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"Now, all these years later, Quin was thrilled to hear that Uncle Eddie was coming to stay with them for a while. Eddie was the epitome of a 'cool uncle.'"
Brothers Del and Eddie move in together and try co-parenting Del's teenage son, each brother with a very different approach to it.

Chapter 1

Single dad Del is surprised when his teenage son Quin comes out to him. Coincidently, Del's openly-gay brother Eddie is coming to stay with them. The two brothers set on co-parenting Quin... with their very different approaches.

Chapter 2

On his son's computer, Del finds porn by a cute American model named Eric, and is encouraged to participate. Eddie takes his teenage nephew for a night out at his favorite bar, where they're joined by a very naughty gogo dancer.

Chapter 3

After cumming in his pants in the middle of the bar, teenager Quin frantically tries to clean himself up in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Quin's father Del continues to watch Eric's porn videos… and this time, Eric has his dad's used underwear.

Chapter 4

Nervous about taking things further with his first boyfriend, Quin asks for help from his Uncle Eddie and gogo boy Luiz. The teenager gets more than he bargained for: an up-close-and-personal blowjob tutorial with his uncle as the object.

Chapter 5

Brothers Del and Eddie talk about Del's son, and Del is outraged to find out about Quin's boyfriend. Eddie talks his brother into inviting Lamar for dinner. That night, with the two teen boys in Quin's room, the brothers share a close moment as well. 

Chapter 6

Tired of competing for his son's attention with "cool Uncle Eddie," Del decides to loosen up as well. The father and son go to a gay bar together, and end the night sharing their sexual secrets, blowing each other's minds.

Chapter 7

Teenage boyfriends Quin and Lamar have a very intimate conversation about Quin's dad and uncle. Del and Eddie go back to the gay bar, where Eddie is determined to get his older brother's freaky side to come out with the help of gogo boy Luiz.

Chapter 8

Uncle Eddie continues educating his teen nephew on the ins and outs of gay sex. That evening, Eddie and his brother are at home and Eddie decides it's the time to settle a debt. However, the two may not be as alone as they think…

Chapter 9

The summer starts with another man moving into the Tremblay household: Quin's boyfriend Lamar. The four housemates go to Toronto Pride, and end the night in Quin's bedroom, all together, as things heat up more than ever.

Chapter 10

The Tremblays and Lamar celebrate Canada Day together. Through a closed bedroom door, Del eavesdrops on his son and Lamar fucking, surprised to hear some of the things coming out of their mouths. Later, it's Del and Lamar's turn…

Chapter 11

Eddie is finally able to move out of his brother's house, and he goes out to celebrate with his nephew Quin. In Eddie's new apartment, his friend Luiz instigates another hot scene between the uncle and nephew.

Chapter 12 |  Supporter 

Uncle Eddie and Quin have a sleepover, just like they did when Quin was growing up. Except this time, things end up taking a very different turn when the two of them get in bed together and Quin makes a special request.

Chapter 13 |  Supporter 

Quin is having a crappy Friday 13th. Instead of going out partying with his uncle, the teen has to spend the evening home with his boyfriend and his dad. Little does Quin know what a blessing in disguise that turns out to be…

Chapter 14 |  Supporter 

Even though he's having fun during a night out, Uncle Eddie can't ignore a text from his nephew when he asks him to come to the house. There, Eddie joins Quin, his dad Del, and his boyfriend Lamar for some all-around family fun…

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