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You Want It in Your Mouth?

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    When I bought this house, the plan was to live here with my family. It was a boring, shitty area, but that was precisely the reason why I could afford a three-bedroom here. Unfortunately, that only lasted a few years. My wife moved out, the market crashed, and if I sold the house now it would be at a loss. So I found myself in my 30s, single, and with no way to "mingle." There were a couple of dive bars that I could drive to, but that required driving back drunk since there were no taxis or Ubers round here. Plus, I'd already met all of the available women in the area and… well, there wasn't much there, is the politest way I can put it.

    When my parents asked me to house my little brother for the summer, I found their request odd initially but then after some time I realized it would be nice to have someone around so I'm not alone all the damn time. Aidan and I were never close because of the age gap between us, but I always thought he was a good kid. If anything, too good, since he never seemed to get in any kind of trouble. "He just stays in his room all day," our mom had told me, and I concluded then that Aidan was spending all of his time either playing video games or watching porn, or probably some combination of the two.

    I'm still not sure about the video games, but I was spot-on about the porn! Aidan couldn't make it 24 hours at my house without jerking off, and doing it right out in the living room of all places. He was fucking MORTIFIED when I caught him, but I did my best to show him there was no need for it. If anything, I found the whole situation amusing, and I certainly wasn't mad. 

    A tad more surprising than the fact that my teenage brother watched porn was the fact that he was gay, and even that didn't come out of the blue. Aidan had never shown an interest in girls, and by this age that was quite unusual. Mom and Dad probably noticed it as well, they just didn't want to mention it and put him on the spot. 

    "Kicking off on Main Street, this is the largest Pride parade our town has ever seen," said the female announcer on the local TV station, standing in front of a row of colorful floats and flags. It was the last Sunday of June, and the neighboring town was hosting a parade. 

    "What do you think about that?" I asked my brother, who was sitting next to me in the living room. 

    "I dunno, it's okay. Doesn't look like much," Aidan shrugged.

    "Well I'm sure it's nothing compared to what they get in big cities, but it's as good as you'll get around these parts. Wanna go?" I offered. "It's not that long a drive."

    "Nah, I'm cool," he declined, scrolling through his phone and only occasionally looking up at the TV.

    "So… is there a boy you're interested in at school or something?" I asked delicately. I didn't want to encroach on my brother's privacy, but I did want to give him a chance to talk about this in case he needed to, and now seemed like the best time for it.

    "A boy?" Aidan chuckled.

    "A boy, a guy, a fuck buddy…" I listed. "Someone you're into."

    "Nah. Everyone at my school sucks."

    "Huh. I had a fun time when I was there," I said, thinking back to all of the girls I hooked up with when I was Aidan's age. "Especially with people who sucked," I winked at my little brother facetiously. 

    "Yeah well, that's you. Anyway, how's that working out for you these days?" he said, pointing out my empty house and what he'd already noticed to be my lack of a sex life.

    "Smart-ass," I chuckled and had a sip of my beer. "Well listen, if you don't wanna go to that parade I'm gonna go take a nap. The beer's making me sleepy," I announced, getting up off the couch and adjusting my balls.

    "Later," said Aidan, not looking up from his phone. I couldn't see the screen, but I did wonder if he was cheeky enough to be watching porn while sitting here in the living room again.



    I first created a Grindr profile when I was 15, even though I totally shouldn't have. I uploaded a headless, shirtless torso pic, and chatted with a few guys on there. It was pointless, since the majority of them were "discreet" and not a lot of fun to talk to. We lived in a small town, and word traveled fast. Besides, it's not like I could meet up with any of them since I was lying about my age, so I was just wasting everyone's time. I deleted the profile after a few days.

    Now that I was staying with my brother, I felt a bit more courageous. I was here for the summer and I was unlikely to come back, at least for any significant amount of time. Maybe this was an opportunity to look for a summer romance. "A boy, a guy, a fuck buddy…" like my brother put it.

    I reinstalled the app, and this time I only had to lie by a few months. Unfortunately, the grid of faceless torsos didn't look much more appealing than back home. This was also a small town, and there were very few people within a reasonable distance. 

    Still, a couple of them caught my eye. One was a handsome 40-year-old, who I messaged only to get back a "sorry, not into twinks." Another was a REALLY hot dark-skin jock with the username Dean, which I assumed was his name. He seemed to be in college since he wore a hoodie with a university logo in one of his photos, next to a photo of him shirtless, looking fine as fuck. I sent a "hey" but I was ignored until the jock went offline. Feeling dejected ("I should've known. He's outta my league"), I got up and decided to go for a walk. There wasn't much to do around here, but I could use getting out of the house for a while.

    I walked for a couple of blocks, listening to music on my phone. The streets were eerily empty, except for the occasional car probably driving back from church. Just as I was about to turn back, I noticed a guy who looked to be my age. He mostly caught my eye cuz he was shirtless, his shorts sagging to reveal boxers underneath as he shot hoops by himself in his driveway. 

    I turned off my music, just in case the boy decided to speak to me as I passed him. It was a long shot, but he was HOT, with sweat dripping down his well-defined abs. He probably played basketball for his school, since he was pretty good as well, scoring every single shot.

    A few seconds later, I got my wish. As I passed his driveway, the shirtless guy noticed me and threw his ball my way. I was startled and caught it reflexively before I even realized what I was doing.

    "Wanna play?" he asked, wiping sweat off his forehead.

    "Nah, thanks. I'm not very good," I admitted, passing him his ball back.

    "Oh c'mon, that don't matter."

    "No, for real, I'm shit," I insisted. I didn't normally talk to strangers like this, but this kid seemed nice. Besides, he was very good to look at (he kinda looked like that Dean guy that ignored me on Grindr).

    "Aight then," he said, bouncing the ball against the pavement. "You live round here?"

    "My brother does. I'm staying with him for the summer."

    "How old are you?"


    "Huh, me too. You smoke?"

    I found this a weird question and almost said "no, but my brother does," until I realized he probably wasn't referring to cigarettes.

    "Sometimes," I told a half-lie. Truth was, I'd only tried weed once, at a kid's birthday party, and I only took a few puffs then.

    "What's your name?" the basketball player continued the interview.


    "I'm Tristan. Come back for a smoke," he said, nodding his head toward the backyard.

    Since I had nothing better to do, I followed Tristan around the house. Out in the back, there were a few deck chairs in the shade of a couple of large trees. I took a seat, and Tristan brought out two blunts. Thankfully, he remained shirtless as we lit up and started to chat. I found out that Tristan lived here with his parents and siblings, but they were all out for the day. The weed that we had was MUCH stronger than what I'd tried before, and I soon started to feel a buzz.

    While we talked, Tristan adjusted his dick several times and he had one hand on his crotch almost non-stop. I tried not to stare, but it was increasingly difficult as I developed a buzz and lost my inhibitions. Tristan must've noticed me looking, since he began touching his bulge more and more, and eventually said: "Wanna suck my dick?"

    I was taken aback by his directness, but I practically had drool coming out my mouth, which was a pretty good indicator of what was on my mind. I'd watched countless blowjobs in porn over the years. But the trick was: I'd never given one.

    "You– You sure?" I stuttered. 

    "Yeah. I got a girl, but she's gone for the summer. And I've noticed you staring," Tristan said, wagging his dick through his shorts and boxers. By now, it definitely looked at lest half-hard, and from what I could tell it was fucking huge.

    "R– Right here?" I asked. None of the neighbors could see us from where we were sitting, but it was still exciting to get to do this outdoors.

    "Sure," said Tristan, and finally pulled his dick out. He knew that would put an end to my dilemma. He was even bigger and more appetizing than I'd imagined!

    I swallowed saliva and passed my half-smoked blunt to Tristan, who'd already finished his. He kicked back in his chair and relaxed, smoking and allowing me to kneel on the grass between his legs and reach for his dick. I started stroking it as Tristan closed his eyes, possibly thinking about his girlfriend, which I had no problem with. If there was any problem at all, it was how to take a dick this big. With every stroke, Tristan grew harder and bigger in my hand, to an almost intimidating size. I'd seen plenty of giant dicks get sucked on video, but now that it was my turn to do it I felt less confident.

    Still, I had no intention of going back. I covered my teeth and relaxed my jaw, and I took the head of my new buddy's dick in my mouth. I sucked on it quite delicately for a while, until I grew more confident and took more of it in. A couple of minutes later, Tristan was in as far as I could take him, which was halfway up his shaft. 

    With a combination of stroking and sucking, I tried to bring Tristan to the edge. Every now and then he reached down to jerk himself off for a few seconds, making me wonder if I was doing a good enough job. Still, it didn't take him too long to announce that he was about to bust a nut. 

    "You want it in your mouth?" he asked and I nodded, opening my mouth as wide as I could. Tristan used his right hand to get himself over the edge and blasted his cum on my tongue and down my throat. 

    "Mmmmmm, fuck!" I moaned, feeling the taste of someone else's cum for the first time. I swallowed down all of it, even though it was a very generous load. When Tristan's dick was done cumming, I gave the tip of it a kiss in an attempt to suck out every last drop. Next, I smacked my lips and got up off my knees, feeling woozy but very content.

    "Gimme your phone, man, lemme put in my number," Tristan said and we agreed to hang out again before saying goodbye. 

    During the walk back to my brother's house, the effect of the pot started to hit me more and more. I felt hazy and almost lost my way, which wasn't easy to do cuz it was such a short walk. Finally, I saw the comforting sight of Russell's home. I walked in and gulped down a glass of water before heading upstairs.

    When I got to the second floor, I found myself standing in the doorway of my brother's room, looking in. The door was wide open and I couldn't help myself, since my bro was lying on the bed stark-ass naked. Unfortunately he was lying on his stomach so I couldn't see his dick, but I felt brazen and took a step in. Now that I was high, whatever self-control I had was out the window. Russell was snoring loudly, indicating he was fast asleep. And his ass looked much too tempting to ignore.

    Most of the bottoms in porn had smooth, perky asses. My brother's looked so different, though, especially as I got closer and closer to it. He had hair covering almost all of it, getting bushiest in the crack between his cheeks. Before I knew it, I was on my knees again, next to my brother's bed, inspecting his ass from mere inches away and taking a big whiff. Russell had just taken a shower earlier, so he smelled clean but I could still sense some of his natural musk. As tempted as I was to touch his ass, I didn't dare in case that woke him up. But maybe I could do something even friskier and go unnoticed…

    I never got to cum in Tristan's backyard, and he showed no interest in getting it out of me. I'd been hard most of the time while sucking him, but I was too preoccupied with his monster dick to pay much attention to mine. Now, I reached in my pants, where I was growing erect once again. Looking at my brother's furry ass, getting closer and closer to it, almost kissing it, I jerked off and found myself nearing the edge in a few short minutes. All the while, Russell snored very loudly (I wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason why his wife left him), allowing me to get away with my pervy voyeurism. 

    Looking between my brother's thighs, I caught a small glimpse of his ball sack and a bit of his dick. It wasn't much, but it was enough to push me over the edge. I noticed my bro's jizz rag on the floor next to the bed and I quickly wrapped it around my dick, feeling its crusty surface bring me to orgasm. The rag was so pungent I could smell it without even bringing it up to my face, making me wonder if my brother ever washed it. I shot my load in the rag, staring at Russell's hairy ass, wishing I was shooting there instead.

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