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Canada Day

    Quin Tremblay never made too much of Canada Day, until he started dating somebody non-Canadian who got more excited about the holiday than Quin was. Lamar was all too happy to slap on some red-and-white face paint and go celebrate in Downtown Toronto, and some of Lamar's excitement rubbed off on Quin as well. That evening, the two teenagers also had a BBQ with Quin's family. Quin's dad Del was in charge of the food, and his uncle Eddie was in charge of drinks. The four guys spent a pleasant evening together, joking around without any awkwardness.

    After losing his virginity IN FRONT OF his father and Uncle Eddie, Quin was indeed worried that things might get awkward between them. However, everything seemed to be okay for the most part. At least in Uncle Eddie's case, there was no problem whatsoever; Eddie continued to be his cheerful, relaxed self as he always was. Quin's dad, on the other hand, was a bit of a different story.

    Del never brought up what happened that night again. His attitude in front of the rest of the household seemed to be the same, but Quin could tell that something was bothering his father. Still, he didn't want to bring it up, in case he made it even weirder and worse. 

    After fucking for the first time, Quin and Lamar continued to do it every night (only without an audience). Quin was always the bottom; a role he was getting used to. Lamar offered to switch positions, but Quin never took him up on it. He was perfectly happy on the bottom for now, even if he felt a bit guilty about it, wondering if Lamar "needed" something more than he could give him.

    After the family BBQ that evening, Eddie announced that he was going out. He invited everyone else to join him, but they were all partied out for the day. Uncle Eddie ended up going out by himself, leaving Del, Quin, and Lamar to themselves. After a while of the three of them chatting in the backyard, Lamar got a call from his mom, so he went inside the house to talk. The father and son were now all alone.

    "So… how's everything at work?" Del asked Quin the safest question he could think of.

    "Good. Fun, even. Now that I'm getting the hang of it," the son replied.

    "Good, good. And… how are things with Lamar?"

    "Umm, good," Quin hesitated, unsure what else to say. Truth was, since he and his boyfriend had "discovered" fucking, they hardly did anything else.

    "Are you sure? You know you can talk to me," Del assured his son.

    "No, Dad, it's fine. I mean we both work now, so we don't spend that much time together except in the evenings, and that's when we…"

    "Have sex," Del finished his son's sentence for him. He was under no illusion what two teenagers who were sharing a bed would be up to.

    "Well, yeah," Quin smiled.

    "Well if you ever have any… concerns, you know you can always talk to your uncle or me," Del said, trying to do the right fatherly thing.

    "Sure. Well… there is one thing," Quin said, hesitating again.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Nothing's wrong. Except, when we… fuck –" (Quin decided to be more direct rather than use euphemisms) "– I'm always the one on bottom. Lamar's offered to switch, but honestly I don't feel like it. So I don't know if that's normal or not."

    "Hm. Have you talked to your uncle about it?" Del asked.

    "We've talked about stuff like that in the past. He's said some guys like to switch, others stick to a particular role, top or bottom."

    "And how do you feel about… being a bottom?" Del asked delicately, in an attempt to help his son without embarrassing him.

    "I feel okay, I'm cool with it. It's just that, dating someone who's versatile, I don't know if he'll get sick of me eventually because of it."

    "And have you brought it up to Lamar?"

    "Well, no, because I'm not even sure. I mean, I might even change my mind at some point in the future."

    "And you can tell him that as well. He seems like a nice guy, there's no need to worry about things like this without bringing them up. Sounds to me like you're making a bigger deal out of it in your head than it needs to be," Del said diplomatically.

    "Hm. Yeah, you might be right," Quin replied, feeling proud of his father's wisdom. "I'll go talk to him about it." 

    Quin gave his dad a kiss and disappeared into the house. As soon as Lamar was off the phone, the two teens went to Quin's room and had a sex talk, which – just like Del suggested – put Quin's mind at ease.

    When Lamar heard that his boyfriend felt insecure about being a 100% bottom, he did his best to find the right words to reassure him.

    "It doesn't matter to me," Lamar insisted, as they sat and chatted on Quin's bed. "If you ever wanna fuck me, I'm down for it. If you just wanna keep going this way, I'm cool with that as well. Either way's not a dealbreaker for me."

    "But don't you… need to be fucked sometimes?" Quin asked, genuinely puzzled.

    "I don't know if 'need' is the right word," Lamar chuckled. "Sure, I enjoy it. But there's plenty of other things we can do. Besides, we've only known each other a few months. You said it yourself: who knows what you might feel like when you're older. Give yourself time to grow, no need to push yourself."

    "Thanks. That really helped," Quin said with a smile and went in for a hug.

    "Hey, what're big brothers for," replied Lamar, continuing their kinky roleplay as two brothers who were hooking up with each other. Since the two of them had started fucking, their fantasy only got more pervy and stimulating.

    "I talked to Dad about us just now," Quin said, knowing this was turning Lamar on. "He knows we're fucking."

    "Oh yeah? Do you think he minds that his two sons are fucking?" Lamar asked, putting his hand on Quin's bulge and starting to rub it.

    "No. We have his blessing," Quin winked, rubbing Lamar's bulge in return. The two teens began kissing, which quickly led to them taking their clothes off and sucking each other off. With a bottle of Uncle Eddie's poppers at their disposal, the boys took a few huffs and moved on to the next step: Lamar eating Quin's ass for a good twenty minutes while Quin moaned in pleasure.

    "Yeah? You like that, little bro?" Lamar asked before burying his tongue back in "his brother's" ass. When the rim job was over, Lamar brought his slicked-up dick up to Quin's hole and put it in, just as Quin was taking another whiff of poppers. With every single fuck, Quin's hole needed less and less preparation. This time, it managed to take all of Lamar's dick in seconds, receptively opening up by itself.

    Meanwhile, getting bored from sitting outside by himself, Del went inside the house and up the stairs, meaning to ask the boys if they wanted to watch a movie. Their grunts and moans made it very obvious what was going on on the other side of Quin's closed bedroom door. Even though he knew he should leave them to it, Del couldn't help but stay and eavesdrop for a few moments. After all, he'd already seen the boys fucking not too long ago; merely listening to them do it through the door wasn't such a big deal.

    "Yeah! Take your big brother's dick!" Lamar's voice said assertively from Quin's room, taking Del by surprise. 

    "Fuck yeah, bro. I want you to breed me," Del heard his son whimper and moan. In Del's shorts, an erection grew.

    "Yeah, you want your brother to cum inside you, like every night? That's right, keep moaning! Maybe Dad will hear you all the way outside. He'll know what a slut his younger son is."

    It took Del a while to wrap his mind around this, but he finally realized what the boys were doing. They were roleplaying as brothers, pretending Del was both of their father. Del and his late wife were never particularly adventurous when it came to sex, but roleplaying was one of the few things they did indulge in, back in the day. Still, in their case it was the more conventional stuff: nurse and patient, secretary and boss. They never pretended to be family.

    Yet, that is what seemed to do the trick for Quin and Lamar, as young as they were. The two boyfriends (or "brothers," for now) got louder and louder as their kinky play turned them on. Del listened in, stroking his cock, telling himself he should leave but remaining in the same spot until he heard Lamar loudly unload inside his "little brother," giving Quin the breeding he begged for.

    Close to the edge, Del let go of his hard dick, since he didn't want to cum here in the hallway. Worried that the boys might open the door and catch him, he quickly went down to the living room, turning the TV on as a distraction. However, no matter how high he turned up the volume, he couldn't get his son's moans out of his head as Quin shouted "Fuck yeah, bro. Breed me. Dump your nut inside me." As the words echoed through Del's mind, his hand once again found itself wrapped around his dick, which refused to go down.

    About half an hour later, Lamar made his way to the living room by himself. 

    "Quin's already asleep," he said to Del as he went to sit down in one of the armchairs. "I'm not tired yet. Mind if I watch some TV with you?"

    "Of course not," Del replied.

    "Thanks," said Lamar, a big smile on his face.

    "No problem, Son."

    That last word had escaped Del's mouth quite unexpectedly, even for him. The smile on Lamar's face turned into more of a smirk, as he got up off the armchair and went to sit next to Del on the couch.

    "Thanks, Dad," the teen said, patting Del on the back. He wasn't about to let this moment go to waste. "And thanks for a fun Canada Day."

    "Ha, don't mention it. We can do something for the Fourth of July if you want, in a couple of days."

    "Hmm, like what?" Lamar asked coyly. His hand was still on Del's upper back, stroking it through his shirt. For a 19-year-old, Lamar sure felt confident around Quin's dad.

    "I dunno. Is there anything from back home that you're missing?" Del asked.

    "Nothing that I can't get here easily. Except…"

    Looking down, Lamar noticed the growing bulge in Del's shorts. Since he didn't get to cum earlier, Del was still horny and it didn't take him a lot to pop a boner. A single pat on the back would apparently do.

    "Yes, Son?" Del asked, knowing fully well the dangerous territory he was stepping into.

    "Well… It has been a while since I've had anyone fuck me. I don't think anyone's done it since I moved to Toronto."

    "Huh." By now, Del decided to drop his pretense and said, "I thought you and your brother were having sex. But he never fucks you, right?"

    "No, Dad. I'm always on top," Lamar smiled. He was taken aback by the fact that Del knew about his and Quin's brotherly roleplay; obviously they'd been louder than they thought. But rather than dither, Lamar put his free hand right on Del's bulge, feeling it up. By now, Del seemed to be almost fully hard.

    "Well, we can't have you feeling neglected," said Del, letting out a soft moan as pleasure started to travel through his body. "What do you think your brother would say if I fucked your ass instead?"

    "Oh, I think he'd love to hear the story," Lamar said enthusiastically. He had half a mind to go wake Quin up right now so he could watch, but he worried that this would put Del off and spoil the moment. 

    "Well, I think you've done it before. You know what to do?" Del asked, nodding down to his own dick.

    "Yes, Dad," Lamar licked his lips and leaned down, burying his face in Del's crotch. Taking a whiff of Del's groins felt even more high-inducing than sniffing poppers. Unable to hold back, Lamar quickly pulled out Del's dick, basking in all of its erect glory, ecstatic to have it right in his face.

    Licking his lips, Lamar went to town and started sucking Quin's dad, who said "Way to go, Son. That feels good," making the teen feel even more turned on. Lamar deep-throated Del for a few minutes, but he quickly wanted to move on to the main attraction. Taking the dick out of his mouth, Lamar pulled down his own shorts and spit in his hand, rubbing his hole with it.

    "Do you need some lube?" Del asked.

    "No. I can make it, Dad," Lamar said. He got up off the couch and walked in front of Del. At first, he was planning on sitting in his lap with his back turned to him, but then Lamar realized that he wanted them to make eye contact while they fucked, so he straddled Del, lowering himself on his dick so they were face-to-face.

    "Slowly, Son," Del soothed him. Before he could say anything else, Lamar's lips were on Del's and there was no more talking. While the "father and son" kissed, Lamar lowered himself onto Del's hard dick, moving his ass down inch by inch until Del was in it balls-deep.

    "Fuck, Son. You really can take a dick," Del exhaled, impressed by how quickly this went. 

    "Thanks, Dad," Lamar said proudly and shoved his tongue back in Del's mouth. 

    The young American was only the second guy Del ever fucked. When Del was having sex with gogo boy Luiz, there was no kissing; at least not like this, so intense, and passionate, and ongoing. Thrusting back and forth inside someone's tight ass while simultaneously making out with them felt INCREDIBLE to Del. His doubts of "am I doing the right thing?" were out the window, and he was lost in the moment, enjoying this highest of ecstasies.

    Lamar was relishing the moment just as much. Even though he'd assured Quin that he was okay always being on top, a part of him did miss bottoming, especially for a hot daddy like Del. The fact that he was dating Del's son only made Lamar hornier. He couldn't believe his luck, getting to live with this family for the summer. 

    "Dad. I dumped a load in my brother's ass earlier tonight," Lamar said, his ass riding up and down on Del's dick without Del even having to do anything.

    "I heard you boys," Del confessed. "Sounds like it was just what your little brother needed."

    "It really was. And I need this now, Dad," Lamar panted, bouncing faster and faster on the dick.

    "Yeah? You need Daddy to breed you?" Del asked, surprising himself by how much he was getting into this.

    "Fuck yeah, Dad. I need your jizz inside my ass."

    "Your tight little ass?"

    "Yes, Dad, right up my ass and in my guts. Mark me with your cum. Do it!"

    Bouncing on Del's dick like he did, Lamar didn't leave him much choice. Only a couple of seconds later, Del was already shooting inside the teen's ass, doing his best to hold himself back from shouting so he wouldn't wake Quin up.

    "That's right, Dad. That's right, breed me," Lamar continued to bounce, milking Del's dick mercilessly, letting every drop of cum soak inside him as the two continued to kiss passionately. Finally, after a full minute of nutting, Del was allowed to catch his breath. Lamar's ass slowed down, riding Del's dick in steady circular motions for a few final moments before getting up.

    "I'm gonna go to bed," the teen said.

    "Go. Give your brother a kiss for me," Del said, sitting on the couch with his dick still out.

    "Will do," Lamar winked at him and headed up the stairs. As he climbed up, Lamar put his hand right up against his asshole and pushed out a bit of Del's cum which was there. Next, he applied it on his lips, before climbing into bed and waking Quin up with a kiss.

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