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That's How You Know You're a Slut

This story was available to  Gold Supporters  in winter 2021, which is when it takes place


    Del Tremblay often joked at his own expense that he was "the most boring man you'll ever meet." He commuted to work every day and came home to watch some sports or the news before going to sleep and doing it all over again. There was nothing remarkable or fun about his suburban, middle-class life. Nothing, except his son Quin.

    They were quite happy, the three of them, back when Quin's mom was still alive. She was the most exciting woman Del had ever met. They made big plans together. They were just waiting for Quin to get a little bit older so they could start traveling with him; take him to his first hockey game, to the beach; sign him up for soccer or coding classes. Take him to see the world and help him pursue whatever passion he developed.

    Del never thought it would all be up to him, though, when his wife passed eleven years ago. It was by far the most devastating moment of his life, leaving Del bed-bound in sorrow for weeks. If it weren't for his bachelor brother who'd moved in to take care of 5-year-old Quin, Del had no idea what he would've done.

    That whole time period was a blur in Del's mind now. Like it or not, he had to go back to work eventually, and that is what he did. It turned out to be quite helpful in keeping his mind occupied. Del never dated again, nor allowed himself to care for anyone – or anything – except for his son. If he never loved something in the first place, he figured, it couldn't be taken away from him.

    Quin grew up to be a self-sufficient child. He and his dad spent the weekends together, and more often than not it was Quin who did the cooking. He hadn't developed a particular "passion" in life like his parents were hoping he would, but he still got decent grades in most of his classes, and none of his teachers ever complained.

    Del wasn't quite sure what his son was up to when he wasn't around, but that didn't bother him. Quin seemed perfectly capable of keeping busy, whether it was going out with friends or locking himself up in his room, probably listening to music or playing video games. Del had no desire to be a helicopter parent. Some things he couldn't ignore, however, and one of them was the dreaded "sex talk" with his son.

    Shortly after Quin turned 16, Del knew he couldn't procrastinate it anymore. He asked his son to sit down with him at the dining room table one Saturday morning, which led to an awkward moment while Del tried to figure out how to begin. Quin was still undressed except for the boxers he'd slept in, and Del resisted the temptation to say "Go put some clothes on," since he didn't want to make this feel even more formal than it already did. Every time Del saw his son shirtless or in his underwear, Quin seemed to sport more and more body hair, which was yet another sign that it was about time for an adult conversation like this.

    "Quin, are there any girls at school that you... particularly like?" Del finally asked, blushing slightly.

    "Umm, I dunno," Quin replied, raising one hairy leg on the chair he sat on and hugging his knee. "No, I guess. Why?"

    "Well, I'm sure pretty soon your friends will start to... if they haven't started already... they'll start having sex, and –"

    "Dad, stop!" Quin immediately interrupted. "We don't have to do this. There's something I wanna say first."

    The father and son made eye contact across the table, as Quin hesitated for a moment and then finally said, "I'm not into girls that way. I'm into guys. Like, I'm gay."

    This came as a complete shock to Del! He tried his best not to show it, but his heart started palpitating and his hands started shaking, so he quickly hid them under the table. Del knew he really shouldn't be so surprised. They lived in Toronto in 2021, this was hardly taboo anymore. Del's own brother was gay, as were several of his coworkers. He never had any qualms with that, but his own son... There is something different when it's your own child, especially when it comes so out of the blue.

    "Oh... Okay," was all Del could muster to say. After a few seconds of intense awkward silence, he asked "How long have you... been aware?"

    "A couple of years now, I guess. I'm not sure. I've never, like, done anything with a guy," – now, Quin started to blush as well – "but I can still tell."

    Del tried to focus. He'd come prepared for a sex talk which mostly revolved around avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Now, that didn't seem to be an issue anymore. 

    "Okay, well, if you ever wanna talk about it or anything..." Del offered, trying to sound as calm as possible.

    "Thanks, Dad," his son smiled, finally lightning up the situation. "Can I go now?"

    "Su– sure."

    Quin got up and walked around the table to give his dad a kiss on the cheek, before retreating to his room.

    "my son is gay," Del typed into Google as soon as he was alone. Immediately, he found multiple parenthood forums and support groups. As he speed-read through the posts, Del started to calm down a little bit. "No big deal, right?" he tried to tell himself.

    Over the next few days, Del caught himself trying to pick up indications of his son's sexuality. Things that he never thought to analyze before. Was Quin's laugh a little high-pitched? His wrists looser than most teenage boys'? His styled hair an expression of femininity? 

    Del hated himself for having these thoughts. He knew they were prejudiced and borderline homophobic, but he couldn't help himself. Should he have seen it all along? Quin always wanted to cuddle with him when he was younger, and even insisted on showers and baths together well past an age where most boys were doing it by themselves. Del just assumed it was because Quin grew up without his mom, so he wanted to cling to his father extra-tight. But now...

    A week went by, and the following weekend, while Quin was out with friends, Del tried to keep busy by doing work from home, even though it was supposed to be his time off. When he needed to print out some files, Del headed to his son's room. Since the printer was mostly used for Quin's schoolwork, they kept it in his room next to his large desktop computer.

    As soon as he walked in, Del turned his nose at all the clothes strewn all over Quin's floor. He wasn't happy with the condition his son kept his room in, but Del never said anything about it since he didn't want to nag. Stepping over worn boxers and socks, he made a beeline for the computer. As soon as he sat down and looked at the screen, however, Del forgot all about what he was here to do.

    Quin had an ungodly amount of tabs open in his browser (a pet peeve of Del's; he never understood how people got anything done that way). But more importantly, the tab that was left open featured a video of a guy getting fucked from both ends by two more men, as several others stood in a circle around them.

    At age 41, Del had never seen gay porn in his life before. Indeed, he didn't look at porn at all, not since before he was married. He hardly ever masturbated, and when he did it was with his eyes closed and only for a few minutes, until he came in his hand and promptly cleaned it up, as if it were a chore that needed to be done. Now, with his hands shaking, he started to click through tabs his son had open, more and more shocked with every single one. 

    Words started to flash in front of Del's eyes: kinky, public, risky, gym, chastity, anonymous, bondage, cruising, buttplug, cumshot, slut, rimming, spanking... What the hell was all this?! He felt like he needed a dictionary to keep up. He clicked back on the original tab ("College jock orgy," said the title) and rushed out of his son's room.

    With his adrenaline sky-high, Del paced through the house like a caged animal. He'd hoped that since Quin couldn't get a girl pregnant, that might mean there was no reason for a sex talk, but he was obviously wrong. He couldn't let his son learn about sex only online! That stuff warped people's brains, giving them totally unrealistic expectations. 

    And just then, the solution presented itself on its own as Del's phone started to ring.

    "Eddie," he read his brother's name, which was flashing on screen. "Of course, Eddie!! Why didn't I think of this sooner?!"

    Eddie was 36 and lived in Downtown Toronto, and led a completely different lifestyle than his older brother. Whereas Del saved every dollar he made, Eddie blew all his money on partying and drinking and traveling and god-knows-what-else. He wasn't a bad egg, however, and Del would never forget how Eddie had dropped everything and shown up to take care of Quin after his mother's death.

    Besides, when it came to being gay, Eddie was never particularly... discreet about it. He had multiple Gay Pride tattoos on his body and marched in the parade every year, often traveling to other cities all over North America to visit their Pride parades as well. He was the perfect person to talk to about this.

    "Hello?" Del answered his phone eagerly. He and his brother didn't talk too often, so he was curious what he might be calling for as well. 

    "Hey, bro!" Eddie's voice said over the phone. Del almost rolled his eyes at being called "bro," a term that he never liked but that his brother was prone to using.

    "Hey, Eddie. What's up?"

    "I need some help from you." At least his brother was direct, which Del admired. "See, I'm in a bit of a tight spot."

    "How much?" Del asked, trying to decide how much money he was willing to lend his brother.

    "Actually, it's something else. I... need a place to stay for a while."

    "Are they doing work on your building or what?"

    "No, I... I can't really afford rent right now. The site's going through a bit of a slow period." Eddie was a professional blogger, a career Del frowned upon because he didn't consider it reliable, but it had been enough to cover Eddie's expenses for a few years now.

    "How much of a slow period?" he asked his younger brother.

    "Don't worry about it, it'll bounce back. I've got some advertising opportunities lined up for the summer. I just need to save up some money until then."

    "Until the summer?! That's months from now!" 

    "I know, but listen! I'll chip in with groceries and help around the house. C'mon bro, you know I'm a good houseguest."

    Just then, Del was reminded of the last time Eddie had come to stay over. Fair was fair, and Del was still indebted to his brother for it. Besides, Eddie hated life in the suburbs, so he must be really desperate if he was asking him for help. And having him here would give Quin and Eddie a chance to bond, which might help his son with the whole... sex issue.

    "When do you need to be out of there by?" Del sighed into his phone.

    "By the first of the month. Thanks, bro, this'll be fun! Just the three of us guys."

    Eddie Tremblay was not a man who liked to get attached. "I'll do that when I'm 30," he'd said throughout his 20s. (Then, it was "I'll do that when I'm 35," and now it was "when I'm 40.") There was too much fun to be had in the meanwhile!

    Eddie prided himself in knowing ALL of gay Toronto. He ran a gay lifestyle blog, which he'd started all the way back when he was at university. Just as he graduated, the blogging boom began and Eddie started to make money off of it, which was a pleasant surprise because he always thought of it as just a fun hobby up until then. Now, all these years later, Eddie's project was still active (albeit, revenue was nowhere near what it used to be in its heyday).

    Still, one of the best sides about his work was that Eddie got to meet all the hottest guys in the city. Currently in his bed was Luiz, a 21-year-old gogo boy from Eddie's favorite bar, who interestingly enough, was also enrolled in med school and planned on being a cardiologist someday.

    "I'll miss this place," Eddie sighed, looking around his small but perfectly-located Church St. apartment in the morning light. He was in the heart of the Gay Village, and winced at the idea of going to live in the suburbs, even if only for a few months.

    "I'll miss it too," Luiz agreed. He'd spent quite a few nights at Eddie's, fucking all night and then sleeping in late. "Maybe I can come visit you at your brother's house."

    "You might need a passport, it's so far away."

    "Might be worth it. Especially if your brother's anything like you," Luiz climbed on top of Eddie and started to make out with him. The two men were naked, and their morning boners rubbed against each other as they kissed.

    "Oh, trust me, my brother is nothing like me!" Eddie said between kisses. "If we didn't look so alike, I wouldn't believe we're related."

    "Show me," Luiz asked, and Eddie reached for his phone to show off his brother's Facebook profile picture. "Who's that next to him?"

    "My nephew, Quin."

    "Ooh, he's fucking cute. How old is he?"

    "He just turned 16."

    "Oh, so he's legal, huh?" Luiz raised his eyebrows mischievously. 

    "And what're you gonna do with that information?" Eddie flipped his fuck buddy on his back and climbed on top of him, kissing his neck.

    "I don't know. But maybe I can be your nephew," Luiz suggested.

    Eddie knew that his buddy enjoyed roleplay, especially when it was taboo. They'd tried playing father and son a few times, but with an age difference of only 15 years between them it didn't feel so realistic. Uncle and nephew, on the other hand...

    "Yeah? And what does my little nephew need?" Eddie asked, reaching down and grabbing both of their cocks with one hand. By now, he was oozing precum, which was leaking from his cut cock onto Luiz's uncut one.

    "You see, Uncle Eddie, I think I might be gay," Luiz adopted a boyish voice and started to rub Eddie's chest, as Eddie still jacked the two of them off. "When I'm in school, I can't help but look at all the other boys in the locker room."

    "Yeah? And how does that make you feel?" Eddie grunted, rubbing their cocks together faster. 

    "Really nice. I feel something in my tummy, like there's butterflies there. And I want to look more. And touch them."

    "Where do you wanna touch?"

    "I wanna touch their cocks, Uncle Eddie."

    "Have you ever touched another boy's cock, sweetie?"

    "No, Uncle Eddie. But I'm very curious."

    "Well, see, I think I can help you out with that. But it'll have to be our little secret, okay? Promise?"

    "Yes, Uncle Eddie, I promise," Luiz nodded his head enthusiastically. 

    Next, Eddie got on his knees on the bed, straddling Luiz's body, and crawled upwards until his hard cock was hovering over Luiz's face.

    "Ooooh! It's so big, Uncle Eddie!"

    "Yeah. That's a man's dick right there," Eddie grunted proudly, showing off his 9-incher.

    "Can I touch it?" Luiz asked.

    "You're a curious little boy, ain't ya? Go ahead, sweetie," Eddie granted permission. Slowly and hesitatingly, as if he'd never touched a cock before, Luiz moved his right hand up until it was wrapped around Eddie's throbbing erection.

    "Oooh, and it's sticky, Uncle Eddie! And so thick," the boyish voice continued.

    "That's cuz I'm leaking precum," Eddie instructed. 

    "What's that?" Luiz asked naively.

    "See, when a man feels excited, his dick gets all big and stiff like this. And then he starts leaking this stuff called precum," Eddie rubbed the head of his own cock, getting some precum on his fingers.

    "Can I try it, Uncle Eddie?"

    "You wanna taste it? We really shouldn't do that, sweetie."

    "Please, Uncle Eddie, please," Luiz pleaded with puppy-dog eyes. "I won't tell anyone, I promise."

    Slowly, Eddie moved his thumb up and put it into the boy's mouth. Immediately, Luiz accepted it and started sucking on it like a pacifier, swallowing the precum that was on there.

    "You like the taste, sweetie? There's more where that came from."

    Eddie continued to rub his cockhead then bring his fingers up to Luiz's mouth, going back and forth a few times and feeding him precum, all the while Luiz continued to stroke Eddie's dick.

    "But why are you leaking precum, Uncle Eddie?"

    "Oh, it's because when somebody's playing with a man's cock like you are with mine right now, it feels really good. It makes me wanna keep going until I cum."

    "What's that?"

    "Well if you keep stroking, you're about to find out."

    "Yes! I wanna find out. I wanna learn, Uncle Eddie."

    "Oh, but why waste my cum, when it can go inside my favorite nephew?"

    "Inside me? How so, Uncle Eddie?"

    With that, Eddie reached down between Luiz's legs and started to finger his hole. Luiz had an amazingly tight asshole considering what a slut he was, and it was currently still wet with the load Eddie had deposited there before they went to sleep. Luiz started to push the warm load out, and Eddie used it as lube while he finger-fucked his hole.

    "Well sweetie, Uncle Eddie's gonna take his cock and shove it right here in your ass."

    "You will?" Luiz whimpered, sounding almost scared.

    "Yes, baby. And then I'm gonna start to fuck you. And that's where I'm gonna cum and dump my load. My little nephew's ass."

    "Okay, Uncle Eddie. I trust you."

    Eddie stroked his own cock a couple of times, lubing it up with his cum and precum, before crawling down again and putting Luiz's legs on his shoulders. He pressed his dick against Luiz's hole and – as if this were their first time – he started to push in slowly.

    "Ouch! Uncle Eddie, that hurts. But don't stop! It also... feels good."

    "Yes, baby. That's how you know you're a slut! It feels good right away, and you can't live without cock anymore. You go on searching for men to dump their loads inside you, no questions asked. My nephew, the cumdump."

    "Oh, Uncle Eddie, yes! Keep doing that! I love it! Oh, please keep going," Luiz begged like an insatiable boy crying for more.

    Eddie caught himself by surprise by how much into their roleplay he was getting. His cock was rock hard inside Luiz's tight little hole, even though he'd cum just hours ago. Only a few thrusts later, while Luiz whimpered in pleasure, and Eddie could feel his balls ready to explode.

    "Get ready, sweetie. Uncle Eddie's got a present for his favorite boy."

    "Yes, Uncle Eddie! Cum. Cum inside me!"

    This pushed Eddie over the edge, and he started unloading, adding another load to the cum that was already in Luiz's guts. The two men moaned and shouted and cussed, until they started to calm down and finally untangled their bodies. Exhausted, Eddie slumped and lay down next to his fuck buddy.

    "Thanks, Uncle Eddie," Luiz said, a naughty smile on his face.

    "No problem, sweetie," Eddie winked at him.

    "You fucking perv," Luiz laughed out loud, breaking character. He'd known Eddie for a few weeks now, and he was liking him more and more.

    "Oh, you have no idea," Eddie added, a devilish grin on his face. 

    Quin Tremblay had only vague memories of his mom. If anything, he could remember thinking his uncle was his mother when he was very little. Uncle Eddie lived with them for a while, and while Daddy went to work, Eddie stayed at home and took care of the house.

    Of course, with time Quin learned that Daddy and Eddie were brothers, not a couple, and that Uncle Eddie had to leave and go back to the city. Quin had cried for hours when that happened, but only when he was alone in his room. He knew his daddy could get sad easily, and he never wanted to upset him.

    Which is why now, all these years later, Quin was thrilled to hear that Uncle Eddie was coming to stay with them for a while. Eddie was the epitome of a "cool uncle." He always bought Quin the best toys when he was little, and Quin loved staying with him in the city and playing tourists. Ever since he was little, his uncle would take him to Pride parades and fun gay bars, even though Quin was way too young to be allowed inside a bar (thankfully, Uncle Eddie seemed to know all the right people).

    Eddie arrived at their house on the second-to-last day of January. It was a Saturday evening, and Quin was surprised to see a small van park in front of their house, rather than the large moving truck he'd been expecting.

    "Is that all your stuff?" Quin's dad Del asked as he opened the door and let his younger brother in.

    "Yes. What were you expecting?"

    "Where's all your furniture?" 

    "I was renting a furnished apartment. All I got are clothes and a few boxes of stuff. I rented the van; I need to drive it back tomorrow," Eddie replied while unbuttoning his parka. 

    "Uncle Eddie!" Quin walked to the door with a smile, eager to give his uncle a hug and welcome him. 

    "Hey, Quin!" Eddie dropped his jacket and went in for a big hug. "How's my favorite nephew?!"

    "I'm your only nephew," Quin repeated the same lines they always told each other. He couldn't help but notice how nice his uncle's cologne smelled, and made a mental note to find out what it was.

    "Let's go get your stuff," Del suggested.

    "We'll do it tomorrow, bro!" Eddie declined, already taking his shoes off. "I need a break after that drive, and a little pick-me-up. How bout a vodka Red Bull?" he clapped his hands and rubbed them together.

    "We don't have any Red Bull," Del replied gruntingly.

    "I got some Cherry Coke," Quin chimed in enthusiastically, keen to be of assistance.

    "I'll take it. Do you know where your dad keeps the liquor?"

    "Yes," Quin nodded.

    "Bring me one third vodka, two thirds soda," Eddie instructed. "And do the same for your dad."

    "I'll just have a beer from the fridge, thanks, Quin," Del corrected. Quin never particularly thought of his father as a stick-in-the-mud, but it was hard not to get that impression when Eddie was around.

    "Great, you're here less than a minute and you've got my kid mixing you cocktails," Del said to Eddie as they walked to the living room, where the fireplace was crackling.

    "Hey, I'm also teaching him math! One third vodka, two thirds soda: that's fractions for you."

    "Great, now we know he'll pass the third grade."

    Soon, Quin was back with the two men's drinks and handed them around. Eddie's glass had ice and a straw in it (Quin knew that's how his uncle liked it) and Eddie took a hearty swig before letting out a loud "Aaaah!"

    "You want some?" he offered his nephew, holding the straw in his direction.

    Quin made eye contact with his dad. "Can I?" he asked.

    "Sure, of course. And then after that you can pack your bags, and you both can go live in that van."

    Quin knew it was a long shot, so he just rolled his eyes and sat next to his uncle. As usual, Uncle Eddie dominated the room as soon as he was in it. He changed the music on the Bluetooth speaker to something livelier, and struck up a conversation with everyone.

    Since Del liked his peace and quiet, his brother was already proving to be a handful. Still, two beers later, even Del had to admit that he enjoyed having the family sit together and chat, rather than his and Quin's usual evening routine of scrolling through their phones in front of the TV, or going to their respective rooms without talking to each other. 

    As the room got warmer, Uncle Eddie got up to pull off his sweater. As he did so, the T-shirt underneath rode up, exposing Eddie's nice abs and his treasure trail. Quin noticed the red waistband of Uncle Eddie's underwear peeking over his low-rise jeans, and stared at it for as long as he could until his uncle sat back down.

    The following morning, Quin woke up with a raging boner, like pretty much every morning. This time, he had to wait until it was down before he could head to the bathroom. Usually, the chances of him running into his dad on his way to the bathroom were very slim. But now, since he'd be sharing the bathroom with Uncle Eddie, Quin knew that he had to be more careful.

    Eventually, Quin left his room in his boxers, and a couple of minutes later he was downstairs in the kitchen, where he was usually the one making breakfast on Sunday morning. Today, he saw his uncle there, making coffee and yawning.

    "Mornin'," Eddie said to his nephew when he noticed him.

    "Hi," Quin replied with a smile, and even though he knew he wasn't supposed to stare, he couldn't help it. The reason for that: his uncle was wearing the red underwear Quin had caught a glimpse of the previous night, and nothing else. They were a tight pair of briefs, with the material so fine it was almost like a second skin. From behind, Quin could see the underwear stick to his uncle's ass and show off his glutes, even going inside the cleft in between his cheeks. 

    A few seconds later, when the coffee was done, Eddie took the mug and turned around, leaning against the counter and getting ready to take a sip. This meant Quin was now faced with the front of his uncle's body; his moderately hairy chest, and his six-pack which was more and more pronounced every time Quin saw it. The front of the briefs was extremely low, almost showing off his uncle's pubic hair. Again, the material stuck to the body so closely, that Quin could literally see a FULL outline of the penis that was in there, including every vein on it as well as the circumcised mushroom head. 

    "Want some coffee?" Uncle Eddie offered his nephew, scratching his stomach with his free hand. 

    "Yes, please," Quin smiled. It felt great to have Uncle Eddie here!

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