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From Both Ends

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    After the infamous Monday afternoon when Dean got fucked by his dad at Greensburg Park, I wondered when I would hear from Dean again. Turned out, I heard from his brother Tristan the very next day. Tristan was home alone and felt like getting head, so he invited me over. This time, before sucking Tristan's dick in the living room, I took some time to look around their house and notice all the family pictures. Sure enough, they featured the man from the cruisy men's room. The first man to ever fuck my ass.

    Judging by Tristan's behavior, he knew nothing about what'd happened between his male family members. I wasn't gonna expose them, obviously; so I sucked his dick, swallowed his nut, and thanked him for the treat. Tristan and I met up a few more times over the next couple of weeks. I was low-key hoping to get him to fuck my ass but he seemed only interesting in getting head, so I rolled with it. 

    I heard nothing from Tristan's older brother during that time. Both he and his dad were absent from the men's restroom at Greensburg Park. By now it was the end of August. The work on my parents' house was almost done, and my summer at my big brother's place was coming to an end. I was hoping to get another chance to hang out with Dean before I had to leave, but I didn't wanna text him and bother him in case he wasn't in the mood.

    And then one Friday afternoon, I was sitting in my brother's front yard playing a game on my phone when Dean passed by, running shirtless. 

    "Hey," I waved him over and invited him into the house for a chat. Dean accepted and we went to sit down in the air-conditioned living room, away from the sun.

    "I'm surprised you're not at Greensburg Park," Dean said to me.

    "Nah, not today. I've been going pretty much every workday for two months now, so I could use a break."

    "Looking forward to going back home?" Dean asked next.

    "Honestly… No, not really. I'm surprised to say this, but I had a blast here. It was nothing like I expected. Going back… Well, let's just say I don't know if I'm gonna be able to find a public restroom where I can have as much fun."

    "You'll figure something out," Dean assured me. "There's bound to be someplace. Men always find a way to congregate in spots like that. Plus, even if you don't find anything, you'll be going to college in a year. Just be patient and you'll be getting all the dick you can handle there and then some."

    "Let's hope so," I smiled, taking in Dean's sexy body. Even though he'd been running in the sun, he was just the right amount of sweaty, with perspiration glistening on his muscles.

    "How's… everything with your dad?" I ventured to ask. My question was followed by a short moment of silence, after which Dean replied,

    "Good. As good as can be expected, I guess. We had a talk that night after… everything happened. He apologized for going to the park, even though I'm not sure I'm the person he should be apologizing to. He promised never to go there again. In turn, I promised not to let my mom or my brother know."

    Honestly, the pervy part of me had been hoping to hear that Dean and his dad were now fuck buddies, screwing around daily. However, it sounded like they were intent on putting what happened behind them. I couldn't blame them for all the initial shock. Who knows: maybe one day after it sinks in they will indeed allow themselves to hook up. I could imagine Dean coming back home for Christmas, the two of them having a bit too much eggnog and getting carried away in Dean's bedroom while the rest of the family's downstairs. Now that they both know about each other's proclivities, the possibilities are endless.

    For now though, I had Dean all to myself in my brother's living room. The basketball shorts he was wearing left very little to the imagination in terms of Dean's dick, which was clearly outlined against the light-blue fabric. From its shape to its length to its mushroom-shaped tip; I could make it all out. I'd never gotten to feel Dean's meat up my ass, and I felt like it would be a shame to get to the end of summer and not try it at least once. 

    I made sure to let Dean know just what I was looking at while we sat and chatted. My buddy was not one for modesty either, and he kept grabbing at his snake and manhandling it, adjusting it way more than any man needed adjusting. Under the thin cotton material, I saw Dean's six inches grown to seven, then eight, then nine. Having sucked his dick before, I knew this wasn't even its final form yet.

    Dean and I talked about sex in college for about ten minutes. He told me about getting fucked by one of his straight suitemates, as well as fucking one of his professors. By now I was reaching down between my legs as well, stroking my cock less-than-discreetly through my shorts. Finally, I decided to come out with what was really on my mind.

    "You know, summer's almost over," I said. "And we never got to fuck."

    "That's true. All those trips to Greensburg Park and we never did it once," Dean smirked, stroking his dick even more openly.

    "Why don't we fix that now?" I suggested, licking my lips as I watched Dean pull his dick out of his basketball shorts. He was almost fully hard, precum shining on the head of his dick like a crown. He held his royal member between thumb and index finger, wagging it around in my face, tempting me like a dog with a bone.

    It worked. I dropped down on my knees between Dean's legs, immediately placing my lips on the ridge of Dean's dickhead and sucking off the pre-nut that was on there. As soon as I felt its taste sliding down my throat, I felt better, yet I wanted more. I placed my hand on Dean's shaft and stroked it, working to extract as much precum as I could, thirstily swallowing down the sweet nectar.

    Dean was clearly amused to have me admiring his dick like this. Whenever I looked up I was faced with a cocky grin on his handsome mug. "Yeah boy, you fuckin' love this," my buddy said out loud as we made eye contact and I nodded with a mouthful of dick. Right after that, I leaned my head down and gulped down all of Dean's shaft, feeling him reach peak erection in my warm throat.

    I sucked Dean's dick and fondled his nuts for a good fifteen minutes until I decided I was ready to take him up my ass. I wondered if I should run up to my room to get some lube, but I didn't want to risk spoiling the vibe. By now, Dean's rod was so slick with his precum and my saliva that I was fairly confident I could take him just like this. I got up and shook off all of my clothes, kneeling on all fours on the floor with my ass facing Dean.

    "You don't want no lube or poppers?" he checked.

    "Nah. Just fuck me," I requested, my hole pulsing hungrily. I could feel it opening and closing and letting Dean's dick know "I want you!"

    My buddy acquiesced. He knelt down behind me and battered my ass with his tool a few times, aiming it at my crack and the insides of my cheeks. In doing so, I felt droplets of precum raining out of his dick and onto my behind.

    I lowered myself onto my elbows, so my ass was even more accessible. Dean placed his dickhead right at the entrance of my insides. Like a magnet, it clicked into place. I could feel his dick throbbing against my asshole and a few seconds later, Dean was sliding in. My hole was being stretched by his dick, abetted by the precum Dean was now leaking inside my ass.

    "Aaah!" I moaned out in satisfaction. And then, as if picking the worst moment to go off, my cell phone vibrated on the floor.

    Of course, I ignored it. There was nothing more important right now than taking Dean's dick. He, however, must've spotted his brother's name on the screen and he said to me "It's Tristan."

    I reached for my phone while still opening my ass and allowing the top half of Dean's prick to slide inside of me. Indeed, I'd received a text from Dean's brother. 

    "home alone. wanna smd?" it said, an abbreviation we'd started using for "suck my dick."

    I smiled and texted back:

    "I'll suck your dick if you come to my brother's house. Let yourself in, door's unlocked."

    Just as I hit Send, Dean hit my prostate with his dick. He was now all the way inside me and started thrusting back and forth while holding onto my asscheeks. 

    "What'd Tristan want?" he asked while fucking me.

    "He just wanted to ask me a question," I said. Technically, it wasn't a lie.

    For ten more minutes, Dean fucked my hole aggressively, his balls slapping against my thighs. I closed my eyes and I pictured Dean's dad fucking me through the glory hole while his elder son fed me poppers that day at Greensburg Park. I'd now tasted both father's and son's dick with my ass. If Dean ever has a son, I should make it a point to seek him out when he's old enough so we can continue the tradition.

    I was distracted from my thoughts by the sound of the front door opening. Dean stopped fucking me for a moment and I could feel him panic slightly. I didn't blame him; he didn't know I was expecting someone, and he probably worried it might be my brother again. Last time Russell walked in on Dean and me he ended punching Dean out, so no wonder Dean would be worried.

    Just a few seconds later though, Tristan was already in the living room. Dean's panic dissipated and he started slowly thrusting in and out of my ass again.

    "What're you doing here?" Dean asked his younger brother.

    "Man, what're YOU doing here?" Tristan bounced back the question. 

    "The fuck's it look like I'm doing?" Dean replied cockily with a rough, inward thrust inside my ass to accentuate his question while making eye contact with his little brother.

    "Yeah well, he invited me over to get some head," Tristan pointed at me. Looking at him, I noticed he'd come prepared with a boner – or at least a semi – in his pants.

    "Well go for it, man," Dean said to his younger bro and gave me a slap on the ass. I winced , both at the momentary pain as well as the thrill of being treated like the two brothers' fuck toy.

    It'd been my dream to get spit-roasted for a while now. I often tried to make it happen at the restroom at Greensburg Park but it never worked out for me. Now, when I'd least expected it, the perfect opportunity presented itself. And it wasn't just any kinda spit-roast: it was a spit-roast by two hot-as-fuck brothers whose cum I'd already tasted. I'd never hooked up with Dean and Tristan in the same room, and as far as I knew this was their first time doing this with anyone. The first time seeing each other's dicks, for all I knew! Of course, for now Tristan couldn't see much of his older brother's dick, since it was buried inside my ass to the hilt, tapping my prostate and making me moan out loud.

    Tristan approached me while rubbing his tool through his shorts. Finally, he pulled down the waistband and let his dick pop out like a jack-in-the-box, literally hitting me in the face. I was in the middle of a particularly loud moan as Dean destroyed my ass so I had my mouth wide open. Tristan took advantage of the situation and he shoved his bone inside of it. Wasting no time, I could feel his dick sliding down my palate and immediately hitting the back of my throat.

    "Fuck yeah man, fuck his throat!" Dean growled at his brother in a voice I'd never quite heard from him. "Fucking fuck his throat!" 

    Dean reached forward and put his right hand around my throat, choking me and feeling his brother's dick inside of my gullet. My Adam's apple rubbed against Dean's fingers as he stroked my throat, basically stroking his brother's dick which was in it.

    Now that they were both in, the two brothers decided to show no mercy. It was as if they wanted to show off for each other, and they probably did. They started aggressively fucking me from both ends, making my body swing back-and-forth between them. Now that my mouth was full of dick, I couldn't even moan or scream out loud. My eyes were watering and my nose started running as well, drool running down my chin along with Tristan's precum. My whole face was a wet-ass mess, and my ass wasn't much drier with all of the precum Dean was depositing back there. 

    Still, Dean decided that my hole could use to get a bit wetter. He pulled his dick out of me, leaving my ass feeling empty and unfulfilled for a moment. With his hands squeezing my thighs, Dean leaned down and loudly coughed out spit that landed right on my raw asshole. Next, he buried his tongue inside of me. My anal ring was already wide open, allowing for easy access of Dean's tongue.

    "Man, that's fucking nasty," Tristan added from the front. I guess eating ass is where he drew the line.

    "Shut the fuck up, man, you don't know what you're talking bout," Dean responded and went right back to rimming my insides. To prove to Tristan that anal play ain't all that scary, I put my hand on his nuts and then slowly slid it up his taint until I ended up with my fingertips right on Tristan's tight asshole. I waited there for a minute, giving him a chance to tell me to stop. When he didn't, I quickly licked my index finger and then put the tip of it in Tristan's hole.

    "Fuck, man!" he shouted, and I felt his dick get even harder inside my mouth. I slid my finger a bit further in, only up to the first knuckle. I didn't wanna overwhelm the straight boy with too much ass action for now, but his hole actually sucked my finger in a bit deeper all by itself. 

    Soon, Dean was done rimming me and put his dick back inside me. My hole welcomed it like a dear friend. Now that I was propping myself up on one arm it was more difficult to keep my balance, but I didn't want to pull my finger out of Tristan's ass. With every passing minute, his hole felt more malleable and receptive. 

    I closed my eyes. I could hear ringing in my ears from how hard both brothers were fucking my holes. Grunts and "fucks" and "shits" echoed all over the living room. As such, it was no surprise that we didn't hear the front door open once again. When I opened my eyes… I saw my brother standing in the room, looking at the threesome taking place in his living room.

    Now, I was the one to panic. Were punches about to start flying again? The two brothers hadn't noticed Russell yet, they were too enthralled in their competition of who can out-fuck me. I made intense eye contact with Russell… and saw a smile appear on his face.

    "Is this what y'all fuckers do while I'm gone?" he said loudly yet casually. He startled my two fuck buds, but they kept on drilling my holes without missing a beat.

    "Shit. Done with work early, huh?" Dean said to my big brother. It was barely 3 PM, but I guess Russell got to leave early on a Friday.

    "Something like that. How bout you?" my brother said to his buddy.

    "We're almost done here as well," Dean said, nailing my ass even faster and giving my cheek a slap. "We've been fucking this ho's holes for a while."

    For some reason, it turned me on to hear Dean talk about me like this in front of my big brother. My dick, which had been hard since the fuck fest started, got even harder now. Russell knew all about my slutty summer, and I wanted my brother to know I was proud of all of it. Proud of cruising in public restrooms for cock. Proud of taking anonymous dick and letting faceless men shoot their loads inside my guts. Proud of cycling home with their spunk leaking out of my ass. Proud of having two brothers as hot as Tristan and Dean fucking me from both ends right in front of my brother.

    I wasn't sure what Russell might do next. One thing he didn't do was leave. He stood there in the living room, just a few feet from the rest of us, watching as I took two big brotherly dicks. Now, Dean and Tristan weren't just out to impress each other; they were trying to impress my big brother as well. Once they knew it was safe and that he wasn't about to start swinging at them, they went harder than ever, pushing my hole and my throat to new extremes. It wasn't long before I was on the edge, and I could tell the same was true for them.

    "Fuck, man. Shit. Fuck. I'm gonna– aaaaaaaaah," Tristan exclaimed as he was the first to shoot inside me. His load slid down my throat and his asshole opened up as he nutted. I took advantage and slid the rest of my index finger inside Tristan's hole. Once he felt that, he shot out another, even larger spurt of cum, absolutely flooding my throat with his jizz. I gagged, I choked, but I swallowed all of it down. I wasn't gonna surrender and spit it out. Not in front of my brother. I needed Russell to know that his little bro ain't no quitter.

    Mere seconds after his younger brother, Dean busted his nut inside my ass as well. I could now taste both of their jizz from different ends, and it made me blow my load hands-free all over the floor.

    "Ahh man, not on my carpet, dude," my brother said from the sideline, but he let out a short laugh after that. Knowing that he could see me cumming made me blow out another wad, and then a third and fourth one, assisted by Dean's dick tickling my prostate while he bred me. I noticed Russell pulling down the front of his shirt over his crotch, and I wondered if my big brother was popping a boner while watching me get double-bred and shooting my load.

    A full minute later, we were finally done. The two brothers pulled out of me and I pulled my finger out of Tristan's ass. I sucked the remaining cum off his teen dick, and he and his brother pulled their shorts up. On their way out, Dean tried to fist-bump my brother to which Russell laughed out loud and playfully said "Don't you dare fucking touch me, man."

    A brief moment later, I heard the front door shut. My back door was meanwhile still wide open, and my brother stood right behind me, looking at my ass gaping and letting Dean's cum leak out and drip down my taint and balls.

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