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Out with a Bang

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    Driving home from work, I stepped hard on the gas pedal, going the speed limit and maybe slightly over. I needed to piss like a motherfucker and I cussed my decision not to go before leaving the office. It was a Friday afternoon and I'd left work early, which at least meant I was avoiding rush-hour traffic if nothing else. 

    And then, I happened to pass Greensburg Park. At times like this in the past, its public restrooms have provided a place for relief. But ever since I found out about my brother's little "hobby" I couldn't look at this men's room the same way anymore.

    Whichever way I looked at it, though: I needed to go. I parked the car in the mostly-full parking lot, looking around to see if I might spot my bike. It was still early; the time of day when Aidan often hung out around here, sucking dick or taking it up the ass. My bike was nowhere to be seen though, which meant my brother was probably at home. I dashed to the men's room; my first time here since learning about its status as a "cruising spot."

    The three men at the urinals immediately jumped when they saw me come in. They "made themselves decent," tucking in their shirts and standing upright in front of the urinals. I looked at the stalls and they all seemed to be occupied, so I had no choice but to walk up to the three urinal users and start taking a piss next to them. 

    I let out a loud "ahhh" as I relieved myself. Next to me, I couldn't help but notice that the stranger on my right was sporting a rock-hard boner and slowly stroking it. He wasn't pissing, but there was another kind of liquid oozing out of his piss slit. A full minute went by and I was still emptying my bladder. It gave me enough time to check out the two other men, whose dicks were just as hard and whose cockheads were just as wet with precum. There was no doubt I'd interrupted their "fun" by busting in here, and I almost felt bad for it.

    When the trio noticed me paying attention to their pricks, they quickly relaxed and decided there was no need to hide in front of me. Whether they thought I was gay I don't know; really the only reason why I was looking at their dicks was that, gay or straight, you can't help but look when there are three hard cocks right next to you. The man immediately to my right took a step back from the urinal and started stroking his rod openly, showing it off as if to say "Look at it!" 

    So I did. I held my pissing dick in my hands while checking out – and in a way admiring – the stranger's uncut tool. There was nothing particularly admirable about its size or girth, it was perfectly average. But it was the stranger's attitude which was so damn appealing and sexy. The man was dressed in paint-stained clothes and workman's boots, as well as a heather-gray T-shirt with obvious sweat stains underneath his armpits.

    Next to him, I realized the second of the three men was actually a boy, probably around Aidan's age. You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at his dick, which was the largest of the group, but one look at the boy's smooth face revealed he was in his late teens. I wondered if he and my brother ever crossed paths around here. They looked like the kind of boys you'd expect to be buddies… and in this case their love for cock was one thing they had in common.

    Making brief eye contact with me and giving me a barely-discernible grin, the teenager dropped to his knees and took the uncut workman's tool in his mouth. This might've been what they were doing before I interrupted them. Next to them, the third stranger – a chubby middle-aged man with a trimmed mustache and a wedding ring on his finger – leaned back against the wall and started to beat his meat, enjoying the show.

    I was finally done pissing by now, but I kept my dick out and shook it several times more than necessary. Without even intending to, I was playing with myself! I was absent-mindedly stroking my prod, which got harder and bigger in my hand. Suddenly, there was a loud "Aaah, fuck!" from what sounded like the last stall. That was the one with the glory hole, I knew that much from my little brother. Apparently somebody was taking dick there, just like Aidan liked to do. As the stranger's moans echoed around the men's room, I pictured my little brother there in the last stall, sometimes for hours at a time, pleasing men who came here from several towns over, looking for a hole to unload in.

    The audio stimulation had an effect on my cock, making it jump to peak erection. The cocksucking teen noticed it with a gleam in his eyes while he still feasted on the other man's meat. Next, the teenager took the uncut tool out of his mouth and he got up, pushing his ass up against the stranger's rod.

    Before I had time to think "holy shit, are they gonna fuck?!" the workman on my right already had his cock inside the teen's asshole. It was unreal how fast the boy was able to take it! My own experience with anal was that it required a lot of lube and a slow pace. Then I remembered what my brother told me: "Some people are just natural-born bottoms." It sure seemed to apply to the handsome teenager taking a hard cock like it was a pinky finger right next to me.

    I observed the scene – the couple fucking right next to me, the older man jerking off to the side, and the moans coming from the stall with the glory hole – and I realized I was dripping precum into the urinal by now. I looked down at my cock, unable to take my hand off of it even though I knew I should pack it up, get back in the car, and go home. 

    For the next five minutes I remained rooted to the spot, watching the young man get fucked with an expression of ecstasy on his face. I turned away from the urinal and I turned to face the copulating couple next to me. Next thing I know, the teen was placing his hands on my hard cock, and I was coating his lanky fingers with my precum. My boner throbbed within the boy's grasp. He stuck his tongue out, about to take a taste of my prejizz straight from the source. And then… I bolted out of the bathroom.

    I freaked out and ran before I even had a chance to tuck my dick away. I know everyone there wanted to see the teen suck my cock, maybe even take it up his ass. But I couldn't do this, I thought as I jogged to my car like someone was chasing me. Fooling around with Aidan at my house was one thing, but I wasn't about to start cruising public restrooms like he was. I wasn't even into guys, for fuck's sake! Yet somehow, that didn't explain why for that brief moment while my hard dick was in the horny teen's hands, it continued to throb and pulse with excitement. 

    It wasn't until I was inside my vehicle and back on the road that I felt a bit safer. I just wanted to get back home, crack open a beer, and have a chat with Aidan. And maybe… pull out my dick and masturbate, with or without him there. My balls felt extra full now after my adventure in Greensburg Park. I drove back home with a boner, which felt even more tortuous than driving with a full bladder. 

    When I walked inside my house I expected to relax, but I was up for a surprise. I realized that my little brother wasn't getting fucked at Greensburg Park… because he was busy getting fucked in the middle of my living room. Double fucked, as it turned out, by Dean and Tristan. Both brothers were stuffing my brother's ass and his mouth simultaneously. I played it off and they didn't stop even after they were aware of my presence. For a few minutes, I watched while their huge dicks stretched my slutty brother's holes. They kept going until they had unloaded inside of Aidan, who blew his own load all over my carpet. I pulled down on my shirt in an effort to cover up the bone which was throbbing inside my pants. I'd been hard in the car, but now I was next-level turned on, leaking precum into my underwear and probably leaving a stain. When I saw cum shoot out of my baby brother's dick, I almost came hands-free right there on the spot as well.

    Our two neighbors pulled their dicks out of Aidan and they said goodbye. My brother and I were alone now; him on all fours on the floor, his hole winking at me and leaking out the cumload Dean had just deposited there. Aidan turned his head back and looked at me over his shoulder. He made no move to get up. Instead, he just arched his back and poked his ass up in the air ever further, as if he wanted to impress me by how wide his hole could gape by itself. 

    With my hand on the front of my shirt, I was subconsciously rubbing my cock again, just like at the urinal earlier. My brother probably sensed my horniness because he looked me in the eyes and calmly asked, "Wanna go next?"

    I looked at Aidan's eyes, and then at his pulsating asshole. There was no need to ask "Go where?" I knew just what he was referring to. Go inside him. Inside of his asshole, already prelubed with Dean's nut. I felt hypnotized by it. I took a few steps nearer, as Aidan's hole called out for me like some sorta hypnosis. With my hands on my crotch, I unzipped and pulled my dick out. I was already halfway there, just a few feet away from Aidan kneeling on the floor. He could sense my desire, but he could also sense my hesitation.

    "C'mon, just go for it," he urged me. "I reeeally need some more dick tonight."

    I looked down at my erect penis, which was just what my brother needed. Quickly, I pulled off my shirt since I was getting too hot. Images of the fuck scene in the public men's room flashed through my mind. I'd already turned down one horny teen who wanted my dick today. I wasn't about to turn down a second one. Even if he was my own brother.

    Kneeling behind Aidan, I assumed the position Dean was in just a couple of minutes ago. One afternoon not that long ago, Aidan had put his finger up my ass while sucking my dick. Now, I was tempted to venture inside his own hole with my digit and feel its insides. And that's exactly what I did.

    Touching my brother's warm, gushy insides felt weird, especially since the walls of his hole were coated in semen. It was… a very interesting and satisfying sensation. It was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I continued my manual exploration, inserting a second finger as well and scooping up whatever cum I could gather before any more of it leaked out of Aidan's ass and onto my carpet.

    My brother's body responded by arching his back even further, so much so that I worried he might break it. I put my unoccupied hand on the small of Aidan's back and stroked it reassuringly while my brother moaned and purred in satisfaction. There was a LOT of cum in his hole, and as far as I knew this was only from Dean. I imagined my bro in Greensburg Park taking loads from four, five, six men one after the other. Men like my buddies from the urinal earlier: the uncut workman, the masturbating married man, maybe even the young teen with the big dick. For all I knew, my brother may've already had all their cum in his insatiable hole. That was the thought going through my mind as I fingered Aidan's ass, stirring and churning Dean's cum inside it.

    "Ahh. Please fuck me," my little brother moaned, his face resting on the floor now. I licked my lips, determined to grant Aidan's wish. I retrieved my two fingers from my brother's hole and used the cum that was on them to lubricate my boner. The feeling of Dean's jizz instead of synthetic lube only made my cock harder. I brought the tip of it next to Aidan's gaping chasm and I took a deep breath before diving in.

    "Mmmmmmm, yesssss," my brother moaned as he felt my member going inside him. I slid in smoothly without any resistance from Aidan, whose hole had been nicely stretched out by now. I started to thrust without delay, feeling my brother's sphincter squeezing my shaft as I pumped back and forth. I placed both of my hands on Aidan's large asscheeks, admiring their globular shape and kneading them before giving them a few playful slaps. I was really getting into this now! It wasn't only the need to unload… I was also having fun with this.

    "Let's get on the couch," I barked at Aidan. Like a good little brother, he obeyed and started the crawl toward the sofa, all the while my dick was still buried in his ass. I moved behind him somewhat comically. When we got to the couch, I picked up my brother and placed him onto the couch, and then made him rotate 180º around my dick so he was lying on his back and we were face to face.

    "That's more like it," I said, making eye contact with my bro. If we were gonna do this, I wanted us to be able to look at each other. Looking down, I also noticed my brother's dick was rock hard again, even though he'd cum just a few minutes ago on my carpet; a stain that'll remain there long after Aidan's departure at the end of the summer.

    "You alright?" I asked my younger sibling, making eye contact with him while thrusting in and out of his ass.

    "More than alright. This is great!" he exclaimed. "I'm really fucking glad we're doing this."

    At 14 years younger than me, Aidan could almost be my son. So of course I always felt very protective of him. This summer more than ever, I watched him blossom into an adult, and I could already imagine what his life would be like in college and onwards. One thing was for certain: with a hole as talented as this, he would have absolutely no problem attracting plenty of dick.

    I offered my baby brother a smile, which he returned. I realized that something as simple as a smile could make the whole situation so much more intense and sensual in an instant. I felt Aidan's hole loosening up and a second later I was balls-deep inside of him. I pushed in further, using all the strength in my core, tapping what was probably Aidan's prostate with the tip of my dick. 

    Judging by the expression on his face that was exactly what was happening. Aidan couldn't hold back from moaning and cussing uncontrollably. He placed his hands on the back of his knees and he pulled his legs up, spreading them as wide as he could. In order to help, I put my own hands on Aidan's thighs and I pushed down, watching his asscheeks separate as my dick cut between them like a knife. 

    Since I was now holding his legs, Aidan let go and he placed his hands on my nipples instead. I'd only recently discovered the effect my nips had on my cock, and this time it was stronger than ever. As Aidan twisted my tits, I felt my cock shooting so much precum inside his ass that it was almost as if I was blowing a load. I felt like I could blow any second as well, but I was glad that I had it in me to go a bit further. I slowed down the pace, fucking Aidan's hole slower and leaning down on top of him. 

    As our faces inched closer and closer together, Aidan suddenly lifted his head and planted a kiss on my lips. Not a cheeky brotherly peck. A proper, tongue-inside-my-mouth kiss where he sucked on my lips and swallowed my saliva. I returned the passionate smooch by shoving my tongue inside Aidan's mouth as well, and we began a tongue-wrestling match. My recent sexual dry spell meant it'd also been a while since I last kissed anyone. Feeling my brother's tongue inside my mouth weirdly felt even more intimate than having my cock inside his ass. I started to pump and trust faster again. I couldn't help it; our making out had turned the heat up to eleven.

    "Russell… I love you," my brother whispered as he pulled his tongue out of my mouth. We were still so close that I could feel his lips on the tip of my nose as he added, "You're the best big brother in the world."

    "Love you too, bro," I replied truthfully.

    "Russell… I want you to cum inside me," Aidan asked next, breathing heavy on my face as I fucked him. I could smell Tristan's cum on my brother's breath just like I could taste it while we kissed.

    Instead of answering verbally, I put my pucker back on Aidan's lips and we kissed some more. He pinched my nips and sucked on my tongue, at the same time as sucking on my dick with his ass lips. I couldn't hold it in much further. I felt my balls tightening, begging for release. I was about to cum, and I was about to do it inside my brother's bowels, just like he asked.

    "Aaaah, ahhhh, AAAARRRRGH!!" I started grunting, my whole body twitching like I was having a seizure. Suddenly, I felt my cock erupt, flooding Aidan's soft, velvety insides with my fraternal cum. I knew Dean had deposited a large load there earlier, and I somehow managed to out-cum him. I blew wad after wad after wad of jizz inside my brother's hungry ass, stimulated by the treatment my nipples were getting from Aidan's hands. As I flooded his trench with my seed, my baby brother blew his own babies all over his belly, cumming hands-free and maintaining eye contact with me all throughout.

    "Ahhh, aaah, mmm," he whimpered like a puppy while cumming.

    "Shhh, it's alright," I said, biting down on his lips again and kissing him like this was the most important kiss of our lives. We both emptied our balls for over a minute. By the time we were done, my large living room reeked of sweat and man sex.

    Aidan spent a few more days at my house that summer. He only went to Greensburg Park one more time, to say goodbye to the place with a bang (pun intended). He and I fucked three more times. Once, he climbed into my bed complaining that he couldn't sleep, so I nailed him nice and hard until we were both so tired that we passed out in my bed. We also fucked in front of the TV one weekend, ending the week on a high note.

    Finally, Aidan sucked my dick while I drove him back to the airport. I'd never gotten road head before and it was one of the most exciting things I've ever done. When we got to the airport, we parked in the large parking lot and I banged my brother in the backseat before saying goodbye, sending him off to our parents' house with my babies inside his ass. 

– The End –

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