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The Return of the Dick

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    When I first started cruising at Greensburg Park, I was surprised by the sheer amount and diversity of men who came there to get their rocks off. There were dicks big and small, hairy and smooth, cut and uncut. There were blue- and white-collar workers, judging by their shoes that I could see under the partition while they unloaded inside in my eager mouth. From what Dean told me, this was the only cruisy spot in the area, with people from four or five different towns congregating here for anonymous sex. As the summer went on, the men's room only seemed to get more and more popular. Some evenings after work the parking lot would be full of men looking for some release before going home to their wives and kids (in many of their cases).

    At first I was thrilled by this endless cornucopia of cock that I'd discovered thanks to Dean. I would go there early in the day, making sure I set up camp in the last cubicle. Through the glory hole, I sucked and got fucked by dozens of men, always swallowing their semen or letting them unload inside my bowels. Most days I would cycle back to my brother's house with cum leaking out of my ass, so much so that it soiled every pair of underwear I had, so I had to start borrowing from my brother's drawer. 

    "Hey Aidan, have you been taking some of my underwear?" Russell asked me as he got ready for work one Monday morning in August. I was in bed trying to sleep when he walked into my room stark naked and dripping wet from the shower he'd just taken.

    "Umm, kinda," I mumbled. I opened my eyes and was treated to a view of my brother's naked, tattooed body. If Russell was anything like me he woke up with morning wood every single day, and as my eyes got used to the light I realized he was still sporting a semi. Focusing on it, I wondered if the liquid dripping from his cockhead was all water or maybe there was precum in the mix as well.

    "It's been hot lately and I sweat a lot, so I've been running out of underwear in between doing laundry," I tried to make up an excuse for my unlicensed borrowing. 

    "The fuck, man? Then just do your laundry and stop going through my stuff. I don't have anything to wear now."

    "Yes, you do," I corrected him. I'd rummaged through Russell's underwear yesterday and there was plenty of stuff still in there.

    "Thing is…" he hesitated for a moment before continuing, "I'm trying to close a really big sale today. And I can't find my lucky underwear."

    "You have lucky underwear?!" I got up to lean on my elbow. I could tell my brother was embarrassed by this so I tried not to laugh out loud, but I did find the whole thing kinda funny. I never would've picked Russell for a superstitious person.

    "Yes. They're the red boxer briefs with a navy-blue waistband that I wore on the day I made my first big sale. Since then I've been wearing them every time I try to strike a deal like that."

    I knew exactly the pair my brother was talking about. They'd stood out to me because I could tell they're many years old. They weren't completely ragged, but there was certainly a good amount of wear-and-tear to them. As a matter of a fact: they were the pair I'd worn to Greensburg Park just yesterday.

    "They're in the laundry," I said to Russell. "Sorry. I borrowed them yesterday."

    "Did you wear them for a long time?" my brother asked next.

    "Why, are you still thinking of wearing them?"

    My brother sighed before answering. "I know it's silly, but this is my ONE thing that I'm very particular about on days like this."

    "Listen, if you wanna fish them out of the hamper go right ahead. I just—"

    But I didn't get to finish that sentence because Russell was already headed out of my room to go to the laundry hamper. If I remembered correctly, there were four men who dumped their loads inside me yesterday. All of them had leaked out of my hole as I cycled to Russell's house speedily, trying to beat him back home in time for dinner.

    "Ahh man, the fuck is this?" I heard my brother say loudly. I got out of bed and figured I'd go and explain myself, even though I was naked and sporting my signature morning boner.

    "I'm sorry. It's what I tried to tell you," I said as I came to stand alongside Russell next to the hamper. He was holding the red boxer briefs, with a large stain of mixed man spunk on the back which had dried up and become crusty.

    "Fuck. You owe me," was all my brother said while putting on his underwear, regardless of the cumstain on them. I was honestly shocked that he went ahead with it, but I guess he took his superstitious tradition more seriously than I could've imagined.

    Seeing Russell in the worn underwear soaked with my sweat and other men's cum made my morning wood even harder. My boner sprung into action, bobbing up and down like a fishing rod that's caught a fish. The action didn't go unnoticed by my big brother.

    "Go jerk off and then make us some breakfast," he said to me with an amused smirk. "I need to finish getting ready."

    "Sorry bro, but if I go jerk off you're gonna either go to work hungry or go to work late," I said. "Jerking off's not the kinda thing I like to rush."

    "Ha. I bet I could beat you to it," Russell said to me with an even bigger smirk.

    "Beat me to what?" 

    "Cumming. I need a release this morning as well. C'mon, we'll make it a competition," he suggested, already pulling his semi-hard cock out of the well-worn boxer briefs.

    "Oh, it's on!" I said. There's nothing like a good pissing contest between brothers – or a cumming contest, in this case. Like I'd said, I didn't like to rush when jerking off… unless I was being challenged to it by someone like Russell. Now, this was a completely different ball game.

    I already had a head start since my dick was fully hard, unlike my brother's. Russell called me out on it and made me stop and take my hands off my dick until he was fully erect as well. While watching him jerk himself off, I squeezed my asshole and made my dick pulse, feeling the pleasure even without touching myself. Then, I decided to change the rules to our game. Instead of reaching for my own boner, I wrapped my hands around Russell's, pushing his hands out of the way.

    "What're you doing?" he asked.

    "Just changing the rules a bit. I do you and you do me," I replied.

    After a brief second, my brother acquiesced and took my teenage dick in his large hands. Although the difference in dick size among us wasn't huge, the size of our hands really set us apart. This was the second time I had my big brother's hands on my cock, and I reveled in the sensation of being stroked by such a large, burly man with hairy knuckles.

    Only a couple of minutes later, Russell's knees started to shake as if he was about to cum. Whether it was my skillful hands or just the fact he was super horny, it seemed like he was close to beating me. I didn't care; at this point there were no losers in this game. I stroked Russell's member faster, and he did the same to me. I took one hand off his dick in order to caress his hefty balls, sticking out over the waistband of the boxer briefs. This stimulation of his baby makers made Russell's knees buckle even more. 

    "Fuck, man," he grunted and took hold of my own ball sack, fondling it just like I was doing to him. I'd shaved my balls just two days ago, which made them even more sensitive and responsive to touch. They tightened up and I thought I was about to cum, only to shoot out a wad of precum instead.

    "Here," my brother scooped my goo off my cockhead and brought it up to my lips. "Some protein for breakfast."

    I took my brother's index finger in my mouth, which in and of itself was a highly erotic act. To make things even more intense, Russell and I were making direct eye contact from merely a foot away. I felt his digit circling around my mouth and I sucked off the prejizz that was on there, enjoying the taste of my own product. Noticing how into it I was, Russell's finger made two more trips down to my cock, rubbing it and mixing my precum with my saliva, and then bringing it up to my mouth to give me a taste. And then, on the fourth go, he brought his finger up to his own lips.

    "Mmm, tasty," he noted, and I had trouble judging if he was being sincere or sarcastic, like brothers tend to do. Either way, I found it incredibly arousing.

    I was getting closer and closer to cumming, which only made me go harder on my brother's boner. By now he was also leaking enough precum to provide me with ample lubrication, making for a loud fapping noise while I stroked his cock. 

    "Put your finger in my mouth again," I asked of my brother as I felt my incoming orgasm drawing nearer. It was a lust, a craving to have his thick digit back inside my mouth. Russell humored me and reinserted his finger between my lips, allowing me to suck on it like a pacifier while stroking his dick and caressing his balls. I felt my brother's nads tightening up as well, signaling an eruption. I went to town, gripping Russell's dick even tighter and sliding my fist up and down his precum-lubed shaft until…

    "AAAHHH, FUCK!!!" Russell beat me and won the competition by blowing his load first. Like a series of bullets, his sperm hit my abdomen in wads that kept coming one after the other. For a moment, my brother's grip on my cock got looser; he was obviously too caught up in his orgasm to focus on anything else. I continued sucking on his finger and milking his dick, and a few seconds later Russell retightened his hold on my boner, bringing me to ecstasy as well.

    "Ahh yes, keep going… Keep going… Ah, fuck!" I shouted and bust my nut all over my brother's belly as well as his crotch. Most of my teenage sperm got caught up in the hair on his stomach, but some of it continued to roll down onto Russell's lucky pair of underwear which he would be wearing to work today.

    "Fuck. I should've done this before taking a shower," Russell laughed, noting the sweat that was dripping down his body and mixing with my jizz. We let go of each other and he reached for a towel, patting himself dry and tucking his cock back into the boxer briefs.

    "Okay. I'm gonna go get dressed, you go make breakfast," he said, giving me a fraternal kiss on the forehead before leaving. I smacked my lips, still feeling the phantom presence of my brother's finger in my mouth.

    After my brother left the house, I managed to spend all of two hours playing video games without thinking about sex. Eventually, the itch deep in my hole returned; an itch that could only be scratched with the tip of another man's penis. Approaching noon – a busy time at the Greensburg Park men's room – I took my phone and texted Dean to see if he planned on going by the cruise spot today.

    I usually went to Greensburg Park alone, but every now and then Dean would join me. Once, I even ran into him there unexpectedly. Although the supply of dicks there seemed endless at first, after a while I realized most of the men were actually repeat visitors. Although I didn't get to see most of their faces, I started to recognize their shoes, or their dicks, or their grunts as they shot their babies down my throat.

    Dean replied to my text saying he's got the afternoon off, and that he could drive me to the park if I felt like it. An hour later, I was in the passenger seat of his car.

    "So are you in the mood to fuck or get fucked today?" I asked Dean, who was versatile.

    "I dunno. Get fucked, to be honest," he said while stirring the car into the parking lot. The place was once again full. I looked around to see if I could recognize any of the vehicles that usually parked here, but the place was so packed that it was hard to keep track.

    Dean and I walked into the men's room like two brothers. I counted seven men by the urinals. Like often, many of them turned away and hid their exposed cocks for a moment until making sure we were "alright." Dean and I nodded to them in a way that silently said "Good day, gentlemen. Carry on."

    In one of the cubicles, I spotted three pairs of legs. A guy getting spit-roasted from what I could tell. "Lucky bastard," I thought. Getting fucked like that was on my to-do list but it wasn't easy to achieve, not even in this cruisy bathroom.

    A few more guys were standing by the sinks or leaning against the walls. I figured some men might also be in their cars, getting sucked or fucking there, especially if they had tinted windows. Over the duration of the summer, I'd received a few invitations to leave the men's room and retreat to a guy's vehicle with him for some more privacy. Sometimes I took them up on it, but mostly I preferred to stay here. One: I felt safer, and two: I actually grew to enjoy the grimy, sex-infested atmosphere of this joint. 

    Dean and I tried entering the last stall, only to find it locked. It pissed me off, but I got distracted by a man leaning against one of the sinks and rubbing his crotch. I got on my knees and sucked his dick until he shot his load down my throat. By the time we were done, the stall was available for use and Dean and I squatted next to our trusty glory hole. We sucked a couple of dicks, taking our turns as well as sucking them at the same time. Unfortunately we were too good at what we were doing. All of the men came fairly quickly, and none of them was up to the task of fucking either me or Dean.

    Finally, we heard a new patron enter the bathroom and walk straight into the neighboring stall. As soon as his dick poked through the hole, Dean and I both recognized it. Black, exceptionally long, and with short trimmed pubes at the hilt. It was the same guy whose dick we sucked on my first day in this very men's room. The first guy to ever fuck me. He was back, just as hard as that day, as if he'd driven here with an erection in his pants.

    Dean and I smiled at each other. Dean pointed at the dick as if to say "you do the honors." Winking at him, I took the stranger's dick in my mouth and nursed on the glans, savoring the taste of the precum the hot top was depositing in my throat. Dean pushed my head inward, watching the dick disappear inside my mouth, making my throat bulge out in the front. Next, Dean put his hand on the front of my neck, as if stroking the dick THROUGH my gullet, which I found extremely hot, even though I was focusing all my energy on not choking or gagging.

    Dean used his other hand to play with the man's balls, which fit through the glory hole. Then, Dean put his fingers on the hilt of the dick and pulled it out of my mouth as if to say "Gimme!" I let go and Dean had his turn, sucking my saliva and the anonymous stranger's precum off his dickhead before deep-throating it. I thought I'd done a good job deep-throating, but Dean showed me I still had some tricks to learn. He just made the whole thing look so effortless and skillful, which was reflected in the moans the man was letting out on the other side of the partition.

    I reached for Dean's nifty bag full of poppers and lube, taking out a bottle of aromas for us to huff on while feasting on this giant tool. I saw Dean's eyes dart to the back of his head as he took a long inhale. Next, he took his T-shirt off and went back to work, blowing the glory hole dick. 

    With Dean's shirt off and his shorts riding halfway down his ass, I noticed that he was rocking a jock today. I placed my hand on the very tip of Dean's crack, in between the waistband of the jockstrap and that of his shorts. Slowly, I slid my hand down with my middle finger leading the way down my buddy's crack. There was a small amount of sweat there for lubrication, making my fingers travel faster until they made contact with Dean's pucker. I felt his hole flexing as if kissing my fingertips hello. I smiled and gathered as much ass sweat as possible to use as lube, driving my middle finger inside Dean's asshole.

    "Mmm," my buddy moaned through a mouthful of dick. I slipped my finger in deeper, feeling Dean's hole loosen up until he was open enough for me to insert my index finger as well. Now that I had a more comfortable grip, I rummaged inside his chute the best way I could figure out how. I'd never fingered a man's hole before, but I knew for a fact Dean would let me know if I was doing anything wrong. Judging by his reaction, Dean's hole was having a grand time. A few minutes later it was gaping wide enough for me to shove four fingers in. I did just that, but I knew that wasn't enough to quench Dean's appetite.

    "Pass me some of the lube," he whispered to me, slurping while taking the large dick out of his mouth. I passed Dean a bottle of lube and watched him apply it on the stranger's penis. Then, Dean got up and pulled down his shorts. Without taking off his jockstrap, he went to sit down on the dick.

    "Mmmm, ahhhh," Dean suppressed a moan while taking the d. He bounced up and down, fucking himself on the man's tool. With his hands on his knees, Dean gladly took up the brunt of the work. I imagined the unknown man just standing there, stuck to the other side of the partition, allowing this hot-as-fuck college kid to take him up his ass and have his way with him.

    I'd been hoping to score a ride on the giant prick myself, but Dean looked too selfish to let me have that right now. I wasn't terribly upset, however. The first time we were here and stumbled upon this man, I was the one who ended up with his monster up my ass. This time it was Dean's turn. Instead of interfering, I stood a couple of feet away and watched, jerking myself off and occasionally huffing on poppers. Every now and then I stepped in and I let Dean take a hit, holding the bottle in front of his nose and closing his other nostril. Now that his mouth was free, Dean and I exchanged a few poppers-flavored kisses, all the while he continued to bounce on the man's dick like a pro.

    "Grrrrrrr," the stranger started to grunt on the other side of the divider. He was close; I could tell. Dean knew it as well. He sped up his movement, moving so hard the entire cubicle was shaking. A minute later, his hard work was rewarded with a load up his college hole.

    "MMMMM!!!" the man moaned as he ejaculated inside Dean without ever exchanging a word with him. Witnessing the scene turned me on even more. When Dean noticed my boner, he wrapped his right hand around it to help me out. Returning the favor, I grabbed his dick. I only needed to give it two or three strokes. Dean was already cumming all over the jizz-stained floor. I busted my second nut of the day, adding my sperm to the mark Dean was leaving behind on the floor.

    Dean bounced back and forth on the dick, causing him to fuck my fist with the same movement. I held onto Dean until I was sure all his babies were safely out. We kissed again, and my buddy leaned forward to get the anon dick out of his ass. As we embraced, we heard the stranger address us for the first time.

    "Phew. Thanks for that," he said as he zipped up. "You fuckers are always a great time."

    Suddenly, I saw a look of terror appear on my friend's face. Before I had a chance to ask what was wrong, Dean was rushing out of the stall, almost tripping on his pulled-down shorts. I followed him, and saw him face the man from the neighboring cubicle. As soon as he saw Dean, an identical look of horror appeared on the man's face, whose cum was seeping into Dean's insides as we stood there.

    Next thing I know, the stranger was running out of the men's room, causing some of the other men to turn back and peer at him. I looked at Dean, trying to decipher the situation.

    "Who was that?" I asked. I got a two-word response.

    "My dad."

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