up, he walked into the kitchen and I almost dropped the plate I was holding. Once again, my brother had walked in on me unexpectedly, but this time, HE was the one who was stark naked.

    "What're you doing up so early?" he asked, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

    Quickly, I put the plate of pancakes on the table before letting it smash on the floor. My hands were trembling. Not only was my big brother naked, he was also sporting a half-chub! I took in my brother's body while he rubbed his eyes; from his furry pecs down his belly, to his curly pubes and his half-hard cut cock. As much as I watched porn, I'd never seen another man's dick in real life. I'd never expected the first one I saw to be Russell's!

    "I– I wanted to make you breakfast," I said, trying to sound as cool as my brother seemed to be. Even though he now knew I was gay, Russell apparently didn't have any qualms walking naked in front of me. Like he'd said: "We're all guys here."

    "Aww, that's nice of you," my brother scratched his stomach with one hand and his balls with the other before sitting down and helping himself to some coffee. 

    "You don't mind that I'm naked, right?" he asked after taking a sip. "I haven't taken a shower yet, I usually do that after breakfast."

    "Nah, it's all cool," I said as I quickly sat down next to him. I needed to move fast since I was popping a boner, and I didn't want my brother to see it. 

    The two of us had breakfast and talked about our parents' latest update about the house. When we were done, my dick was finally going soft again. I wondered if my bro still had a semi, and I found myself looking forward to him getting up so I could find out the answer, even though I knew it was totally wrong to look forward to creeping on my own brother's dick.

    When Russell stood up, coffee mug still in his hand, I was surprised to see his cock was even harder now than when he'd entered the kitchen! Since he was standing next to me, his dick was right in front of my face in all of it's morning glory!

    "Better go take care of this," my brother said jokingly, making a jerk-off movement with his hand, indicating he'd be wanking off in the shower.

    "Haha. Yeah, you do that," I said, looking down at my plate so Russell wouldn't see me blushing. All my blood seemed to rush straight to my penis, and my pants were tenting with a raging boner again.

    A minute later, I heard the shower running upstairs. Thinking with my other head, I got up and walked to my brother's room. The door was wide open, as was the door to his bathroom, possibly to let all the steam out. Russell was in the shower, behind the clear glass. Since it wasn't frosted, I could see him perfectly from where I was standing, hiding next to the bathroom door and peeking in.

    I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn't help it! I'd just seen a man naked for the first time, after jerking off to thousands of them online. So what if he was my brother? It's not like we grew up together or anything, I tried to tell myself, easing my conscience as I watched on. 

    Russell had remained true to his word and he was jacking off in the shower. I slipped my hand in my pants and squeezed my hard-on, before pulling down my zipper and setting it free. 

    "Fuck," I moaned, watching on and my brother's bicep flexed while he pumped his cock. He was decent-sized – around my size or maybe even a bit smaller – but he was really fucking thick, which made his dick very appetizing. I found myself thinking of things I really shouldn't: holding his cock in my hand, smelling his balls, getting a taste of him.

    As wrong as this all was, it was only making me more turned on in the moment. After years and years of watching porn, it was increasingly difficult to find anything that I hadn't seen before, something that hit the spot. Taboo was always exciting, and what more taboo than this right here?!

    I made sure to stay hidden as I watched my brother jerk off for five or ten minutes. I didn't need to worry too much, since throughout the entire time Russell's head was turned down, either looking at his prick or holding his eyes closed. 

    "Last weekend he saw me cumming. It's only fair I get to see him blow his load this time," I told myself, trying to justify my behavior. My brother's hand was pumping faster and I could tell he was close to an orgasm. I wasn't sure if I'd get a good look of his cumshot in the shower, but the mere thought of my big brother wanking off just a few feet from me was enough to push me over the edge.

    "Aww, fuck!" Russell moaned to himself, and I heard him take a deep breath. With a loud exhale, he started to blow his babies in the shower and watch them go down the drain. Behind the wall, I bit my lip so I wouldn't make any noise and I shot my cum in my free hand, trying my hardest not to make a mess like last week on the couch. 

    After we were done cumming in brotherly synchronicity, Russell continued his shower, shampooing his hair and humming to himself (which sounded extremely cute, I have to admit). I knew I had a few minutes to sneak away, and the first thing to do was to get rid of the cum in my hand. I thought about swallowing it, but then I got a different idea.

    On the floor by Russell's bed, I spotted a small towel which I knew was his jizz rag. For some reason I simply knew it as soon as I saw it, since it's where I usually kept a towel as well. I walked up to it and felt how crusty it was, which was all the proof I needed. Feeling naughty, I wiped my hand on it, certain my cum would dry by the next time my brother used the rag. And when he did, my load would be on it as well.

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