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He Tastes Different Than His Brother

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    Although I had a computer growing up, porn back then wasn't as easy to find online (or at least I didn't know where to look). My first experience with porn was in middle school, trading magazines and dirty posters with friends. I had a decent-sized group of male buddies, and some of them had big brothers or dads who let them have access to it openly. One of my friends' fathers even kept a huge stack of all of his Playboys – hundreds of issues – stacked neatly right out in the hallway in their house. Usually, all of the boys would instantly run to them when we went to visit. I had two friends who would often lock themselves in the bathroom with a couple of issues, probably jacking off together. I never joined them, even though I didn't judge what they did either.

    My younger brother had the privilege of growing up with Internet porn. He never needed me or anyone else to procure it for him, and my parents never bothered with Internet locks, which would've been pointless anyway since my brother and I knew a lot more about technology than they did. I'm not sure when Aidan started browsing online porn, but I remember visiting my parents' house and the browsing history on the computer always being wiped clean. Back then I assumed it was my father (or maybe my mom) watching porn and deleting the history, but looking back I wouldn't be surprised if it was Aidan all along, even though he was so young.

    All these years later, it seemed like my brother's interest in porn hadn't diminished. Now that I had him staying with me for the summer, I knew just what he was up to whenever he retreated to his room by himself, for hours at a time. I love a good jack-off sesh as much as the next guy, but I certainly could't go on as long as Aidan, and every single day at that. Knowing that he was gay, it all made a bit more sense now. I had no idea where gay teens go to meet sex partners, but my assumption is that they don't have a lot of options, leaving people like Aidan even more enthralled by the endless possibilities of the online world.

    The town that I lived in wasn't good for much, but it sure as hell knew how to throw a Fourth of July celebration. Most of the year, life here was boring as fuck, so the locals felt the need to overcompensate on days like Memorial Day or Labor Day – and especially Independence Day – with big, showy displays of patriotism that would make George Washington go "this is a tad much." 

    Like every year, there was a parade and an open-air fair. Thankfully, the weather played along. I took Aidan to the fair, even though I was certain he'd rather be at the house beating his meat, but the boy needed some fresh air. After a while of walking around together, I gave Aidan some money and let him explore the fair by himself, and I went to talk to some of my neighbors and acquaintances. 

    Soon, I was greeted by a strong pat on the back. I turned around to see Dean, a college kid who grew up nearby and who was home for the summer. Back when he was in high school, Dean made some money by helping out neighbors who needed handy work around the house. Most notably, he helped me set up all of my new furniture after my ex-wife took off with all of our old stuff. Since then, Dean and I had been friends, even though we didn't see each other often. In school on a basketball scholarship, Dean had big plans for his future, and I fully supported him getting the fuck out of this boring place.

    At the fair, Dean introduced me to his younger brother Tristan, who I'd never met before. The three of us chatted for a while until I spotted my brother wandering around aimlessly, and I beckoned him to join us. For some reason, Aidan looked kinda shocked when he saw Dean and Tristan.

    "Oh, we've met before," Tristan said confidently, and explained how he and my brother met and hung out a few days ago. I found it weird that Aidan had never mentioned anything to me; I would've been thrilled to find out he was making friends with someone his own age who lives around here. Even now, Aidan seemed to stare at the ground and start to go pink. It could just be sunburn, but I suspected something else was going on…



    Running into Tristan at the fair shouldn't have come as such a surprise; after all, my brother had warned me the entire town would be there. But the real surprise was finding out that Dean – the guy I'd tried talking to on Grindr – was Tristan's older brother. I'd thought they looked alike… and turns out there was a good reason for that!

    I stuttered and stood awkwardly while the two hot brothers talked to Russell. The memory of having Tristan's dick in my mouth came over me, so vivid that I could almost taste it. I was mortified about my big brother finding out that I was cruising on hookup apps or sucking off his neighbors. After a while, I just had to get away to pull myself together, so I said I needed to use the bathroom, thinking it'd buy me some alone time. What I didn't expect was for Dean to go, "The portapotties are over there. Come, I'll show ya."

    Before I knew it, Dean's hand was on my back and he was guiding me away. I could feel his warmth even through my T-shirt, making me feel hot all over. The portapotty area was mostly deserted, probably because most people preferred to use the restroom in one of the nearby restaurants. Feeling bewildered, I was led into one of portapotties by Dean, who stepped inside after me and then locked the door.

    "Don't mind if I go as well, do ya? I just really need to take a piss," he said nonchalantly, unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out.

    "IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!" I thought. Just a few days ago, I was being ignored on Grindr by this college jock – rightfully so, since he was so out of my league. Now he was pulling his dick out in front of me? Shut in this narrow space together?!
   Of course, I couldn't help but look at Dean's prick, which was just like his brother's, except thinner and longer. As if I didn't lust enough after Tristan's dick, now I had Dean's stuck in my head as well. Not just in my head, but also right in front of my eyes. Close enough to touch…

    "Sorry I never texted you the other day," Dean said as he casually let go of his piss in the toilet. At least as far as portapotties go, this one was on the cleaner side.

    "Whut?" I muttered stupidly.

    "You hit me up on Grindr, right? Sorry, I just get a lot of messages on there and sometimes I don't respond if I'm not in the mood."

    "N– No worries," I said, pretending to look Dean in the eyes when I was really constantly looking down at the head of his dick and the slit at the very center of it, releasing a strong stream of piss. Dean's hand seemed to be doing more than just holding his dick while he pissed: it seemed to be slowly stroking it.

    "I hope you didn't take it to heart," Dean continued. "It's not that I don't think you're cute or anything. Although, my brother told me you're 17. You really shouldn't be on apps yet."

    "Y– Your brother told you about me?" I asked in surprise, finally looking up from Dean's dick to make eye contact.

    "Ha!" he laughed, letting go of the last few drops of piss and shaking his dick. "He mentioned he got head by some kid his age who was in town for the summer. And when Tristan said he knew you just now, I put two and two together."

    Dean was now smirking at me, his hand still stroking his dick. I looked down again to see it was almost fully erect now. FUCK! It looked even better hard…

    "Tristan says you ain't half bad," Dean added suggestively, nodding down to his dick. I got the message loud and clear. It said: "Suck my dick!" But… here?! 

    Even though I felt a bit grossed out, I started to go down on my knees. However, just as I started doing that, Dean put his dick away and zipped up. With another shit-eating smirk on his face, he winked at me and went out of the portapotty. I stood in it by myself for a few seconds, rubbing my own hard cock through my shorts. He was only teasing me! It left me with blue balls and a boner I now had to hide before going back to my brother.

    When I rejoined Russell, he was still with the two sexy brothers. Seeing me approach, he announced: "C'mon, we're going back to the house. All four of us."

    We got in Russell's car – Tristan and I in the back – and drove back to the house. When we got there, my brother took out cold beers for everyone and played some music; with everyone agreeing this was a better way to celebrate than the fair. If nothing else, there was air-conditioning here.

    Everyone except me took their shirt off, and I didn't know where to look first. Still, most of my attention was aimed at Dean. I just couldn't make sense of him. Was he really gonna let me blow him at the fair, or was he just teasing me? If so, was he doing it to be a dick (no pun intended), or was it all just in good fun, some friendly playfulness?

    I got my answer soon enough. I excused myself to go to the bathroom again (this time it was for real). I pissed in the upstairs bathroom and came out to find Dean standing in my brother's bedroom by himself.

    "You know I helped your brother paint this room, after his ex moved out?" Dean said, looking around at the walls with his back turned to me.

    "Um… Cool. You did a good job," I replied.

    "I was serious about things earlier," Dean suddenly said. "My brother says you're a good cocksucker, so you can have a go. I just figured this place would be nicer. That's why I told your brother we should all come here."

    With that, Dean turned around and I was faced with his hard dick again, pulled out over the waistband of his shorts along with his ball sack. He was even harder now than earlier at the fair!

    I had no more hesitations. I'd already sucked one dick before, and this time around I felt a bit more confident. I dropped to my knees and took Dean inside my mouth, halfway up his shaft in one gulp before he had a chance to change his mind. Covering my teeth with my lips, I started to suck and bob my head.

    "Mmm, yeah!" Dean moaned. He took my cap off and threw it on the bed, so he could put his large hand on the back of my head, stroking my hair and pushing in me.

    "Aaah!" I gagged when I felt the tip of Dean's dick hit my throat, but I didn't stop. After a moment, I took a deep breath and continued, letting him fuck my throat aggressively. He didn't waste any time! Dean's younger brother had been assertive as well, but at least he let me take my time at first. Dean and I dove in straight in the deep end. I'd seen a ton of deep-throating vids online, some of them quite extreme, to the point of the sucker vomiting. Although I didn't feel like that was about to happen to me, I kept on gagging multiple times and drooling uncontrollably.

    Dean fucked my face in my brother's room without even bothering to close the door. Downstairs, Russell and Tristan were listening to music loudly and probably couldn't hear us, even with all my gagging and Dean's exclamations of "Fuck yeah, suck that dick!"

    Although a part of me worried about getting caught and about the mess I was making drooling on my brother's carpet, I decided to let go. Relinquishing control felt liberating. I allowed myself to get my throat fucked by this hot college stud, who'd probably fucked countless mouths by this point. Although aggressive, he never made me feel threatened or coerced. Allowing myself to relax also relaxed my throat and I was amazed that I could take Dean's long dick all the way, until my nose was buried in his neatly trimmed pubes.

    "AAAAH," I took a deep breath as Dean let go of my head long enough to let me pull back. After a couple of seconds, I leaned back in, taking his dick back down my throat, granting him permission to keep fucking my face. 

    "I'm gonna nut soon," he announced in between grunts, speeding up the pace of his thrusting. "You gon swallow that cum?"

    "Aha," I nodded obediently. It was nice of him to ask, but this was the part I was most looking forward to.

    "Ah. Ah. Ah. Fuck. There ya go. There ya fucking go!" Dean started to pant and tug on my hair. A second later I felt his warm load shooting straight down my throat. With his dick all the way in, I had no choice whether to swallow or not anymore. I felt Dean's nut slide down my gullet, my first thought being "He tastes different than his brother."

    The college boy continued to nut down my throat, wad after wad of cum which I dutifully swallowed. I was in heaven; my head spinning, unaware of anything else but the sweet taste of jizz. Even though I hadn't cum, this felt even better than an orgasm. Finally, I started to come down. And then, with Dean's pulsing dick still in my mouth, I was brought right back to reality when I heard my brother's voice say two words from the bedroom doorway, just a few feet from us:

    "Well, shit."

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