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"'There's a lot to be done,' Dad explained. 'So we think you should go stay with your brother for a few weeks.'"
The summer before his senior year of high school, Aidan plans to spend the entire time watching porn and jerking off. However, his plans are changed when he has to leave his parents' house and go live with his big brother for the summer.
Category:  BROTHERS 

Chapter 1

High schooler Aidan plans to spend the entire summer watching porn and jerking off. His plans are drastically changed, however, when Aidan's parents announce he's spending the summer with his much older brother Russell.

Chapter 2

After Aidan and Russell's nighttime confrontation, the two brothers get a chance to talk and open up to each other. Aidan makes himself comfortable in his big brother's house… too comfortable, as he sneaks into Russell's room one day.

Chapter 3

After learning his younger brother is gay, Russell tries to get them to bond by offering to take him to a Pride parade. Aidan declines, however, and focuses on something else instead: Grindr. Later that day, Aidan makes a new acquaintance…

Chapter 4

Russell takes his little brother to the town's Fourth of July fair. There, Russell bumps into an old friend and his brother; and introducing them to Aidan leads to a surprise. The two brother duos go back to Russell's, where clothes are quickly shed.

Chapter 5

Chaos ensues after Russell catches his little brother Aidan together with Dean. A couple of days later, Aidan is taken on a cruising trip to his first glory hole, and he takes to it like a fish to water, going further than even he expected to.

Chapter 6

Suspicious of his younger brother's movements, Russell sits Aidan down and interrogates him about his recent activities. The conversation leads to brotherly secrets being shared… as well as much more than that.

Chapter 7

Aidan learns a fun fact about his older brother, and the two siblings blow off some steam on a hot Monday morning. Later that day, Aidan returns to his favorite cruising spot with his buddy Dean, where they meet a familiar man's dick.

Chapter 8

Russell hears about the first time his little brother had sex. The two exchange hot stories and it doesn't take long for the action to go much further than just talking. Even though Aidan is younger, he has a few tricks to show his big bro…

Chapter 9

Aidan invites Dean for a chat, which quickly turns to much more than just chatting. Soon, they are joined by Dean's younger brother Tristan, fulfilling one of Aidan's fantasies. But that's nowhere near the end of it…

Chapter 10

Tempted by the sight in front of him, Russell walks up to Aidan, giving him more of what the teen needs… Before the summer is over, the two brothers make sure to go out with a bang before saying goodbye.

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