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His First Glory Hole

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    "Well, shit."

    What happened next was a blur. My brother darted into the room, and before I knew it he was throwing a punch. Poor Dean was caught off guard, his dick still literally sticking out of his pants. He attempted to duck but my brother jumped on top of him, pushing both of them onto the bed. Dean tried to restrain Russell but he had to throw a punch to calm him down. In the end, it was my brother who ended up with a bloody lip.

    "STOP! STOP!" I screamed from the sideline by the bed. I wasn't used to intervening in fist fights, but I had to do something. I jumped on top of Russell and tried to peel him off Dean, which by now wasn't too hard to do since Russell was disoriented and bleeding. 

    "Go! I'll take care of this, just go!" I shouted at Dean. Comically enough, his hard dick was still sticking over the waistband of his shorts. Dean tucked it in and – happy to heed my advice – he headed out the door. A moment later I heard him say "C'mon, we're leaving!" to Tristan downstairs, and I heard the front door slam.

    My adrenaline rushing, I took a towel that was by the bed and handed it to my brother to put against his wounded lip. The cut didn't look too big, but he needed to stop the bleeding.

    "What the fuck was that about?!" Russell yelled, holding the rag against his lip.

    "What?" I asked dumbly.

    "The fuck were you two doing?!"

    "What did it look like we were doing?" I knew this might only escalate the situation, but what else was I supposed to say?!

    "It looked like you were sucking his dick!" Russell shouted.

    "Yeah, well… I was."

    "Did he tell you to do it?!"

    "Russell, I know I'm much younger than you but I'm not a little kid," I sighed. "No one told me to do anything. It just sorta happened."

    "In my room of all places?!"
   "Yeah, well that might not've been the smartest choice. Sorry for that," I apologized, looking down. We stopped for a few moments to catch our breath and calm down.

    "Ah, man!" Russell looked in disgust as we both realized the towel he was holding up against his lip was his jizz rag. He immediately took it off and I looked at his wound. It seemed like most of the bleeding had stopped.

    "I'mma go take a shower," he announced and got off the bed. Happy to be off the hook for now, I rushed out of his room and went to my own, closing the door behind me.

    Half an hour later, Russell and I were sitting together in the kitchen. At least now the atmosphere was calmer.

    "So, do you wanna talk?" I asked carefully.

    "Was this your first time?" my brother asked, wearing a fresh T-shirt and looking me in the eyes.

    "With Dean, yeah," I admitted.

    "But not in general?"

    "Well… no."

    For now, I decided to keep quiet about the fact that the first guy I sucked was Dean's brother.

    "I get that you're gonna do this, but you should do it with someone your own age. Dean is in college," Russell said, sounding paternal.

    "He's not that much older," I insisted. "I'm gonna be a senior in the fall."

    "Shit. I guess I owe you an apology for the way I reacted," my brother said.

    "The one who deserves an apology is Dean," I pointed out. "He's the one you attacked."

    "True. And he's a nice kid, he's always helped me out. I've always liked him," Russell admitted, looking down before making eye contact with me again. "Are you gonna keep seeing him?"

    "Fuck, I don't know," I replied. "I mean, we just met at the fair. It's not like we're dating or anything. Besides, we're both only here for the summer anyway."

    "Well if you're gonna keep seeing him… do whatever ya need to do, just please don't do it in my room."

    "Ha. Deal," I smiled, happy to have come to a resolution.



    I accepted Russell's apology, which came in the form of a text. As an older brother, I understood his reaction. I wasn't blameless either, being all disrespectful and getting my dick sucked in Russell's room for no good reason. The next day, I got another text, this time from Aidan.

    "Hey. I got your number from Tristan, hope you don't mind," it said.

    "no prob, man. whats up?"

    "Do you wanna hang out or something?"

    By this point, I would feel guilty turning him down, so I replied,

    "drop by my house at noon tomorrow. i know someplace we can go."

    The following day I was home alone when Aidan showed up, and I told him to get in my car.

    "So, what's fun to do around here?" he asked while buckling his seatbelt.

    "Leave," I laughed. "But if you're gonna be staying here for a while, there are some ways to kill the time."

    I drove us to a park in the neighboring town named Greensburg Park, which had a public restroom next to the parking lot. This was the only known cruising ground in the area, most popular during lunch hour and after work, when sweaty businessmen came seeking a little release before heading back home. I expected today, the first workday after a long holiday weekend, to be especially busy.

    "Follow me," I said to Aidan, getting out of the car and checking out the number of vehicles in the parking lot. So far, my theory seemed to be proving right.

    Aidan and I walked into the men's room, looking around. There were four men at the urinals who immediately stopped what they were doing as soon as someone new walked in and they pretended to stand there taking a piss. I led Aidan to the last stall and beckoned him to follow me in it.

    "You know what that is?" I asked quietly, closing the stall door with one hand and pointing at a hole in the partition wall with the other.

    "A glory hole?" Aidan whispered back.

    "Precisely," I continued whispering. "So you know what it's for. There ain't much to do if you're gay around here, but this place is always active."

    "Do you come here often?"

    "It's where I lost my virginity," I said, amused by the surprised look on Aidan's face. "I was a year younger than you are right now. Took some anonymous guy's dick right in this stall. A few weeks later I started fucking guys as well."

    "Wow," Aidan reacted a bit more loudly.

    "Yeah, but we gotta stop whispering if we wanna get any action. Like most cruising spots, people prefer to keep quiet here. Most of 'em got wives and kids at home. So no talking unless completely necessary, got it?"

    "Got it," the teen nodded.

    "So you wanna stay? And give it a go? Cuz if this ain't your thing, I can just drive you back home," I assured him.

    "No, no, I wanna stay," Aidan insisted. He looked fascinated by this place, and I couldn't blame him.

    As soon as we stopped talking, we heard footsteps approaching from the urinals and coming our way. The stranger got in the neighboring stall and without wasting any time he slid his hard dick in through the hole. I smiled. I have a photographic memory when it comes to dicks, and I'd sucked this particular one once or twice before. White guy, curly brown pubes at the hilt. I let Aidan do the honors and take the dick in his mouth first. He did so while making eye contact with me, which made me feel like a proud older brother in a funny way. I knew Tristan wouldn't be interested in coming to a place like this, but at least I could pass on the legacy to Aidan. 

    Russell's bro did a more-than-decent job sucking off the stranger, just like he'd done to me two days earlier. He stroked the dick after salivating on it, all the while making sure that his lips were on it and that his teeth were covered. I'd brought a little bag with poppers and lube with me, and I took a few huffs while watching Aidan give head like it was his job.

    After about five minutes, it was my turn. I took over and put the dick in my mouth, feeling the taste of Aidan's spit as well as the stranger's precum. Next to me, Aidan took the bottle of poppers I'd been huffing on and silently mouthed "Can I?" I nodded, and watched him help himself to a hit in each nostril. If I had to guess, I'd assume this was his first time but he'd already learned how to do it by watching me.

    After a couple of minutes, I handed the dick back to Aidan. This little field trip was all about him; I could get all the dick I wanted in college, but I knew this kid needed an outlet. Aidan sucked the man's rod for a few more minutes until the stranger exploded in Aidan's mouth, and the teen dutifully swallowed every drop of the anonymous sperm.

    The man in the neighboring stall tucked his dick away and exited the restroom without saying a word, probably heading back to the office.

    "That was fun," Aidan whispered to me as we waited for our second visitor. By now, I could tell there was more foot traffic in the men's room and more people were coming in.

    After a couple of minutes, a second dick appeared through the glory hole. Black guy, pubes neatly trimmed very short. Although not particularly thick, his dick was significantly longer than the previous guy's and he already had a good amount of precum glistening on the tip.

    "Whoa," Aidan reacted when he saw the man's dick. I could tell he was impressed but I was feeling greedy as well, and I couldn't help myself but reach for the stranger's dick first. I kissed the head, sucking off the precum that was on there before sliding my lips further down the shaft. I felt the man get even harder in my mouth and I took him all the way in, as far as I could, until my forehead was bumping against the partition wall.

    As good as the stranger's dick tasted, leaking more precum down my throat, I knew that I had to share. Half-reluctantly, I took him out of my mouth and handed it on to a very eager-looking Aidan. The teen did me proud by sucking the man so good that I was close to cumming just by watching them. Aidan seemed to love sucking dick, but he was particularly interested in this one. After about ten minutes, we switched again, and Aidan started to go through my bag, pulling out the lube. Before I knew it, he was pulling down his pants and rubbing lube in between his asscheeks.

    "What're you doing?!" I asked with my eyes, reluctant to speak up and scare the man off.

    "I wanna get fucked," Aidan mouthed. I was incredulous! Has he even done this before? He sure seemed to move quickly. Then again, I couldn't blame him: this man's dick sure seemed appealing! I took it out of my mouth and held it straight, while Aidan positioned himself and started to back into it. 

    As soon as the head of the man's dick was inside Aidan's hole, I let go of it and I got some lube on my hands. I reached back up and applied the lube on the stranger's shaft, helping him penetrate Aidan's ass. Russell's brother and I made eye contact. "Relax. Breathe," I mouthed to him, and watched him take a deep breath in and out. As soon as he did, his hole loosened up and the man's dick slipped all the way in, balls-deep.

    "Fuck!" I thought as I watched Russell's little brother taking a dick for the first time, in the very same stall where it'd happened to me. There were more men sucking and fucking in the restroom by now, all of us trying to keep it down as much as possible. Still, people's grunts and moans echoed around the place, a cacophony of sex sounds. 

    One downside to getting fucked at a place like this was that it rarely lasted too long. Like most men here, the guy fucking Aidan probably had to go back to work. After a while, he sped up his thrusting in an obvious bid to cum soon. He probably had no idea he was fucking a beginner, and to Aidan's credit he was taking it like a pro! 

    Finally, suppressed grunting from the other side of the partition let me know the man was about to shoot. "Is he cumming inside you?" I mouthed to Aidan, who nodded his head. Turned on by the scene, I stood up in front of Aidan and began to jack my hard dick. A second later, the teen leaned in and took me in his mouth, letting me blow my load down his throat. 

    This time, Russell wasn't here to pounce at me. Shooting down Aidan's gullet felt even better then the first time I did it; I was extra turned on by the fact a stranger was simultaneously blowing his kids inside Aidan's ass. The teen seemed to be in heaven, getting loaded up from both ends. 

    As soon as we were done, as was usually the case, the stranger zipped up and left the men's room. Aidan and I were left in our stall, trying to catch our breath.

    "Well, this was fun, but I gotta go soon," I said quietly. Now that I had busted a nut, I was more aware of the chores I had for the day. 

    "What do you need to do?" Aidan asked.

    "Run a few errands."

    "How long will that take you?"

    "I dunno, bout three or four hours or so," I answered. "Why?"

    "Can you… Is it okay if I stay here, and you can come pick me up when you're done with your errands?"

    "You wanna stay here, sucking dick for three hours?" I asked, amused by the boy's enthusiasm. 

    "Well… sure," he cracked a smile.

    "You fucker. Aight," I shrugged.

    "And… can you leave this as well?" he asked next, clutching my bag full of poppers and lube, which I left with him to put to good use.

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